Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend Review {10/19}


For the first time in forever (you're welcome if you sang that), I rode Mike to work and it was worth the pretty crappy hair day.  After dealing with the frustration of my property management company (still) and calling Disney to try and get the Armed Forces Salute pricing for our Princess run trip and them hanging up on me, I was ready to just sob a little and my desk wasn't the appropriate place for that.  I was out of work by 1:45 to head home and meet the dog sitters/walkers at 2.  They were really nice and agreed to come on Sunday instead of Saturday, so I was relieved that all my stress was eliminated.  After they left, I had to run some errands.

I took my MOH dress (/weep) to a tailor to see how much it would cost me to get it altered to be less.. awkward.  The lady said about $200 at which point I wanted to cry a little and she suggested possibly finding another dress.  Dejected, I took my China dress and told her I'd consider what she said.  I headed to Teh German's eye doctor to pick up his glasses.  That good time had me sitting in rush hour traffic while I chatted with Teh Sister over the bluetooth headset in my helmet (one of my best purchases for Mike related things).  I only almost died once when I came within inches of rear-ending a van because traffic stopped suddenly and my back tire slid out a bit.

I considered going for a ride after picking up the glasses, but I was sweaty and gross and wasn't sure what time Teh German was getting off work, so I headed home and showered since it was already 4:15.  When Teh German arrived, we decided to go out for dinner at Sesame rather than me make dinner (win).  It cooled down as the sun was going down, so we decided to sit outside, which was a good idea until 2 other tables with children were sat near us.  After the frustration of my afternoon, I just wasn't in a mood to tolerate other people's spawns screaming/disrupting my peace.  The adult milkshake didn't have enough liquor in it to dull the pain, but it was delicious.

I talked Teh German into going to Victoria's Secret with me because I wanted to possibly pick up a bottle of perfume and I wanted him to smell the dude cologne I liked, Very Sexy Platinum (I think it was Very Sexy Too around 2005ish).  I overwhelmed him with smells and there were no coffee beans around, so I ended up not buying anything.  We also stopped in a formal dress store to possibly look for a new dress, but the lady working ended up talking to me and I explained to her the situation about my China MOH dress and she said they could prob do the alterations I was talking about for less than $200 so I agreed to bring the dress in on Saturday.

After we got back home, I prepped dog food and we went to bed early.  Teh German was passed out before 9 and I wasn't really sleepy, so I took the opportunity to write all my sappy thoughts out (you're welcome for that outlet that you don't have to endure, Gentle Readers).


Teh German had to work Saturday morning, which meant we had to push the Renn Faire back to Sunday, meaning ZERO sleep in/snuggle days this weekend.. /sads.  Teh German was awesome and put down the dog food so I could stay in bed, but I still ended up getting out of bed to let the dogs out and leave him a sappy note before he left for work. 

Work has really been frustrating him lately and I'm kinda at a loss of what to do to.  Guys have all these things they can do to cheer up ladies and well, I just don't see him appreciating flowers in the same way.  So if you have any awesome suggestions for creative ways to distract dudes from their work problems, I'm all ears.

Since I was already up and knew that my Sunday was going to be completely consumed, I started the laundry and made the menu for the week, which also means making the grocery list.  I got a bit sidetracked by the internets when I got online to look up smoothie recipes for breakfast but forgot about looking up the recipes entirely until 45 minutes later.  Oops. 

I had considered going to the Saturday Crossfit class, but would have been cutting it close on time and I guilted myself into a run because who passes up a run in Charleston when it's breeze AND below 70 degress?  Not this girl.  The dogs got amped up when I started to head out for my run, so I leashed them up and took them on a quick trot before getting my run on. 

After my run, instead of showering, I pulled a self-delayed-gratification and finally cleaned Yurtle inside and out.  Since that included vacuuming, when I pulled the vacuum out of the closet, I went ahead and did a quick vacuum of the house since Phil is seriously having a blow out of all his fur and Meri had tracked in dirt all over my freshly vacuumed couches early last week....  It's good they are cute.

Teh German came home from work while I was in the middle of vacuuming Yurtle.  He changed, we decided I'd meet him for dinner at sushi and then we'd go to the grocery store, and then he left to go work on Suzi at Teh SC German's house.  I continued vacuuming and finally washed Yurtle.  I had to take her on 2 drives to dry her off because I accidentally got her wet when I was trying to spray a wasp nest from the ceiling of the carport.  #worthit

After Yurtle was shiny-ish (she had a yellow coating from the drives, ugh), I applied my new sticker to her!  Because the original sticker kinda large and it would have been slightly crooked due to the roundedness of my back window, I cut the sticker apart and then put it on the window.  That meant I could make their hands touch and move the hearts closer to their heads so it wasn't as large and it meant that Wall-E and Eva were level, which was most important.

Finally, it was shower time, then I tried to give my hair a little time to dry so I didn't have horrendous helmet/frizzy hair by folding all the laundry, which I had magically finished.  I had considered leaving it for when we got back home from dinner, but decided that my hair needed all the time it could get and I had time right then and I probably wouldn't want to deal with it after dinner/grocery shopping (I was right).

After everything was folded and put away, I set out on Mike to the mall to bring my dress by the dress store.  The lady had me put it on and pinned it where it would need to be hemmed and said they'd call me by Tuesday with an estimate.  Hopefully it will be less than $200.  Hopefully it will be less than $150.  We'll see.  I considered setting out for a ride, but I didn't really know where I wanted to go, so instead, I headed to hang out with Teh German while he was working on Suzi.  I had brought a book, in case I needed entertainment, so I wasn't worried about being bored.  When I arrived, Teh SC Teacher was also at home, so we chatted and I did my German lessons while Teh German worked. 

Teh SC Teacher had invited us out to Triangle with another couple that Teh German works with and we nixed the sushi idea in favor of hanging out, which was cool.  We stopped at the closet on the way to dinner for Teh German to drop off some tools and I felt super cheesy/cliche having to ask Teh German if I could borrow a sweatshirt since I was chilly riding in just my jacket/short sleeve shirt, but part of me was secretly pumped to be wearing his hoodie.  #cheesy #dontcare

Sadly, my dinner was NOT cool and it ended up being too spicy for me to eat, even though I thought I had the spicy stuff removed.  I had looked at the food menu at Triangle when we went out "bar hopping" that one night a few months ago and hadn't been impressed and I really struggled to find something I could eat on the menu and this burger didn't say it was spicy so I was pretty disappointed.  Teh German agreed that he wasn't a huge fan of their menu, but we were really there for the socializing, so it was fine.  Since I was on Mike, Teh German was slight concerned about the no console light situation I have going on, but I assured him it was fine.  After dinner, we headed to the grocery store to get items for the week.  

When we were leaving Publix, Teh German made me add another of his jackets to my layers, which I was happy about by the time we made it home, even if I was initially annoyed at having to add another layer.  I was pretty much the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.  While we were at Triangle, the couple we had went bar hopping with invited us out and we initially said sure, but then by the time we made it home, we decided we were too old to go out since they were downtown and we wouldn't have arrived to the bar they were at until around 11 and we were getting up early the next morning to drive to Charlotte.  I was relieved.  After the groceries were put away, showers were had, and then it was bedtime.


RENN FAIRE DAY!  In the theme of the weekend, I took absolutely zero photos.  Oops.  Teh German said he was surprised by this, but sometimes I just don't feel like it.  #notsorry

We were about 30 minutes late leaving Charleston and I was initially irritated by that, but then realized we were in no hurry and having a bad attitude wasn't going to help anyone, so I snapped out of it.  I had messaged Teh Sister to inform her we were on the way.  A while later, Teh Sister messaged me back to tell me that she and Teh Utah Specialist were standing us up because she was bleeding out again, so they were headed to the ER instead of the Renn Faire.  She recently had her tonsils removed and apparently as an adult the procedure is more difficult to recover from vs as a child.  I tried not to be overly disappointed.  Teh German and I were almost halfway there when she told me they weren't going to meet us, so we weren't turning around.  And I had already scheduled for the dog walkers to come while we were out and I'd already paid them.  We trekked on.

While Teh German drove, I did bouquet origami and looked up questions that we could answer to keep us entertained.  Along with the random sing-alongs, it was an excellent ride.

The Faire was awesome.  We arrived around 1130 and bought tickets online while we were standing in line.  Teh German was surprised at how big the Faire was.  We caught a short bit of the Hey Nunnie Nunnie show, watched the noon joust, then caught the Bonnie Lass and the Pirate Shantyman.  After we had lunch, then watched Zilch the Torysteller, then meandered over to where the Tortuga Twins would be putting on their final show so we could get good seats. 

I laughed so hard throughout the day that my face hurt.  Teh German said that the Faire was a lot more fun than he had expected.  I was disappointed we didn't have enough time to look through more shops and catch more shows.  We did watch the biggest and most important ones though, so I was satisfied with that.  The Tortuga show lasted an hour and 10 minutes, usually it's only 45 minutes.  They kept getting into it and were making stuff up on the spot, which was awesome.  After the show was over, we ended up going out a back exit instead of having to walk all the way back through the town, which was veryyyy nice. 

Traffic to get out of the parking lot and back home wasn't really bad at all, thank Allah.  We decided to stop in Rock Hill for dinner and we agreed on a Mexican place (Senor Nachos) that I had found on Yelp.  If you know me, you know that I mostly loathe professional sports that aren't hockey, so when we were sat in an area with a huge TV playing the Carolina - Seahawks game I was unimpressed.  Teh German also gives zero shits about football, so it wasn't a big deal..  Until we both were watching because there was less than 5 minutes left in the game, ESPN had showed us that the Seahawks have won against Carolina for the past few years, and Carolina missed the kick and started to go for a touchdown.. at which point the little girl who had been dance/playing by the tv stepped on the power cords and reset the DirecTV box and there were actual, "WHAT JUST HAPPENED!?!" statements from several tables, including ours. 

The kid could tell she had done something pretty bad and there were several upset people, but the dad totally won the internets when he pulled up the game on his huge ass Note 4 and was streaming it so the tables that had been watching could see it.  #goodman  Fortunately, football plays take for-fucking-ever so after the 5 minutes it took for the TV box to reset, there were still 2 minutes left in the game and we got to watch Carolina score their touchdown that led them to win the game.  We actually waited for the game to end before we left the restaurant.  Oh yeah, and the food was pretty good.

We did more questions and sing-alongs on the drive back home.  Teh German drove, despite my offer to drive.  When we made it home, we gave Meri and Phil some attention, showered, then collapsed into bed.

Despite not getting any sleep in days, it was a good weekend.  Granted, my bathroom still hasn't been cleaned, but whatevs. 

The next few weeks are going to be filled with crossfit and weekend adventures (depending on Teh German's work schedule).  Currently, we're seriously debating a trip to NC to go riding next weekend while the leaves are still on the trees and before it's too cold.  That said, we were both cold this past weekend at the Renn Faire and we were only in Charlotte.  I know it's colder in the hills and I'm not sure my poor fingers can handle the wind on my fingers for that long if it's below 60 degrees.  There are plenty of activities finally going down in Charleston now that it's not life-threatening to go outside.  YAY FALL!!

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  1. oh please please please please please come to the hills... I'll make huge vats of hot chocolate and build fires and snuggle and everything!!!

  2. oh and I felt kinda sad reading the first of your blog so i'm glad it got better...

  3. Perhaps this other place will be about to do something with your dress?! I totally should have cleaned my car out this weekend but I helped Chris with his and then called it quits haha. Oops! I remember Very Sexy Too, I loved that scent!!!!!!! I hate when food at a restaurant is disappointing, but not every meal can be amazing and sometimes it is about socializing like you said.

  4. I'm sorry you had such a shitty Friday but I'm glad that the fair was awesome!! I usually leave guys little notes, send them random lovey messages during the day, or pick something up/make them something that I know they love as a little treat.

  5. I have always wanted to go to the Ren Faire (?) and never have. One year I'm going to actually do it. At least you had a nice time!

  6. Once, I had a bridesmaid's dress cost me $267. The alterations cost $175. The shoes cost $85. That's $527 spent on an outfit I wore once and have no idea where the dress or shoes are at this time in my life. Bitter much? Luckily, I still like that friend of mine quite a bit, or I'd be cussing her much more. Actually, I didn't even cuss once in this comment. Go me!

  7. What all Alterations do you need? My mum is a professional tailor and she can tell you about where the ballpark should be as far as cost.

    Ren Faire!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoohoo! I wanna go to some other ones. I love our local one but I want to see more! My brother in law went to a big one in Texas and had an awesome time, but he didn't do any of the shows! I'm like.....THAT'S THE BEST PART. Seriously I should have gone instead.


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