Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Confessions {12/30}

-I have been doing confessions for over a year now and they still bring me as much joy as the first time I posted them.  #thesearemyconfessions

-I don't understand how I can do a quote for myself online with an insurance company and get a different rate than when I call in and ask for a quote.  I didn't need the quote to necessarily be cheaper than what I was already paying, but more expensive was not an option, even though I really wanted to consolidate everything to one company.  #Progressivemeetsallmyneeds #NationwideisNOTonmyside

-Despite saying I was skipping out on Tasty Tuesday this week, because House and Dollas and being a fatty and not going to the gym and eating out on Lazy Monday.. I still went out to Tasty Tuesday because it was a new restaurant I'd never been to and it was supposed to be Filipino.  It wasn't really that great, sadly.  There was supposed to be meat in my noodles, but I found maybe 2 baby shrimps and less than 5 small pieces of pork.  At least the fried rice was fried with bacon, which I found 1 small piece of....  #somuchcarbs

-I finally went through and signed up for my Cards Against Humanity stuff they sent in the Holiday packages this year.  The last night wasn't delivered until Christmas Eve and I didn't get it until we got home on Sunday.  So that means I signed up for my $1, King for 3 minutes, and Picasso.  #CAHhasmysoul

-I'm already looking forward to my W2s.  Tax return = House Dollas = Fenced in back yard and screened in porch.  #dollarsandsense

-There was chocolate covered marzipan on my desk yesterday morning when I came in because a coworker doesn't like it.  #pickyeatersaregoodfriends

-I have some awesome decrees for my time as Czarina Megan the Passive-Aggressive.  #thisbettergetmefavoritestatus #happybirthdayDad #dontsayInevergotyounothing #Kingfor1minute #bestdaughterever


-Over a month after, photos were finally posted from the Sweet Tea Half Marathon.  Teh MD-AR's photos still haven't been uploaded yet.  #lesigh

-Teh German offered to get up with the dogs one day this weekend so I could have one day where I get to sleep in and not have to deal with them.  I love them, I do.. but driving them to Teh Granny's 3x a day over Christmas really wore me down.  Additionally, it meant at least 45 minutes of extra uninterrupted sleeps for Teh German that I didn't get.  I know they are my dogs, but sometimes, Mama needs a break.  #bestboyfriendever

-Teh German burned his fingers on a soldering iron Monday night and I wasn't overly sympathetic.  He sat down with a bowl of ice, so I figured he was taking care of it.  #notagoodnurse

-I was legitimately upset when I noticed that the gym wasn't having evening classes today.  I tried to see this as a good opportunity for a run, but I wasn't as excited as I should have been. #fightingtheblerch


-I'm already itching for another massage and I'm stalking Groupon and I'm seriously trying to stop spending money, but it's not working.  #savingmoneyishard

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Training for Tuesday #7


Upcoming events:

18-21 February 2016: Glass Slipper Challenge weekend + 5k in Orlando, FL (Disney World)
12 March 2016: Rugged Maniac 5k Obstacle Course in Mount Pleasant, SC
02 April 2016: Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, SC

December Goals:

-Seriously, moar GSC training.
-Don't get hurt.  I could probably stop putting this on here, since it's a pretty consistent goal, but I'm afraid to jinx myself with less than 100 days till Princess Weekend and the influx of using a barbell/weights means the possibility of hurting myself is higher.  #justbeingrealisitic
-Try out the trampoline place.  
-Enjoy all the foods and holiday gatherings.  #noguilt #noshame #ALLTHENOMS #thisiswhyIworkout
-Stay under 150lbs.  If I managed to fall under 140 with all my eating, I'll be super impressed with myself (I'm planning on some serious Crossfitting between now and Jan 16th).  I'm not counting on it, but I'm liking being under 150... even if it means I have to wear a belt (which means it takes longer to pee).
-Get these pulled muscles in my thighs straightened out and not exasperate the issues. #rollinrollinrollinrawhide
? Bridge run?  We'll see how it fits into the schedule.


I didn't hurt myself in any way that requires time off.  I did give myself some thigh bruises from "poppin' those hips" at Crossfit and I definitely had some tight quads/hip pieces after the 5k.

Oh yeah, I did a 5k.  That wasn't on the menu.  Whatevs, got the sweatshirt that I can't even wear because #globalwarming and some hot cocoa and free beer tickets, but no medal (I seriously thought about stealing a child's medal, but #woahScrooge).  #worthit

That food thing + staying under 150 lbs?  hahaha.  That said, I maxed out around 152, so considering.. not so bad.

I really need to focus on stretching/mobility in my quads/IT bands/hips.  When it hurts to walk, it's time to stretch.  That said, I didn't make anything worse and Chiro said everything felt good.  So there's that.

I should have taken busyness into account when I considered a bridge run and the trampoline place, but I didn't.  Maybe next month?

As for running.. I did the 5k and that's all the running I've done in December.  That's really bad.  Because I see that training plan on my calendar say something like 10 total miles last weekend and it didn't happen and I need to get on it because I need my hip not to be tweaking out for my Princess runs.  I'll have no one to blame but myself.. and maybe the weather.  The 2 runs that I've done in the past 2 months have been the only time I've been able to wear "cold weather" clothes.  Any other runs would have been done in booty shorts and a tank top because it feels like what Satan's balls might feel like outside (moist and hot).

January Goals:

-RUN MEGAN RUN.  Crossfit isn't going to get you across those finish lines in February.
-Zero fucks when it comes to food/drinks at Teh Sister's wedding.  #YOLO
-Don't kill myself snowboarding after the wedding.  Broken legs in January also won't get me across the finish line in Feb.
-Fit in my MOH dress for the wedding...

Wanna be friends on RunKeeper and stalk each other?  Yes, please.
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Monday, December 28, 2015

Weekend Review {12/28}

It was a long weekend, so lets do the damn thing.


I worked from home on Wednesday since most of our office was doing the same and I actually had work to do, so that was a nice change of pace.  I also accomplished laundry since we were leaving that evening for Home, Home.  I did take a break to attend the 8am Crossfit class, which was me being glutton for punishment.  I didn't finish the workout.  Everything hurt, I almost peed on myself, and I had a 9:30 call I failed to get the code for, so I just stopped at the 40 minute cap.  It probably would have taken me another 10-15 minutes, but I wasn't interested.

I was expecting Teh German to get home by 5ish, so when he showed up at 4, I was definitely confused.  He explained that he was going to shower, but he was going back for a meeting that would probably take an hour.  He'd been waiting on this meeting for quite a while (performance review and he was planning to ask for a raise) and it's really been causing some stress, so I was fine with getting it over before the Christmas break.  While he was at work the 2nd time, I did the dishes, packed my clothes, took out the garbage, and loaded everything but the suitcase and dogs in the car.

Just enough space for Phil on the right and then Meri laid in the back behind the present....

When Teh German came home, I couldn't tell if he'd gotten good or bad feedback/news, but he quickly told me that it was a good meeting and that he'd not gotten exactly what he wanted, but DID get a raise, which was better than nothing.  Since the meeting was successful, instead of eating on the road, we decided to celebrate with dinner at Sesame.  We weren't really in a rush to get to Home, Home, so we didn't stress ourselves out over time.

We ended up leaving around 730-8pm and we arrived right around midnight.  Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom had stayed up, despite me warning them of our late arrival.  I did pull an idiot and released the hounds from the car and ended up chasing them through the rain to bring them back inside.  That said, no fenced in yard is an absolute terror in my book.


Teh German and I had a hair appt scheduled at 1030, but I was up at 8 with the beasts.  I fed them and then we headed over to Teh Granny's to go business in her fenced in yard.  Loading the beasts up and driving them to and from Granny's was infinitely better and easier than walking around the yard with the dogs on a leash unsuccessfully begging them to go business.  We proceeded to do this 3x a day for every day that we were at Home, Home.. and by the end, Phil and I were both over it.  Phil because he kept being a retard trying to jump in Yurtle, me because it was so much more effort than just opening the door to let them out.

Christmas Eve Selfies

The calmest puppies in the house.

After a successful hair appt, we picked up bbq for lunch then headed home to release the hounds again.  After food and dogs, we decided to take a nap.  We had to get up to head to our massage/pedi that I had scheduled as a surprise for Teh German.  I finally told him what the surprise was when we were on our way home from getting our hairs did, at which point Teh German told me he'd never had a massage before...  If I'd have known that, I wouldn't have told him what the surprise was.  He doesn't really like new things and I could tell he was a bit stressed about it, especially after I suggested he get fully naked.

There was the one time, Teh German and I ate dog treats because we weren't sure if they were human or dog food since they were made by Teh MD-AR.  Teh MD-AR found this extremely funny... as did Teh Sister and Teh Dad.  #bestboyfriendever

He was a bit nervous when we arrived at the spa, but we parted ways when the masseuse came to take me away.  I saw Teh German again after my massage, when I was going to the nail room.  He had survived the pedicure part, but he was in better spirits.  After my toes were done, the lady said I should sit in the sauna to help my nails dry faster.  That also happened to be where Teh German was at, since he was done with his massage.  The pedi took a while because there were some distractions and there was story time while a scrub soaked in.

Teh German was super relaxed when I stepped into the sauna.  I could feel the difference without even talking to him.  I never quite realized just how receptive I am towards other people's stress levels, but with Teh German, I know instantly, which is good and bad.  When I sat down, Teh German immediately thanked me for the "surprise" because he had really enjoyed the massage.  We chatted for about 20 minutes in the sauna, until I could take no more heat because boob sweat is just gross.  If we hadn't left our phones in the car, you probably would have gotten a sauna selfie, butttt sometimes, it's just better without being tethered.

We ended up leaving just in time to arrive at the closest liquor store at 2 minutes till closing, which we were informed of by the man standing beside the door.  Fortunately, I knew what we needed and I was easily able to find both things and we were checking out right at 6pm.  We saw a guy show up at 6:01 and they had already locked the doors and would not let him in.  #goodtiming

Meri definitely missed her yard time.

We headed back to Teh Dad's for the evening.  I had forgotten to ask someone to feed the beasts, so I fed them first, then took them to Granny's, then it was time for dinner after Teh Sister and Teh Utah Specialist arrived.

It wasn't too late when we went to bed, but I slept like crap because it was hot then cold then hot and I was stressed about Teh German's present and if he'd like it.. and what it was that he got me (a square box and a round box).  I seriously almost got everyone up when I was awake at 2am to open presents because I just wanted to sleep.

Phil was guarding the presents.

FRIDAY -25 (Christmas)

I got up with the dogs at 630 and fed them and took them to Granny's.  I went back home and got back in the bed, but couldn't sleep.  It was everything I could do to leave Teh German alone.  I did try to wake up him eventually around 815, but he was being a Scrooge McGoo, so then I went to try to wake up Teh Sister, who was also being a Scrooge McGoo.  I went upstairs and no one was up and had a breakdown for like 1 whole second and got on the computer and checked FB.  Eventually the family decided to get up and pretend like it was Christmas.

Christmas Selfie!

Teh Dad had to work (he had traded with a guy at work so that way the guy could be off on Christmas since he had young kids), so he was leaving at 9, but everyone was functioning by 830.  We opened presents and Teh German LURVED his "cup" which turned out to be a not-GoPro GoPro camera (normal people call them action cameras).  I was worried he wouldn't like it because it wasn't the GoPro brand, but turns out he didn't care.  I explained all the ways it was just as good as the GoPro (if not better) and he was still pleased.  It took him over 7 minutes to open his gift because I'm psycho and I love making it difficult to get to the good present.  I mean, it did take me over an hour and a half to wrap the presents, so 7 minutes was record time.

(Yes I'm aware that I sound like a 12 year old child.)

Teh German got me the earbuds I'd been stalking on Amazon and a Citizen watch!  I've never had watch this nice before, so I'm excited about getting it fitted to me so I can wear it.  He wanted to get it engraved, but he wanted to make sure I liked the watch before he got #bahlalala engraved on the back.  Even I said, "Awwwwwwww" when he told me his engraving idea.  He's definitely the best.

Teh Sister made me some epic mustache pajama pants.  Now I just need to get Phil and Meri the matching collars.  I'd say Teh German needs pants too, but he got dinosaur pajama pants, which overrode his need to borrow my epic pants (which he informed me he'd be doing right after I opened them).

Badass pants and a weenier dog.

Teh German also scored 14 pairs of very colorful underwear (which I considered an us gift, since I get to enjoy the underwear too, lol) and some socks, both of which he needed, so I'd asked "Santa" (aka Teh Sister and Teh Dad) to get them for him.

After gifts and breakfast, Teh Dad left and Teh German and I skyped with his family.  His grandfather was super excited to talk to him and he even spoke with me some in English.  I love seeing old people get excited about technology.  On the other hand,  I dislike it greatly when people are inconsiderate.  Teh Stepmom decided while we were outside Skyping to let the dogs out on the porch since they wanted out.  This meant that we had weenie dogs crawling on us while we were trying to talk with the family, but then a dog wandered into the yard and all the dogs had to bark at it.  As I'm trying to wrangle 4 dogs back in the house without yelling, one kept slipping loose and going back to bark.  Which meant that Teh German couldn't hear what was going on and his grandfather was already having a hard time hearing before the dogs started barking...  Teh Stepmom helped me get all the dogs back inside eventually.  

After we finished skyping, we headed to Teh Granny's to open presents with Teh Mom.  Apparently, Teh Sister was under the impression that Teh German and I would be physically building our own screened in porch when we move into House, so Teh Mom got us Teh Sister/Teh Utah Specialist and Teh German/me) saw tool sets for Christmas.  I was sad/happy to inform everyone that we would NOT be building our own screened in porch, but paying someone else to do it.  I am NOT Handy Manny.  I can only imagine what kind of disaster that would be.  Teh Mom and Teh Sister were quite disappointed because they had also given us screws as well.

Christmas Selfies with Teh Family
Teh Utah Specialist received the dreaded Purse this year and he did NOT look that excited when he first unwrapped it.

Weenie roast.
Weenie roast.

After we finished opening presents at Teh Granny's, we headed back to Teh Dad's to shower and then go back to Teh Granny's for late lunch.  Teh German got to meet my NC relatives.  He still chooses to love me.  Whew.  After lunch, we headed back to Teh Dad's for a short nap because I was super exhausted.

I had to stop and get a photo when I saw the clouds laying on the mountains.

When we got up, we were lazy for the evening.  Teh Dad showed Teh Sister and Teh Utah Specialist an episode of Duck Dynasty that he'd been saving for 6 months because it was a wedding episode.  We had pizza for dinner and after we played some Cards Against Humanity with A Game for Good Christians.  Teh German and Teh Sister tied for winner.  If we hadn't all already put our cards away, I would have suggested a tie-breaker round, but I was tired and the PMS was strong and I kept my mouth shut.

Awesome pajama pants by Teh Sister... and Judge the weenie.

We went to bed after putting all the cards away.  But not before I noticed at 11:58 that I was 1 German lesson from completing my daily goal.  Despite starting it, I wasn't fast enough and I finished at 12:01, which meant that I broke my 5 day streak, le siiigh.


I woke up with the dogs around 8 and got up and fed them and brought them to Teh Granny's.  When I got back to Teh Dad's, I knew I wasn't really sleepy, so I started coloring in the adult coloring book Teh Mom had gotten Teh Sister and I as a be-quiet-in-church gift.  I hadn't planned on going after Christmas shopping, but we needed colored pencils since we had only gotten an 8 pack and there just weren't enough colors.

At one point, I went to the bathroom to discover why I'd been such a complete bitch and so exhausted the few days prior.  When I came out, I told everyone I'd started which explained why I had been such a bitch and to Teh German I said, "YAY no babies!" and we high-fived.  He blushed a little at first, but didn't seem phased otherwise.  #bestboyfriendever

After I announced that Teh WJL was sick and quarantining herself at her house instead of coming to visit/spread her disease, Teh Dad mentioned going to Boone to find tree decorations for Teh Sister's wedding, but Teh Sister shut that down quick when she reminded him that she was allergic to all things Christmas tree related.

Instead, Teh Dad, Teh German, and Teh Utah Specialist made a trip to Lowes for supplies to build a shadow box that Teh Sister had suggested would be a good first project for Teh Utah Specialist to build with their new tools.  Teh Sister and I left a little later for Walmart for colored pencils and we happened to see Teh Dad's truck at a red-light.  I creeper texted Teh German and Teh Dad dropped off the boys at the mexican place where Teh Sister and I had picked for lunch.

After we all ate, we headed to Walmart.  Teh German picked out the decorations for his tree next year and we picked up lights and some all-year wrapping paper.  We even picked up the colored pencils we had originally set out for and the items on the list that Teh Stepmom had given us.  On our way home, we stopped by the liquor store for Teh Stepmom.

We're adults.
Yes, that's scary to me too.

This hat danced too.
Sadly, it smelled like mildew so it stayed at the store, despite being $3.50.

The Hound Welcoming Committee

When we got home, the boys headed up to the garage to do "manly" projects while Teh Sister and I sat at the table and colored while Teh Stepmom worked on dinner.  We had thanksgiving for dinner, which was delicious.  After dinner was cleaned up, the boys went back to the garage to finish their project and Teh Sister and I continued coloring.

Eventually, the project was complete and the guys came back down.  Not long after, it was bedtime.  After not sleeping well the nights prior and shark week, I was exhausted.

This photo got texted to Teh German when he was being sassy.
He pointed out the shadow on my leg.
So much weenie going on in this photo.


We had planned to leave on Sunday morning.  After taking care of the dogs around 8, I just stayed up and played on the internets.  Teh Sister and I had leftovers and chocolate pie for breakfast, which was delightful.  Once Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom left for church, we started getting ready to leave.  After showers, Teh German and I skyped with his mom for a little bit.  She was having some technology problems, so it was slightly difficult and they were mostly speaking in German, so I wasn't really paying attention much. 

After Skyping, we loaded up Yurtle, which had more space for the trip back.  I'm sure the dogs were pleased about this.  We were on the road by noon.  Despite getting to Home, Home without missing any exits, I went 10 miles out of the way after I missed our exit to I-77S in Charlotte.  Ughh.  Then we saw that there was something backing up traffic on 26 that was going to have us sitting in traffic for 45 minutes, so we took a scenic detour through podunk, SC.  We made it home right at 5.  Teh German unloaded the car while I took care of the dogs. 

After getting everything unpacked, Teh German played with his camera while I colored.  Eventually, Teh Germany was hungry, so I made dinner.  After dinner, we cleaned up the table and I continued the laundry and got ready for bed while Teh German did the dishes and watched YouTube videos.  We were super pleased to be back in Teh Cloud.  The dogs were absolutely exhausted and been napping on the couches since they'd come in after eating their dinner.  They quickly went back to sleep after I called them into the bedroom.  Phil didn't even do his usual stare down at Meri because she'd taken his favorite bed.  He just gave up and laid down and let me cover him with the blanket.

Soon after, Teh German and I joined them for sleepy time.


Teh German was super pleased about his first American Christmas.  He thanked my parents several times for such a good Christmas and we talked about it later as we were laying in bed.  Everyone was pleased with their gifts.  I'm not sure who was more pleased that Teh German hugged Teh Dad, Teh Dad or Teh German.  I was pleased that Teh German had felt like he was family, not a stranger.  Teh German did tell me that when I had went to Teh Granny's with the dogs the first time that Teh Dad had told him that he and I have a connection different than anyone else I had ever brought home.  I had to confirm that was true.  I really just like that Teh German can hang out with my family without me having to be there to hold his hand.  No one else I brought home was comfortable just hanging out with my family without me sitting right there with them.  I never understood it.  Now I don't have to worry about it.  It's awesome.

It was cool to get to "meet" his family as well.  I definitely need to get better at German so I can actually understand what is going on when we get there, but it's a work in progress.  Teh German did say he should start talking to me more in German so I can get better at my listening skills, which are seriously lacking.  I'm not so bad at reading though... ya know, if it's about newspapers, cats, cows, reading, or clothing.

I am super pumped to have another long weekend coming up.  Since we'll be home, we're planning on laziness and rides on Mike and Suzi.  I'm also hoping to get some wedding tasks accomplished for Teh Sister's wedding since I was finally given tasks to accomplish.... a month out.  As if we haven't had over a year to prepare for this wedding.  As I told them in person, they are killing me.  Of course there were jokes about that one time I wanted to run a half marathon on my sister's wedding day.  Oops.  #nevergonnalivethatdown

Hopefully all my Gentle Readers had an excellent weekend/Christmas/holiday as well!
PS.  The final night of the CAH Hanukkah thing was crap, IMO.  Send more cards.  That's what I'm in it for anyways. 

Post-Christmas Selfies
featuring Meri the photobomber..

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sweaty Sunday #19

December 20-26, 2015


Ran a 5k + 1 mile the day before.  Probably should have ran but opted for snuggles with my tight IT bands instead. 


This workout made me want to die.  Literally.  DIE.  In fact, it was a Hero WOD in memory of someone that had actually died in combat, and I wanted to switch places with them.


After yesterday, this wasn't as bad, but it was still pretty miserable.


I shouldn't have went.  I knew better, but I always see the hard workouts and think, it can't be that bad.  It was.  I couldn't finish.  Essentially, with this workout you do it like the song 12 days of Christmas.  1, 2-1, 3-2-1, 4-3-2-1, 5-4-3-2-1, and so on.  So at the end you're doing 12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.  I didn't make it through the 12th round.  I reached the time cap and I could have finished, but I had a meeting at 9:30 to attend so I took it as an out before I vomited all over the floor (or peed myself trying to jump rope).  I ran 400 of the 1200 meters and just stopped and left.  I'm all about pushing myself, but I could feel the tears coming on and my body giving out and it just wasn't worth it on Christmas week.


Pre-Christmas!  We got massages and my body was sad and happy at the same time.




Despite miles on the training plan, running this weekend meant packing extra crap to go run and finding a place to run and none of that was appealing so didn't happen.  #notsorry.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Friday.. err Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

-from Teh Megan, 
Teh German, 
Philbo Baggins, 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Confessions {12/23}

-Sometimes, the act of having to move my fingers from my mouse to my keyboard to sign into a website for something (ok, online shopping) is just too much effort and I'll come back later instead of move my hands.  #LaziusMaximus

-I refuse to go to The Chive's site or enjoy any of the stuff on the site (unless someone directly sends it to me) because I get so annoyed with bitches posting fucking titties and cleavage.  Calm yo tits and put them away.  Also, an ex (I will not incriminate said person) used to have porn NSFW stuff on their reddit feed and it just irritated me so much, but because "it wasn't a secret" it was "ok."  #rolleyes

-I've seen the article that putting a period at the end of your texts makes you sound like an asshole.  Well, I'm an asshole all the time because proper grammar > you thinking I'm an asshole/me offending you.  #IDGAF

-Sometimes the M&M dispenser upstairs only spits out like 4 M&Ms and that means I have to get another set dispensed, which is ALWAYS too much.  The machine is automatic so when you hold your hand under it, it spits out the contents.  Very first worldy.  #notenough #TOOMUCH

-I spent some time at work looking at men's underwear so I could better help Teh Sister our/Teh German's Christmas present.. and I won't even pretend like it wasn't enjoyable.  In my defense, he really, really, really NEEDS new underwear.  #damnthatisnicetolookat

-I bought Teh Sister and Teh Utah Specialist one of these as their wedding gift and if (god forbid, please don't let this happen) they get divorced, I'm claiming this bad boy.  #prenupwithTehSister #NotTheWorstMOHAnymore

-I am almost 30 years old and I still cut myself shaving.  I wish I was super rich and could just afford laser hair removal.  #Ishouldstayawayfromsharpedges

-More on shaving, I try not to shave more than once a week unless I absolutely need to for outfit purposes.  1- I have obnoxiously sensitive skin, so shaving every day or even every other day is to much for these pieces.  2- As you may have guessed, I'm lazy as fuck.  3- Razors are expensive. #sohairy #IDGAF

-When I found out that several other people in my office were working from home today, you better believe I jumped on that crazy train.  #dogsarethebestofficemates

-Then since I was home, I figured I could go to the 8am crossfit class, after 2 days of pretty tough workouts.  #Ishouldntbeallowedtomakedecisions

-Because Teh German's holiday party was not inclusive of significant other's, I got to entertain myself last night so I went to Mex 1 again (yes, I was just there on Sunday, no I'm not sorry) and I was not disappointed.  I got the carnitas torta with the street corn and OMG I just finished my leftovers and despite being full I want more just because it was so delightful in my mouth.  #thatswhatshesaid

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Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekend Review {12/21}

Let's do this the lazy way, mmkay?  Okay!


-Picked up my dress before going home, because I knew that if we went back out to get my dress, we'd eat at Sesame and we're trying to save dollas.
-Made dinner.
-Was LAF (lazy as fuck).


Ran a 5k in the AM.

Teh German: 26:13
Teh Megan: 28:21

Went home, showered, jumped on the bikes, road out to Carolina Ale House since we had free beer tickets from our 5k (which was how I talked Teh German into actually running it with me.  I did it for the sweatshirt).

After we finished eating late lunch, we wanted to ride some more, so we headed towards downtown.  I chatted with Teh Dad while we rode.  It was slightly chilly and my fingers were cold, so when we stopped at the waterfront, I finally got off the phone with Teh Dad and suggested we find a coffee shop downtown.

Something Chai.

Tricera Coffee.  The decor was fitting.

Right as we parked, we noticed a massive surge of people and I realized that the College of Charleston graduation ceremony had just ended.  Fortunately, most of the pedistrian and vehicle traffic had cleared by the time we were ready to leave.  We headed home to chill.

Around 6, Teh German asked me if we were going to his coworker's tacky Christmas party, which I had already agreed to, but completely forgotten about.  Oops.  Because we've worn our tacky gear so many times, I suggested we swap.  Yay for being similar sizes.  No but seriously, I've shared more clothes with Teh German than I have anyone else in my life except for Teh Sister and we don't share clothes as much as trade them back and forth for years at a time.

This was the first time Teh German said it was acceptable for me to wear pajama pants out in public.
That was how I KNEW we were definitely going to this party.

We got home at super late o clock and crashed.


Teh Doggies let us sleep until 9 Sunday morning which is pretty much a Christmas miracle.  They lasted until about 9:45 until I finally broke down and got up to feed them.  I mean, we did let them out at almost 1am when we got home, so it wasn't like they needed to pee.

We didn't have anything to do, but I had suggested a ride and I really wanted to go to Carmen y Juans since we hadn't went there on Saturday (which was my intention, but we were worried the Ale House beer tickets were only valid on Saturday).  Turns out, Carmen y Juans is closed on Sunday and it's really good I checked before we drove all the way out there because my hangar would have been unparalleled with God's wrath on man.

Because we were planning for mexican, I found another place (praise Yelp): Mex 1 Coastal Cantina.  Teh German had been there before with some friends, but I hadn't.  Ya'll this place.  5 stars.  Granted, I haven't had their normal food, I ordered huevos rancheros (big surprise there), but the chips and salsa were great!  The salsa wasn't spicy AT ALL so I was actually able to ENJOY it.  I mean, I actually ate 1/2 the bowl that we had and I don't really like raw tomatoes.  It was delicious.  Then my meal came and my eggs were cooked properly!!!!!  Nothing about the white part was runny.  I just wanted to ask the cook to come out so I could hug them.  It was no issue to put the chipotle salsa on the side and I put the regular salsa on my meal because I was afraid of the potential spiciness of the chipotle salsa.  It was a bit too heavy on the black beans, but if that's my only complaint, it's stupid so I'm not complaining at all.  My plate was completely clean when I passed it back to the server.

 After late lunch, we rode for a bit and found another Dan Ryan community out in the middle of no where.  We looked for our house model, but still couldn't find one.  Apparently, our house is a unicorn.

After we got home, we spent the rest of the afternoon like this:

On Saturday evening, I discovered that I could listen to audiobooks on my Kindle AND do play my puzzle game.  LIFE CHANGER.  IDK why I hadn't thought of it before, but really it's amazing.  So Saturday evening and Sunday evening we listened to Big Little Lies and played on our respective electronic devices.  When Teh German started doing puzzles on his iPad, I announced that the next lazy weekend like this, we were going to work on an actual puzzle together instead of just sitting in the same room.

I didn't start dinner till super late since I wasn't really hungry from late lunch and because the book was sucking me in.  I continued listening while I made dinner and when I finally got to the solution of the whodunit, I was floored.  I didn't see it coming.  Then I wrong about my guess who died too.  At least up until the part where the twist was.

Even after dinner as I got ready for bed, I finished up the last 90 minutes.  I just needed a resolution before going to sleep!  I am super happy I trudged through the slow beginning and got to the good parts (obviously the review will happen next month).  I'm not sure if I like Still Alice or Big Little Lies better and I really liked Still Alice.

After I was finished with my book, it was finally bedtime.

Which unfortunately led to this, this morning:

I broke my 25 day streak.. because the book was so distracting.

I am super disappointed with myself.  Whatevs.  I'm still learning and shiznit.

This week will be spend enduring all the days it takes to get to Christmas.  I'm really in need of a long weekend.  My brain is tired and I'm still not feeling at the top of my game and I have some brain things going on and I'm worried that Teh German isn't going to lurve his present and he still hasn't put anything under the tree for me (and I'm not selfish, but his box has been sitting in the living room since the beginning of the month to help him get excited.. where I just have.. nothing...?).  I know he got me something, I just don't know what it is and I haven't even seen a box, so yeah.  STRESSSSSS.  Self-inflicted, but stress nonetheless. Oh yeah, and we're taking Teh Beasts with us to NC for Christmas which means taking them out on a leash for them to go business, which is the WORST since they are so spoiled by having a yard.  #sighthoundproblems

It's almost Christmas.
It's almost Christmas.
It's almost Christmas.

We got this.