Friday, October 9, 2015

Five on Friday #68


In case you missed it on Wednesday after all my PMS drama, PLANE TICKETS HAVE BEEN PURCHASED FOR A TRIP TO GERMANY NEXT SUMMER (with Teh German)!!!!!

There aren't enough caps, exclamation marks, and dancing gifs to accurately convey my excitement.  So I skipped all that for you, Gentle Readers.  You're welcome.

What this means is self-guilting for the next 8 months to not spend all the dollars on all the things.


I hurt my shoulder at Crossfit.  Yes, already.  No one should really be surprised by this.  I went on Tuesday evening, then again on Wednesday evening and well.. yeah.  Apparently, those workouts back to back were very tough, even for not-beginners.  Good game.

I know that I have some difficulty with push ups because I have wonky shoulder thing that's never been diagnosed.  Not only do my shoulders pop every.single.morning in the shower when I reach behind me to wash my back (quite loudly), but sometimes they pop/ache when I'm doing push ups.  Maybe burpees weren't my best life choice on an already sore shoulder?  I did finish at least 1 set of half of what everyone else was doing, and I was halfway through the 2nd set when my shoulder was like, "Nope, fuck that."

Teh German asked me if I was going to continue going to Crossfit since I really struggled this week and he could tell I was pretty frustrated on Tuesday evening because I didn't feel worked out or tired after I was done, which is something I need with my workouts, and then hurting myself on Wednesday.  But I reassured him that I was 1- already (literally) invested, and 2- way too stubborn to give up so early in the game.  An injury or frustration isn't enough to stop me from continuing to try.  It takes at least a month or so for me to give up.

Also, Teh German is the worst/best at proving his points.  On Tuesday night when I was refusing his reassurance that I'm not going to be the best during the first few sessions (if ever), he totally used my running training against me when he said that I didn't just run a 1/2 marathon the first time I went out on a run.  Siiiiiigh.  No, it took me almost a year of running to even commit to a 1/2 marathon, then 3 months of grueling, mid-summer day, training runs of various distances to get to 13.1 miles.  I hate when he's anyone but me is right.

I'm hoping with more practice, my pieces will get stronger.
...and that I'm not too sore this weekend to get in some serious miles, because the Sweet Tea 1/2 marathon in November isn't getting further away.

The real question now is do I join the "endurance club" where they focus on running or do I just stick with breaking myself at the regular classes.  The only thing holding me back from the running club is that it costs an additional $80 on top of my $130 monthly membership.   Add to that my $33 chiro visits at least once a week.  Yeah.  Ouch in so many ways.


Tomorrow is Teh Sister's birthday and I didn't forget that it was her birthday as much as I forgot that this isn't the beginning of October anymore.  That said, she wasn't able to give me any guidance on anything she really wanted, so it looks like Boner Weenie is her bday present.  I made sure to text her this morning and tell her that we were celebrating her bday next weekend since we'll be attending the Renn Faire together.  I #bigsister-ed the shit out of that situation.  #likeaboss #noIdidntforget #Irememberedearly #sometimeshashtagshaveseveralmeanings

PS.  Teh Sister will forever be 14 in my mind.  She's never older than that.  When I did the math to see how old she was going to be this year, I was shocked.  No wai she's 25.  She was 10, then 14, then she never got older in my brain.  Granted, I like her now more than when she was 10 and she wasn't as annoying at 14, but we've come a long way.  She will attest to this.


I have a to-do list a mabillionty years long for this weekend, most related to cleaning my disgusting house.  I also have several other errands I need to take care of.  Just knowing they are hanging over my head is draining me.  I just want to accomplish all the things so I can stop worrying about them.  Is anyone else like this?

Not only do I need to clean the entire house, Yurtle also needs a bath something fierce and since most of Charleston was a lake, there was no reason to bother. 

Fortunately, I bathed the dogs a few weekends ago, so that is one less thing, but all their beds need to be washed, which is just ugggghhhhh...  Plus washing normal laundry.

Mike Wazowski needs to be delivered to the motorcycle shop for a check-up since he was leaking fluid when we got back from NC and he wobbles at certain speeds (and Teh German has deemed this unsafe and prefers me not to die). 

I also need to find a tailor to drastically change my MOH dress for Teh Sister's wedding, because that dress is a hot mess on me right now.  I don't think I shared photos on here because it was just so absolutely horrifying.  Teh German kept giggling at me swimming in this swath of fabric in the middle of the dining room.

I need to call Disney and see about getting a lowered rate for our hotel stay since they announced the military discount/benefit thing.

I need to find a doctor to prescribe me some meds.  I need to find a dermatologist to fix my face (this one has been on the back burner for a very long time, but I'm over all this acne).  I need to call my health insurance (still) to find out what exactly I'm covered for.

I need to run at least 9 miles this weekend, 10 would be preferable, 11 would be overachieving, but perfect.  I scheduled my last 2 on-ramp classes for Crossfit for next Tues/Weds, which means I should be involved in the regular classes after next week.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Discovering awesome playlists on Spotify.
  2. Workouts that exhaust me.
  3. Not being as sore as the day prior.
  4. Ich liebe dich.
  5. Figuring out the perfect chia pudding combination (chia seeds + almond milk (original) + a few slices of canned peaches + a bit of peach juice.  I soak the chia and milk, then add the fruit the morning I take it to work) for breakfast.
  6. Waking up slowly to sleepy kisses and snuggles from a man that loves me.
  7. Feelings of accomplishment at projects completed.
  8. Having a to-do list (which means that I have a home to clean and dogs to get everything muddy/dirty and a ceiling to fall in and a car to drive).
  9. Funny videos of baby elephants.
  10. Date night with Teh German which meant pre-gaming at Target then dinner at Sesame.  Dinner was a bison burger w/ bbq and cole slaw (his) and a turkey burger with egg, bacon, and melted mozzerlla cheese with no bun (me), sweet potato fries (shared), and a milkshake with Frangelico and coconut rum.  (Yes, you needed to read about all those delicious things, but mostly it was about the photo below.)
Mine, all mine.  #bestteamever

Awesome Friday Playlist:

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
Linking up with these ladies since it's FFFFRRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!


  1. Woah!!!!!! To number 4!!!! You probably should update ME more often!!!!!

  2. That picture of Teh German is pretty awesome. hahah.

    Ugh I have a long, loooong to do list but I'm off to my inlaws tonight until Sunday night, OH JOY!! So nothing will get accomplished this weekend. Wanna clean our place, too? ;)

    Have a great weekend hun!

  3. So awesome that you are getting to go to Germany!!!! Sorry to hear that you hurt your shoulder. All the people that I know that do Crossfit walk around with bruises and shit all the time! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Those burgers sound very intriguing! PS I love fried eggs on my burgers! Happy weekend!

  5. #6 on your ten things list made me say awwwwwww audibly :)

    On my ten things list, when I talk about good things & fun adventures happening to blogger friends, you going to Germany was one of those things/adventures I was thinking of!

  6. So busy! Im digging the playlist! Germany! Lucky!

  7. Oh yay for booking a trip! It's always great once a holiday is booked. Date nights are awesome and I'm in awe that you are doing Crossfit. Hope you get better soon xx

  8. And now I'm going to go look up some funny baby elephant videos.

  9. Yep I have never used Spotify.....perhaps this is something I should correct? Anyhow YAY GERMANY! My husband is German and someday we hope to travel back to his motherland (even though he has never been he still calls it that)


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