Friday, December 4, 2015

Five on Friday #73



I have a secret.  It's not really a secret (kinda like when I tell Teh German I have a secret and really I just want to tell him I love him, but I have to build him up first (you don't do this?  You should.))...  I don't really love shopping.  I don't love the feel of rejection when something does fit when I really liked it or how much time I waste trying on clothes under those horrible dressing room lights which expose every single blackhead on my face ever, despite how much money I am initially saved when rejection happens.

That said, I never outgrew my 17 year old smart ass self and I want these new things:

Except I want this one on a black hoodie with lime green/yellow text...
And NO "" marks, because.. I'm well-educated.  Her fonts are on point though.

I think is a perfect workout shirt that might motivate me to shave my armpits more.

These are also still on my wishlist if you're considering a gift for me:  ;)

here, but swap out the shirt for a not juniors sizing!

As always, my Amazon Wishlist is always available for viewing.


I almost had a breakdown over Teh German's Christmas present, let's just say it's a "cup."  As in, I knew what cup I wanted to buy (and I'm pretty sure he knows what it is, so I really need some good idea at ways to throw him off) and I bought one (vagueness just in case he gets nosey before Christmas.. just in case) and then realized the cup wasn't big enough/it wouldn't work the way I wanted it to, so I cancelled the order.

Then I spent an ENTIRE DAY researching different brands of "cups" and alternatives if it didn't work the way I had wanted it to (lets just say the cup had a quote on it, that shows if you hold the cup with your right hand, but you're left handed, so it doesn't work).  I asked questions on at least 8 different "cups" on Amazon and most people were helpful, but there were a few assholes who were all, "Never tried holding the 'cup' with my left hand because I'm right handed."  Completely useless, stop wasting air.  One of the mabillionty "cups" I left a question on said it would work left-handed, so I ordered it and a "special sticker" for it if they lied to me because speaking English is hard.  This "special sticker" will mean the "cup" will work no matter what because the "special sticker" is stand-alone and can hold it's own.

If you have no idea wtf I'm talking about, I got Teh German's Christmas present and it was something I hope to never have to deal with again.

What this all really means is because Amazon has 2 day shipping, his present(s) will be here in a few days and we don't even have a Christmas tree set up!  Which means the Christmas tree needs to be acquired this weekend so it can get decorated and we can enjoy it for at least a few weeks before it dies.

But really, the analogy kinda works in my real life.


Runs are FINDING ME.  I wish I was kidding.

I signed Teh German and I up for a hot chocolate 5k because you get a sweatshirt.  It's not a medal, but I've really been into a sweatshirt shopping mode lately after missing out on an adorable Woot sweatshirt on Cyber Monday (it was only $3 cheaper than normal, but not the point).

**Then I was perusing Charleston events on FB, like I do, and noticed the Charleston Marathon.  Now, Alyssa had told me about this before.  In fact, she hinted about her actually running the marathon one day.  But then I realized this was also the Shrimp and Grits 5k that I had seen last year that I really wanted to run but I was poor/we were in CA, so I couldn't.  THEN I saw that there's a medal.  And of course, in my bull in the china shop type way, I emailed the race cordinator and asked if 5k participants got a medal and if it was the same medal as the other events.  No answer yet (she answered and said everyone gets a medal but different races get different designs), but I really hope 5k-ers get a medal/the same medal so I can just run the 5k and satisfy my running aficionado. That said, the 1/2 goes through the park by my work and it would be kinda awesome to run all the way from downtown to Park Circle (where we often go for lunch since it's close to work).  #conundrum  The MD AR even said she'd do it with me in 2017 when I emailed her about it. 

I still really want to do the Hot Chocolate 15k in Atlanta in January, but House means zero running funds should be alloted to more runs.  I really, really, reallllyy should stop.  #WHYCANTISTOPRUNNING

**Fast-foward an hour and a half in my life after I wrote that when I was at home, discussing my #conundrum with Teh German about doing the 1/2 or the 5k and he asked when it was, I said, "January 16th."  Without missing a beat or even having to look at the calendar, he said, "Isn't that your sister's wedding?" 

Uhhhh, hello #worstsiblingever.  I almost died standing in my kitchen of mortification (and laughter at myself). 

THEN.. Teh German is scrolling through his FB feed about a minute later and says, "AND you marked that you were interested on Facebook?!"  There was nothing that could save me.  Seriously, not only am I the worst SISTER ever, I'm the worst Maid of Honor ever. 

So, I called up Teh MD AR to explain to her what had just transpired and she cackled with me because #Meganfail.

I figure we're good.  We laughed about it, I admitted my error to Teh MD-AR.  Then.. 30 minutes later, I receive this:

The absolute worst/best part is that earlier in the morning, I had asked Teh Sister about the bridal shower situation (because I'd kinda forgot and because I'm the #worstMOH ever).  She had said something about not knowing who would come/where it would be held, which I took to mean, don't worry about it, you're off the hook.

Yeah.  There's no coming back from the disaster that was me yesterday.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Using German instead of Spanish (not only here, but also in real life).
  2. Conversations with Coworkers completely about food... almost every single day.
  3. Hugs from Teh German (which really matter since we're on a kissing hiatus until the Herpaderps completely clear up).
  4. Resisting the temptation to go out for lunch to save dollars.
  5. Teh German suggesting we do a Christmas photograph so he can send Christmas cards to Germany.  All I could think of was the awkward epicness that was our 2013 Christmas photo (please click that link and view it, it's SOOOO worth it).
  6. Naming the new phone Dorthy and being part of the #goldengirlsclub with Erin.  We're saving Sofia and Rose for other awesome candidates with gold devices.
  7. Eating all of the Thanksgiving leftovers (rather than tossing them).
  8. Motivation/sweaty selfies with Kimmi.
  9. Having an old cell phone so I could get all the (dog) photos off my SD card.
  10. I bought a shirt at Target on Black Friday and then this happened on the way to the car:

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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  1. YAY sweaty selfies! Although I totally fail this weekend because I was busy being festive and making Christmas explode all over my house. But Monday means back to sweaty goodness!

    Okay I laughed for EVER at you forgetting your sisters wedding and thinking about running. Seriously that is hilarious. I'm glad you both could laugh about it together!

  2. Hmm apparently my comment didn't take.
    I'm loving the grey tank "Classy but a bit of smartassy" That's me to a T.
    I'm glad I decided to click on your 2013 Christmas picture. Please tell me that your card this year was up there with it and you did not disappoint?! LOL. Do share that when you can.

    I hope you had a great weekend homie. ;) xo

  3. I approve of all of your shirt choices. I also want them.

  4. Haha I'm left handed BUT I used righty scissors. How weird is that!?

  5. #elitegoldengirls4ever
    I have no frackin' idea what you're talking about with this "cup" you bought Teh German. It better be good with all that work you put into it.
    That 2013 Christmas pic? bahahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. I would do a hot chocolate 5K if it meant just drinking hot chocolate and maybe slowly walking with it for a little while.


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