Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekend Review {11/23}


I stayed at work for 8 whole hours on Friday and I almost died.  Just kidding.  Not really.  I'm trying to get in hours now so I can flex on Wednesday before Thanksgiving since we're headed to Fayettenam.  I came home and waited on Teh German to come home so we could go to Crossfit.  We'd already decided earlier in the day that after Crossfit we were going to go to Sesame for dinner (because "Sweet potatoes fries!!!" -The German).  We had invited Teh German's friends to go with us and they had been willing earlier in the afternoon, but at 6:30 we got a text suggesting somewhere else and I vetoed the idea because I can't ever find anything to eat on the menu that isn't spicy.  They then decided they were too tired to leave their house.  Yeah, I got a bit ragey about it.  How about you just be honest and say, "Sorry but we really don't feel like driving the 20 minutes to your house to go to dinner with you when we can just drive to a place that is 10 minutes from our house."  #honestabe  I was annoyed for a while, but got over it after I was fed.  #theirloss

We also went and checked on my dress to see if it was done yet since the lady had said it would be done on Friday, but she couldn't find it in the shop.  Uhhh, cool?  Not.  She even remembered that we had went to Sesame last week, which made us all laugh.  #notsorry.  She told me to call on Saturday and see the status.  Uhh, how about you call me?  What kind of business are you running here?  Le siiiiigh.  We also went by Target and I found the most awesome Christmas shirt that I just want to wear right now all the time.  After dinner, we headed to JCPenny to pick up a bow tie for Teh German since we were attending a dress up party on Saturday night.

After we were done spending money, we headed home and hung out in bed, Teh German watching videos and me reading You.  We were totally asleep before 10:30.  #90yearolds

Teh German looked over at me when I turned to this page and nonchalantly said,
"That's how old you're gonna be in a few months," then just went right back to watching his video.
Thanks, Boyfran.


Teh German had to work on Saturday morning and I wanted to get in a run.  Buuttt, I also wanted to finish reading You, which I totally did.  Then I went on my run.

How Saturday morning looked.
Please note the dent in the cushion on the couch behind me from Meri.

Saw this while I was running.  Cool.

After I got home from a 4.5ish miles, I decided to be motivated and take the dogs on a quick walk, right as Teh German came home from work.  After I got back and showered, we headed out to the Charleston Chili Cookoff for "lunch."  We pretty much ate chili samples until we were full and we OWNED the photobooth.  Also, they had Not Your Father's Root Beer, or whatever it's called, which was great for this non-beer/wine drinker!

Please click on this photo and just observe how much we rocked this photobooth.
#photoboothmasters #bestteamever

After we had walked around enough and they had announced that the Citadel had beat USC ((football) which was the 2nd time ever, we were walking around on the Citadel football field, so it was kinda awesome), we left and headed home to take a, very much needed, nap.  Our nap ran a little long because we really didn't want to get out of the bed.  Eventually, we got up, got our dress up on, and headed out.  We went by Total Wine to pick up a host gift and beer just in case (I had brought a bottle of rum just in case as well).  We stopped by Hometeam BBQ for dinner since they were only serving light finger foods, which is where we went on our first date.

I decided it was my 2nd favorite BBQ in Charleston, after Willie Jewell's.  Not recovering from a bout of food poisoning definitely improved the quality of the food.  The reason Hometeam is #2 is because I don't like their sauces as much as Willie Jewell's.  In fact, I don't like any of the sauces at Hometeam, but the pulled pork is delicious, so it can be eaten naked, which is ok with me.

After dinner, we headed to the dress up party.  We got our drink on and socialized until a little before 1, when it was finally time to head home.  Teh German didn't have as much to drink as me, so he was able to drive us home, rather than having to use Uber.

#redheels #bowtie #drinkingfromachalace #somuchwin

Drunk Megan was on her game again and took a benedryl so I could sleep through the night.

Thanks for the mascara/eye liner, Drunk Megan.
This seriously makes me giggle every time I look at it.


We got to sleep in on Sunday morning and it was glorious.  The dogs woke us up around 7 for breakfast, and Post-Drunk Megan always gets up early, so despite having asked Teh German to feed the dogs the night before, I got up and did it.  After the dog business was taken care of, I went back to bed.  When Teh German and I finally got serious about getting out of the bed, it was after 10:30.  By the time we actually got out of bed, it was more like noon.  GLOOORRRRIIIOOOUSSSSSSSS.

We decided to have brunch at Red Drum Restaurant because I really wanted one of their biscuits.  Before we got out of bed, I made an OpenTable reservation because the time I had been before, it was super slammed.  We got up and got ready and headed out.  When we arrived, our table was ready, which was awesome.  Despite how foodgasmic the biscuit was, the rest of my experience was on the poor end of the scale.  I ordered huevos rancheros (because I'm full of surprises when it comes to food, not) and when they arrived, there was soooo much runny white stuff in my eggs that I actually sent it back.  When the server brought it out the 2nd time, there was still runny white stuff, but not as much, so I just dealt with it since I didn't want to be the person that send something back to the kitchen twice.  I've seen Waiting and I've been a server, once is too many times.  The other part of the poor experience was that we didn't really get refills, which was extremely bad for me because my food was spicier than I had anticipated... and I was semi-dehydrated from all the rinky-rinky the night before.  In defense of the server, she did have my meal comped from the bill and didn't charge us for Teh German's coffee of my sweet tea, so I told Teh German to leave her an awesome tip.  She didn't have to have the food comped, so I give her credit for that.

A biscuit from this place will change your life.  Trust me.

Chicken and biscuits w/ hashbrowns

Huevos rancheros (with super uncooked eggs)

After brunch, we headed back home to pick up Yurtle and head to Mud-Pit/Future House to check out or lot in the daylight, which Teh German hadn't seen before.

I wish they'd change the sign to sold.  But don't worry, I'll show you when they do, lol.

We have a mailbox!!
It doesn't actually have a nose, but it does have the street number. #OPSEC

This photo is from up the street near the community pool.
Our house will be behind the green house/under the red arrow.
There will also be houses all the way around the pond.

After spending some time at our lot (OUR lot.  Yes, that's a big deal still), we headed to the Closet to finish moving all Teh German's stuff into my house.  We were able to get Yurtle and Teh German's car loaded up completely in about 2 hours, so not too bad to disassemble the bed and package up the TV and sound bar for transport, and put everything in the vehicles.  I got the privilege of getting to drive Yurtle with a mattress and box spring tied down to the roof rack.  Talk about a good time.  Not.  The tie down to hold the front of the mattresses down was latched inside Yurtle.  Anytime I exceeded 45mph, the sound of a thousand angry hornets took over my car (it was actually the wind against the tie down).

We made it home with zero issues and unloaded the cars within 20 minutes.  So fast compared to loading it!  That said, we're definitely hiring movers for next summer.  Nothing about moving my tempurpedic mattress excites me, no matter how much Crossfit I do between now and then.  Additionally, if we have visitors at Teh Ville prior to moving into the new house, they will have to sleep on an air mattress in the living room, because the dining room and guest room have been taken over as storage areas.  #nomadlife

The closet doors are closed because it's equally cluttered with my crap in there...

After getting everything inside and getting the dogs fed, we headed back out to Publix to grab a few things for dinner for the short week.  Teh German suggested getting Kickin' Chicken for dinner and since we were able to order online while standing in the grocery store, we did that instead of having to fix something when we got home.  #pleasedontjudgeus  We picked up dinner after leaving the grocery store and headed home.

After putting away the groceries, eating dinner, and taking care of the daily chores (dishes, refilling peanut butter kongs, reloading Phil and Meri's pill containers, prepping dog breakfast, finishing up the laundry (and ignoring all the dirty bed linens that Teh German delivered today)), we laid in bed being lazy, Teh German watching motovloger videos (which made me want to choke a baby and put in earplugs) and me writing this post.

That means this post was actually written on Sunday night instead of Monday morning.  SOOOOO much focus!

It was a great "lazy" weekend.  Next weekend we'll be between Charleston and Fayetteville and while I'm looking forward to it, I'm mostly looking forward to NO alarm clock for so many days!

Happy short week for those of you that, that applies to.
If not, have a good week anyways!

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  1. You probably should get a nose for your mailbox. I can tell I'm hungry & need to go make lunch because every time someone has posted food, which has been damn near everyone, I think "I want that in my mouth right meow!" Basically what I'm saying is those biscuits & hash browns look ah-mazing.

  2. hahahahaha the drunk Megan mascara marks made me laugh. Your food porn looks fabulous! And I hate when people jerk around plans and then cancel when they should have just been honest in the first place. So annoying!

  3. That chicken & biscuits picture made me salivate. Dude. Those kissy-face pics are too adorable. And, man, don't you kids clean up nice?!? I's impressed!


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