Friday, January 29, 2016

Five on Friday #79


For Birthday #TreatYoSelf (thanks Kathy), I've scheduled the following appointments for the week of my birthday:
  • Dentist
  • Eye doctor
  • Massage
I've needed to go to the dentist for a while and so I figured since it's covered by insurance, why not.  As for the eye doctor, my (almost) daily headaches have persisted despite the depression meds the doctor prescribed to me (if the headaches were stress related, this would help).  I'm going to continue taking the meds for 2 fulls months to see if it helps at all, but when someone suggested eye fatigue from sitting in front of a computer all day, it kinda made sense to me.  But every time I go to the doc, they tell me I have 20/20 vision and send me on my way.  So we'll see how this works out.  I was told when I was in Bahrain that I was well on my way to glasses from staring at a computer screen all day for work, so I guess I really shouldn't be surprised if I have to join my glasses-wearing family.. but dammit, I liked being the family unicorn!

As for the massage.. duh.
I was nice and also purchased a groupon for a massage for Teh German as well.  That way it's NOT a birthday present since I also bought myself one.  I just happened to schedule it on the day after his bday.  I even emailed him the appointment confirmation so he knew I did it (obviously not a birthday surprise/present) and he texted me to ask if it was a scam or if it was real. 


After going to Crossfit 3x this week, my legs are so sore that to put/touch my legs together hurts.  I wish I was kidding.  Rolling Wednesday and Thursday nights almost made me puke a little.  That said, we definitely got our money's worth this week (compared to say.. last week or the week before).

I guess that's what 100 air squats + 50 wall balls (the next day) will get you. 

As if I needed another excuse NOT to run this weekend...


My brain:


18 DAYS until Teh MD-AR arrives in Charleston!!!
19 DAYS until Princess Weekend!!!

We've been planning costumes and food already.  I keep thinking that I'm just meeting Teh MD-AR at Disney, then I remember she's coming to my house and I get SOOOO excited.

There's still a few items I need to pick up for the weekend (which I keep feeling like is next week, not 2 weeks from now).  A container of water, snacks, a shirt for my Stitch costume, a shirt for my Megara outfit, and whatever costume I end up wearing for the 3rd run.  Also, Teh MD-AR decided she was going to be Lilo for her 3rd costume and I'm PUMPED that we are gonna match. 

My goal for costumes was easy and cheap.  I'm thinking Baymax (just buying a hat), Mike Wazowski, or Eva from Wall-E for my 3rd costume.  I also considered Roz from Monsters, Inc, but I'm not sure if just a burgundy sweater and glasses would be enough to recognize my character.

We're already planning on eating at delicious places, like Seasons 52, which Teh Bear always told me about but we never got to visit.  We just need to make some reservations for when we'd like to eat on Disney and we're golden.  We will have the days to pass, so we're up for suggestions on things to do in Orlando that aren't amusement parks and don't cost a mabillionty dollas.

See what I did there?  
PS, it was show you my/our costumes.


Someone on GoodReads messaged me to inquire more about my opinion on Guantanamo Diary.  I was unbearably excited to talk to someone who agreed with me that the book was complete shit.  2 whole pages in a word document excited.  Single spaced.  Let's just say hitting a page count was never a problem for me when I wrote papers for my graduate classes....

My Gentle Readers won't find me talking much about politics, but GTMO is more near and dear to my heart than most other things related to politics.  If you're really interested in a more detailed opinion of the book, let me know and I'll happily send you his questions (which were for a graduate class essay) and my responses.

PS.  I still don't think anyone should ever read that sack of crap.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Finishing a difficult crossfit workout 2 seconds under the prescribed time (that was reduced by 6 minutes) on Tuesday and then successfully climbing the rope (x3) on Thursday!  #likeaboss
  2. Making all the appointments in #1
  3. Delicious leftovers for lunch every day this week.
  4. Ordering a cake for the "February birthdays".. aka MY birthday since that's when we're having it.  #notsorry
  5. Teh German being willing to eat most anything I put in front of him.
  6. FB friends that send me messages about how to remove the FB Trending section from my display.
  7. New tasking at work that is actual work, rather than Linux training.
  8. Kisses after workouts are complete.
  9. My Cold Stone birthday B1G1 coupon.
  10. Meri and Phil being adorable.
I climbed a rope all the way to the ceiling.. WHHHAAATTT???

PS.  I still have NOTHING planned for my 30th bday.  Well, except a chiro appt.  It really sucks when your close friends all live far away.  Looks like I'll just be celebrating my "birthday" at Disney unless someone has an awesome suggestion... :)

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Confessions {1/27}

-The guilt of not running last weekend almost made me get my ass out of the bed when it was under 40 degrees to go run.  ALMOST.  Instead, on Saturday, while Teh German was working, I slept in, woke up and did puzzles until I was starving (mostly because Meri was laying on me and I, of course, couldn't disturb the princess), made lunch, sat on the couch and caught up on blog reading, opted against writing blogs for reading, and eventually went back to bed to read/do puzzles.  Soon after I got back in bed, Teh German called and asked if I wanted to come be social.  I only agreed since it was an indoor activity.  #puzzleandread #lazyass #unmotivated #Saturday

-I tried every self-guilt I could possibly think of to get motivated to go running.  Nothing worked.  I didn't run.  I told Teh MD-AR that she could tell me it was my own fault when I whine while we're at Disney.  #whatsatrainingplan

-In other not motivated news, I gave you a bare outline of the wedding, but at least you got photos!  It was an interesting wedding, the goal was achieved, and the bride and groom were pleased, so I am pleased.  There was a music debacle and I got pelted in the face with the toss bouquet (no jk) and everyone got a bit hangry (I did make sure Teh Sister ate breakfast and had a granola bar before the ceremony) and Teh Dad definitely "winged" his speech....  #hitched

This is the best photo of us since Teh Dad had a mohawk...
And we're all SMILING.

-Despite the fact that the watch Teh German got me for Christmas doesn't have any way for me to see the time in the dark, I still love it.  When I showed someone the engraving, they didn't understand it, and we loved it.  #bahlalala #bestteam4ever   (the engraving is: #bahlalala)

-There are people that actually believe stuff from TV commercials and that blows my mind.  Why do people believe everything they hear/see?  #beskeptical

-On Tuesdays, several of us in the office go out to lunch for Tasty Tuesday.  We car pool.  Sometimes adventures and mischief take place.  You already saw this if you follow me on instagram.  #adulting

Nipple rings, dirty car seat, and Minnie got a makeover with items we found in the backseat.

-Charleston has taught me to not judge a book by its cover for sure.  The place went to for lunch on Tuesday was inside an Asian market.  Not only did we get delicious pho (at least in my opinion), I was also able to pick up some delicious Asian type noms: mochi (peanut flavored), hi-chews, and flavored pretzel sticks (which you can sometimes find at the Target Dollar Spot).  Many places that I've been to in Charleston (and DC actually) are often small, ghetto looking buildings (and sometimes IN the ghetto) with very delicious food.  #EATALLTHETHINGS

-Whyyyyyy did FB decide that I needed a "trending" section on my news feed?  If I wanted to read sensationalized news, I'd just turn on the... news.  Just like with TV, the worst part is that people actually DO care about the things listed in the trending section and they also just read the headlines and believe it.  #peoplearestupid #NoNewsIsGoodNews

-Part of me is strongly considering walking away from blogging for the time being.  I know I wouldn't stay away for long.  I'd have stories to share that I wouldn't want to put on FB and this is MY space that people come to, to hear MY stories.  But at the same time.. it just feels like so much extra effort these days.  #onthefence #quitter

-MagicBands on my kitchen counter make me happy every time I look at them!  #Disneymakesmehappy #GlassSlipperChallenge2016

-I haven't done my taxes yet.  This is strange for me because I'm usually the person that does them on the first day that W2s are released.  #dolladollabillyall

-I'm now 42% "fluent" in German and doing them on the computer is way more helpful than on my phone since I don't have autocorrect/suggestions.  I've also figured out that doing them in the AM is better for me than in the PM.  #Germenglish

-I'm learning Linux at work.  The lessons I'm taking aren't lining up with the virtual box that I'm using, so some of the commands aren't working, which is mildly infuriating.  #nerdtalk #learningnewthings

-I have several options of what to eat for lunch today and they are all so delicious I'm struggling to decide.  Yes already at 8am.  #fatweek #notsorry #firstworldproblem

-We're hosting a super bowl party and I'm kind of excited.  Yes, about foosball.  It's weird, especially to me.  Carolina Panthers have never been this good, that I'm aware of, so this is kind of a big deal.  Yes, I'm totally a bandwagon fan.  Also, idgaf about Cam Newton.  We just need the wins.  #notsorry

-February is birthday month!  Unfortunately Feb is also Valentines, which also happens to be the mid-way point between Teh German's birthday and my birthday.  Plus my going to Disney towards the end of the month means we'll end up celebrating early in the month..  I tried to get reservations at Husk since we've not been there before, but they are booked for the 13th and I really don't want to go to fancy dinner after work because of stupid reasons (like the dogs being in their crates all day, getting home late, not getting to go to crossfit, dealing with the happy hour scene, dealing with traffic/parking downtown, blahblahblah).  #treatyoself

-I made a birthday reservation at Charleston Grill on Feb 12th.  #GoodEnoughForGovernmentWork

-I only feel mildly guilty for no gifs, so here you go:

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend(s) Review 1/18 & 1/25

Wedding Weekend:

We arrived in the mountains of NC on Friday evening.

This photo was the first art I noticed in the venue/wedding house, so obviously since it was greyhound/sighthound related, it was meant to be.

Testing the photobooth app.

Drinking to start the party off right.

Wedding was Saturday.

Teh Fam the morning of.

Teh Sister getting her hairs did.

Teh Sister getting her face did.

Post getting my face did.
PS, someone else did this.  There's no way I could have made my make up look that good.
She even used words like contouring. 

Despite some debacle, they were wed.

Teh German and I of course looked dashing.

This was Teh Sister's toss bouquet.  She didn't do a toss, so much as she happened to turn around and aim at my face.  This sucker hit me directly on the forehead and cracked and hit the floor.  It was a good laugh for certain.

Earrings Teh Sister made for the other bridesmaid and I.

Post-wedding bonfire

Sunday was lazy/shopping day.

Teh Dad, Teh Aunt, Teh Uncle


Morning selfies.

Hat party at the Mast General Store in Waynesville, NC.

Hats and cousins.

Ok, so you need to look at this photo in big to get the full effect, but this was the store's sound system.

Of course, Phil and Meri got treats for when we got back home.

The boys stayed home to watch the game.. Some were watching better than others, but Judge obviously had the best seat in the house.

Sunday night selfies.

Last night bonfire.

Monday we hung out with Teh WJL.


We went and played some pool


Mountain folk selfies!

Tuesday we came back to CHS.

I missed my Philalicious.

Meri missed her humans for sure.  She's been extra cuddly since we've been back.

This past weekend:

Friday I had to work "late" (aka normal hours) because of the pre-construction meeting we went to on Thursday.  We were lazy in the evening and did zero things except snuggle puppies.

Saturday Teh German went into work and I spent most of the morning in bed until I was starving.  I self-guilted for HOURS about not running, but it was SNOWING in Charleston and I just couldn't put that on myself.  I NEED to run, but there was no amount of self-guilt that worked to get me out of bed.  It didn't help that Meri was laying on me while I was laying in bed reading and doing puzzles, because she obviously weighs a mabillionty pounds and I can't move her.  After I fed myself, I checked blogs and went back to bed for more puzzles and reading and when Teh German called me to say he was done working and heading to Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) with some coworkers since someone new had arrived from Germany, I opted to join them.  We had dinner at BWW, then we met with friends for a Stingrays hockey game (we lost by 1 point, ugh).  It was a fun evening, but I was excited to get home and get back in the bed.

Sunday morning we slept in some, eventually getting out of bed around 10 since we'd agreed with Teh SC German to go to brunch at 11.  We met up with our group at Triangle Char + Bar.  After a really long brunch, we headed back home.  I proved to Teh German that I did actually have cable TV (basic, because I'm a cheap bitch) so we could technically watch the Panthers game at home.  We ended up watching Corpse Bride because it was on (because I can't NOT watch the TV) and I spent the hour and a half reminding myself why I hate watching TV... commercials mostly... and my inability to focus on anything else. 

After the movie abruptly stopped (let's not call it ended as we didn't see the actual ending), Teh German went on a ride to test his new motovlogger capabilities (he's using insta.Tmoto on instagram and probably something related on YouTube once he gets going if you're interested, links to come once we get all that established).  He returned while I was chatting with Teh Dad and played back the video and audio.  It was really funny to hear him talk to himself.  It was too cold for me to run, so it was definitely too cold to ride.

Shortly after I got off the phone with Teh Dad, I started dinner because I had agreed to go to BWW (yes, again) to watch the Panthers game since he didn't want to invite people over since they were going to BWW to get out of the house.  Le sigh.  After dinner, we headed to a packed BWW and magically got a seat when some fans of the game prior to the Panthers game left.  It was slammed because Carolina Panthers (you get it?) and there was barely room for the waitresses to get from table to table.  That said, I don't really enjoy sports bars where you can smoke inside.  Blech. 

If you weren't aware/aren't a bandwagon fan/live under a rock, the Panthers obliterated the Cardinals (I just struggle with saying pounded.. because it's so dirty and everyone is saying it.  I like to be unique in my innuendos, tyvm).  It was fun to be an environment where everyone but 2 people are cheering for the same team.  The 2 guys that were Cardinals fans left early.  For shame.

Teh German owns a Panthers shirt and I don't.
Although I do have a Carolina Hurricanes shirt.. So there's that.

It was decided while we were there, that Teh German and I would host a Super Bowl party since we have the appropriate channels to watch it on the TV.  I agreed to this because anything is better than a smelly bar packed with too many people.  Now I have to price out wings or pizzas.  OCD party planner mode, GO!

We got home right at 10 and I still had to put away all the laundry that I left for myself on the bed (I can definitely be motivated to do things if I can't get IN the bed).  Then it was lights out.  We were sleepy peepies (sorry, I just wanted to rhyme).

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Five on Friday #78


I didn't die.  It's just been a crazy week and blogging at work has pretty much ceased as I begin learning Linux and working towards a Security+ cert, cause ya know, when the PM says, we're running out of documentation for you to do, but we'd like to keep you on and you can be a tester.. you jump when he says jump.  Especially if you happen to be in the middle of buying a house..  So that's a thing.  And then there was the wedding last weekend which I still haven't told you about, but I swear I will because there were photos that need to be shared.  Oh yeah, and we're 10 days away from my birthday and a month away from running like a princess!  So big things have been going on.  If the blogging schedule is inconsistent, these are all valid reasons why.

Serenading each other.


They FINALLY broke ground on House!  We heard that they started "early," but early is relative to me I guess because last month probably wouldn't have been soon enough.  We had our pre-construction meeting which was really uninformative and just the builder going over the options we'd picked.  I think we both thought it was going to be way more detailed than it was.  We did get to go out to the house and see that the lot is no longer just a dirt plot!

Oh and the sign finally said SOLD.  FINALLY.

So that's our house.

And the neighborhood's longest front yard ever.  Ugh.
So much for having a big backyard for the dogs.
Whatevs.  HOUSE.

I'm pleased still.  The builder said he wants to get the house built in 90 days (so he gets his bonus) and I want that too.  More for me than him.  Except that he said that 90 days starts on 14Feb, which we've calculated to be mid-may to mid-June if you do/don't count weekends.  My goal is not to stress about it.  It will be done when it's done.  Until then, shitty house it is.


I got to hang out with this person this week:

It was not enough time.  Never enough time.
Also, she took that photo on my phone, so it's only fair that I get to use it on Teh Blog. 


If this isn't gender stereotyping, I don't know what is:

That photo was taken last night at my local Publix.  I mean, I get it, foosball, rah.  Whatever.  But the "women" cheerleaders in Diet and the blocky "male" football player in regular soda?  Really?  I get understand that there's only a certain amount of sodas to choose from, but at the same time.. Come on... Diet?


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Reaching level 14 in my German on Duolingo.  What the different levels mean, I have no idea.
  2. Getting to be where it snowed, when it actually snowed (even though I was asleep).
  3. Seeing family I hadn't gotten to see since 2013.
  4. Lazy meals turning out to be pretty delicious.
  5. Having "tasking" at work.
  6. Seeing progress on the House.
  7. Meri actually chewing on the $20 antler I bought her.
  8. Travel adventures with Teh German, where he lets me read outloud to him while he's driving.
  9. Linux not being overly difficult for me to understand (although the lessons are definitely putting me to sleep).
  10. Meri snuggles.

Yes, I'm laying on you.  Now pet me.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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