Monday, November 30, 2015

(Long) Weekend Review {11/30}



After waking up at 4am and being unable to get back to sleep, I got out of bed and took care of my Confessions post and did some work.  Before Teh German's alarms went off, I crawled back in the bed for AM snuggles.  We had to be at the design center by 830, so we were pretty much on our normal weekday schedule.

Decision making wasn't as difficult as either of us anticipated.  The biggest debate we had was about a double or single sink (I wanted double, he wanted single) and then I realized that with a single sink, there is only one drain to worry about and it has the garbage disposal, so a single sink it was.

The colors aren't as brown as they look.
I couldn't get the color right because of all the weird lighting.

The most infuriating part of the process was when the home theater/security system/Smartbox guy came in to "not" sell us products.  He started the process with something about being at someone's house recently who was having a wifi issue because there were too many devices on the wifi.  The point of telling us this was to sell us the Smartbox (which we'd already opted to get), but when I said, "So did you log into the router and switch up the bands so everything wasn't on the same wifi band?"  I was completely ignored.  Credibility hit #1.

He then brought us over the to the display box and we were pretty pumped about the music player control from the walls.. we later learned the music controls were $1500, except that I had to point blank ask him and then tell him no we wouldn't be paying for that since the theater system we wanted ($2000) would require a receiver and we could just plug whatever we wanted to play into the receiver via an auxiliary cable since we were already paying for it.  Again, he refused to acknowledge that what I said was a valid option.  Credibility hit #2.

His final product was the home security system.  He started by asking if we had dogs, yes.  Then he said we needed a home security system because if there was ever a fire, the CO2 detectors would notify the fire department and they'd be able to save the dogs.  I didn't even have words.  I could have seen that going the complete other way, but no.  Really I couldn't get over the fact that he didn't want to talk about shady neighborhoods or builders in the area or not knowing our neighbors to talk us into the security system, nope.  It was about the dogs.  It was at this point that I decided that I was done with this moron and the sooner he got out from in front of me the better.

Before he finally left, he wanted to talk us into a behind the wall conduit for the cables for the TV and was actually making zero sense because of needing a subwoofer and a receiver and the Smartbox placement and I was fed up with him for not acknowledging me and for primarily speaking to Teh German instead of me, despite my obvious technical knowledge (I'm blaming the boobs really).  Teh German asked if we could get a sub and receiver through his company and it was all I could do not to be like, NOT HAPPENING.

We ended up going over budget and we probably would have been done early if the paperwork hadn't needed to be printed out 3 times.  The first time was the sales lady's fault, the 2nd time was everyone's fault because we added the fridge at the last minute, and the final time was my fault because I'm all, "We're already over-budget, what's $1000 more dollars for this and this?"

I've never been so excited to get out of "shopping" in my entire life.  We were both completely drained of all abilities and we'd went over budget and Teh German was worried about paying for it all and having money for closing, blah blah blah.  We went to Willie Jewell's (yes my 2nd time that week) for lunch and after we finished eating, we were slightly better.  We headed home after lunch to pack and load Yurtle and the pups and head to Fayettenam.

The worst part of the drive was getting out of Charleston.  Since it was a holiday, rush hour had started early and Charleston drivers are... there aren't words to accurately describe the horrendousness that is Charleston drivers.  We made it into town by 6ish.  We decided to go out grab food at a bar type place downtown (if you really want to see where, I checked in on Yelp), which just so happened to be doing last call 20 minutes after we arrived, and our server was taking FORRREVER to deliver the first round of beer.  We didn't realize they'd be closing early because it was the day before Thanksgiving.  Oops.

After dinner, we headed home and Teh German and Teh Utah Specialist hung out while Teh Sister and I worked on food for Thanksgiving.  Teh German and Teh Utah Specialist went to bed way before Teh Sister and I finally did, which was around 1.

Thanksgiving Tetris: Master Level


The problem with the good idea of cooking Thanksgiving lunch is that it means you get up early and it's stupid.  Teh Sister and I got up at 6 to get the turkey in the oven and finish prepping the other foods.  We had chocolate pudding/pie filling for breakfast.  That's how you know it's officially Thanksgiving with Teh Family.

Me fisting stuffing the stuffing in the turkey

This guy made an appearance in the kitchen and we have no idea where he came from,
but we suspect my backpack since he appeared after I pulled out my computer.
He was quickly returned to the wild.

Everything was finally ready by 1230 (we had predicted noon).  Sadly, due to some technical difficulties, the video of Teh Sister making the turkey dance and other various prep photos are stuck on the SD card that was in Suzy2.5.  Teh German had asked me when we were packing what he should wear and I showed him my tshirt and jeans.  He packed a button down to wear.  Then we all spent the entire day in pajamas.  We keep it classy.  We didn't even shower all day.

Dat roasted toasted skin...

Teh Sister's first time cooking a turkey (ps she's a vegetarian),
so we had to get a photo of her with the "beautiful bird"


Thanksgiving dinner selfie!
Best part of my day:
Snuggles with this handsome dude.

This was perfectly acceptable because right after we finished eating lunch, we all went and took a nap.  When we woke up, we had lemon and chocolate pie for dessert.  Teh Mom arrived around 7, at which point Teh Sister wanted to start trying wedding beverages.  She had seen the Disney alcoholic beverages lists on Pinterest and bartender sister was to make them (me) for her.  Instead of doing full beverages, I did the drinks as shots.  2 shots in, Teh Sister was getting louder.  3 shots in, Teh Sister was pretty much out of control and we had 4-6 more drinks to try and I was drinking the excess of what wouldn't fit in the shot glasses.

Post nap silliness

Phil celebrated Thanksgiving by getting to eat the turkey neck.
A decision I later came to regret when some of it ended up on my bedroom rug after we got back home.

Lesson(s) of the night: Teh Sister and Teh Mom are both lightweights.  I can, apparently, drink like Teh Dad/a fish.

After I had Teh Utah Specialist bring Teh Sister to bed, Teh German and I sat with Teh Mom and her friend and walked them through the floorplan of the new house.  Eventually, we were all exhausted and headed to bed.  Fortunately, we were still in our PJs.  #win


There was nothing about me that wanted to get up on Friday morning, but the dogs were relentless.  Meri was incessant about watching the squirrels in the trees/yard so she kept knocking the vertical blinds and we both kept wanting to kill her and she was NOT staying in her bed.  Eventually, I got up and Teh Sister and Teh Mom were going shopping.  They would have waited on me to get ready (aka shower my stank away) but I was irritated they hadn't asked me.  I mean, I did bartend for them the night before!  Additionally, I had to work since I was teleworking.  I actually made negative process on the work front because I messed up the styles/headers in my document and was too frustrated to fix them.
Meri was super pumped to be able to have a huge yard to run and chase ALL THE SQUIRRELS in.
When she wasn't outside, she was looking out the front window, then she'd run to the back patio door to inspect her domain.

Aunt Teh Sister painted Phil's nail since he's such a good boy and lays so still.

When Teh Mom and Teh Sister came back, Teh Mom made breakfast (homemade biscuits that I'd been wanting for a while), eggs, bacon, and gravy).  I probably could have eaten 2 more biscuits, but we ran out.  /sadface.  After breakfast Teh Mom and her friend left.  I decided it was finally time for a shower since I had told Teh Sister that we could go back out for Black Friday shopping to the places they didn't go, since they had only been to Walmart.

With everyone loaded up, we hit up Kohl's, Best Buy, and Target.  We had a break for luper (lunch/supper) at Which Wich (deeeelicious), and then I talked them into going by the Verizon store to see if they'd let me upgrade from Suzy2.5 (who no longer had a working speakerphone).  What I thought would be a 30 minute thing turned into an hour+ long ordeal.  But, I ended up getting an HTC One M9 and we ported Teh German onto my Verizon plan (sadly he had to get a new phone, so he got the 6S).  The lady that was helping us was very distracted.  She'd work with us for 10 minutes then go away for a while.  She'd pass us off to someone else, then come back.  It was weird and I didn't like it.  Then as we were almost done, she was all, "Here's your free tablet!"  We were like, uhh ok? and accepted it.  We walked out mostly satisfied.

HTC One M9 front camera was pretty good.

My phone wasn't charged at all so it was practically dead when we left the store and I was unable to mess with it until we got home and I attached myself to a wall charger.  #firstworldproblems.  Once I got plugged in and on the wifi, the phone wanted to run a mabillionty updates.  I wish I was exaggerating, but it took the phone over 6 hours to completely charge (granted, I was using it pretty steadily to change the settings, it was downloading systems updates, AND I had to call Verizon at one point to actually port Teh German's number over from T-Mobile, since the ADD sales lady hadn't actually done it) and the system updates took well into the night to finally complete.  During the evening I had been reading Galaxy S6 vs HTC M9 reviews and the S6 had come out on top.  I had debated getting the Galaxy when I was in the store, but I wanted something new and the S6 is pretty much the same as the S5, except it doesn't have an SD slot, which is why I ended up picking the HTC anyways.  That and I had seen Kathy's rave review of her HTC, so I was willing to give it a shot.

The evening was completely lazy.  We didn't really eat dinner/thanksgiving leftovers because we'd had sandwiches.  We ended up going to bed pretty early because we were all drained from the past 2 days.


We got a slow start on Saturday morning, after the same AM debacle with Meri as Friday morning.  She's sooo, soo, soo cute.  Teh German and I had decided that we were heading back to Charleston on Saturday so we could have a day to recover and get ready for the week.  I was out of the bed before Teh German so I could put leftovers into bowls to bring back with us.  After I was finished, we got ready and I asked Teh Sister if they wanted to get lunch with us and they said yes.  We went back to Which Wich (and I even got the egg salad.. again) and the dogs stayed in the car.

Photographic evidence of Phil touching Meri.

I lurve my fuzzy face girl and my big boy.

After lunch, we headed back to Charleston.  I try to help keep Teh German entertained while he drives, but I had started reading Still Alice and I was super sucked in and didn't want to stop reading.  Except for when it got too sad.  When we got home, we unloaded the car, fed the beasts, and lounged on the couch for the evening.  After I finished reading, we had dinner (leftovers, finally).  Then it was time for bed. 

Dangerous when you have my (lack of) will power over my favorite types of pie (chocolate and lemon).


We stayed in bed until noonish when I finally told Teh German that I wanted/needed to get stuff done.  He hadn't really been feeling well since early in the week, so I gave him a pass at going to the grocery store with me.  Additionally, I had decided that I wasn't going to keep the HTC and I was going to pick up the S6 (like I should have just gotten to begin with) and after seeing that the Verizon lady had given me a "free" tablet that required you add a $10 a month line to your plan, wanted to return the tablet as well.  The Verizon rep I dealt with was nice and knowledgeable and NOT ADD.

It cost me $35 to return the tablet (a restocking fee), but I told him that $30 was still cheaper than the $220+tax that it would cost me to keep a tablet that I would never use.  Had she told me the tablet required a line, she would have kept her free tablet and I would have saved $30, but whatever.  Live and learn.  I was so overwhelmed at the Verizon store that I didn't even think to question it.  He clarified on insurance that she hadn't even asked about and he noticed that I had called in to port the number to the new line.  He also called the Fayettenam store to verify that the $60 credit that we'd been promised would get applied and made a note on the account.  Despite his hipster/Teh Bear look, I wanted to hug him a bit.

He did try to sell me the Droid Turbo 2, but I just couldn't sell myself on the Droid after the Droid 2 and Droid 4.  #thanksbutnothanks  I knew that the S6 would make me happy, so I went with it.  What I did NOT consider was that I wouldn't have the ability to get my photos off the SD card that was in Suzy2.5, thus rendering this post almost photoless.  I have a microSD adapter, but I can't find it, and the USB adapter that I have wasn't reading properly when the SD card was in.  #technologywoes

PS. My new phone is gold and it feels like #bling and it needs a name.

While I was at the Verizon store, a coworker messaged me asking if he could deliver boxes to the house and I told him yes.  When I left the Verizon store, I went to Publix since I knew the grocery store wouldn't take too long.  Another trip where I only shopped the perimeter of the store, with the exception of going down the tea aisle to pick up some tea for Teh German to help with his sore throat.  #win

When I got home, Coworker was there chatting with Teh German while the mosquitoes sucked him dry.  Eventually, Coworker headed home and we brought the groceries in.  I continued the laundry and put away the groceries.  Teh German had taken care of the dishes and moved the laundry for me, despite not feeling well, while I was out because he's the best.  After everything was put away and there was nothing really left to do, I started working on this post and realized there was an SD crisis.

It's super sad because there was video of Teh Sister making the turkey dance and first time selfies with the new HTC phone and selfies eating Thanksgiving dinner and other random stuff that would have been awesome to share with you.. but #technologyfail

Eventually, it was time for dinner and I gave Teh German the choice of Thanksgiving or frozen pizza and he (finally) chose the frozen pizza (that I've been offering as an alternative since September).  After dinner, we prepared for Monday and eventually headed to bed.

It was a pretty great Thanksgiving and it was nice to get away and still have a day to recover.  I'm going to work on getting the SD card crisis solved in the near future because ALL THE PHOTOS!

We did commit to going to Home, Home for Christmas, but we haven't figured out the time line for that yet.  We have a month, I'm sure we'll figure it out soon enough.

This week/weekend holds lots of Crossfit (sooo much fooooooddd), work, and possibly getting a Christmas tree!!


  1. I love all the puppy pics. And, Phil getting his toenails painted. And, your hashtag about "always an adventure" is a little saying that my guy and I have too. We cooked the turkey neck and carcass for a little doggie stew, and I had happy goat dogs!

  2. -The decisions. That's what would kill me about building- for our nursery I started out with something like 20 paint sample cards (how I wish I was kidding). And boo on the lame guy- I have serious issues when guys ignore me even if I CLEARLY know what I'm talking about #Rage

    -What bar closes early the day before Thanksgiving?! If anything, most of the ones I know of stay open late...because holidays=the need to get drunk.

  3. Ohhhh a single sink would be so fabulous!!! At first you would instantly think double sink right?? Then you made an excellent point with only having to clean one drain. And also....there is so much more room for activities! Haha Step Brothers..sorry. I meant cleaning dishes. That dude sounded super annoying though about all the tech stuff. I hate when people wont acknowledge that I have a brain!

  4. The guy not talking to you is super annoying. However I would have been glad because I hate talking to people....yet if there were things I knew and wanted I would probably have lost my shit because I hate when people try and tell me what I want. I think I know better than you dude.

    I'm all about the single sink life. Seriously so much easier to do dishes IMO.


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