Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Confessions {1/13}

-I hate everything about dutch angle photos.  Blame OCD or my strong interest in photography or my inability to "see" the photo properly without having to tilt my head or me being an asshole, don't care.  I hate it.  You won't see me ever do it and sometimes when I see bloggers I love do it, I want to stick rusty push pins in my eyes.  In fact, one of the worst threats ever made to me was for someone to take a dutch angle photo of me/us.  #STAHP #donotdutchangleme

-This one time, I thought it would be a good idea to "learn" German by putting my computer and browser.  Then it wasn't the day that I tried to UNDO the German and actually put EVERYTHING into German and I couldn't understand any of it, including how to uninstall Chrome to do a fresh install.  Teh German had to come to my rescue.. ya know.. because he actually could read what was on the screen.  Even though he changed the settings, I still get some notification in Deutsch.  I'm having the same reaction to it as when Arabic text would show up on the screen.  #ENGRISHplease #Germenglish

-The no heat and no air conditioning situations within the last 4 months have taught me that I get quite grumpy if my "personal conditions of happiness" are not met.  I thought that it was just a thing with not eating and me getting grumpy.  Nope, apparently, being cold also makes me grouchy.  Once I get warm, I'm better, mostly.

-Runkeeper's passive-aggressiveness if you haven't done any activity 7 days after activity irritates me greatly.  I'm the queen of Passive Aggressiva, not you.  #dontpressureme #IllexercisewhenIfeellikeit

-I logged 668.7 miles in 2015.  Be that on the elliptical or on the pavement (via feet or bicycle that one time).  408.2 miles of that were running miles.  That distance is pretty much Charleston to Charlotte.  I DID THAT.  #everymileamemory

-I was pleased to realize the coincidence that the bolero I purchased for the wedding is purple.. which happens to match my toe nail polish (which has only been on there since Christmas Eve, for those of you who know just how long I leave my polish on).  It's not even chipped, so guess who will NOT be getting her toes did before the wedding!  This girl!  #savingdollas

-I might be Company famous!  Company wanted to replace some of the photos on the website and instead of using stock photos, they asked employees to volunteer.  Of course I volunteered.  #Internetfamous

-I might have written the most awesome MOH speech ever.  I just want to keep practicing it because I'm so excited.  #publicspeakingdoesntscareme #okmaybealittle #whatifIcry

-I almost spent $115 on comedy show tickets this morning.  I didn't because House.  #notspendingmoneyhurts #mybirthdayiscoming

-20 days till my birthday.  Wishlist here.  #justsayin

-I love saying "calm yo tits."  I think it's hilarious.  I taught it to Teh German's intern at work at one of the Christmas parties we went to.  #noregrets #calmyotits

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA I'm dying over the calm your tits graphic! I say that too, more than I should, and I'm not ashamed. I get cranky too if I'm hot or cold, or not fed, or people annoy me. Basically all day every day.

  2. Hahaha I say calm your tits all the time. I said it once at lunch & apparently one of my coworkers had never heard that before.

    Congrats on all of the miles logged! That's awesome. You almost make me want to see how many miles I can log in a year. As in doing so sounds awesome & exciting but then after I'm real with myself I know it wouldn't be high.

    I'm so guilty of taking photos like that sometimes.

  3. Calm your tits is something that is in my regular every day vaocab. Just sayin. I used to get angry when myfitnesspal would be all you haven't logged in for x amount of days. I would be like bitch, you don't know me! Rude! I get cranky if I am hot or hungry. Anything else I can almost deal with.

  4. I don't even know what dutch angle photos are.

    I was once school famous. I was taking some marketing courses here at a school with a lot of international students. When they updated their website, I was in a couple of the pics. I was the token Anglo/older-than-the-average student. I like "rack attack". I'm going to start using that.

  5. I am really really wanting to get into running. I've been saying that forever, but I was doing okay before the pregnancy. Blogs like yours are making me want it even more, so I'm really hoping I can keep this motivation for loosing the baby weight. Reading all these running blogs is finally starting to make me feel bad enough to go, haha.

  6. OK that 'calm your tits' meme is killingggg me. That's incredible. Also I had to google what 'dutch angle' photos were. Take video of your MOH speech puh-leaseeee!


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