Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Confessions {12/23}

-Sometimes, the act of having to move my fingers from my mouse to my keyboard to sign into a website for something (ok, online shopping) is just too much effort and I'll come back later instead of move my hands.  #LaziusMaximus

-I refuse to go to The Chive's site or enjoy any of the stuff on the site (unless someone directly sends it to me) because I get so annoyed with bitches posting fucking titties and cleavage.  Calm yo tits and put them away.  Also, an ex (I will not incriminate said person) used to have porn NSFW stuff on their reddit feed and it just irritated me so much, but because "it wasn't a secret" it was "ok."  #rolleyes

-I've seen the article that putting a period at the end of your texts makes you sound like an asshole.  Well, I'm an asshole all the time because proper grammar > you thinking I'm an asshole/me offending you.  #IDGAF

-Sometimes the M&M dispenser upstairs only spits out like 4 M&Ms and that means I have to get another set dispensed, which is ALWAYS too much.  The machine is automatic so when you hold your hand under it, it spits out the contents.  Very first worldy.  #notenough #TOOMUCH

-I spent some time at work looking at men's underwear so I could better help Teh Sister our/Teh German's Christmas present.. and I won't even pretend like it wasn't enjoyable.  In my defense, he really, really, really NEEDS new underwear.  #damnthatisnicetolookat

-I bought Teh Sister and Teh Utah Specialist one of these as their wedding gift and if (god forbid, please don't let this happen) they get divorced, I'm claiming this bad boy.  #prenupwithTehSister #NotTheWorstMOHAnymore

-I am almost 30 years old and I still cut myself shaving.  I wish I was super rich and could just afford laser hair removal.  #Ishouldstayawayfromsharpedges

-More on shaving, I try not to shave more than once a week unless I absolutely need to for outfit purposes.  1- I have obnoxiously sensitive skin, so shaving every day or even every other day is to much for these pieces.  2- As you may have guessed, I'm lazy as fuck.  3- Razors are expensive. #sohairy #IDGAF

-When I found out that several other people in my office were working from home today, you better believe I jumped on that crazy train.  #dogsarethebestofficemates

-Then since I was home, I figured I could go to the 8am crossfit class, after 2 days of pretty tough workouts.  #Ishouldntbeallowedtomakedecisions

-Because Teh German's holiday party was not inclusive of significant other's, I got to entertain myself last night so I went to Mex 1 again (yes, I was just there on Sunday, no I'm not sorry) and I was not disappointed.  I got the carnitas torta with the street corn and OMG I just finished my leftovers and despite being full I want more just because it was so delightful in my mouth.  #thatswhatshesaid

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  1. That period at the end of texts thing popped up on CNN Student News when I showed it to my kids today & after they were like "and so studies show..." I paused it, looked at them, & go "no what studies show is that y'all are too sensitive"

  2. Carnitas sound amazing.

    Shaving is a pain in my ass. Now that I'm preggo again my hair is growing twice as fast and I just can't keep up with the nonsense. I love how nice it makes my actual hair look but who needs shiny long leg hair? Or pit hair? Seriously gross.


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