Friday, October 30, 2015

Five on Friday #71


Fun things to come in November (ok and Halloween):
  • Halloween!  We decided on a couple costume.  Oh yes, WE.  We are that couple (as if you're surprised by that), we know how nauseating we are.  We embrace it.  LOL.
    • Work Halloween Gathering
    • Friends' Halloween Gathering
    • Another Friends' Halloween Gathering
  • An extra hour of sleep (yes, that's worth celebrating)
  • Trapt concert on Nov 3rd
  • Teh MD-AR's visit!
  • Sweet Tea 1/2 Marathon
  • The chili cook-off at the Citadel that I went to last year with Teh SC House Finder and Teh Architect
  • Thanksgiving (no idea what the details are Thanksgiving day, but I am considering a Turkey Trot or the 7am WOD)
  • Trying to ignore Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales


Sooooo, when does it become acceptable to just not do Christmas presents?  The past few years, my desire to give gifts has gotten less and less (it also helps that my bank account pees a little when I look at it with Christmas gift shopping in mind).  In fact, I don't even want to receive that many gifts either.  I'd rather receive one thoughtful small thing than 5 things I don't really need.  Is this adulting again?  Ughhh.

I think part of my problem is that if I want something, I buy it for myself.  Somethings I wait on, but very rarely.  There is nothing I need either.  In fact, there are a lot of things I NEED to do, like purge my closet or clean my house (ugh again), but I don't see those being applicable Christmas presents.  But I'm accepting these things as gifts if anyone is volunteering.  I don't turn away gift givers.

That said, I didn't even do a Christmas tree last year.  1- There's Meri.  If you live under a rock and aren't aware, Meri is part goat.  She'd eat everything on the tree.  Some of my decorations are from when I was a kid.  I don't want to have to release her into the wild, she was so expensive and she's so cute so often.  2- I have no idea where I'd put a tree other than in the dining room, which I guess is kinda cool cause then the lights would be way more ambient than the overhead lights.  Hrmmm maybe I just talked myself into a Christmas tree?  3- It costs dollars to either buy a fake tree or a real tree.  4- I'm not sure how extreme Teh German is on the scale of "OMG YAY CHRISTMAS EXPLOSION ALL OVER THE HOUSE" to "Eh, take it or leave it."  Also, it is Teh German's first Christmas away from his family for the holidays... so no pressure, Megan.  #mustplanALLTHETHINGS



After reading a FB comment where the person used ZERO capitalization and ZERO punctuation, I almost lost my freakin' mind.. But mostly because she was bitching about how shitty YOUTHS were these days and how they have zero respect for anyone.  Well, she has zero respect for grammar and I hope her family doesn't know how to use commas.

Stop airing your dirty laundry on FB.  We get that you want to rant, but seriously, inappropriate, kthx?

Oh Pun Husky, you make my day.


This article about trigger warnings and over-sensitivity to things that make us uncomfortable definitely made me think.

I fucking say what I want.

#Blimpgate became a thing and I'm so glad that people can have a sense of humor, but I'm sure that no one who was possibly responsible for tethering a $2.7 billion blimp thought it was funny at all.  I'm also sure that aviation commands in the NE were PUMPED (pun intended) about having an awesome mission.

Brianne posted this article about passionate women and I'm proud to say I identify with so many of those traits now, where I wouldn't have at the beginning of 2015.

Apparently, in some countries, feminine hygiene products are under scrutiny for being taxed as a luxury item.  Switching to the cup eliminates this problem and waste build up (because if you recycle used feminine hygiene products.. I just have nothing to say to that), just saying.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. This one isn't going to be a surprise: THE LEAVES AND THE MOUNTAINS AND LAST WEEKEND!!
  2. My new Ninja blender and it's awesomeness where I press a button and it just DOES MAGIC.
  3. The ability to go out and get lunch and work from home.
    1. Caveat: Specifically from Willie Jewell's
  4. Coworker to me: That is a very dignified photo of you two on your desk.  Me to Coworker: Riiiiiight! (Photo below).  Same Coworker later in the week: You really aren't a morning person are you?  Because normally when I come in the morning I say hello and you just grunt back at me.  Me to Coworker: I say hello!  I just don't enunciate well that early in the morning.  Coworker to Me: You're perfectly fine from like lunch on, but before then, well... you grunt a lot.
  5. We were talking about my being frustrated at Crossfit and then Teh German sent this:
    Also, Wonderboy is from Hercules, if you didn't get the reference.
    Yes, that is Teh German's name in my phone.
  6. When people tell me that Teh German and I are a cute couple, even if it looks like they are trying to decide to heckle or compliment us on how cheesy we are (ya know, if it's in person).
  7. Delicious smoothies that I didn't follow a recipe for, for breakfast.
  8. Spontaneous late night motorcycle rides that include my favorite bridge and making a full circle through/around Charleston.
  9. Spending a total of $9.95 on our Halloween costumes after using Amazon rewards points and Target discounts/gift cards.  PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME (oh yes that was a hint).
  10. Realizing how much my life has changed in the last 3 months and what a drastic difference there is between Oct 2014 Megan and Oct 2015 Megan. 

We keep it classy (and dignified).
Seriously this is one of my fave photos of us.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
Linking up with these ladies since it's FFFFRRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!


  1. -The past few years my husband has "given" time for Father's Day, etc. Well, time+labor. Helping clean out the yard, helping do chores around the house, etc. I would personally love to trade out time+energy with if anyone wants to come help me paint a nursery, I'd love them forever and bake them cookies.

    -Thank you for reminding me why not having FB is nice :)

    -I feel a little obsessive at how much I LOVE my menstrual cup. I don't think I can use it directly after birth and the thought of having to use pads makes me die a little inside. Didn't read the article but I think the issues is also that men's razors/etc are not being taxed which is BS.

  2. Cant wait to see your halloween costumes. Also, sorry...but I cant get behind a Christmas with no tree or presents. lol. Goat dog or not! Um luxury item? WTF?!?!?! It would be a luxury to not have to use any of them ever again thank you very much!

  3. That message from "Wonderboy" (#5) made my heart explode with happiness! And the husky meme? Oh yea. That rocks!

  4. Thanks for the shout out #Holla

    You have so many fun things happening in November. It makes me want to write out my November calendar RIGHT NOW! I'll finish reading blogs though...

    As far as Christmas presents go... both my mom's side of the family & my dad's side of the family stopped doing gifts (at least for the adults) years ago. My group of friends from college decided a few years ago to stop buying everyone a present & to just bring a present & we make a little game out of it. It's never anything super expensive because we mostly just want to spend time together but it's fun to make it a game & walk away with something ridiculous. One year there was a deck of naked man playing cards from the 70s of 80s. I only buy a present for my mom, dad, brother, cousin's little kids, & my hs best friend. If I had a boyfriend I suppose I'd buy him something too ha. The present thing is exactly why I love Thanksgiving more. It's the same fun quality time without present pressure.

  5. -I'm a gift giver. I can't help it. My issue is I will buy it literally ANY TIME OF YEAR. I don't need a holiday to spend money apparently.
    -I'm also told I cannot buy things this time of year due to birthday madness and Christmas. So I see all these amazing things that I want (do not need a one of them honestly I'm just a brat) but I can't buy anything.
    -Adulting sucks. Just sucks.
    -The Facebook dirty laundry thing kills me! Seriously....if you didn't want attention then why post anything?


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