Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Confessions {12/2}

-I felt a moderate amount of guilt when I realized that I hadn't made not-butt-stuffing-stuffing for Teh Sister to eat on Thanksgiving, after she told me that she had eaten the edge of the butt-stuffing.  #lifewithavegetarian

-Dear Insomnia,  We don't ever need to be friends.  In fact, I'd prefer it if we were more like those people who went out of their way to avoid each other.  In other words, if you could just leave me alone between the hours of 9pm to 6am, that'd be great.  #Ijustwanttosleep

-Dear Phil,  If you're going to barf after everyone in is bed, if you could do it within an hour of time to wake up, that'd be great.  But a few minutes into my first REM cycle where I am unable to go back to sleep from the hours of 1230-??? (it's currently 0400 as I type this) really pisses me off.  Especially because you're snoring away right now, with no sleeping issues AND you'll sleep all day tomorrow, Dick.  #assholedog

-I actually laid in bed crying (subsequently keeping Teh German awake) because I was so frustrated at my inability to go back to sleep.  #stressandPMSdontmix

-If you received comments at crazy hours on the 29th, you can thank my new friend, Insomnia. #Imisssleeps

-I talked Teh Sister and Teh Utah Specialist into stopping into Verizon on Black Friday to see if they would let me upgrade Suzy2.5 early (yes) and getting Teh German ported over from T-Mobile to my plan (of course).  We didn't anticipate actually doing it, but we did.  There were several hiccups and the lady we worked with kept disappearing for extended periods of time.  Additionally, we got a "free" tablet since it was Black Friday.. and by "free" they mean if you add an additional phone line to your plan for $10 a month.  Not only do I feel tricked into the tablet (the sales lady didn't make it clear that there was a charge and I didn't notice it until after I got home). #ITSNOTFREEIFIHAVETOPAYFORIT.

-The same thing applies to the "free" car wash at the dealership when I get my oil changed.  It's not FREE.  I paid you to change the oil and you washed my car.  It's actually part of the service.  Don't call it a free car wash if I'm paying you for services that include a "free" car wash.  #theresnosuchthingasfree

-We went over budget on the house, which kinda sucks, but we got the things we wanted, sooo #worthit?

-Back to cell phones.  Teh German upgraded to an iPhone 6, since his 5 wasn't allowed for some reason (I kinda wanted to question it, but didn't (#MeganFail)) and I got the HTC One M9, after Kathy had raved about it.  I was torn between the HTC and the Samsung Galaxy S6.  I lurveeedd my S5, so so so so soooo much, but the S6 doesn't have a place for a microSD card and I take a LOT of photos.  The HTC didn't have a charge to activate it when the (shady) sales rep pulled it out of the box, which was a concern for me, but #newandshiny distracted me from questioning (again).  When I got the phone home, it took the phone over 6 hours to charge (that said, it was also running a mabillionty systems upgrades and I had to call Verizon to port Teh German's number from T-Mobile since the sales rep hadn't done it).  It took all evening (starting at 6pm) through the next morning to finish the updates.  I wish I was exaggerating.  While it was taking forever to update, I read reviews online for the S6 and it definitely beat out the HTC, which breaks my heart.  That said, I'm planning on returning the "free" tablet and the HTC and getting the S6, despite the lack of SD card.  If Verizon gets pissy with me, I'll explain how shitty my service was and go from there.  I didn't actually realize how crappy of service we were getting until after the fact.  #BlindedByNewThings

-I'm done with all the hard copy books I have.  Which means I'm also FINALLY done with all the book challenges I started in July, 2 months after they ended.  Oops.  This means I have to go back to making sure my Kindle is charged.  #firstworldproblems

-I love my Nephdawgs, but they bark at absolutely everything and it makes me stabby.  Phil and Meri have me spoiled because they don't really bark for the most part.  Except at the neighbor's cat, which I often consider releasing them to see if they could catch it and what would happen....  #thatwouldsolvethepawprintsonourvehiclesproblem

-I'm now 31% fluent in German, and I'm still trying to figure out where that number is coming from because it feels more like 5% because I know words like cat and beer and where and I mix up words like play and sleep.  Teh German says he's impressed with how fast I am and I don't want to bust his bubble and tell him that some of the stuff I get quickly is from repeated lessons...  After breaking my 30 day streak because House, I'm finally back on my game and I'm up to a week streak now.  #Germglish

-I traded in the HTC for the S6 and I lurve it (you already know this if you read Monday's post, so #highfiveforyou).  There was a minor SD card crisis when I couldn't get my photos that I'd taken over Thanksgiving off the SD card from Suzy2.5.  I solved it on Monday evening when I loaded my SD card into my old Droid 4 (remember back when hoarding cell phones was a thing over turning them in for monetary credit?), downloaded the Dropbox app, and uploaded ALL the photos to Dropbox.  #problemsolver #selfhighfive

-I told the Verizon guy I didn't care what color S6 I got and he gave me gold.  I'm liking it.  #CheckOutMyBling

-My shoulder/arm/bicep has started hurting again.  I think I slept wrong a few nights ago, but I also think that my VERY gluten-y diet is inflaming the situation/area.  #foodmatters #selfawarenesssucks #BUTTSTUFFINGISTHEBESTSTUFFING

-Teh German is having a minor mental breakdown about all the money we're going to need for 2016 for New House, so I told him we could start using a budget program (bleh).  I set up my You Need a Budget program again and I think I did it right this time and didn't over complicate it like before.  That said, if I hadn't spent any dollars from the end of 2013 till now, I'd have $40k.  I still seriously wish that someone would look at my dollars and tell me, "Ok, Megan.  This is your allowance.  You can spend this much money this week/month.  When it's gone, it's gone."  That would be the best.  I'm accepting volunteers.  Anyone who really LURVES dealing with money?  Please?  #Budgetingcantbethathard #lyingtomyselfhelps #whydoesntmoneygrowontrees #wevebeentalkingaboutthisforyears

-There is 1 pregnant lady (who is just starting to show) at work and 2 guys with pregnant wives (1 is having the baby like yesterday, the other is having twins).  Yesterday, a 3D/4D sonogram photo of dude 1's twins was being passed around and it seriously made my stomach twist into knots.  SO MANY BABIES.  It's overwhelming and it makes me want to do the No Babies High Five with Teh German for each day of my period.  #Ilikemyeggsunfertalized #notreadytobeaparent

-Wearing tights under my dress means that I have zero fucks about how I sit while I'm wearing a dress.  You can see up my dress?  Don't care, I'm wearing "pants-ish."  #Imalady

-Once, I unfriended someone because she called me out on my "dirty" mouth on Facebook.. on one of MY posts.  #LovingJesusShouldntMakeYouAnAsshole #Toleranceisavirtue

-Kimmi and I are accountability sisters now and I'm super pumped about ALL THE SWEATY SELFIES she's gonna get.  Kimmi is the 2nd blogger ever to get my phone number.  #SweatyIsSexy #BloggerFriends

-I gave Teh German mouth sores/the herpaderp and I have an INSANE amount of guilt over it.  At one point he actually said he would have kissed me anyways (when I had a mouth sore), but after he got 2 at the same time, he hasn't said anything like that again.  #Imactuallysorry

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  1. I'm the same with tights. I often wear fleece lined tights under my dresses too. And then sit cross legged all the time at my desk. Don't care. I think I'm going to try YNAB but after all the holiday shopping.

  2. HAHA that period meme. Also, insomnia is the literal WORST. Thankfully I'm a good sleeper but whenever I've had it (a medication did it to me once for like, a week straight) I wanted to rip my hair out and die. Hope it goes away for you!!!

  3. It is always good to have an accountability partner!!! Kristen and Kathy are mine :) I love having a new phone, but the process of getting it is actually one of the most frustrating things on the planet. Why do they have to make it so you want to punch kittens?!?!?

  4. I hate when I'm so exhausted and/or frustrated that I just start crying.

    I got the s6 on black Friday too! Mine is white though.

  5. Yay for accountability! Also you are the 1st blogger to ever get my number so yes you are special.

    Insomnia and I are best buds lately. Hating it. I'm up all night and it throws me off all day and it is making my life suck.

    I totally wear tights/leggings under dresses for the express reason that I don't have to sit like a lady.

    I totally want a bling gold phone. #jealous

  6. So I was linking up with Lolo and then checking the other posts and popped over here and suddenly I was all "holy shit, I remember this from some time ago" and I am all happy to see it again (and now I sound creepy) but it's just because obviously I am not good with the regular paying attention to stuff.
    My absolute favorite was the first one about the butt stuffing.
    I am totes gonna follow you on bloglovin'.

  7. -Insomnia is the worst....

    -I can't handle anything dealing with phones and "free" crap. They tried the tablet deal with us too and hubby was interested...I have to be mean and just shut it down. Because there is ALWAYS a catch.

    -My goal is to start working on all of my hard copy books. I have SERIOUSLY cleaned out books so I can give up one of my bookshelves to the baby (now that's love). So I have one shelf on my bookshelf full of things I haven't read, and I have to read those before I get anything new. Of course, the first one I picked involved a miscarriage so I don't know if I will be successful #emotionalreader

    -Do you like that budget program? We need to get better about ours...ugh.

  8. ew, insomnia. i had the worst insomnia for YEARS and i remember how awful i felt. hope yours goes away soon!

    Thanks for linking up!

  9. The first gif with Loki #sogood

    I got a gold ipod shuffle a few months back (and posted about it, so you may know this already). I call her Blanche #becauseshesagoldengirl

    I'm right there with you on tights under dresses.


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