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Weekend Review {12/14}


I started having a sore throat on Weds night and by Friday it had developed into something extreme enough for me to sound like an 80 year old smoker.  SEXAYY.  I worked from home because no one at work wanted that mess.  Fortunately, I only had to work a few hours.  Teh German came home for lunch and after he went back to work, I finished up my work stuff and took a nap.  I had peaked in feeling good around lunchtime and by the time Teh German came home around 5ish, I was feeling the worst.  Yet, the party(s) must go on.

I was told marshmallows were good for a sore throat.. So I got some and Phil got some and Meri got some and my hot chocolate got a bunch! lol

Frozen pork ears for the puppies.

At 5:30 we had to be at the gym for the volunteer's meeting for the competition the following day.  It wasn't complex stuff, but when you add cough syrup to any situation, I get a little.... well, sickly.  On the way, I was complaining about not feeling well and Teh German said, "You have a drawer full of medicine, didn't you take any of it?"  My response, "Medicine isn't an immediate cure all to everything.  I DON'T FEEL WELL.  STOP BEING MEAN TO ME," with tears.  I shit you not.  I cried.  I blame the cough syrup... and not feeling well.. and maybe Teh German a little for being heartless about my plight.

I survived the meeting, only asking a few stupid questions and then we were off to a Tacky Christmas Party.  Teh German did actually say to me at one point, "You don't have to go."  But, Don't-Wanna-Miss-A-Thing Megan (you're welcome if you're singing Aerosmith now) was insistent on going.  These were new people I was going to meet.  Sickness cannot stop Teh Megan!

And it didn't stop me.  It make me completely miserable.

I tried very hard to have fun, but I was slightly hungry and the food was snacky type finger food, which we'd also had at the gym, and I wanted a meal.  Additionally, cough syrup.  I did find some adult root beers in the fridge, so I imbibed a few of those in my cough syrup state.  After a "show" (essentially lip syncing with Christmas songs and dancing) put on by a dude dressed as a woman (nope, not kidding), we did the tacky white elephant exchange and afterwards we left, despite some push back from Teh German.

Make this photo bigger to see how Mickey-ed their tree was!
It was awesome!!

It had a camel toe...
Later it changed into something that looked similar but was crotchless but had definitely come from an adult store...

I was glad that the day of the party the host posted the "rules" for the exchange.  Our two gifts were: a set of 4 crappy wine goblets that I had received for Christmas one year that were NOT good wine glasses and then a mixed bag of goodies that included 5 rolls of poop bags, adhesive mustaches and eyebrows, a 25 foot ethernet cable, and a Riverdogs foul ball.  Teh German received a copy of He's Just Not That Into You and I got a snowman mug and a "quickie kit" which included breath mint strips and some hand wipes (which probably shouldn't be used on girl downstairs bits).

When we got home, I prepped dog breakfast and crashed hard.


No sleeping in on Saturday morning since we had to be at the gym at 8.  We were judges, which was fun, even if slightly difficult because it meant counting reps while drugged on the zyrrup (jk, it was OTC cough syrup).  I miscounted a few times, but the contenders were able to get me back on track.  One lady got pissed, but I hadn't realized I had miscounted until her partner explained it to me, so I corrected it.  The pissed off lady got pissed at someone else later, so she was just being an asshole, IMO.  I had some really awesome teams to judge and 2 women were wall-ball masters.  As in, able to switch places while the ball was in the air.  It was CRAZY.  Then I watched as they did their max squat weight and it was super impressive.  I also had a team of 2 older men who didn't stop even though they knew they weren't coming in first place.  But they definitely were killing it when it came to lifting their max squat weight.  As in, the barbell was bending since there was so much weight on each end.  We actually stayed longer so I could cheer the Old Dudes on after one of them came up to me and asked if I was judging the final round (nope).  I had judged them for the first 2 rounds and even though they weren't from our gym, I still cheered them on.

Competitors and judges

My favorite sexy German

One of my Old Dudes

It was hard to be loud enough for my team to hear me counting with my sore throat and hoarseness, but I managed and still had just enough of a squeak left when we left to tell Teh German that Home Team BBQ (our first date place) was a great idea for lunch.  I definitely tried to cheer on all the teams I was judging, even though only 2 of my teams were from our gym.  I made sure to correct them if their form wasn't on point or if they were going to get a no rep if they didn't correct something.  One team I even reminded them to chalk their hands since they were super sweaty.  So yeah, it was fun.  I'm glad I did it.  I would never want to compete in something like that though.  I'll stick with my 1/2 marathons.

I stole this from a FB friend.
I'm in the red/grey with my arms up as a visual reminder for the guy lifting to lock up.

After we left the gym, we went to Home Team and even got to park in our first date parking spot (awwww).  We met up with a friend from the gym and we all chatted while we ate.  The friend is a Nuke, and despite my experience with Mr. Scrooge, I hadn't been able to figure this guy out, but now things are finally starting to fall into place and I'm realizing that he's a NUKE, then an engineer.  That definitely helps me figure out how to talk to this person.  I guess what really clued me in was when he was talking about reactors and things and I'm like omg this sounds so familiar!

After lunch, we headed home for me to take a nap before Company Holiday Party and for Teh German to go on a ride.  I would have went on a ride, but I knew I needed to rest before going out and socializing for the night.  Teh German got home right around the time I got up to feed the dogs and get ready.

The party was at Craftsman Tap House.  After a parking debacle, we headed to the restaurant.  We had an open bar, which was nice.  There were finger foods, but there wasn't a lot and there were definitely no food to spare.  I felt like for the amount of people we had (especially that were drinking), there should have been more food.  After we played some get to know you BINGO (my categories were swears like a sailor, has a tattoo, is left handed, and one other that I could sign for, Teh German was able to sign for being from another country), gifts were drawn for (with completely BINGO cards) and we stopped by the "photobooth" area to get some photos with the props, including the sign with the Company name on it that was misspelled.  Photos will be shared whenever I get to see them, but currently they are being held hostage by a coworker.

After dinner/drinks, most of us headed to The Black Fedora, which is described as "a comedy mystery theater."  It was an audience participation show, which was right up my slightly intoxicated alley.  I was the first one to volunteer.  What I didn't know was that Teh German would be voluntold by my volunteering.  He was definitely upset that he was going to have to read in front of a large group of people, despite hearing on the regular how good his English is.  He was pretty much studying the script even though we were told not to.  He had zero issues reading his parts, except with the word gingivitis, which would trip most people up.  I told him he could switch it to bad breath and no one would know the difference.  I was able to prompt him with the correct pronunciation when he started to get tripped up, so I think that helped mitigate the stress.  On Monday, I was told that our corporate HR lady that was in attendance thought that he had "put on" the accent for the part, at which point I almost peed my pants laughing.  Teh German was super pleased when I told him that.

Us and Axel Foley.

Obviously he was pleased......

Our CEO was Kris Kringle... fitting.

The cutest little elves you ever did see.

My parts weren't really that good and there was a lot of the use of the term, "Momma" as a description of myself, which I really struggle with because it's my least favorite term ever.  Teh German actually had more speaking parts than I did and I was the one who volunteered!  Teh German  had checked to see what time the car needed to be removed from the parking garage, and since it was 6am (ughhh assholes), he didn't have any beverages at the show so he could drive us home.

When we got home, it was definitely time for bed.


Sleep in morning, kinda!  We had planned to get up around 10ish and head to the beach to get a "family" photo with the dogs.  We ended up rolling out of bed around 11ish and by 12 we had eaten breakfast but were still in PJs.  We still needed to run some errands before the day was over, which I told Teh German and he finally got motivated.  He nixed the idea to do the beach photos, instead opting to get family photos in front of the decorated tree later that evening.  Whatevs.  We headed by Target to pick up a few items and then to Publix.  Then we headed home and put away groceries and finally set upon decorating the tree.

Meri is part cat, because if it sits, she fits.

We couldn't find any normal santa hats at first, only animal print... 

I didn't realize Teh German had "the perfect tree" as his ideal Christmas tree, so he was very selective of which ornaments he put on the tree.  He was even like, don't you have white lights?  BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.  Oh, Silly Teh German...  No, we do not have white lights in this house.  He did find a single strand of blue, but there definitely weren't enough for a big tree (considering I use that blue strand for a tree is is only 1.5 feet tall....).  So 2013 tree had 3 strands of colored lights and all the ornaments.  2015 tree has 2 strands of lights and a small selection of ornaments.  I told him that we could have a "perfect" tree next year, as long as he told me everything he needed right after this Christmas so I could buy all the stuff on clearance this year.

On the other hand, I did FINALLY get to put up my Disney World Mouse from my Breakup Celebration trip in 2014 with Teh Sister.  I was motivated to get it up after seeing all the Mickey's on the tree at the tacky Christmas party Saturday night.

We didn't really eat dinner on Sunday night, which was strange.  I think I wasn't really feeling well enough to eat or make dinner for that matter (since steaks were on the schedule) and Teh German ended up throwing in a small frozen pizza in the oven and having that for dinner.  He did share 1/4 of it with me, which was more than enough for me since I wasn't really hungry but knew I should eat something since I was sick.

We agreed to take the photos on Monday and not go to Crossfit so we could get the Christmas cards written up.  Then it was bedtime.

Despite being sick, it was an excellent weekend.  I'd do it over again if I had to.  :)

I am still a mabillionty years behind on blog reading/commenting.  The last time I looked, I had over 100 unread posts and they were over 11 days old.  Being sick really sucks the energy out of me, because when I'm not working (from home), I'm napping.  Additionally, with it being a "busy" season of life, computer things just fall to the side.

I've felt so bad since Friday that I didn't even go to the Chiro on Monday and you all know that Teh Chiro is my 2nd favorite person.  I'm almost a bit surprised he hasn't called to check on me, lol.  One day, I hope to catch up with life.  Until then, I'm just going to focus on not breaking my 20 day streak on DuoLingo.

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