Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekend Review {12/21}

Let's do this the lazy way, mmkay?  Okay!


-Picked up my dress before going home, because I knew that if we went back out to get my dress, we'd eat at Sesame and we're trying to save dollas.
-Made dinner.
-Was LAF (lazy as fuck).


Ran a 5k in the AM.

Teh German: 26:13
Teh Megan: 28:21

Went home, showered, jumped on the bikes, road out to Carolina Ale House since we had free beer tickets from our 5k (which was how I talked Teh German into actually running it with me.  I did it for the sweatshirt).

After we finished eating late lunch, we wanted to ride some more, so we headed towards downtown.  I chatted with Teh Dad while we rode.  It was slightly chilly and my fingers were cold, so when we stopped at the waterfront, I finally got off the phone with Teh Dad and suggested we find a coffee shop downtown.

Something Chai.

Tricera Coffee.  The decor was fitting.

Right as we parked, we noticed a massive surge of people and I realized that the College of Charleston graduation ceremony had just ended.  Fortunately, most of the pedistrian and vehicle traffic had cleared by the time we were ready to leave.  We headed home to chill.

Around 6, Teh German asked me if we were going to his coworker's tacky Christmas party, which I had already agreed to, but completely forgotten about.  Oops.  Because we've worn our tacky gear so many times, I suggested we swap.  Yay for being similar sizes.  No but seriously, I've shared more clothes with Teh German than I have anyone else in my life except for Teh Sister and we don't share clothes as much as trade them back and forth for years at a time.

This was the first time Teh German said it was acceptable for me to wear pajama pants out in public.
That was how I KNEW we were definitely going to this party.

We got home at super late o clock and crashed.


Teh Doggies let us sleep until 9 Sunday morning which is pretty much a Christmas miracle.  They lasted until about 9:45 until I finally broke down and got up to feed them.  I mean, we did let them out at almost 1am when we got home, so it wasn't like they needed to pee.

We didn't have anything to do, but I had suggested a ride and I really wanted to go to Carmen y Juans since we hadn't went there on Saturday (which was my intention, but we were worried the Ale House beer tickets were only valid on Saturday).  Turns out, Carmen y Juans is closed on Sunday and it's really good I checked before we drove all the way out there because my hangar would have been unparalleled with God's wrath on man.

Because we were planning for mexican, I found another place (praise Yelp): Mex 1 Coastal Cantina.  Teh German had been there before with some friends, but I hadn't.  Ya'll this place.  5 stars.  Granted, I haven't had their normal food, I ordered huevos rancheros (big surprise there), but the chips and salsa were great!  The salsa wasn't spicy AT ALL so I was actually able to ENJOY it.  I mean, I actually ate 1/2 the bowl that we had and I don't really like raw tomatoes.  It was delicious.  Then my meal came and my eggs were cooked properly!!!!!  Nothing about the white part was runny.  I just wanted to ask the cook to come out so I could hug them.  It was no issue to put the chipotle salsa on the side and I put the regular salsa on my meal because I was afraid of the potential spiciness of the chipotle salsa.  It was a bit too heavy on the black beans, but if that's my only complaint, it's stupid so I'm not complaining at all.  My plate was completely clean when I passed it back to the server.

 After late lunch, we rode for a bit and found another Dan Ryan community out in the middle of no where.  We looked for our house model, but still couldn't find one.  Apparently, our house is a unicorn.

After we got home, we spent the rest of the afternoon like this:

On Saturday evening, I discovered that I could listen to audiobooks on my Kindle AND do play my puzzle game.  LIFE CHANGER.  IDK why I hadn't thought of it before, but really it's amazing.  So Saturday evening and Sunday evening we listened to Big Little Lies and played on our respective electronic devices.  When Teh German started doing puzzles on his iPad, I announced that the next lazy weekend like this, we were going to work on an actual puzzle together instead of just sitting in the same room.

I didn't start dinner till super late since I wasn't really hungry from late lunch and because the book was sucking me in.  I continued listening while I made dinner and when I finally got to the solution of the whodunit, I was floored.  I didn't see it coming.  Then I wrong about my guess who died too.  At least up until the part where the twist was.

Even after dinner as I got ready for bed, I finished up the last 90 minutes.  I just needed a resolution before going to sleep!  I am super happy I trudged through the slow beginning and got to the good parts (obviously the review will happen next month).  I'm not sure if I like Still Alice or Big Little Lies better and I really liked Still Alice.

After I was finished with my book, it was finally bedtime.

Which unfortunately led to this, this morning:

I broke my 25 day streak.. because the book was so distracting.

I am super disappointed with myself.  Whatevs.  I'm still learning and shiznit.

This week will be spend enduring all the days it takes to get to Christmas.  I'm really in need of a long weekend.  My brain is tired and I'm still not feeling at the top of my game and I have some brain things going on and I'm worried that Teh German isn't going to lurve his present and he still hasn't put anything under the tree for me (and I'm not selfish, but his box has been sitting in the living room since the beginning of the month to help him get excited.. where I just have.. nothing...?).  I know he got me something, I just don't know what it is and I haven't even seen a box, so yeah.  STRESSSSSS.  Self-inflicted, but stress nonetheless. Oh yeah, and we're taking Teh Beasts with us to NC for Christmas which means taking them out on a leash for them to go business, which is the WORST since they are so spoiled by having a yard.  #sighthoundproblems

It's almost Christmas.
It's almost Christmas.
It's almost Christmas.

We got this.


  1. I'm glad you had some great Mexican! I love that y'all swapped tacky outfits lol.

  2. I ADORE the idea of the two of you swapping tacky attire. I'd frame that picture - blow it up and frame it - seriously.

    Big Little Lies and Still Alice are SO different. Did you hear BLL is being made into a movie too?


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