Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Confessions {12/30}

-I have been doing confessions for over a year now and they still bring me as much joy as the first time I posted them.  #thesearemyconfessions

-I don't understand how I can do a quote for myself online with an insurance company and get a different rate than when I call in and ask for a quote.  I didn't need the quote to necessarily be cheaper than what I was already paying, but more expensive was not an option, even though I really wanted to consolidate everything to one company.  #Progressivemeetsallmyneeds #NationwideisNOTonmyside

-Despite saying I was skipping out on Tasty Tuesday this week, because House and Dollas and being a fatty and not going to the gym and eating out on Lazy Monday.. I still went out to Tasty Tuesday because it was a new restaurant I'd never been to and it was supposed to be Filipino.  It wasn't really that great, sadly.  There was supposed to be meat in my noodles, but I found maybe 2 baby shrimps and less than 5 small pieces of pork.  At least the fried rice was fried with bacon, which I found 1 small piece of....  #somuchcarbs

-I finally went through and signed up for my Cards Against Humanity stuff they sent in the Holiday packages this year.  The last night wasn't delivered until Christmas Eve and I didn't get it until we got home on Sunday.  So that means I signed up for my $1, King for 3 minutes, and Picasso.  #CAHhasmysoul

-I'm already looking forward to my W2s.  Tax return = House Dollas = Fenced in back yard and screened in porch.  #dollarsandsense

-There was chocolate covered marzipan on my desk yesterday morning when I came in because a coworker doesn't like it.  #pickyeatersaregoodfriends

-I have some awesome decrees for my time as Czarina Megan the Passive-Aggressive.  #thisbettergetmefavoritestatus #happybirthdayDad #dontsayInevergotyounothing #Kingfor1minute #bestdaughterever


-Over a month after, photos were finally posted from the Sweet Tea Half Marathon.  Teh MD-AR's photos still haven't been uploaded yet.  #lesigh

-Teh German offered to get up with the dogs one day this weekend so I could have one day where I get to sleep in and not have to deal with them.  I love them, I do.. but driving them to Teh Granny's 3x a day over Christmas really wore me down.  Additionally, it meant at least 45 minutes of extra uninterrupted sleeps for Teh German that I didn't get.  I know they are my dogs, but sometimes, Mama needs a break.  #bestboyfriendever

-Teh German burned his fingers on a soldering iron Monday night and I wasn't overly sympathetic.  He sat down with a bowl of ice, so I figured he was taking care of it.  #notagoodnurse

-I was legitimately upset when I noticed that the gym wasn't having evening classes today.  I tried to see this as a good opportunity for a run, but I wasn't as excited as I should have been. #fightingtheblerch


-I'm already itching for another massage and I'm stalking Groupon and I'm seriously trying to stop spending money, but it's not working.  #savingmoneyishard

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  1. I totally feel you on the mama needs a break thing. Between cure catching a cold being pregnant and having to walk the dogs I am running on fumes! We totally missed out on the cards against immunity thing this year. I basically just forgot all about it. But I did get the fantasy pack from my brother for Christmas so I'm really excited to play it!

  2. i hate that my gym is closed on some days as well because hello, I NEED TO WORK OUT.

  3. I wish my BF would get up with the dog so I didn't have to. That's keeper right there! I hope I get a decent tax return too - fences for days!

  4. Running is evil! I totally agree with that lil fella! Tee hee! I wish that I could be more active but life gets in the way & I have a bad hip & two bad, you are not reading the comment of a 90 year old, I'm 34 but falling apart with every passing day. Ha, ha!

  5. I am so excited for my tax refund. Bye bye student loans...well one of them...


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