Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sweaty Sunday #16

October 26 - November 1, 2015
I failed at my road run last week for Endurance Club.  It was a stressful week and a busy weekend.  Shit happens. 


Rode Mike for a little bit and rode back to SC sad that we had to leave mountains and leaves and cooler temps behind.


Rest/Lazy day.  Teh German had suggested a run, but it ended up not happening.


Endurance Club/Run:
5 x 300m (70%), 100m (90%)
1:1 rest after 300m
60 seconds rest after 100m

That workout LOOKS easy, until you're doing it at whatever crazy pace your body isn't used to running at.  I tried using Runkeeper to track the pace and I think it was just confused why I was running around and around a building.  The pace seems to hold steady around 7 minutes, but that can't be correct because we would run 300m then stop for 1:20 (the time it took us to run the 300m), so there should have been spikes in my time, but there weren't any.

Runkeeper to Megan:
Go home, Megan, you're drunk.


Press 5×5*working up to 80% (scaled to 65lbs)

20 min EMOM (every minute on the minute)
Power or Full Clean (scale up weight as you go) (scaled up to 70lbs)

I broke a sweat, but this workout was nothing for me but lifting weights and I needed something else.  Additionally, I couldn't get my postures/movements correct and that meant all my movements were shitty and nothing felt right.  I tried to scale up to 70lbs, but was told by a coach that 65 should be my max right now because my lower back was compensating for too much weight.  Le sigh.  I went home in a funk and decided to get my road run complete since I didn't do it last week.

3.42 miles, 31:40 (9:15m/m)
1- 9:15m/m!!!!!!!!!  You better believe I was screaming on the inside I was so pumped about that time.  Sadly, it wasn't a sustainable pace for 13 miles, but part of it was that I also did my intervals for the endurance club.

10 min warmup, conversation pace
30 second uptempo (think 400m pace)
30 sec run/jog (no walking!)
10 min cooldown, conversation pace

My intervals were off because the app I was using was retarded (or maybe it was user error).  My intervals were more than 30 seconds long and I should have just went the simple route and used my antiquated technology watch, next time.  My "cooldown" was more than 10 minutes, which isn't a big deal, but it also wasn't really a cooldown.  I wanted to keep that 9:15 pace so I booked it home.  It had been a while since I had done any miles and my face was tomato red.  My pieces were ok, but by the end of the night, my left hip was tightening up with a fierceness.  I rolled and did some stretches, but I'm sure that Thursday is going to be interesting.


5min AMRAP:
20 Double-Unders, 10 Air Squats, Rest 1 minute  (completed 4 sets)
5min AMRAP:
5 Dumbbell Man-Makers (pick your load) 10 Box Jumps (24/20) Rest 1 minute (completed 3x5 sets)
5min AMRAP:
5 Burpees, 10 Push-Ups (completed 3x5 sets)

For the last AMRAP, I took the burpees super slow and subbed sits up for push ups for one round of the 3.  My shoulders were really done by the end.  This was definitely a good workout.  We also did some shoulder and hip rolling and I was pretty sure I was going to die a little.

This is my: I'm not sure why I thought this was a good idea face.


Strength: Deadlift 5×5*last 2 sets @80% (scaled to 135lbs)
4 Rounds for Time
30 Wall-Balls, 20 Push Ups, 200m Run (total time: 16:47)

I accidentally forgot to do 15 WBs on my 2nd round, so I made them up in round 3.  It was brutal.  I only did 10 push ups per round because of my shoulder.  I was still burnt out from Thursday and it was super sore and very poppy.

Icing my shins because they were killing me.


It was hangover recovery day... ANDDD my back was hurting something fierce from deadlifts on Friday.  It wasn't anywhere that could be massaged out, which was the worst part.  11 miles did not happen.


3 days of Crossfit
~5.1 miles (I'm not sure if RunKeeper accurately tracked my Tuesday run for distance).

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