Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Confessions {3/8}

-I absolutely loathe microwaves that don't stop beeping when I open the door.  Seriously.  I'm here.  STFU already.  #shhhbequiet

-I had to snail mail 3 different things last week and it felt like 1999 in my brain.  Snail mail because I had to write checks.. Ugh.  #EnvelopesandStampsOhMy

-I finally emailed the DJ last week about how I'm in a place with her and I'm not sure if our trade is going to work out because she's so flaky (essentially).  #thetruthhurts

-The DJ was way more happy with the website than I anticipated she would be.  I'm taking it as me being an excellent judge of character.

-You might be OLD AF when you get excited about the St. Jude return address labels that arrive in the mail.  #oldlady

-One of the best parts of arriving to work almost an hour before everyone else: I can fart and not having to worry about anyone hearing it or smelling it.  #win

-Things I'll do: wear a long skirt and then put my space heater between my legs.  #notsorry

-I got sidetracked and didn't celebrate Meri's gotcha day on Tuesday.  #3yearrelationship  #lifehappens

-I took Phil to the vet because he's been drinking A LOT and peeing even more and in my house and it's been happening since he was on the meds for his leg injury and even in his crate (which came back out so he doesn't piss everywhere).  It was when he peed in his crate that I knew something was actually wrong and it wasn't just Phil being a dick.  I'm hoping it's just a UTI, but the vet is concerned about kidney failure and I'm just not ready.  They sent off for blood work, so hopefully that will come back with answers ASAP.  #seniordogproblems  #ProbablyShouldHaveSignedUpForThatPetInsurance

-Season 2 of Parks and Rec is already better than season 1. 

-Our engagement photos are today and I feel like I am bloated and I'm wearing a tight-ish dress so I'm totally going to tell the photographer to edit out any food babies he might see, as well as the horrible acne spots that just keep gracing me with their presence.  #adultacneisstupid

-I admitted to Teh German that if I ever had any kind of cosmetic body surgery, it would be a tummy tuck.  Part of me feels guilty about this, but part of me doesn't because I do make the effort to go the gym and I try to eat moderately healthy.  #itsaboutmyconfidence

-After I typed that I went and googled images of "tummy tuck".  Yep, I'd still do it.  Then I realized that shapewear (Spanx, etc.) could be a perfect solution to my problem today.  Guess who is going home to dig that 30% off Kohl's coupon out of the garbage?  #thisgirl  Just kidding, I found the coupon on my phone.  #fixedit

-I won't lie, I have been chugging Tazo Detox tea and it's actually growing on me.  #skinnyinaday #Iwish  Nonetheless, I am pumped to try the chocolate chai I picked up at the same time.  #priorities

-Now that Bagheera is fixed, I'm paranoid that she will fall over again.  I rode into work this morning and Teh German "reminded" me to "park carefully."  I glared at him.  #killerglare

-Songs with same titles make me confused and sometimes sad.  I expect one thing and get another.  Booo.  #dashedhopes


  1. Snail mail does not bother me as much as checks...ew.

  2. I hope Phil's tests come back alright. I am a weirdo and like snail mail. I know...I know. Well, that isn't bills I should say. I hate relying on flaky people for important things, like dont be a sketch. How hard is that?

  3. Ugh I have something that I need to mail out that I haven't simply because I don't have stamps & don't want to go to the post office. I love getting mail but screw the process of sending it. #firstworldproblems

    Yay for engagement photos!

  4. Please keep me/us posted on Phil. I hope it's not what they expect and just a UTI as well.

    I hope the engagement photos went well. :)

  5. I hope Phil is okay and it is just at UTI. Not that a UTI is nice, but better than the alternative.

    I have penpals so I snail mail all the time. I don't even own a cheque book though! <- Just casually Inserting British spelling into your blog there ;-)

  6. Spanx still hurts my body confidence because wherever it stops on my body, a fat roll appears above it.
    I never, ever judge anyone who elects cosmetic surgery. I feel like it is a personal decision, their body, their money, none of my business.


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