Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Confessions {3/1}

-Life Lesson: Wearing close-toe heels while your toenail is growing back doesn't feel pleasant.  The skin that will eventually be covered by the nail is currently under pressure and holy moly, I do not like it.  I've also accidentally stubbed it on things and it makes me want to cry.

-I've been getting a lot of race (running) emails and they are all making me depressed.  I haven't ran since the beginning on January due to my hip issue and it's bringing me down.  Running defined me for a very long time and now I don't feel like I belong to that club anymore and it's hard.  These races encourage me to get back out there, but I can't because my hip.  It's a serious catch-22.

-Add to that, the Bridge Run is coming and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to actually run it and my heart hurts just thinking about walking it.

-I have an appointment set up for an Ortho consult.  It's been 2 months of LLD (light, limited duty) and it's time to start figuring out the problem since it's not getting better.  Did you hear that?  Oh that was the sound of my checking account draining when the bills start rolling in.  #ouchithurts

-I forgot to tell you!!!  I actually WON a Goodreads book giveaway!!!!  I'm so pumped.  I received a copy of The Natural Way of Things and as soon as I finish Erin's Challenge, I'll be working on it.  It's been a long time since I've picked up a brand new, unopened book!

-As I'm not the one who does the dishes, I don't often clean the sink because I just assume that Teh German is.  HAHAHAHHA.  Yesterday, I noticed that our faucet head was growing gunk.  It was disgusting.  I'm well aware of Teh German's feeling that it's not his responsibility to wipe down the counters (since he didn't dirty them?), but I wonder where this falls....  #IhaveOCDstandards

-Sometimes I have no will power and buy clothes on Woot.  Even though I don't need clothes, I do it anyways.  This time I spent $80 on 4 dresses, which is what I prefer to spend.  I just hope I ordered the right sizes and that they aren't shitty quality since there were no reviews.  I usually like the stuff I order from Woot, so there's that, but I already had buyers remorse by the time I got the confirmation email.  I did at least buy 3 different designs of dress that I know I like/have wanted for a while.  #fingerscross  #shouldhaveresisted

-I bribe myself with "good book" time but only after reading the book I don't really like (it's a challenge book).  Some YA books just don't work for me.  Essentially, I shouldn't read books based on the diaries of preteen/early teenagers.  It just doesn't work for me.  That said, the sex scenes in my "good book" make me slightly uncomfortable.  Strange since Outlander is filled with sex.  When did I become such a prude?  #GetItTogether

-We watched Finding Dory last night when we couldn't find Modern Family on any of the streaming services we subscribe to (Amazon, Netflix).  Baby Dory is hands-down one of the cutest things ever.  You just want to squeeze her.  I didn't realize I needed Finding Dory until we were finished watching.  Also, the tank fish in the bags totally would have died.  But ya know, it's perfectly acceptable for a septopus to drive a truck.  #priorities

-I'm considering purchasing Modern Family because I really think that Teh German will enjoy it and I'd like to catch up.  But my conundrum is: do I pay $25 (for the season) for the ability to stream orrrrr $5 (for the season) for the DVDs which we have to get up and change when the disc is through.  A $20 convenience fee.  I can't decide if that's worth it or not, but holy hell charge me shipping and I'll close that tab out with a quickness.  #whoamI  #holyfirstworldproblems #dontjudgeme

-I paid the $15 to send my NCSU transcripts to CSU.  I am still tossing around applying to the Citadel.  It's just hard to make these choices.  I need an outside advisor telling me which will give me the better Computer Science degree.  #choicesarehard

-I did some research on scuba diving qualifications in the Charleston area.  I'm hoping that I'll be able to gather a group of neighbors to get qualled with Teh German and I can do a refresher course... Then we'll be honeymoon ready when the time comes!  #underthesea

-I am quick to unsubscribe from advertisement/distro list emails.  I hate when shit clutters up my inbox.  Because I put our email address on the labels for the wedding show, I've gotten subscribed to so many new email lists that I have to unsubscribe from.  It's a real delight.  #trimthefat

-I was too lazy to put gifs into this post, even though I really wanted a Sebastian gif for #underthesea.  #laziusmaximus

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  1. You won a Goodreads book?!?!?! I see a few people say that they have won, someone has won two or three now and I am like WTF do you know how many I have signed up for over the years and never gotten any?!?!?! Good for you though!!! Sorry about your hip. My knee and hips are why I dont really run. One day of running will kill me for about a week. Its rough stuff. Hope you get it figured out. I love Modern Family. We watch reruns of it quite frequently. I haven't seen Finding Dory yet but I want to!

  2. You won The Natural Way of Things?!?! Oooooh that is such a fucked up, crazy ass book with deep, dark themes. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it.
    I watched an entire season of Modern Family on one of my long ass flights from Australia to Texas. I think the person next to me thought I was a nut bag because I was laughing so much.

  3. You won a Goodreads books? WOW! I was starting to think those competitions aren't even real ;-) (Actually I think it's because even though they claim to be open to everyone only US participants can ACTUALLY win. Nobody wants to post to Switzerland...)

  4. yay you won a goodreads giveaway! don't it feel like christmas when that happens?!


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