Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Confessions {10/7}

-It is infinitely more funny when Teh German makes nazi jokes than when I make them... because ya know, he's German and all.  So when the following conversation took place, I almost peed my pants.

Teh German was typing a review for an item he ordered.
tG: It says, "Fast safe shipping. Item arrived in perfect condition"  No, there's a comma missing.  I'm such a grammar nazi.
I make a thoughtful/weird face at him before exploding into giggles.
tG: What?
Me: When you call yourself a grammar nazi, it's completely different when I call myself a grammar nazi.
At first he didn't get it, but after a few seconds it dawned on him.
tG: Ohhhh, cause I'm German.. nazi... I get itttt.
My giggles escalated into cackles.  #toosoonfornazijokes?

-I am incredibly frustrated at how difficult it is to find a list of things covered by my health insurance.  I'm sure it's this difficult for a reason, but I don't understand why my annual vag appointment is fully covered (other than any lab tests, kthx for that lesson, Conventry), but an annual physical for the rest of not reproductive pieces wouldn't be covered.  But I can't be sure if that is or isn't the case, so I'm trying to find a list of things that are covered.. which is practically impossible.  I found this list of items that will apply to my deductible (of course), but I don't want to have to pay, period.  Tricare Prime wasn't this complicated, but I still don't miss the Navy.  #healthinsurancesucks

-I really need more of my Astelin nose spray and that means making a doctor appointment, which is why that health insurance thing is relevant.  When I don't have my Astelin, the sneeze monster takes over my body.  This is problematic because sometimes when I sneeze, I pee a little bit.  #beingagirlsucks #thatescalatedquickly

-When people were getting excited about the sunshine on Tuesday, I was all, "Bah humbug."  #Ilovetherainthemost

-All of my quad mates have departed the quad and it's a sad day for me.  When my last quad mate left, he left the Lord of the Rings goblet that has been passed around since spring and some Jesus casette tape cases on my desk.  I felt like I had been passed a torch.  So now I'm the only member of the Super Awesome Unicycle 9000, formerly the Super Awesome Quad 9000.  Once I get more quad members, we'll upgrade to Super Awesome Bicycle 9000, the maybe even Super Awesome Tricycle 9000...  We'll see about that.  #Dontmakefriendswithcoworkers #theywillonlyleaveyou

-I did my 2nd crossfit class yesterday and I'm ridiculous.  I was getting frustrated at myself for not being able to do the motions correctly even though it was day 2.  To the point that I almost cried and then I realized that I'd be judged as the crazy lady and I held that shit in like a boss.  Then on the way home, Teh German was trying to reassure me that I wasn't going to be the best the first day (which I know, duhhhh, except that Megan brain doesn't work that way, kthx) and I knew he was right but I resisted his reassurance.   #noteveryoneisperfect #butdamnifIdonttry

-Because they don't work you as hard in the beginning (so you can learn the movements correctly), I didn't feel exhausted and it was cool out and I was frustrated at myself for not being the best, I decided to go on a run after we got home.  Then as I was headed out the door, I decided to bring the dogs, because they need exercise too, right?  Yeah.  I had just gotten the 1/2 mile notification when I tripped on the street and fell down.  There was a lady and her dog down the sidewalk and she definitely saw me.  I had in my earbuds and couldn't hear if she asked if I was ok or not, but she didn't pick up her pace to check on me.  So in addition to being upset that I fell, I was upset that she didn't care, when the reality is that I couldn't have heard her if she did yell to ask if I was ok and it would have seemed like I was ignoring her if she asked and I didn't answer, which was also frustrating.  At which point, I picked myself up off the ground so I wouldn't get ran over by a car (since I had fallen on a section of street vs sidewalk) and then proceeded to ugly cry all the way home.  My total distance was 0.8 miles.  #noprideleft

-THHHEEENNNN, I continued ugly crying as I started dinner.  Teh German was in the shower so I was safe.  Then he was no longer in the shower and I tried to dry it up, but my face kinda gave it away when he walked up to me to figure out why I was sniffling.  When he asked me what was wrong I told him I had PMS.  Then I walked to the bedroom to start getting in the shower and admitted that I fell and he didn't get it.  I repeated it, he still didn't get it.  Finally I realized we were having a language barrier issue and I had to elaborate to "I tripped and fell on the street while running" (the rest was in my head: because I don't have the life skills to put one foot in the front of the other and stay upright).  I was all sweaty and gross and my knee and hand were bleeding (and I may have also hit my eyebrow too) and he was fresh and clean from the shower and despite my protests he still hugged me and tried to make it better.  #bestboyfriendever

-I ugly cried in the shower because PMS is stupid and I was frustrated at myself for not being skilled in life enough to lift a bar over my head properly or touch my toes to an overhead bar while hanging or run down the street with my dogs and for crying in front of my boyfriend and because my knee and hand were burning and just because I hadn't cried in a while.  #beingagirlisstupid

-When I finally got out of the shower, a lot of little things just didn't go right.  I got spaghetti sauce all over the wall, I sloshed sauce out of the pan.  The noodles weren't cooking properly.  I burned the bread.  It's a wonder I didn't wear most of my food when I was trying to eat it.  These things were frustrating, but I didn't cry over them, even though I considered it.  #thisiswhatprogresslookslike

-It's confirmed: Germany in June w/ Teh German.  Plane tickets have been purchased (when I found them for under $1000 for roundtrip (vs the $1500+ we had been seeing), I knew it was time to pull the trigger).  I may or may not be starting a countdown in the near future.  I think this is a way bigger deal to me than it is to Teh German.  #meetingtheparents #GOINGTOEUROPE!!!!!

-We're gonna have a layover in Moscow on the way back to the US and I'm stupid pumped about it.  #pleasedontletmegetabducted #allthepassportstamps

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  1. Being a girl does suck. Ughly cries come out way more than I'd like to admit and I think eating shit while running is totally a valid excuse. Also on the insurance thing, I always call when in doubt. That way I can discuss exactly what I'm wanting covered and they can say whether it's covered or not.

  2. PMS IS THE WOOOOOORST! Work friends that leave you are the worst. That was my last job... now I'm struggling between not wanting to be the first to leave because FOMO...but not wanting to be the last man standing again. WOO HOO GERMANY!

  3. I may have squealed a little with excitement about your Germany trip! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I should be crying that I don't run, I don't crossfit, I don't exercise, and I'm fat and lazy. Actually, I hate that "f" word. I shouldn't use it. So, I'll change it to -> I'm overweight and lazy. Actually, I do cry about it from time to time, but I'm too lazy to do anything about it. Sigh.

  4. I feel you on the PMS thing. I have cried this week more than I can count and I want to eat all the things, and I am rage-y over the smallest things. I feel like a legit crazy person.

    I also feel you on the sneezing thing. Since having Kyra there is just no way to sneeze without that particular side effect. It used to just be occasional but now it is every single time. SUCK.

  5. Hubby has German ancestry, and I'm always like "NO! You cannot make Nazi jokes, #toosoon" Even if it's a generation or two away, haha.

    So sorry about the Crossfit thing...but from what I hear they're supposed to be nice and super focused on form and encourage you all the probably no one else is being nearly as hard on you as you are (which I mean, isn't that almost always the case).

    BOO PMS. Totally get it, and been there, and it sucks. But it's OK. It totally happens.


  6. Laughed at the nazi thing; whatever! It's funny. And the trip to Germany sounds amazing! The crying does not. Being a girl IS stupid. I've been a rage monster for like two weeks now and have nothing to blame it on except a regular ol' funk but I NEED to get out of it. I'm annoying myself. (Also explains my lack of posting this week...woops)

  7. Hahahahaha I am still laughing about the Nazi joke!!!!!! I can promise you that I would suck at Crossfit the first few I wouldn't be upset up day 2!


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