Friday, March 10, 2017

Five on Friday #102


Wedding Updates:

The 40% off coupon code for our invites expired on Tuesday so Monday night we sat down and hammered out the details on those bad boys.  Yesterday I got back the digital proofs and my brain almost exploded.  They were a disaster.  DISASTER.

I had asked for the color to be changed which was done, except that instead of making it look similar to the template designs, there was no ombre coloring at all, just grey navy grey and it looked like hot fucking garbage.  Then I went to the back..

So let me just back up for a second and explain that I have this thing about fonts.  I've mentioned it before, but it's worth mentioning again that I have a thing about fonts.  I lurve them.  I spent HOURS just working on the fonts for these invites and going through my options and finally selecting ones that I liked.

Most of my fonts were gone.  GONE.  I went from a pipe bomb in my brain to an atomic bomb.  I was on the phone with the company within a few minutes asking to speak directly to my designer.  I was told that the designer would call me back within the hour.  Perfecttttttt.

After speaking to the designer, who turned out to be a very nice lady named Emily who probably only thought I was kinda crazy, we had undone ALL her changes and she sent a new proof out with some different colors and my original fonts..

Because of work, I couldn't go through the proofs until later in the evening, but last night I sent another list of tasks that I know I could do myself very easily.  But it's fiiiiiinnneeeeeee.. It will be fineeeee..  I will try to curb my inner control freak.

We had our engagement photos on Wednesday afternoon.  While I know they will be gorgeous shots, I don't think I voiced my desires well and we didn't really get any casual, non-posted shots, nor did we get any ring shots or close-up shots (that I know of).  We only stood in 3-4 different poses because I was kind of expecting some guidance on how to stand, but that never came.  Again, communication failure on my part.  I'll be discussing these things with the photographer after we get our proofs back and/or having Roux's Humom on standby for the wedding so she boss us around on how to stand and be the most cheesy and cutesy.


I mentioned on Wednesday that Phil isn't doing so well and he's drinking gallons or liters (whatever unit you prefer) of water, all at once and he having accidents in the house, which is completely unlike my tank of a dog.

The vet called yesterday with the results of Phil's bloodwork and she's not sure what is going on.  It's not a UTI and it's not kidney issues.  There are some alarming levels in his blood panel though, so she prescribed a cycle of doxycycline (Doxy) which I picked up yesterday on my way to the gym.  The vet suggested it could possibly be a tick-born illness (TBI), since those can be dormant in the system and then appear when the body is stressed (like that whole not using his leg situation last month).  But neither of us feel that a TBI is the actual solution this time.  Or at least she didn't sound confident about it when she suggested it.  It also didn't bode well that she said she'd prescribe him the Doxy if I wanted him to go on it, to which, of course, I said, "When can I pick it up? Today?"

I posted his bloodwork results on both GEGR and SHUG pages to see if my sighthound peeps could help in anyway.  SHUG Director messaged me this morning asking for Phil's racing name and said that she'd sent his blood panels to someone that knows about greyhound lineage and history.  The response was this, "do a sonogram to rule out hemangiosarcoma in the abdomen. She's seen them in the retroperitoneal region. They run in his family."  

I'm trying not to freak the fuck out over the word "sarcoma" (aka the C word), but my feeling is NOT good about this whole situation and that is what has me on edge.  Let's just all cross our fingers that the Doxy is the magic cure and my Baggins is back to normal ASAP.. because dammit, I am NOT ready and I told Phil I would be ready whenever he told and I'm worried that he's telling me and I'm not getting the message.

I brought up the subject of Phil over dinner Wednesday night with Teh German, because I'm not excited about the potential to lose Phil, I need Teh German to be prepared in case the worst does happen and he didn't want to talk about it.  Later he admitted that he almost teared up sitting there and he didn't like being sad in public.  I promised that from now on, we'd discuss the sad stuff at home and that we can cry together, anytime.

Tears and cheesy bread, it's what's for dinner.


And top all that mess... while we were doing engagement photos, I was a fucking moron and stubborn and opted not to carry my flip flops with me while we were walking around downtown.  I was wearing my super awesome red heels, so I spent over an hour walking around downtown in heels with my gimp hip.

Thursday morning was spent in a state of agony until I finally just gave up and took a tramadol.  My hip pain radiated down the front of my thigh yesterday and this morning it's radiating back into my butt.  It's a real delight.

PLUSSSSS, I am sporting 2 super awesome blisters on both pinky toes.

Hot mess express, comin' through!

Because I'm glutton for punishment, I still went to the gym yesterday afternoon, but we didn't do any cardio, only core and arms.  Well kinda, after we got home, we went on a neighborhood pack walk.  A few neighbors from street (the most awesome street in the neighborhood we've decided) with Phil, Meri, Roux, Marcie, and Max.  It was awesome and I'd totally do it again.

PS.  Tramadol is magical and gave me the ability to walk like a normal person instead of like a troll under a bridge.  It also made me moderately stupid and fuzzy around the edges and my workout was garbage and trying to work in the afternoon was a disaster because I had no idea what I had and hadn't done. 

PPS.  My ortho consult has been scheduled for 2 weeks and it's been a very long 2 weeks.  The appointment is on Monday morning and I'm hoping that we can figure out this issue in the very near future, but maybe the beginning of April because at least then I can walk the Bridge Run (ugh).


From the internet:

Disney jokes/puns/facts are my jam.  Unless they are about The Princess and the Frog, which I still haven't seen.

This is me in real life (also about Disney).

Runners/walkers/outside activity persons, have you seen this?  I wantssss ittttt.. Except that I can't run, but that's NBD, right?

In case you were thinking that women always had rights.  You're wrong.

From the phone:

Phil: Well, that was fun.  Let's go home.
Me: Phil, we just got here.
Phil: Do not currrrr.
Me: Siiiiigh.

Silly faces before the shoot.

Roux's Humom suggested that we have Nick take a picture of us taking a selfie.
Of course I needed to actually take the selfie.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Tramadol.
  2. Dressing up and wearing my red heels.
  3. D'Al's pizza.  Glorious, glorious carbs.
  4. Shapewear.  Me to Teh German: I went from feeling like a whale, to only feeling like baby whale!"
  5. Kohl's coupons and sales.  I paid $50 for my shapewear (originally $59) and 10 pairs of underwear (which I hadn't purchased in a while).  I saved $85.  #likeaboss
  6. Potentially cutting the sugar out of my tea in the mornings at work.
  7. Tasking at work, even if it's all at once.
  8. Progress on the invitation front and having German and English invites.
  9. Weekend plans for a street outing (I should stop refering to it as the neighborhood since it's really only our street) for St. Patrick's Day and having a DD and brunch with Twin Mom on Sunday.
  10. Kisses from Teh German.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. Oh my goodness the invites sound like a nightmare. Glad you got them worked out. I really hope the Doxy works Phil. I got all teary just reading it so I can't imagine how y'all are feeling right now. Fingers crossed that works & it's nothing too severe.

  2. That invite disaster would have sent me spiraling into bridezilla territory.

    I hope Phil feels better soon. All my happy puppy thoughts are going out to him.

    Make sure to get the photos you want! One of my biggest regrets is that I have NOT ONE picture just me and my bridesmaids. They had wandered off and I was being fussed over and I should have gotten them wrangled up again.

  3. Hey girl,

    I had wondered if you had managed to get your invites done in time with the discount coupon you had.

    I liked the outfit you picked for your engagement photos. Navy looks nice on you. :)

    I don't know what to say about Phil other than I pray it's not that damned c word ... :( we'll continue to cross our fingers, toes and paws and send lots of well wishes and good juju your way.



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