Friday, January 15, 2016

Five on Friday #77


After spending an obscene amount of money for Teh Sister's wedding.. IT'S FINALLY HERE!  No JK though, I spent $177 at the liquor store for adult punch, plus my dress, plus alterations, plus the wedding present, plus the dog sitter, plus getting there, plus we're going snowboarding the day after.  #gobigorgohome

I'm super pumped about:
~finally giving my speech.
~finally getting to wear that dress that was such a hassle.
~an excuse for Teh German and I to dress up (he bought a green shirt to match me and he's wearing the bow tie.. #winnnnn).
~all the alcoholic beverages I'm going to consume with zero guilt.
~seeing family I haven't seen in a long time.
~seeing Teh WJL the day after.
~the wedding being over.


Teh German and I have been consolidating accounts.  We moved to the Spotify family plan and fixed our Crossfit membership so we get the couple's discount.  I like saving the dollas.  Now I just have to remind myself not to spend them.

With my birthday coming up, I'm very inclined to #treatyoself and well, I have very little will power.  But a shirt here and concert tickets there and trips to Disney in Feb and snowboarding trips and motorcycle rides in the mountains tend to add up...  Teh German and I keep telling each other that we bought each other a house for our birthday's/Christmas/any gifting holiday, but that only works in theory.  I'm strongly considering getting Fall Out Boy tickets for Teh German for his birthday, even though he clarified the other day that weren't doing presents for birthdays because House.  I said yes, and I kinda meant it.  In my defense, he TOTALLY went over budget on Christmas and I was UNDER budget.  So. HA.

I did learn something interesting about PayPal recently.  You are only allowed to transfer $500 a month from PayPal to a bank account.  Didn't know that when Teh German transferred a large sum of money to me to put into the House account..  Why is it so difficult to get money from one bank to another?  Seriously.  It's not even literal items really.  Next time, we're going old school with checks.  The next hurdle will be how to deposit said check since that bank doesn't have mobile deposit.  Yes, in 2016, a bank doesn't have mobile deposit.  #itslikethestoneage #moneysucks #whyisnteverythingfree


Conversations with Megan:

Megan: Did I get everything?  Chapstick, lint ball?  Hrm, ok yes.
Teh German: What do you need a lint ball for?
Megan: I'm going to the bank later.
Teh German: You need a lint ball for the bank?
Megan: Yeah, you won't be there to soothe me, so I'll need a lint ball.
Teh German: Did you just compare me to a lint ball?
Megan: Yeah.  You soothe me more than a lint ball.. and I've been rolling lint balls since practically day 1 of my life.  So that's kind of a big deal.
Teh German: So did you have a lint ball on our first date?
Megan: Yep.  But I didn't really get a chance to roll it because we were eating then riding.  I think I rolled it when we were ordering.
Teh German: Well, ok.

It's good he gets me, otherwise, this conversation would have been way weird.
#bestteam4ever #bahlalala


PostSecret has a German site and now I want to read all the German secrets.. except I'm still struggling with my Deutsch, but maybe this will be motivation?


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. A short work week.
  2. Spontaneous motorcycle rides with Teh German, despite the cold.
  3. Being disappointed with Carmen y Juans so I no longer have the desire to go all the way there for Mexican.  Mex 1 is my new fave.  I said it on the internet, so it's official.
  4. A job that gives me money so I can afford to do all the things in #1 of this post.
  5. New books on my TBR list.
  6. Teh Soccer Mom telling me that my MOH speech was so good that I should make money writing speeches.
  7. New lenses in my sunglasses, despite the fact that Teh German said that with just the frames on I looked like the emoji wearing glasses that his dad always sends in Whatsapp...
  8. Cooking dinners that are super simple, that Teh German really likes (kielbasa, as if it's hard to please a German with any type of sausage (innuendo at your own risk)).
  9. Having a reason to switch out the dog's Christmas collars to Valentine's collars (I didn't get Phil's vday collar until after it was over so he didn't get to wear it last year).
  10. Getting caught up on link ups I participate in!


Of course he wouldn't look at me. Jerk.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
Linking up with these ladies since it's FFFFRRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!


  1. That fuck thing is so fucking true lol. I fuckin love that word.

    I made Kielbasa the other day. So good!

    Yay for wedding fun!

  2. Not that I'm trying to encourage you to spend money when Teh German doesn't want you to...but...Fall Out Boy puts on a really fun, entertaining show. There are worse ways for you to spend money. :)

  3. I agree with Erin^. :)
    Love Phil's collar! Have a blast at your sister's wedding, have fun and drink yo face off! After your speech of course ;)


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