Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Confessions {3/29}

-It bears repeating.. If you don't link up a specific post to a link up and link up your blog main page, I will not bother to find your post for said link up and close out that tab with a quickness.  I know what you're trying to do, but I'm not interested in playing your game.  #bloggingrules

-I finally got around to reading some of the Show Us Your Books linker-uppers and I did a good job of resisting adding all the things to my TBR.  I've become very critical of my TBR list.  If I don't absolutely LOVE the idea of a book from the synopsis, the author, or it's highly recommended by someone who I trust that knows my tastes, I'll skip it.  #notsorry

-I struggle with SYUB linker uppers who post affiliate links (to Amazon) rather than to Goodreads.  I get it, but uuuggghhhhh, if I can't add it to my Goodreads lists, how should I be expected to remember what I like?  What did I do before Goodreads?  Oh yeah, browse the clearance section at Barnes and Noble and read a lot of duds.

-Apparently there was a post about wearing black to the bachelorette party I went to last weekend.  Guess who didn't see it?  #thisgirl

-Almost every morning I forget my tea steeping and then 30 minutes later I'll remember and I have SUPER tea.  #morningsarehard

-After sitting with our customers for 2 days in a conference room that faces outside, I've realized that: 1- There are some individuals who go for walks multiple times per hour.
2- There are some people who walk at the same time each day and are serious about it (like the guy wearing the reflective vest who is power walking with his sweat rag).
3- I am very distractable.

-My hip is absolutely killing me.  Sitting hasn't helped but it has been aching since I stopped taking the anti-inflammatory meds.  I stopped taking them to potentially get my appointment on Friday moved up but then failed to call and ask for an earlier appointment because this week has been so rough.

-One of the customers admitted to me that when I went up to DC to meet with them he thought I was very quiet and very serious.  I asked if I scared him and he said, "Yes."  Which I responded with, "Good."  He's learned now he was wrong.  #firstimpressionsmatter

-I may or may not have stolen 2 glasses during company happy hour for myself and my PM.  The server noticed and suggested that maybe I resituate my bag so it wouldn't be as obvious.

-I ordered bully sticks and Himalayan chews for the dogs from Amazon.  Normally I get these from a local pet store, but their prices made me less motivated to purchase them.  Which leads to the dogs not having chews.  Which leads to restless dogs.  Which isn't really a problem, but I prefer tired dogs.  There is currently 1 Himalayan chew but Meri and Phil have been trading it off and I would much prefer they both have their own chew.  #WhatOneGetsTheOtherGets

-The Citadel emailed me because they couldn't find the syllabus for one of my classes.  It just happened to be a fuck off class where there was no real work to do but a final project at the end of the semester.  The class was called Digital Expressions.  I responded and said, Yeahhhhhh about that.  Idk where to find a syllabus.  Truthfully, there is no equivalent for this class so I know it will be elective credit so let's just not waste our time.

-I'm living off Afrin currently because of the pollen and every time I blow my nose my ears have to repressurize and it's complicated when I'm trying to have a conversation with someone.  #SorryImYellingICantHearMyself


  1. The pollen here is insane. I have a brown wooden table on my patio, well HAD, I now have a yellow table on my patio because it's covered in pollen.

    If someone just links to their blog & it happens to be the correct post when I go into read it, no problemo. But if it's not, #byefelicia.

  2. Lmao at the server telling you to move your bag so the stolen items weren't so obvious. Have I ever mentioned that my hubby likes to steal good steak knives from restaurants? Lol

    It annoys the piss out of me when people link up their main blog page URL. Or a completely bogus/irrelevant post. Umm, NO.

    Hope your hip gets better chicka.

  3. Amen to the first three- I've also been "weeding" my TBR every month or two and if I don't remember why I was excited about something, it comes off.

    Syllibi are not kept by the Registrar, just course descriptions- at least here- it's usually up to the department or individual professor. Which makes it super hard to track down...le sigh.

  4. i am kind of better with adding books to my TBR list. like if i absolutely trust you, i will probably add things that don't sound like my cup of tea because i've had good luck before. but if i only kind of trust you or know we don't have similar taste, i only add it if it sounds really really good lol.


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