Friday, March 24, 2017

Five on Friday #104


Things from this week:
  • That guy who always responds "Thanks" to my daily email?  I created a rule that automatically sends his emails to the trash #aintnobodygottimefordat
  • How to fall down the rabbit hole: Friend posts on FB they would like to see funny stuff, go to Pinterest for funnies, send cute pic of derp Phil, continue looking at Pinterest, share link to funnies Pinterest board, continue on Pinterest, click on a link that takes you to an imgur link of Tumblr screenshots, discover Russell Howard, watch Howard's videos on YouTube, watch video coworker sent on Larry the Cable Guy's normal accent, watch a "Greatest of Who's Line Is It Anyways?" video, start watching the 43 minute blooper video from Who's Line, remember you actually got tasked an hour before and redirect back to work.  #oops
  • I stumbled upon this "cleaning schedule" thing and it essentially suggested how often you should wash thing like your clothes, curtains, comforters, etc.  Apparently you should wash your curtains every 2 months?  I'm still fucking cackling at that shit.
  • I hate "If you have a big strong man" comments.  Hate, hate, hate.  1- There are jobs that men don't like doing and that's why people get paid to do them.  2- I'm a big strong WOman and yes there are times when I'd like a man to help, but I can do it on my just fine.. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
  • I started going through the SUYB linker uppers.  I've not been a woman of many words recently... but Teh German wouldn't agree with that if you ask him since I've had plenty of words to say as soon as the lights go out when we get in bed.  I still can't figure out how his brain just shuts off when the lights turn off.  My brain is just a create of random associations that keep me up forever.  See, this bullet alone is an example of everything I just said/typed.
  • Roux and Marcie and Max and Phil and Meri have been going on pack walks in the afternoons.  It's been pleasant to have an excuse to hang out with neighbors and get Meri and Phil out of the house.
  • I get so much shit done when I close out the FB tab on my computer.  ALL THE THINGS!!!!!


Weekend plans:
-MRI this afternoon (fucking finallyyyyy)
-Pack walks?
-Sleeping in
-Teh SC Teacher's bachelorette party
-Birthday cookout for one of the Biker "Gang" members.

I'm on dog duty this weekend, which means getting up in the AM.
Maybe I'll also work on our invites?  HA.
I also should do some work on the DJ's website but I haven't been motivated.
I might also go on a run.  The Bridge Run is coming.
Might also do some pre-company cleaning.  I meant to move Roomy upstairs this morning but failed.  Oh well.  There's always tomorrow.


From the phone:

I realllllyyy wanted some Mexican food.
I sent this selfie to Teh PT Wife to show her how much I was enjoying it.

I did this on Thursday night #likeaboss.  Teh German was making foodgasm noises.  #win
Crockpot ribs w/ roasted rosemary potatoes and veggies (squash and carrots)

Bed sharing is rare, so documentation must be captured.
Could they be more awkward or more cute?
Probably yes to both.  Let's not challenge them.


From the internet:

After many years of self-reflection and self-observation, I've noticed I'm a creature of habit and that many things that are "wrong" with me are often wrong with me.  It took almost 30 years for me to realize that 24-48 hours before it rained, I would get a headache.  YEARS.  I dealt with migraines and often I'd just call a headache a migraine because I didn't realize what was happening.  Truthfully, I didn't know how to treat it.  Now I know.  Now I am able to treat my actual symptoms instead of the pain.  It makes all the difference.  That said, the same applies to "girl time" aka menstruation time.  Being aware that I have a fat week, skinny week, normal week, and period week was eye opening.  This article describes an experiment from over 30 years ago that shows the self-awareness that comes from tracking nature's cycles.

Alyssa wrote about things that are definite and the ones about self-labels and adjustment time spoke to me.

I like the sound of free.99 when it comes to learning, especially after knowing the cost of tuition.

I took The Skimm's US Citizen test and I got a 78%.  A few of the questions I misread and I also rushed through the quiz, excuses I know.  I was still mildly embarrassed.  I can't imagine how scary it would be to try and take this test as someone who speaks/reads English as a 2nd language.

This workplace experiment when a man signed his emails as his female coworker for a week opened his eyes to why women "under-perform"...

The next one is long but worth it.
Me and my toe/hip/all things...

This never gets old.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. A ballin' dinner last night.  I would commit to posting the recipe, but commitment is hard and I'm just being real, I'll probably forget.
  2. It finally being MRI day.  Hopefully-the imagery assessment will be quick.  I did have a crisis when I realized that I can't remove my daith/rook piercings on my own, but hopefully they will put me in feet first so my head doesn't have to be in that loud ass machine the whole time.
  3. App State resending my transcripts for free since neither CSU nor The Citadel can find them.
  4. Phil's $134 repeat blood work being greyhound normal, although I still can't figure out the whole drinking all the water thing he's got going on.  Maybe on a less expensive week (that doesn't include a $1000 MRI), Phil will go to the doc to get a sonogram of his abdomen.
  5. Suzi being back home.  I'm confident we will ride this weekend.
  6. I bought a couple's massage through Groupon.  I can haz now?
  7. Teh Running Bestie will be arriving in 5 days.  
  8. Miles.  13 miles to be exact since I hit the pavement Wednesday the 15.  It's going to be hard to stop if it comes to hip surgery....
  9. Modern Family giggles.  I'm pretty sure my personality is a weird combination of Mitch, Cam, Claire, and Phil.
  10. Almost no hip pain all last weekend.  Not so true this week, but I'll take what I can get at this point.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
Linking up with these ladies since it's FFFFRRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!


  1. Mexican sounds so good right now...mostly because it always sounds good...

    I hope the MRI gives you some answers!

  2. Uhm, there's a Who's Line is It Anyway blooper reel?! DID NOT KNOW THIS. Goes off to Google and fall down the rabbit hole.

    Your dogs are so cute <3

    Best of luck with your MRI this weekend and hope you get some conclusive answers. Sometimes just the knowing make such a HUGE difference on our health!

    Also, who the hell has time to wash curtains every two months?! I can barely wash the sheets once a month (gulp. Probably more like another number I'm too embarrassed to admit).

    Have a great weekend, and thanks for linking with us!

    1. So many WLIIA videos on YouTube. Hours will be lost. #notsorry
      Thank you :)
      I am with you on the sheets thing. But I also change into PJs every night and I don't wear my house socks to bed so the sheets don't get dirty. I'm very OCD about the whole thing, so I give myself a pass for not washing the sheets that often. If I slept naked and was super sweaty, then I might do it more.. Maybe..

  3. i can spend hours on the humour section on pinterest. love it.
    i think i washed my curtains once in 3 years. oops.

  4. Hey girl,

    I hope you had a smashing and relaxing weekend. I'm glad you take the children out for walks in the afternoon with your neighbours. That's fun, not only for you but for them, too.

    I hope your MRI appointment went well. I only hope that they find something on that scan because it'll give you answers that the x-rays didn't.

    Love the "Body Benefits" meme you posted. Also, keep me posted on Phil and if anything new turns up at the vet about his health.

    Have a wonderful week my friend. xo

  5. ...I have never washed curtains unless we were moving. :/
    My husband is one of those people who turns the light out and falls asleep immediately. I wish I could.


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