Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Confessions {12/16}

-Setting: One day last week, after crossfit, post-shower, making dinner.
I knew that dinner would take a while since I was doing frozen chicken cordon bleu thingies (40 minutes, which means eating around 8pm, which is VERY late for my schedule), so I started to steam the green beans when the chicken was done so the chicken wouldn't be the temperature of the sun when we sat down to eat.  When the timer went off 10 minutes later (8pm), I went to stove expecting cooked food and the stupid stove eye hadn't heated up and I had a breakdown. 

I blame PMS and being tired and hungry, but I couldn't start slamming shit around (since hot pans), so I just stood there and cried while Teh German, who had no idea how to handle my situation, just held me.  I kept saying, "6 months, 6 months," to myself but it really wasn't helping calm the rage.  The worst part is that I CHECKED to make sure the eye had turned on before I walked away and IT WAS ON!  I got the eye turned on and Teh German put the chicken back in the oven to stay warm.  We didn't eat until almost 8:30 and I was completely resigned to life.  #6months #NewHouse #hangar #PMS

-I absolutely loathe skype emojis and some of my coworkers really lurve them.  They are extremely distracting to me because there is no way to stop them from moving.  I actually won't use them unless I know the conversation is going to continue to bump the emoji up on the screen.  #thisisprobablyADD

-I missed Teh German while he was away on his business travels, but I got sooo much accomplished with him not at home.  So much cleaning and wrapping!  #achievement

-I skipped Confessions last week because this post wasn't pre-drafted and I was busy at work and sometimes blogging just takes the backseat.  I'm also a mabillionty years behind on reading blog posts, which would explain my radio silence.  So expect comments way late from me at some point this month.  #reallifeisholdingmehostage

-I've never seen Teh German more excited than when he told me his mom sent him a package of cookies for the start of Advent/Christmas.  #likeakidonChristmas

-In that tin of cookies was marzipan, which I've apparently never had before because it was like a lightbulb turned on in my mouth and I needed ALL THE MARZIPAN.  Also, yay for words that are the same in English and German.  #cantfightthesweettooth

-I often forget to call into my conference calls when I work from home.  #Oops

-I blamed so many life problems on having imbibed copious amounts of cough syrup since last Friday.  #noshame

-I went to work yesterday, but still have a pretty gnarly sounding cough and someone commented that I should go home.  I replied with, "I can HEAR you."  She laughed and said she was serious, no one wanted to catch whatever it was that I have.  I don't think you can catch sinus drainage.  Then again, maybe it's a cold?  Idk, I'm not used to being sick, but a quiz I took from the Mucinex website (again, cough syrup makes me like this) said that this was a cold, not the flu.  Oh yeah, I took that quiz from my couch after I went home at lunch.  #EverythingOnTheInternetIsTrue

-Sometimes, I consider licking the blade piece of the mixer in the mornings after I make smoothies, to get the excess off.  Then I realize it's a bad idea and I don't.  #Imnotawakeyet #dontjudgeme

-It's baffling to me that next week is Christmas.  #mindblown

-I didn't do a year review on Teh Blog this year and I'm kinda disappointed in myself.  That is one of my favorite things to do in December on Teh Blog and I just haven't had the time.  I like doing it to remind myself of how far I've come throughout the year and 2015 has been a DRASTIC year in terms of changes.  The month still isn't over though, so there's that ray of sunlight.  #worthit

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  1. The end of the year is always crazy for blogging. I kind of expect me to disappear a little bit too because I am just way too busy.

    I've definitely thought about licking the blades on the cuisineart too. You're not alone.

  2. I feel like you need to be locked in a padded room with nothing but books and a word processor until the month/woman things/sickness and possibly the house change is over... or at least come for a really long holiday where the best roomie ever can take care of you.

  3. - I was not prepared when our company IM updated to moving emojis...
    - Achieving goals is the #1 thing to help with a partner being gone- if he ever mentions leaving for any amount of time I go "Okay that's enough time to do this, and this, and this."

  4. I can't believe Christmas is next week either! I'm so behind! I need my guy to leave town so I can be hella productive too. Hope you get feeling better!

  5. I'm feelin' what Teh German is throwin' down about his mom's care package. I get silly happy when a care package from my mom arrives.

    About 10 or so years ago, I had a few bouts of terrible bronchitis. Sippin' on cough syrup with codeine almost became addictive. #loopyloop

    I know you're behind on blog reading. You will want to take a look at my post today. You are mentioned, my Trump rant is there, and there are F bombs galore!

  6. I have had stove issues like that before and have cried. I mean, I was hungry and I thought I was going to eat but no....the stove wanted to play games. Asshole appliances man!!!

    I cant believe next week is Christmas either. Can I get some cooler weather please??!?!?!

  7. Yep blogging has to take a backseat sometimes. I'm doing Blogmas (posting everyday this month) and I'm not sure what I was thinking on that one. I can completely understand you crying over dinner. I've cried for much less and you were hungry. I'm the girl who drops by the burger shack after leaving the gym, so even though it was stressful and involved tears, you still made dinner

  8. PMS is the pits. Seriously it can make you feel like a crazy person.

    Blogging took a backseat last week for me too. The week was just crazy (as you already know LOL)

    I have never had marzipan....maybe I need to...or maybe I don't.


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