Friday, January 8, 2016

Five on Friday #76


I had a headache all day yesterday at work.  This isn't really overly surprising.  But it started getting worse towards the end of the day and when I was driving home, the sun was trying to blind me and make me cry and about halfway home (my drive is about 10-15 minutes) I thought that I was going to have to pull over and call Teh German to get me home.  But then I realized that one of our cars would be stranded somewhere, so I just powered through it.  Oh yeah, and I had the dogs with me, so Meri's leash kept hitting the window and it was driving a spike through my ear drums.

When we got home, I managed to let the dogs out (leaving the back door open, because it was warmer outside than inside #noheatprobs, and because I knew that I wouldn't be able to let them back in), I peed, medicated with a vidocin and some sudafed, and barely managed to take my pants off before I fell/stumbled into bed.  I willed Dorothy to explode anytime someone messaged me.  Which seemed to be way more frequently than normal.  I responded to nothing.  I would groan at the phone to STFU and that was it.

By the time Teh German came home (at whatever time that was, moving caused a surge of blood in my head, which made me want to die, so I didn't bother to lift my arm to look at my watch), I was at my worst point.  I was barely able to mumble because my voice sounded like a mabillionty decibels in my head.  Teh German ensured that I had taken meds and went to feed the dogs after I asked him to.  They probably would have starved if he hadn't been there... at least until way later in the evening.  After feeding the dogs, Teh German came back and rubbed my shoulders and my face.  There was that one time when he was using his phone as a flashlight, because total darkness wasn't dark enough for me, and I could see it and it made me start crying and I almost vomited.  I think it was at that point that he realized this was more than just a headache.  He reminded me (in a whisper) that he had migraines when he was younger, so he understood.  He kept asking if there was anything he could do and we had a language barrier moment when I asked him for a lobotomy.  Finally I squeaked out "no brain" and he laughed.  I think he was relieved that I was at least making jokes since that meant I would probably be fine.

Teh German had to fend for himself for dinner (since he didn't want leftovers for a 2nd night in a row), which meant he made a frozen pizza, which was fine with me.  I wasn't hungry.  He did talk me into taking a bath.  Sadly, our water heater sucks (surprise, not), so we ran out of hot water, and also Teh German's water temp preference is colder than mine, so I got cold quickly.  I just kept thinking about my jacuzzi tub, and then I'd try not to because that was yet another source of stress from the day.  I was able to get myself dressed after I was done (Teh German helped me undress to get in the tub because bending over wasn't happening) and get right back in the bed, where Teh German had turned on the heating pad on my side of the bed.

A bit later, Teh German came to check on me and ask if I wanted any pizza.  I really didn't, but I said yes anyways.  I was better enough to sit up on my own and eat pizza in bed, which was significant progress.  I think I finally fell asleep after I ate.  I know I woke up and was able to heave myself up and over to roll over, which wouldn't have been possible several hours earlier because opening my eyes would have been too painful, much less moving a heavy body part.  It surprised me for sure.  Not sure if the bath helped that much or the vidocin kicked in, either way, I wasn't complaining.

Teh German eventually came to bed.  Around 0200, I woke up to pee and felt 94% better.  I'm 99% better this morning.

Have I mentioned lately that I have the best boyfriend ever?  EVVARRRRRRR.  I'm keeping him.  He knows better than to fight it.

The worst part about having a headache (other than the obvious disabling pain)?
The fact that I really want to read for the book challenge but couldn't bear to have my eyes open, much less look at a screen.


Random things:
  • I'm one of those people that never goes to the doctor ever, so when I go I have a list of ailments.  Is this bad?  So far I've got heel pain, allergies, headaches pretty regularly, some crazy PMS, back pain (I'm hoping for a chiro referral on this one so my chiro appts can go towards my deductible), and some acne issues that arise once a month, and I also need to go to the dentist.  Ugh.
  • I really want my watch to come back from getting engraved so I can wear it for Teh Sister's wedding.  #showoffmyblang
  • When I pick up my watch, I'm dropping off my fave Bahrain ring to get fixed.
  • I need to finish the email to the dog sitter.
  • I found my pencil skirt in my closet covered in mold this morning.  Seems like the problem might be things near the wall close to the windows....  Siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.
  • Going to crossfit once a week isn't me getting my money's worth, but headaches really prevent strenuous activity.  We put in our "3 month" notice today to cancel our membership at the end of May.
  • I have a picture in my coloring book that is half colored (since Jan 1st) that I'd really like to finish but life and reading and puzzles and headaches and things have been rudely keeping me from it.
  • The recruiting ladies that work in my office are going to a conference at Disney in April and I told them they need a glorified secretary (me) to come with them to take notes.. especially since I have access to military priced tickets....  #ImAnAsset
  • Between Teh Sister and myself, I'm not sure who is more ready to get this wedding over.  Teh Parents might be making us crazy.  #WeAreAllControlFreaks
    • I told Teh Dad after some pretty serious questioning that it was his own fault that I was like this since I had no chance at a Type B personality with my parental combination.
    • We've had over a year to plan for this wedding and it seems like the pertinent things have been decided over the last month.  /wrist #Imightjustgotothecourthouse 
    • I still need shoes.
    • I have to buy alcohol and I'm going to need a buggy.
  • Hopefully, as early birthday presents for Teh German and I from Dan Ryan, we'll get our pre-construction meeting scheduled within the next week or so, which will mean having an estimated closing date.  #FingersCrossed
  • I need to take Yurtle back to the doctor since they didn't fix her properly.  Nothing about it sounds appealing to me.
  • Items that should arrive in the mail today:
    • space heaters courtesy of the owner
    • my bolero for my MOH dress
Apparently that turned into mini-Confessions.  It's been an interesting week.  You're welcome.


One of my favorite quotes in college came from one of my communication classes.

Words don't mean things, people do.  -I.A. Richards

That said, these videos speak to a subject that is near and dear to my heart.

Originally, I just watched the female video.  I didn't realize there was a male video because it wasn't linked with the female video I had watched.  They go hand in hand and I believe they should be distributed together.  Maybe I'm biased (definitely I'm biased), but I still feel like things that women hear are worse than what males hear (what were you wearing? how much did you have to drink?).  That said, I'm guilty of saying some of the things from both videos.  I'll be working on that.

I can't seem to find the videos through Blogger, so I'll just link them for you.

48 Things Women Hear In A Lifetime (That Men Just Don't)

48 Things Men Hear In A Lifetime (That Are Bad For Everyone)


Blue hair isn't the end of the world...

Sex education is important.  It's always been my thing.

My post I wrote about little girls after seeing someone else post about the differences in ways we talk to/treat little girls vs little boys.  Forever my favorite post.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Teh German surprising me with a Cookout milkshake on Wednesday (he did ensure the heat was on beforehand).
  2. Puzzles on tablets.
  3. Meeting the new dog sitter.
  4. Bringing Teh Beasts to work on Thursday.
  5. Cold weather outside.
  6. Getting back on a not-holiday schedule.
  7. Going to crossfit.
  8. Finishing my 2015 review.
  9. Hot chocolate at work in my Ariel mug.
  10. Rational Megan (vs Crazy Megan).

Could they be any cuter?
Only if Phil was sitting too.
But otherwise, NO.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
Linking up with these ladies since it's FFFFRRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!


  1. They should defnitely take you to Disney with them!!!!

  2. Girl your headaches sound AWFUL. Glad you're going to get them checked out....
    I'm glad the holidays are over and some normalcy can resume. I consumed way too much shit in November and this feeling like a sack of shit. So I'm back to following a strict paleo diet.

    Your mold situation also sounds catastrophic - my hubby would die in that place, he's so allergic to that shit. Only a few more months, right?

    Do have a good weekend and I'll cross my fingers it is without any head pain. :)


  3. You know that list of ailments for the doctor? Uhm. I think you need to talk about migraines.

    I read your favourite post about little girls. It is a fan-fucking-tastic post.

  4. Your headache sounds awful...I used to get really bad ones that made me vomit and thought they were migraines. Turned out they were due to my sinus problems. I still get them occasionally but I need the really strong sudafed {with pseudoephidrine} to help me manage them. I totally empathise with you and hope you can find the help you need for it!

    Awesome that you can take your pets to work. That photo of them is the cutest! :D

    Off to check out your post on talking to girls.

  5. I hate those kind of headaches. The whole world has to stop because you just cannot function at all.

    Weddings are the most stressful things ever. Would never do it again. It was beautiful and I love looking at the photos and the day itself was amazing....all days leading up to it were the absolute WORST.

    The dogs look so so CUTE!!!!

  6. Glad you are feeling better, my allergies have been keeping me down but not THAT badly.

    Boo mold! So hoping you get out of there soon.

    Weddings are, IMO, totally overrated. Just sayin'. Eloping or courthouse or TINY TINY TINY ceremony is the best (because mine was "small" and still made me want to pull my hair out).

  7. I'm so sorry about the migraine! I have had some bad ones but never quite that bad. I'm glad you're feeling better. Hooray for the best boyfriend ever!


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