Friday, March 17, 2017

Five on Friday #103

It's been a complicated week.  The only posts that went live this week, besides this one, were scheduled posts.  It's been a while since that happened (that I can remember).  I don't know why this week was so rough.  DST?  My hip pain?  No answers at my Ortho appt?  General exhaustion?  Not letting myself rest?  Who knows.

So, I took a mental health day on Wednesday.  I generally avoided social media, I didn't even post confessions (when was the last time I missed confessions?).  I finished a library book within hours of them stealing it back from me, finished the final season of Downton Abbey, went on a run, and didn't do anything that I didn't want to do (with the exception of the freak accident of cleaning up Phil's projectile vomit that conveniently landed all over Meri's back #welcometomylife).

So this post is a catch all/up post for the week.  #myblogmyrules


I started writing my weekend review on Monday and didn't complete it by Monday evening and I just couldn't bring myself to sit at the computer for more than work hours since I had tasking that was making my brain bleed.  Then Tuesday was SUYB link up and I didn't want to double post and I had tasking at work that kept me too busy to finish the weekend post.  Then Wednesday was "nah fuck that" day.  Thursday was Shit Teh German Said and now here we are.

Last weekend I dealt with Teh German's breakdown about Phil and his being super upset about the fact that Phil could be sick and might die.  It lead to an ongoing self-realization that I'm kind of a robot and I often go through the motions of things instead of dealing with the feelings in the present time.  Having feelings requires me to sometimes get stuck and being a robot means I can power through whatever needs to get done.  Except I'm starting to realize I'm missing out on things because I'm robot-ing my way through way too many things.  I should work on that.

On Saturday, we headed to Park Circle for some day-drinking with the neighbors to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  We had lunch at Sesame then started drinking.  Smart Megan had to tell Drunk Megan that punching a drunk middle-aged man because he was cutting in line to use the MEN's room when the line was all WOmen probably wasn't a good idea.. But you better believe I told that mo-fo he could wait until I was done before he used the MEN's room which happened to have the same set up as the WOmen's restroom (toilet and sink, although the men's did have a urinal).  Our DD got us home around doggy dinner time.  After snacking, we invited everyone over for a fire in the backyard (where I again forgot to burn the flag).  We continued drinking until we ran out of wood, at which point we called it a day night and everyone went home and we crashed.

Sunday I met Twin Mom for brunch at Magnolia's, which was delicious, then we braved the cold and walked through the market (still as overpriced as it always has been) then down S. Market St to visit the candy shops.  We were so full from brunch I didn't even want samples.  We parted ways after the market and I headed home to a whiny, hungover Teh German who I practically forced to eat so he wouldn't feel like ass anymore.  He knows he should eat, but doesn't want to move, so he doesn't eat and I essentially gave him the tough love and said, either quit moaning about it completely or get up and eat something.  Of course, as soon as he finished eating, he felt LOADS better.  Imagine that. 

This was after he'd taken dog duty in the early morning (since it was DST I have no idea what time it actually was) and when he came back he was eating pretzels but didn't bother to bring any up for me.  I wasn't pleased about that since I cater to Hungover Teh German on the regular.  Tough love was all he was getting from me for the rest of the day because of his poor decision making skills.  My 2nd field trip of the day was to Roux's house to give him a reprieve from his crate.  Phil even joined in on the zoomies.  We spent the afternoon on separate couches (me upstairs, him downstairs).  I started sorting laundry and then sat down to send a text and ended up falling asleep on the couch.  #notsorry

Eventually I got motivated and finished sort the laundry and started the cycles.  I headed downstairs and decided on a pizza for dinner since I was feeling lazy AF.  It was when I pulled it out of the oven that I realized Teh German would be eating pizza 2x in one day.  Fucks I gave: 0.. He should have brought me pretzels in bed...  We filled the evening with Modern Family and headed to bed "early" or as early as 9pm is on spring ahead night.

Weekend review complete, 5 days late.  #donotcurr


Confessions from Wednesday's draft that shouldn't be carried over to next week:

-Seeing all the snow pics from FB friends in the NE brought me great joy.  It was rainy and in the 40s in Charleston, so we were also "suffering."

-After getting a text from Teh Stepmom about doughnuts and Teh German accidentally sending me the cat eating the doughnut sticker on FB twice, I just finally sucked it up and bought a half dozen glazed from the grocery store.  I had 2 in one day and my brain was telling me to feel guilty but I didn't... until the next day.  Why do I food shame myself?  I'm the worst.

-I'm trying not to be frustrated with life, but the soonest appointment I could make for an MRI of my hip was March 24th and I'm pretty sure that's like 10 years from now.  Most of me is kicking my own ass for waiting 2 weeks for the original referral appointment that I canceled the day of to see a different doc later in the day.  If I hadn't waited, this wouldn't be as much of an issue right now.  The Ortho prescribed me an anti-inflammatory med that doesn't do a damn thing, as well as more tramadol, which I'm trying not to take because it gives me the "Tramadol Stupid".  It also makes it extremely hard for me to function the next morning, aka "Tramadol Hangover."

-Adulting is getting in the way of my fun again.  Wednesday night there is Disney trivia downtown.  Wednesday night also happens to be when our HOA meeting is.  We are definitely going to the HOA meeting and while trivia doesn't start till 8, I think that is too late for this old lady.

-I filled out a March Madness bracket.  It physically pained me to select UNC to win games.  But I made sure to put them as the championship loser.  I don't expect to win anything.  After selecting winners for 2 divisions and realizing I had 2 more divisions left, I was over it.  #toomanychoices

-New earbuds and calibrating sound settings on my computer brought me great joy yesterday.

-I got a call from a 202 area code (DC) on Wednesday which happens to be the same area code that one of our projects would call from and I ignored that call like a boss.  Sick days mean no answering work communications.  I wasn't sure it was actually someone from our project but I wasn't willing to risk it.  They didn't leave a message, so it obviously wasn't too important.

-When the Ortho student asked me about my fitness history and I told her I ran/run half marathons she seemed surprised and I felt like a liar, liar pants on FIREEEEE because it's been so long since I've run a half marathon.  Oh but Megan, how about you STFU since you ran a 10k then a half the next day with a GIMP ASS TOE.  FFFFAAACCCKKKK, I can't even cut myself any slack.  No wonder I needed a mental health day, I'm the worst.  When I told the student about that, she was impressed at the 10k, then a half on the following day.  When I said, "You get an extra medal for doing both," I think she might have judged me a little.  #fairenough


Megan/Phil Health Updates:
NSTR (nothing significant to report)

Last Friday I made an appointment for Phil to get a sonogram done to look for cancer, but I called and cancelled it 30 minutes prior because 1- the bug people were supposed to have been at my house but showed up late and I had requested the bug people come do the inside (just in case), 2- Phil hasn't had any accidents in the house and hasn't been chugging water as much as he was.  I'm not sure if I made the best decision, but we'll see.  I can always reschedule if I want to get it done.

Monday I had my Ortho appointment and they have no idea what is wrong with me.  Ortho referred me for more physical therapy (which hasn't helped thus far, but whatever I'm a good sport if nothing else) and for an MRI.  The soonest the MRI could be scheduled for was the 24th (if you didn't read that in #2) and that is irritating to me, but what can I do?  Nothing, that's what.

So now I'm pushing my limits to see what happens (because I never said I was gentle on this body).  I went on 2.5 mile run during my "sick" day and I thought I was sore, but realized that my hip was hurting because I'd been sitting for most of the day, which is what hurts the most.  Yesterday my thighs had that familiar running soreness but my hip didn't hurt anymore than normal, so I consider this a positive.

What this also means is that I'm going to pick my running back up.  I can't imagine I'll hurt myself more than I already am, but I'm probably wrong about that.  But I really want to be moderately prepared for the Bridge Run in 2 weeks.  I don't expect to PR it, but at least being able to run for longer than a mile and then having to walk the rest would be nice.

In addition to all that, I'm scheduled for cortisone shots on the 31st, but I'll probably push that to the 2nd so I can do the Bridge Run since I'm not sure what kind of recovery time is needed after a shot.  LOOK PEOPLE, they are giving a MEDAL for the Bridge Run this year for the first time ever.  I NEEEDDDDSSSSS IIIIIITTTTT!!!!!  #stopjudgingme


From the internet:

You know who you are... Teh Running Bestie.

From the phone:

Teh SC Greyhound Neighbor showed up to the St. Patrick's Day event we were at.  I didn't notice her.  In fact, it was when someone in our group pointed out a greyhound nose that I almost lost my shit and almost knocked people over getting to Edie who I hadn't seen since our house warming party last July.  I was super excited and also hugged Teh SC Greyhound Neighbor and Sweet Tea (her pocket pit).

Sweet Tea was a little overwhelmed so she was ok with being held like a baby while her Mom went to fetch a yoga mat for Edie.

Edieeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  OMG how I love this sweet girl.
I've missed her so much.

Remember that one time that I planted Carolina Reaper seeds?
Well, these are what is left from that experiment.
Hopefully we'll get some fruit this year?

Remember a while ago I admitted to buying some mugs we didn't need?
Well, here's my Edna Mode mug and I have #zeroregrets

Gahhhh I just love my Baggins.

Meri enjoyed my mental health day.
She ensured that she kept me warm while I finished reading.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Locating my tax return in an account that I didn't remember sending it to.  And by tax return I mean wedding money.
  2. Finishing my library book and not having to be #15 in line to check it out again to finish it.
  3. "Sick" days for mental rest with the support from my PM.
  4. Groupon deals.  $20 for 2 $15 gift certs for Community Pizza House (where we had dinner before the Ron White show).
  5. My FB feed being full of cute sighthounds.  
  6. New earbuds that I only paid $10 for that actually sound pretty good (nope, not making money off that link).
  7. Bringing home 2 cups of sweet tea from Willie Jewell's on Wednesday night.  A Thursday cup and a Friday cup.  #sweetteaaddict
  8. Falling down the Pinterest hole for this post and getting in some good giggles.
  9. This 1997 playlist I found from another blogger who I can't remember because I'm a horrible person.  My bad.
  10. Teh German.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. Mental health days are needed, good for you for taking one.

  2. It sounds like Phil is doing better then?

  3. Mental health days are everything and I'm all for them.

    I'm sorry to hear you've got nothing new to report as to why you're feeling so much pain in your hip but thankfully the 24th is just a few days away, even though it probably feels like an eternity.

    Rest up with your babies this weekend. Have a good one Megan! co


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