Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Training for Tuesday #7


Upcoming events:

18-21 February 2016: Glass Slipper Challenge weekend + 5k in Orlando, FL (Disney World)
12 March 2016: Rugged Maniac 5k Obstacle Course in Mount Pleasant, SC
02 April 2016: Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, SC

December Goals:

-Seriously, moar GSC training.
-Don't get hurt.  I could probably stop putting this on here, since it's a pretty consistent goal, but I'm afraid to jinx myself with less than 100 days till Princess Weekend and the influx of using a barbell/weights means the possibility of hurting myself is higher.  #justbeingrealisitic
-Try out the trampoline place.  
-Enjoy all the foods and holiday gatherings.  #noguilt #noshame #ALLTHENOMS #thisiswhyIworkout
-Stay under 150lbs.  If I managed to fall under 140 with all my eating, I'll be super impressed with myself (I'm planning on some serious Crossfitting between now and Jan 16th).  I'm not counting on it, but I'm liking being under 150... even if it means I have to wear a belt (which means it takes longer to pee).
-Get these pulled muscles in my thighs straightened out and not exasperate the issues. #rollinrollinrollinrawhide
? Bridge run?  We'll see how it fits into the schedule.


I didn't hurt myself in any way that requires time off.  I did give myself some thigh bruises from "poppin' those hips" at Crossfit and I definitely had some tight quads/hip pieces after the 5k.

Oh yeah, I did a 5k.  That wasn't on the menu.  Whatevs, got the sweatshirt that I can't even wear because #globalwarming and some hot cocoa and free beer tickets, but no medal (I seriously thought about stealing a child's medal, but #woahScrooge).  #worthit

That food thing + staying under 150 lbs?  hahaha.  That said, I maxed out around 152, so considering.. not so bad.

I really need to focus on stretching/mobility in my quads/IT bands/hips.  When it hurts to walk, it's time to stretch.  That said, I didn't make anything worse and Chiro said everything felt good.  So there's that.

I should have taken busyness into account when I considered a bridge run and the trampoline place, but I didn't.  Maybe next month?

As for running.. I did the 5k and that's all the running I've done in December.  That's really bad.  Because I see that training plan on my calendar say something like 10 total miles last weekend and it didn't happen and I need to get on it because I need my hip not to be tweaking out for my Princess runs.  I'll have no one to blame but myself.. and maybe the weather.  The 2 runs that I've done in the past 2 months have been the only time I've been able to wear "cold weather" clothes.  Any other runs would have been done in booty shorts and a tank top because it feels like what Satan's balls might feel like outside (moist and hot).

January Goals:

-RUN MEGAN RUN.  Crossfit isn't going to get you across those finish lines in February.
-Zero fucks when it comes to food/drinks at Teh Sister's wedding.  #YOLO
-Don't kill myself snowboarding after the wedding.  Broken legs in January also won't get me across the finish line in Feb.
-Fit in my MOH dress for the wedding...

Wanna be friends on RunKeeper and stalk each other?  Yes, please.
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  1. SO sorry I missed this when you first posted—my bad! Thanks so much for linking up.
    Surprise 5k, woo! Way to stay on track and super close to your weight goal. Do you have any interest in yoga? The stretching I get from it is so valuable to my running and I really don't think I could manage to go so far without throwing yoga into my mix.


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