Thursday, March 30, 2017

MegMo2017: Deets: Paper- Save the Dates

The paper train has been a real roller coaster.  So much so, that I titled a BAB paper post "Mo Paper, Mo Problems".  That's about as thug as I get, so you're welcome for that.

Originally, when we started this process, I wanted to send out magnet save the dates.  I wanted to do an engagement shoot and have one of the photos printed on the magnet with our date and website on them.  But then, our bubble was popped when we were reminded that German's don't often have magnetic refrigerators.

So we agreed to scratch the save the date idea, which went hand-in-hand with another decision we'd been pressured to make: paper invites.  I didn't want those originally either.  This is 2017, 98% of people I know are on the internet and have an email address, I wanted to do electronic invites and RSVP.  Since we weren't able to get email addresses for everyone on our guest list without having to ask everyone, I just succumbed to tradition and said yes to paper invites.  Ugh.

We're still doing an electronic RSVP.  I'm not budging on that.  Primarily on principle, but also because the way I've set it up, the RSVP form feeds directly to the wedding spreadsheets, which is essentially the brain of the entire wedding.

In February, I had my first wedding breakdown over the Germans "needing" some form of paper notification about our wedding, but it was triggered by Teh German agreeing to send save the dates since our invites arriving by the end of March (7 months out) wasn't soon enough for "German's that like to plan."

After Teh German said he'd take care of it, my Type-A personality reared it's stubborn head and my control freak came out.  It's not that I don't trust Teh German, I do.  But not about this.  There was also the fact that I feared that despite him "taking on" the project, it would lead to a lot of stress for him and I'd end up finishing it and if that was going to be case, I'd rather just "help" him with the entire thing.

My goal for this project was "as cheap as possible."  I had been around enough wedding invite sites to know how much places could charge for a piece of paper and I wasn't having it.  I told Teh German that we could print something out and mail them.

After some brainstorming, we agreed on save the date postcards.  This way there would be no envelopes involved, just print, throw a stamp on them, and done.  Teh German's job was to go with me to Michael's to find paper to print the cards on, find some templates to help me create something in Photoshop, translate the sentences on the cards, and he was not allowed to "help" me while I worked on it and he perused social media.

We were able to easily find some 5x7 textured card stock at Micheal's.  We weren't worried about getting paper in our colors, so we ended up with a rainbow pack (to my internal glee).  We used a coupon to get a discount, because "we're on a budget."

Creating the design wasn't difficult since we were doing a minimal approach.  It was mostly just testing different fonts and getting the spacing/alignment "good enough."

Troubleshooting the printer was a pain in the dick.  I ordered Epson ink to see if that fixed my ink color problem I was having and then we ended up just printing them with the cheap ink cartridges anyways since it was on colored paper and we weren't overly concerned.  It took me no less than 4 tries to figure out how to put the paper in the tray and the little diagram ON the tray was totally unhelpful.  I had to use the owner's manual.. what is this 1988?  Ugh.  After I figured out the printer, things got easier.

I had to tweak the Photoshop files a bit to get the alignment like I wanted it.  Then I realized that our paper had an extra quarter inch of material on the end so they could punch a hole through the paper and use the hole to hang the paper in the store.  Teh German got tasked again with taking our card stock to work and cutting it down to a perfect 5x7.

After the paper was the right size, the next hurdle was manually changing the addresses on the Photoshop file for each individual save the date.  This was the most tedious part.

After all the cards were printed out, they were packaged and mailed to Germany.  Papa G had agreed to mail off the save the dates if we mailed the entire batch to him.  This would save us bigly (you're welcome) on postage.

So let's talk cost.

Card stock: $8.99+tax-20$ off coupon= $7
Ink: a few bucks since we used the cheap shit= $5
Postage: $20*
Total: $32

Ways we saved:
-we used the cheap ink instead of the $40 Epson set.
-we mailed the batch to Germany instead of spending $1.20 per card to mail them ourselves ($36).
-I designed the template and printed them myself.
-Teh German cut the paper at work so we didn't have to take it somewhere to be cut.

Still $32 for only 30 save the dates, which could have went towards our invitations.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Confessions {3/29}

-It bears repeating.. If you don't link up a specific post to a link up and link up your blog main page, I will not bother to find your post for said link up and close out that tab with a quickness.  I know what you're trying to do, but I'm not interested in playing your game.  #bloggingrules

-I finally got around to reading some of the Show Us Your Books linker-uppers and I did a good job of resisting adding all the things to my TBR.  I've become very critical of my TBR list.  If I don't absolutely LOVE the idea of a book from the synopsis, the author, or it's highly recommended by someone who I trust that knows my tastes, I'll skip it.  #notsorry

-I struggle with SYUB linker uppers who post affiliate links (to Amazon) rather than to Goodreads.  I get it, but uuuggghhhhh, if I can't add it to my Goodreads lists, how should I be expected to remember what I like?  What did I do before Goodreads?  Oh yeah, browse the clearance section at Barnes and Noble and read a lot of duds.

-Apparently there was a post about wearing black to the bachelorette party I went to last weekend.  Guess who didn't see it?  #thisgirl

-Almost every morning I forget my tea steeping and then 30 minutes later I'll remember and I have SUPER tea.  #morningsarehard

-After sitting with our customers for 2 days in a conference room that faces outside, I've realized that: 1- There are some individuals who go for walks multiple times per hour.
2- There are some people who walk at the same time each day and are serious about it (like the guy wearing the reflective vest who is power walking with his sweat rag).
3- I am very distractable.

-My hip is absolutely killing me.  Sitting hasn't helped but it has been aching since I stopped taking the anti-inflammatory meds.  I stopped taking them to potentially get my appointment on Friday moved up but then failed to call and ask for an earlier appointment because this week has been so rough.

-One of the customers admitted to me that when I went up to DC to meet with them he thought I was very quiet and very serious.  I asked if I scared him and he said, "Yes."  Which I responded with, "Good."  He's learned now he was wrong.  #firstimpressionsmatter

-I may or may not have stolen 2 glasses during company happy hour for myself and my PM.  The server noticed and suggested that maybe I resituate my bag so it wouldn't be as obvious.

-I ordered bully sticks and Himalayan chews for the dogs from Amazon.  Normally I get these from a local pet store, but their prices made me less motivated to purchase them.  Which leads to the dogs not having chews.  Which leads to restless dogs.  Which isn't really a problem, but I prefer tired dogs.  There is currently 1 Himalayan chew but Meri and Phil have been trading it off and I would much prefer they both have their own chew.  #WhatOneGetsTheOtherGets

-The Citadel emailed me because they couldn't find the syllabus for one of my classes.  It just happened to be a fuck off class where there was no real work to do but a final project at the end of the semester.  The class was called Digital Expressions.  I responded and said, Yeahhhhhh about that.  Idk where to find a syllabus.  Truthfully, there is no equivalent for this class so I know it will be elective credit so let's just not waste our time.

-I'm living off Afrin currently because of the pollen and every time I blow my nose my ears have to repressurize and it's complicated when I'm trying to have a conversation with someone.  #SorryImYellingICantHearMyself

Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekend Review {3/27}


FINALLY MRI day.  Work was work.  I got to redo all the work I did a few weeks ago because my techs seem to "lose" my templates for every document they create.  Cool, bro.  #Ihateeveryone  I left the office at 2:15 to head to the radiologist office and drop $1k for pictures that make my ass look about the same size as the actual land mass of Russia.  Still cool nonetheless.

When I checked in, I was given an iPad to enter my info.  So 2017!  I loved it!  At the end of the paperwork, there was a survey asking how the process was and I said that I loved the embracing of technology and used no less than 3 thumbs up emojis to express my delight.  #2017life

My MRI was with contrast, so I got shot up with Lidocaine and contrast dye and when I had the audacity to groan/express discomfort, the anesthesiologist said, "You don't have kids do you?"  Me: "Uh no, should I have?"  Him: "Oh I can just tell who has had children before since they don't even feel anything when I do this to them."  Uhhh, cool story bro, STFU.  More was made clear why he was the way he was after he explained that he was in the navy.  He really seemed to love it and he was a doc in the navy.  I had to ask what his job was because he expected me to assume.  I just can't with some people.  He was one of those people.  I work hard NOT to make assumptions about people, but I feel like my assumption about the fact that this guy was a dick wasn't incorrect.

The process took over an hour and I was pretty sure my waist was going to be set on FIRE before the last image was done.  I think I was asleep until the tech said, "This is the last image."  At which point, I couldn't go back to sleep because I was sure I was going to spontaneously combust (side note: why in the fuck was "combust" flagged as a misspelled word?  Get it together, Technology).  I headed home and met with Roux and his mom for a walk with Meri and Phil.

When Teh German got home, we opted for pizza for dinner.  Teh German suggested Mellow Mushroom but I reminded him of the Groupon I bought for Community Pizza House, so we headed there for dinner.  In true fatty-mode, I even ordered an apple something dessert.  It wasn't as good as I had anticipated, but it wasn't bad.  They didn't have a solid chocolate option on the menu.  We didn't have to smuggle any glasses out this time, so we left with a clear conscious.

On the way home, Teh German suggested having a fire and I seconded the idea.  When we got home, we dealt with the beasts and Teh German got the fire started.  We sat around the fire perusing through social media and showing each other cute pictures of dogs/internet things and chatting when we felt like it. 

Eventually, it was bedtime.


Teh German went into work on Saturday morning.  This would have been uneventful except that as Teh German went to kiss me before he left, he scared the life out of me because I had in earplugs and I didn't hear him and when I opened my eyes he was RIGHT FUCKING THERE and could have been a serial killer.  My gasp scared Phil who then could no longer hold his pee and he peed in the floor of our bedroom.  Grand.

So instead of sleeping in, I got up and cleaned the carpet in the bedroom where Phil had just peed and cleaned the carpet in the loft where Phil had peed Friday night while we were outside, because he didn't feel like peeing while he was outside with us while we were at the fire... I'm really over this pee thing, but I'm also concerned about the pee thing and the balance is difficult to maintain because I know that something is wrong with him that is causing this but AWLEKGJLVJERLGJEROGFJADOI;VMEROIGJEROIFJAEGJOIRJAEOIJ stop pissing in my fucking house! Siiiiigh.

When the carpets were cleaned, I laid on top of the covers on the bed debating if I should be motivated and go on a run or just try to go back to sleep.  I made it through my FB feed and just gave up and got back under the covers and snuggled with Meri until I woke back up.  Finally, I did decide to get my run on.  My goal was to go to the roundabout which is a little over 5 miles there and back from House.

After I got home, I stretched and had my left over ribs for lunch because I make solid life choices.  By the time Teh German got home from work, I had just laid down in bed to relax/nap/read after my shower.  Teh German insisted he wasn't tired, but after getting through all his social media he didn't seem to have any problems sleeping.

A phone call woke me up and I wasn't able to go back to sleep, so I checked my FB and then tried to snuggle Teh German awake.  He wasn't really for that.  Eventually he roused and we ended up having a difficult heart to heart and then I had to get ready for Teh SC Teacher's bachelorette party.  Teh German had offered to be my DD, so he dropped me off downtown and picked me up.

We started at Thai Basil downtown for dinner.  This was the place I had originally planned to have my birthday celebration, but they were closed for 2 weeks for renovations.  So I finally got my coconut chicken soup.  It was everything I wanted it to be.. until the next day when I thought it was going to kill me.

After dinner we headed to the Cocktail Club to wait for downtown to liven up some.  After a round, we left and headed to Republic where the music was too loud and there were too many people.  We ended up losing the Bride for a bit and after finding her we left.  We stopped at Marion Square for a photo and to attack the bride with silly string.  After picking the silly string off everyone, we headed to Trio, our my last stop of the night. 

I have a really hard time with being bumped into by strangers and when it comes to be rammed into by strangers, it's very hard for me to not react.  At one point, I had to put myself in a corner where no one could touch me so I could take a moment.  Teh German Girl tried to dance with me to cheer me up, but I had to ask her to stop and I felt horrible about it.  I think several things were going on.  1. The discussion with Teh German before I left put me in a mood that was difficult to overcome in such a short period of time.  2. I had been hesitant about even going in the first place because I was pretty sure I'd feel out of place since I'm not close with the bride and I didn't know many of the other people going.  2a. This fear was founded when half of the group were teachers and they were discussing things that the rest of us had no idea about it.  3. I was getting sick.  4. It was loud and I was overstimulated and with clogged ears, everything was just too much.

I texted with Teh German and asked him to come pick me up.  The SC Teacher was incoherent, my presence there wasn't going to make or break anyone's night.  Teh German picked me up by 1220 and we were in the bed by 01. 


My sleeps were complete shit because of whatever is going on with this sickness.  Or maybe it's allergies?  Who knows, it's miserable.  I woke up at 0530 and since I needed to pee, I went ahead and released the beasts and fed them breakfast so they wouldn't harass us in a few hours.  When I got back to bed, I fell back asleep, but it wasn't very restful. 

Around 11, we finally got up.  Originally, I had planned for us to ride to brunch, but there was no way I was riding anywhere feeling like I did.  I ended up warming up leftover pizza for breakfast.  This combined with the soup from the night prior was like a hydrogen bomb to my gut.  It was a good time.

My German Handy Man.  /swoon

We watched an episode of Modern Family and then Teh German put the Blue Collar Comedy Tour on.  We made it through the individual stand-ups, but we had to turn it off before the group portion so we could get ready for a cookout for the birthday of one of the "motorcycle gang."

We arrived an hour after the party "started" which I could tell was bothering Teh German.  Except that when we got there, we hadn't missed anything so he finally settled down.  We played some corn hole and I actually got one in the hole (much to my surprise).  Everyone was snacking on chips and buffalo chicken dip, but I was starving since I couldn't eat the dip (too spicy, of course) and kept advocating for someone to start the grill.  I hate being the person that insists on being fed, but holy balls I was starving.  Lesson: anytime we have food plans with the motorcycle gang, I should eat a snack...

After hot dogs, we played Cards Against Humanity (I lost, although I'm certain I should have won the round with "Here's the church, here's the steeple, open it up and here's the _______" with "Alter boys".  I'm so misunderstood).  Eventually hamburgers were cooked.  CAH fell to the wayside after hambugers and we cleared the table for cake.  The guys played Jenga and now the score is 1-1 after Teh German's birthday party and this party.  The competition is real. 

We finally made it home around 9:30 and it was all I could do to fix dog food, throw something in the crockpot for lunch today, and heave myself up the stairs. I remembered as I was brushing my teeth that we had Afrin in the cabinet and I decided to give that little magical bottle a spin.  #worthit  We crashed in bed shortly after 10 and the alarm went off way too early, as it tends to do every morning.


The German commented that the weekend felt like it lasted a really long time and I remarked, "Never long enough."  He agreed.  I was able to sleep better Sunday night than Saturday night, but I'm still feeling like a bag of garbage.  In addition to my face feeling like I was hit by a Mac truck, my hip isn't bringing me much joy today and I'm just feeling out of whack in general.  I haven't opened up my checking account to review the balances, but I'm sure that will bring me a ton of joy.

I did get an email Friday about all my transcripts except for my high school transcript (which seems redundant to me) being received by The Citadel, so hopefully I'll hear something back from them soon since it's been a freakin' month now.

My follow up appointment with the Ortho is on Friday.  After Teh PT Husband looking at the MRI images, he isn't sure what is going on either.  Part of me wonders if running on my Gimp (but not broken) Toe is what caused this.  Would anyone be surprised?  Nahhh.

In other news this week: Teh Running Bestie will be arriving.  The Bridge Run is on Saturday and we'll actually get a medal for it this year!  We don't really have any big plans other than the run and eating noms and doing some wedding planning things.

Teh German and I never really had a conclusion on our my chat on Saturday evening, so I predict that will eventually get a conclusion this week.  We'll see.

 Meri is on the lookout for whatever comes. ;)

Happy The-Pollen-Is-Attacking-Me-This-Doesn't-Happen-When-It's-Cold Time, Gentle Readers!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Five on Friday #104


Things from this week:
  • That guy who always responds "Thanks" to my daily email?  I created a rule that automatically sends his emails to the trash #aintnobodygottimefordat
  • How to fall down the rabbit hole: Friend posts on FB they would like to see funny stuff, go to Pinterest for funnies, send cute pic of derp Phil, continue looking at Pinterest, share link to funnies Pinterest board, continue on Pinterest, click on a link that takes you to an imgur link of Tumblr screenshots, discover Russell Howard, watch Howard's videos on YouTube, watch video coworker sent on Larry the Cable Guy's normal accent, watch a "Greatest of Who's Line Is It Anyways?" video, start watching the 43 minute blooper video from Who's Line, remember you actually got tasked an hour before and redirect back to work.  #oops
  • I stumbled upon this "cleaning schedule" thing and it essentially suggested how often you should wash thing like your clothes, curtains, comforters, etc.  Apparently you should wash your curtains every 2 months?  I'm still fucking cackling at that shit.
  • I hate "If you have a big strong man" comments.  Hate, hate, hate.  1- There are jobs that men don't like doing and that's why people get paid to do them.  2- I'm a big strong WOman and yes there are times when I'd like a man to help, but I can do it on my just fine.. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
  • I started going through the SUYB linker uppers.  I've not been a woman of many words recently... but Teh German wouldn't agree with that if you ask him since I've had plenty of words to say as soon as the lights go out when we get in bed.  I still can't figure out how his brain just shuts off when the lights turn off.  My brain is just a create of random associations that keep me up forever.  See, this bullet alone is an example of everything I just said/typed.
  • Roux and Marcie and Max and Phil and Meri have been going on pack walks in the afternoons.  It's been pleasant to have an excuse to hang out with neighbors and get Meri and Phil out of the house.
  • I get so much shit done when I close out the FB tab on my computer.  ALL THE THINGS!!!!!


Weekend plans:
-MRI this afternoon (fucking finallyyyyy)
-Pack walks?
-Sleeping in
-Teh SC Teacher's bachelorette party
-Birthday cookout for one of the Biker "Gang" members.

I'm on dog duty this weekend, which means getting up in the AM.
Maybe I'll also work on our invites?  HA.
I also should do some work on the DJ's website but I haven't been motivated.
I might also go on a run.  The Bridge Run is coming.
Might also do some pre-company cleaning.  I meant to move Roomy upstairs this morning but failed.  Oh well.  There's always tomorrow.


From the phone:

I realllllyyy wanted some Mexican food.
I sent this selfie to Teh PT Wife to show her how much I was enjoying it.

I did this on Thursday night #likeaboss.  Teh German was making foodgasm noises.  #win
Crockpot ribs w/ roasted rosemary potatoes and veggies (squash and carrots)

Bed sharing is rare, so documentation must be captured.
Could they be more awkward or more cute?
Probably yes to both.  Let's not challenge them.


From the internet:

After many years of self-reflection and self-observation, I've noticed I'm a creature of habit and that many things that are "wrong" with me are often wrong with me.  It took almost 30 years for me to realize that 24-48 hours before it rained, I would get a headache.  YEARS.  I dealt with migraines and often I'd just call a headache a migraine because I didn't realize what was happening.  Truthfully, I didn't know how to treat it.  Now I know.  Now I am able to treat my actual symptoms instead of the pain.  It makes all the difference.  That said, the same applies to "girl time" aka menstruation time.  Being aware that I have a fat week, skinny week, normal week, and period week was eye opening.  This article describes an experiment from over 30 years ago that shows the self-awareness that comes from tracking nature's cycles.

Alyssa wrote about things that are definite and the ones about self-labels and adjustment time spoke to me.

I like the sound of free.99 when it comes to learning, especially after knowing the cost of tuition.

I took The Skimm's US Citizen test and I got a 78%.  A few of the questions I misread and I also rushed through the quiz, excuses I know.  I was still mildly embarrassed.  I can't imagine how scary it would be to try and take this test as someone who speaks/reads English as a 2nd language.

This workplace experiment when a man signed his emails as his female coworker for a week opened his eyes to why women "under-perform"...

The next one is long but worth it.
Me and my toe/hip/all things...

This never gets old.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. A ballin' dinner last night.  I would commit to posting the recipe, but commitment is hard and I'm just being real, I'll probably forget.
  2. It finally being MRI day.  Hopefully-the imagery assessment will be quick.  I did have a crisis when I realized that I can't remove my daith/rook piercings on my own, but hopefully they will put me in feet first so my head doesn't have to be in that loud ass machine the whole time.
  3. App State resending my transcripts for free since neither CSU nor The Citadel can find them.
  4. Phil's $134 repeat blood work being greyhound normal, although I still can't figure out the whole drinking all the water thing he's got going on.  Maybe on a less expensive week (that doesn't include a $1000 MRI), Phil will go to the doc to get a sonogram of his abdomen.
  5. Suzi being back home.  I'm confident we will ride this weekend.
  6. I bought a couple's massage through Groupon.  I can haz now?
  7. Teh Running Bestie will be arriving in 5 days.  
  8. Miles.  13 miles to be exact since I hit the pavement Wednesday the 15.  It's going to be hard to stop if it comes to hip surgery....
  9. Modern Family giggles.  I'm pretty sure my personality is a weird combination of Mitch, Cam, Claire, and Phil.
  10. Almost no hip pain all last weekend.  Not so true this week, but I'll take what I can get at this point.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
Linking up with these ladies since it's FFFFRRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

MegMo2017: Deets: Honeymoon

For a very long time, I considered going to Australia for a honeymoon.  I mean, how cool would it be to experience a new country with a new husband?  To finally dive the Great Barrier Reef?  But then reality bit me and it was all downhill from there.

Flights are long and expensive.
Time change is difficult.
Australia is expensive AF.
I'd want to do all the things.
Lugging my scuba gear around the world would be expensive.

When I broached this subject with Teh German, he wasn't overly enthusiastic.  I had already ruled out going to Germany for a honeymoon because I wanted to go somewhere new.  A European adventure would be cool, but we both know knew we'd be going nonstop and after thought about it more and more, we wanted a lazy vacation.

Very rarely do we stop.  Our schedule is often packed with activities and when we do go visit places (NC, Germany), we don't stop either.  We agreed to find a honeymoon that would be a relaxing, almost boring, time.

Unless you live under a rock (or not in the US), you've probably heard of Sandals.  I had seen advertisements for Sandals on many wedding websites I visited and I was skeptical.  Advertisements can make any shack on the beach look like the Ritz.  But then, the more I listened, the more I saw good things.  Things like "all-inclusive", "premium liquor", and "scuba diving" piqued my interest.  I also observed that people I know were going to these places and I know some pretty smart people.

I had poked around the Sandals website and signed up to win some free vacation/honeymoon thing (because duh).  A few days later, I had come to terms with the idea of going to a Sandals resort for a honeymoon, despite my beach aversion.  When Teh German came home, he walked in with the mail, which included a Sandals info packet for me (oops).  When I opened it, I had to laugh.  I admitted to Teh German that I had been thinking about it and had planned to discuss it with him that evening.

After dinner, we sat down with the books and looked at the pictures.  Teh German admitted that he would really prefer a "lazy" vacation that we could just have downtime and do activities as we wanted rather than a vacation where we were constantly on the go and exhausted when we got home.  I agreed with him and explained the Sandals resort thing.  Everything was included, food, booze, scuba diving, snorkeling, other activities.  We could do outside adventures if we wanted, but it was up to us.  We could sleep all day, sit on the beach all day, essentially do whatever the fuck we wanted.  He was sold.

We haven't decided which Sandals resort we're going to, but we know we'll be doing a Sandals resort.  Each person who has been to a Sandals resort will tell you a different "best one" which makes it difficult to pin down a single one.  I think my current top runner is one of the St. Lucia resorts since there is a shuttle that will take you to the other 2 Sandals resorts on the island, so you get even more activity/food opportunities.

PS.  I totally think we're going for the butler service.  It's our honeymoon.  #treatyoself
PPS.  If we won a Sandals honeymoon, I wouldn't know what to do with myself.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Confessions {3/22}

-I do NOT understand why men have a tendency to stand with their hand IN the back of their pants.  It is awkward AF.  I couldn't find a picture of this, despite searching and getting some sketchy results at work. #oops

-I made the mistake of using The Knot's website for vendor research and now I'm about to just delete the entire account because I keep getting spam messages through their communication portal and none of the vendors seem to have a way to unsubscribe from their spammy ass messages.  #DONOTWANT

-I have very little issue finding reasons to telework, but I had to do the math for how much PTO I will have banked up by spring 2018 to justify taking a sick day tomorrow because I'm absolutely wiped out and I hurt and I just need to rest.  #IamMyOwnWorstEnemy

-I made taco soup and it had a lot of beans and I'm pretty sure there was a mouse in my cube the next day...  #sorrycoworkers

-Still no idea what is going on with my hip.  From an x-ray there was no indication of stress fractures or bone spurs.  Hello, my name is Megan and my body hates me.  2 more days till MRI + however many it takes to assess that bad boy.  I was an imagery analyst in a former life, so I know it don't take that long. 

-I'm trying to think of things that I'd like to get taken care of after I've met my insurance deductible this year, assuming there is a hip surgery in my future.  You better believe if I even sneeze I'm going to the doc.

-The new person on my distro responds with a "Thanks" email after I send my email.  I hate this person.  Irrational hate.  Ali, I jinxed myself.  I can hear you laughing from here.  #JustDoingMyJob

-I'm on 2 different "recycled bride" FB groups.  Seems that most brides are.  This isn't significant.  My observation is about people selling wedding dresses on the page and about how heinous most of them are.  I can't figure out who would actually wear these dresses.  Also.. the selling of an unused wedding dress, WHY would you have an unused wedding dress for sale?  I can come up with a list of possible reasons, none of them positive, but at the same time, it's totally weird, right?  It can't just be me who thinks so. 

-A few days after ^^ confession, someone was selling my almost wedding dress (the one that David's Bridal no longer produced).  It wasn't even tempting for me because 1- I prefer the dress that I ended up buying because it doesn't have beading on it, which means I can "pet" myself all day and that I won't get caught on every single person that touches me.  2- It was a size 4 and if there's something I have never been, it's a size 4.

-I got to work this morning at 0620.  That's 20-40 minutes earlier than my normal arrival time.  I'm already out of things to do.  This is my first day back at work since Monday morning, when I came in to discover that the company we sublet from didn't have any internet (which we rely on), which meant my ass went back home.  They still didn't have internet on Tuesday, so it was another telework day.  Instead of commuting, I slept in.  I already miss my bed.

-It stormed like crazy last night.  I used to be absolutely terrified of thunderstorms.  I'm still not sure why to this day.  It definitely makes me uncomfortable to be outside while it is storming.  It surprised me that I was able to fall back asleep almost immediately when the storm woke me up last night.

-I'm reading a book with characters who are Mexican and the parents own a Mexican restaurant and all I can think about is Mexican food and guess what we'll be having for dinner tonight?

-I failed to put the whole "please don't bring your kids" thing on the wedding invites... oops.  So now I'll be printing out small cards to place with the invites on the leftover save the date paper.  I also added a blurb to our website that formally says, "Megan still talks like a sailor and your kids should probably not be around her so please leave them at home."  We don't really expect any children, but just in case.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Weekend Review {3/20}


Friday had the potential to be a great day, but mostly it was just frustrating.  Company usually celebrates St. Patrick's day with employees being intoxicated by noon and lots of kitchen activity.  I agreed to contribute 2 packs of bacon, a roll of sausage, and pancake mix (for Guinness pancakes, which I do not partake of, but I knew I could ask for a batch of regular pancakes).  I asked that someone pick up green Krispy Kreme doughnuts on their way into work, or I'd do it if I could count it as company time.  That idea was frowned upon.

I was told that we'd start festivities around 0830, which was perfect so I could eat before my 0900 meeting.  I purposely didn't eat breakfast to save room for work noms.  Bad life choice.  There was nothing ready for eating prior to our meeting and I had a 1000 physical therapy appointment (the only available appt within 7 days of making the appointment).

As our 0900 meeting ended, someone said that Coworker who was bringing in doughnuts had arrived.  Praise Allah.  I crammed a delicious, still warm, green glazed doughnut down my throat and decided to just come back to the office after my meeting to be able to "celebrate" a little.  Twin Dad also gave me a slice of the sausage he'd cooked, which I gobbled down.  As I left the office, I grabbed a doughnut with green icing on it to deliver to Teh German.  It was a peace offering of sorts.  I don't even remember what I was being a bitch about anymore.

After dropping off his doughnut, which he later commented was a perfect addition to his fresh coffee he'd just refilled right before I arrived, I headed to my PT appointment.  It was torture-tastic.  I got a few new exercises to add to my regimen.  Afterwards, I headed back to work.  I had left my lunch at home that morning since I knew I'd be eating at work, so I was starving.

When I got back to the office, there were Guinness pancakes, Bailey's syrup and whipped cream, and eggs.  No bacon, no sausage.  I made a plate with 2 pancakes and an egg and went back to my desk SUPER pissed.  Before I let myself get entirely amped up, I asked if anyone had saved me a piece of bacon.  Nope.  AND THE RAGE CONSUMED ME.  I tried to eat the pancake, but didn't like the beer flavor or the super sweetness of the syrup/whipped cream, so I gave up and just ate the egg.

It was everything I could do to stay at work in my rage state.  I didn't really have any tasking to distract me.  As tends to happen, about an hour before I was going to leave, something came in and I was glad for a task to distract me from my hunger-rage.  Oh this makes me remember what I was pissed at Teh German about.. selfishness (aka that pretzel situation from the weekend prior).  I'm that person that would have said, "So and so isn't here, we should totally save them a bit of everything so they can enjoy it when they get back."  That doesn't seem to be the case with so many people and my struggle with that is real right now.  Also, no fucking bacon.  The principle alone of the person bringing in the bacon not getting a piece should piss off everyone else too.

After I overhauled the document I had received, I sent it off and headed home.  Despite the soreness from my run on Wednesday and the gym on Thurs, I was determined to run on Friday before we left for NC.  I changed, dropped Meri and Phil off at Roux's house for some play time, and got 3.5 miles in.  I even passed my physical therapist while he and his stepson were on a walk.  I had warned the physical therapist that I was planning on doing the Bridge Run and that I was going to start running again.  We agreed that if it hurt, I'd stop, but that really the only thing that could happen is if it is a tear, it would just make it worse and it would probably already require surgery to fix it, so really not that big of a deal.

Everything hurt because I was so sore, but I spent a LOT of time rolling and stretching when I got back home with the beasts which helped immensely.  After I showered and finished packing my half of the suitcase, I headed downstairs.  I remembered the box I had thrown inside as I was leaving with Meri and Phil and went to see what it was.

It's really good I didn't look at the box when I threw it inside, otherwise I probably wouldn't have went on my run!  Wedding invitations!  Excited, I opened the box and checked all the contents.  Exactly like I had dreamed they would be.

No, you don't get to actually see them.

Eventually, Teh German came home.  He ate dinner without me, which only fueled my "everyone is a selfish asshole" fire.  While he packed and showered, I ate dinner alone.  Teh German and I had already discussed eating dinner at home instead of stopping somewhere on the way to NC.  After dinner, I started arranging the back of the truck for the dogs.  Teh German had already put the seats down, so I laid down a comforter and then went through the hassle of figuring out which dog beds to bring with us (way more complicated than it needed to be).

Eventually, we were all loaded up and we finally got on the road.

We made it to Teh Dad's house shortly after 10, which was super good time.  We chatted for a bit and then it was everyone's bedtime.


Teh German got up with the dogs at 0545 to bring them out (which includes leashing them up and walking them to the "turnout area" (a small area enclosed with chicken wire)) but by 7, Meri was harassing us.  I couldn't figure out what the problem was until Teh German informed me he hadn't fed them... Uh what?  He didn't know where the food stuff was.  It was on the counter, just like it would have been at our house.  I had been trying all week to move on from the "everyone is a selfish asshole" thing, telling myself it was just me, to let things go.. but this definitely made me sigh heavily.  Teh German ended up getting up and feeding them and coming back to bed.  We laid there for a bit on our phones.  I had messaged Teh WJL to see what she was up to.  Her birthday was Friday and I was the awful friend who didn't even post anything on social media for her (unlike years prior), but did call her before we left for NC to sing happy birthday in German.  We finally made plans to meet for lunch in Boone. 

As I was about to jump in the shower to get ready, I got an email from the library that said a hold was available so I downloaded it.  THEN I discovered it was an audiobook!  How convenient since I had just finished Lilac Girls the day before and was about to start the last unlistened to book I have on Audible.  #win

We had lunch at Bella's where the service was absolutely terrible, Teh WJL's order was wrong (and they still charged us for it), and the leftovers made Teh German's truck smell like fish, but the food was good.  After lunch, we headed to the outlets to look around.  I ended up finally picking up a new belt for Teh German, otherwise we didn't find anything we liked/in our price range.


After the outlets, we headed to downtown Blowing Rock for Kilwin's.  There is actually a Kilwin's at the outlets, but we are snobs and downtown Blowing Rock is our Kilwin's.  I ended up getting the lemon mirange pie cone and it was a solid life choice.  We walked through some of the shops and I ended up buying some pun greeting cards.  #solidinvestment

Next, we headed back towards Boone.  Teh WJL asked me if I wanted to go by TJ Maxx and I said yes.  She had been looking for flats, I was just perusing.  I ended up buying a new scrubber for the dishes (to replace the sponge (which we continue to use despite me knowing how gross it is)) and some face wipes.  On Friday night, my face had essentially turned into the Sahara Desert.  I wasn't sure if it was because the dry weather or if it was the face cloths I had brought with us.  This has happened before, so I leaned on the face cloths.  I'm still not sure, but these smell really nice.

While I was in TJ Maxx, Teh German messaged me to ask when I'd be coming back home and I committed to "by 6:30."  We had plans to go to Sims Country BBQ for dinner.  After we checked out, I dropped Teh WJL at her car and headed back down the mountain.  I tried to talk her into coming home with us, but she resisted.  We had so much fun, we even forgot to take a selfie together.

When I got back to Teh Dad's, I showed Teh German my purchases and we left soon after to head to BFE.

So back story: While we were on the way to NC, I did some research for things to do at Home, Home.  There was an article of 100 things to do that I stumbled on which included gems like, "Visit a lonely senior citizen at a nursing home," "Order a livermush biscuit for breakfast," "Worship at the church of your choice this Sunday," and my favorite, "Develop your own adventure ideas as Home, Home offers countless opportunities.  And don't forget to bring a friend!"  Essentially, this list made me a connoisseur of things to do in the area which happened to be zero things for Saturday morning for Teh WJL and I.  But it did help me think of an entertaining dinner idea, Sims BBQ.  I remembered going a few times as a kid, but after discussing it with Teh Dad, none of us (Teh Stepmom included) had been there in years.

Sims BBQ is a "buffet" with bbq chicken, smoked pork, smoked beef, cole slaw, chips, bread, rolls, and beans.  The real lure of the place is the live music that they have on Friday and Saturday nights.  There is no alcohol on the grounds.  Since it had been a long time since we'd been there, I was surprised at the "cash only" situation.  Oops.  Teh Dad ended up paying for all of us since he had cash.  Then we were surprised again when we had to pay $5 for a pitcher of tea, rather than our drinks being included in the $12 buffet price.  Water was free, of course.  I pointed out later that we couldn't even get cell reception, so how were they supposed to be able to have a credit card reader?  Teh Dad pointed out that you could just have a phone line and use DSL for internet, but then we both agreed that was probably too high tech.

The bluegrass music had Teh German bobbing his head.  There were several birthday celebrations, to include 2 90 year old women.  There was also a small group of exchange students (one from Africa (the country wasn't announced, just his continent, as if it wasn't obvious from him being the only black person probably within a 20 mile radius), one from Germany (which perked up Teh German's ears), and one other country).  Technically, we were there for a birthday as well since Teh Dad's birthday was on Sunday.  I didn't realize they were going to announce birthdays, or I would have added him to the list.

While the band took a break, they played some line dance music and Teh German joined me for Cupid's Shuffle and then headed back to the table.  I joined in on the other 3 line dances (Cha Cha Slide, Grapevine, and Boot Scootin' Boogy) and after all that, I was tired.  We didn't wait for the band to come back since most everyone had already cleared out, we decided to leave too.

It took us almost 10 minutes of driving to get back into cell phone coverage.  When we got home, we noticed a bunny in the driveway and then we saw it dart off into Phil and Meri's makeshift turnout area..... We were trying to figure out how to help it escape, all the while the bunny is running full speed into the chicken wire boundary.. like a pinball machine.  We were all cackling at the situation and the poor bunny after he finally escaped the way he had come in then tearing across the yard like a freed prisoner.

When we got inside, Teh Stepmom was working on cooking for something at church and Teh Dad, Teh German, and I started playing Phase 10.  When Teh Stepmom joined us, we put her on the same level as the last person.  We ended up playing through all 10 phases and Teh Dad won, much to my chagrin.  Poor Teh German was stuck on 2 sets of 4 for no less than 6 rounds and I was feeling pretty bad for him.  We ended the game around midnight and we all headed to bed immediately after.  Right before we fell asleep, I reminded Teh German about the rabbit and we both giggled ourselves to sleep.


We had agreed to go to breakfast a greasy spoon by 9.  I took my turn with the dogs on Sunday morning and just stayed up.  Eventually, I headed downstairs to rouse Teh German and throw on some clothes.  We had breakfast and I expressed some serious concern about Teh Dad's health choices, that mostly seemed to come out as berating, probably.  After breakfast, Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom headed to church while Teh German and I headed back to the house to rescue Meri and Phil and load up Baloo.

When everything was loaded, we put Meri and Phil in the truck and headed back to Charleston.  I had given Meri a benedryl about an hour before we left to see if it helped calm her down while she was riding.  It did help some, but it didn't completely alleviate her distress.  She did at least have a few minutes of respite where she laid down her head and closed her eyes, but she was definitely not sleeping.  We made the mistake of stopping for Starbucks and lost all the time we had gained because it took forever.  Teh German went in while I sat in the truck taking selfies with the dogs.  While we drove, I brooded about breakfast and Teh Dad being selfish by refusing to go to the doctor for annual screenings and discussed it some with Teh German.

When we got home, I helped Teh German unload the truck and the load of wood we had brought back with us.  I got the dog beds re-situated in the bedroom and started dinner and when Teh German carried up the suitcase, he helped me put everything away and I started the laundry.  I came back downstairs to finish up dinner. 

After we ate, Teh German relaxed on the couch, catching up on his social medias while I went out to scoop poop and listen to my audiobook.  When I came back in, Teh German suggested a few episodes of Modern Family, which I agreed to.  I did tell him that I wanted to take a bath so the cutoff time was 8 for TV.  He agreed. 

At 8, I headed upstairs to soak in my own filth and peruse social media.  Teh German eventually came upstairs and took a shower.  After he was done, I showered and then we got ready for bed. 


Overall, a good weekend.  We got to "celebrate" both Teh Dad and Teh WJL's birthdays.  Without the bikes, our schedule was a bit more relaxed and I felt like we actually got to give people our attention instead of being around for meals, maybe.  I'm glad we went.

This week includes Phil's follow up appointment where they take his blood and they bleed my wallet as well, more PT, and my MRI is on Friday... finally.  I'm also planning on continuing the running since my hip has hurt LESS since I jumped back on the running train.  #mybodyisweird

Happy Spring, Gentle Readers!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Five on Friday #103

It's been a complicated week.  The only posts that went live this week, besides this one, were scheduled posts.  It's been a while since that happened (that I can remember).  I don't know why this week was so rough.  DST?  My hip pain?  No answers at my Ortho appt?  General exhaustion?  Not letting myself rest?  Who knows.

So, I took a mental health day on Wednesday.  I generally avoided social media, I didn't even post confessions (when was the last time I missed confessions?).  I finished a library book within hours of them stealing it back from me, finished the final season of Downton Abbey, went on a run, and didn't do anything that I didn't want to do (with the exception of the freak accident of cleaning up Phil's projectile vomit that conveniently landed all over Meri's back #welcometomylife).

So this post is a catch all/up post for the week.  #myblogmyrules


I started writing my weekend review on Monday and didn't complete it by Monday evening and I just couldn't bring myself to sit at the computer for more than work hours since I had tasking that was making my brain bleed.  Then Tuesday was SUYB link up and I didn't want to double post and I had tasking at work that kept me too busy to finish the weekend post.  Then Wednesday was "nah fuck that" day.  Thursday was Shit Teh German Said and now here we are.

Last weekend I dealt with Teh German's breakdown about Phil and his being super upset about the fact that Phil could be sick and might die.  It lead to an ongoing self-realization that I'm kind of a robot and I often go through the motions of things instead of dealing with the feelings in the present time.  Having feelings requires me to sometimes get stuck and being a robot means I can power through whatever needs to get done.  Except I'm starting to realize I'm missing out on things because I'm robot-ing my way through way too many things.  I should work on that.

On Saturday, we headed to Park Circle for some day-drinking with the neighbors to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  We had lunch at Sesame then started drinking.  Smart Megan had to tell Drunk Megan that punching a drunk middle-aged man because he was cutting in line to use the MEN's room when the line was all WOmen probably wasn't a good idea.. But you better believe I told that mo-fo he could wait until I was done before he used the MEN's room which happened to have the same set up as the WOmen's restroom (toilet and sink, although the men's did have a urinal).  Our DD got us home around doggy dinner time.  After snacking, we invited everyone over for a fire in the backyard (where I again forgot to burn the flag).  We continued drinking until we ran out of wood, at which point we called it a day night and everyone went home and we crashed.

Sunday I met Twin Mom for brunch at Magnolia's, which was delicious, then we braved the cold and walked through the market (still as overpriced as it always has been) then down S. Market St to visit the candy shops.  We were so full from brunch I didn't even want samples.  We parted ways after the market and I headed home to a whiny, hungover Teh German who I practically forced to eat so he wouldn't feel like ass anymore.  He knows he should eat, but doesn't want to move, so he doesn't eat and I essentially gave him the tough love and said, either quit moaning about it completely or get up and eat something.  Of course, as soon as he finished eating, he felt LOADS better.  Imagine that. 

This was after he'd taken dog duty in the early morning (since it was DST I have no idea what time it actually was) and when he came back he was eating pretzels but didn't bother to bring any up for me.  I wasn't pleased about that since I cater to Hungover Teh German on the regular.  Tough love was all he was getting from me for the rest of the day because of his poor decision making skills.  My 2nd field trip of the day was to Roux's house to give him a reprieve from his crate.  Phil even joined in on the zoomies.  We spent the afternoon on separate couches (me upstairs, him downstairs).  I started sorting laundry and then sat down to send a text and ended up falling asleep on the couch.  #notsorry

Eventually I got motivated and finished sort the laundry and started the cycles.  I headed downstairs and decided on a pizza for dinner since I was feeling lazy AF.  It was when I pulled it out of the oven that I realized Teh German would be eating pizza 2x in one day.  Fucks I gave: 0.. He should have brought me pretzels in bed...  We filled the evening with Modern Family and headed to bed "early" or as early as 9pm is on spring ahead night.

Weekend review complete, 5 days late.  #donotcurr


Confessions from Wednesday's draft that shouldn't be carried over to next week:

-Seeing all the snow pics from FB friends in the NE brought me great joy.  It was rainy and in the 40s in Charleston, so we were also "suffering."

-After getting a text from Teh Stepmom about doughnuts and Teh German accidentally sending me the cat eating the doughnut sticker on FB twice, I just finally sucked it up and bought a half dozen glazed from the grocery store.  I had 2 in one day and my brain was telling me to feel guilty but I didn't... until the next day.  Why do I food shame myself?  I'm the worst.

-I'm trying not to be frustrated with life, but the soonest appointment I could make for an MRI of my hip was March 24th and I'm pretty sure that's like 10 years from now.  Most of me is kicking my own ass for waiting 2 weeks for the original referral appointment that I canceled the day of to see a different doc later in the day.  If I hadn't waited, this wouldn't be as much of an issue right now.  The Ortho prescribed me an anti-inflammatory med that doesn't do a damn thing, as well as more tramadol, which I'm trying not to take because it gives me the "Tramadol Stupid".  It also makes it extremely hard for me to function the next morning, aka "Tramadol Hangover."

-Adulting is getting in the way of my fun again.  Wednesday night there is Disney trivia downtown.  Wednesday night also happens to be when our HOA meeting is.  We are definitely going to the HOA meeting and while trivia doesn't start till 8, I think that is too late for this old lady.

-I filled out a March Madness bracket.  It physically pained me to select UNC to win games.  But I made sure to put them as the championship loser.  I don't expect to win anything.  After selecting winners for 2 divisions and realizing I had 2 more divisions left, I was over it.  #toomanychoices

-New earbuds and calibrating sound settings on my computer brought me great joy yesterday.

-I got a call from a 202 area code (DC) on Wednesday which happens to be the same area code that one of our projects would call from and I ignored that call like a boss.  Sick days mean no answering work communications.  I wasn't sure it was actually someone from our project but I wasn't willing to risk it.  They didn't leave a message, so it obviously wasn't too important.

-When the Ortho student asked me about my fitness history and I told her I ran/run half marathons she seemed surprised and I felt like a liar, liar pants on FIREEEEE because it's been so long since I've run a half marathon.  Oh but Megan, how about you STFU since you ran a 10k then a half the next day with a GIMP ASS TOE.  FFFFAAACCCKKKK, I can't even cut myself any slack.  No wonder I needed a mental health day, I'm the worst.  When I told the student about that, she was impressed at the 10k, then a half on the following day.  When I said, "You get an extra medal for doing both," I think she might have judged me a little.  #fairenough


Megan/Phil Health Updates:
NSTR (nothing significant to report)

Last Friday I made an appointment for Phil to get a sonogram done to look for cancer, but I called and cancelled it 30 minutes prior because 1- the bug people were supposed to have been at my house but showed up late and I had requested the bug people come do the inside (just in case), 2- Phil hasn't had any accidents in the house and hasn't been chugging water as much as he was.  I'm not sure if I made the best decision, but we'll see.  I can always reschedule if I want to get it done.

Monday I had my Ortho appointment and they have no idea what is wrong with me.  Ortho referred me for more physical therapy (which hasn't helped thus far, but whatever I'm a good sport if nothing else) and for an MRI.  The soonest the MRI could be scheduled for was the 24th (if you didn't read that in #2) and that is irritating to me, but what can I do?  Nothing, that's what.

So now I'm pushing my limits to see what happens (because I never said I was gentle on this body).  I went on 2.5 mile run during my "sick" day and I thought I was sore, but realized that my hip was hurting because I'd been sitting for most of the day, which is what hurts the most.  Yesterday my thighs had that familiar running soreness but my hip didn't hurt anymore than normal, so I consider this a positive.

What this also means is that I'm going to pick my running back up.  I can't imagine I'll hurt myself more than I already am, but I'm probably wrong about that.  But I really want to be moderately prepared for the Bridge Run in 2 weeks.  I don't expect to PR it, but at least being able to run for longer than a mile and then having to walk the rest would be nice.

In addition to all that, I'm scheduled for cortisone shots on the 31st, but I'll probably push that to the 2nd so I can do the Bridge Run since I'm not sure what kind of recovery time is needed after a shot.  LOOK PEOPLE, they are giving a MEDAL for the Bridge Run this year for the first time ever.  I NEEEDDDDSSSSS IIIIIITTTTT!!!!!  #stopjudgingme


From the internet:

You know who you are... Teh Running Bestie.

From the phone:

Teh SC Greyhound Neighbor showed up to the St. Patrick's Day event we were at.  I didn't notice her.  In fact, it was when someone in our group pointed out a greyhound nose that I almost lost my shit and almost knocked people over getting to Edie who I hadn't seen since our house warming party last July.  I was super excited and also hugged Teh SC Greyhound Neighbor and Sweet Tea (her pocket pit).

Sweet Tea was a little overwhelmed so she was ok with being held like a baby while her Mom went to fetch a yoga mat for Edie.

Edieeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  OMG how I love this sweet girl.
I've missed her so much.

Remember that one time that I planted Carolina Reaper seeds?
Well, these are what is left from that experiment.
Hopefully we'll get some fruit this year?

Remember a while ago I admitted to buying some mugs we didn't need?
Well, here's my Edna Mode mug and I have #zeroregrets

Gahhhh I just love my Baggins.

Meri enjoyed my mental health day.
She ensured that she kept me warm while I finished reading.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Locating my tax return in an account that I didn't remember sending it to.  And by tax return I mean wedding money.
  2. Finishing my library book and not having to be #15 in line to check it out again to finish it.
  3. "Sick" days for mental rest with the support from my PM.
  4. Groupon deals.  $20 for 2 $15 gift certs for Community Pizza House (where we had dinner before the Ron White show).
  5. My FB feed being full of cute sighthounds.  
  6. New earbuds that I only paid $10 for that actually sound pretty good (nope, not making money off that link).
  7. Bringing home 2 cups of sweet tea from Willie Jewell's on Wednesday night.  A Thursday cup and a Friday cup.  #sweetteaaddict
  8. Falling down the Pinterest hole for this post and getting in some good giggles.
  9. This 1997 playlist I found from another blogger who I can't remember because I'm a horrible person.  My bad.
  10. Teh German.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.