Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekend Review {10/12}


I was out of work by 1:30 on Friday and it was glorious.  I went home and debated a nap, but instead decided to start tackling my monstrous cleaning list.  We had a whole lot of nothing scheduled for the weekend, which was awesome.  I had considered going on a run, but I was trying to save my legs for my long run on Saturday and I was still a bit sore from my Crossfit sessions.. and who needs to go a run when you can just break a sweat sweeping/mopping the floors?

It was a serious cleaning list that included vacuuming all the surfaces in the house, to include under the couch, in the couch, the guest bed (because #goatdogs like to trek their dirty paws across the unmade bed).  It also meant washing the dog beds and moving the shelves away from the wall to discover MORE insulation from where the ceiling fell (queue #ALLTHERAGE).  It was essentially a deep clean without washing the baseboards/walls.

Ewww.  Mostly that's Phil hair.

I only managed to get the floor in the kitchen and dining room done before Teh German messaged me to tell me he was on the way to the motorcycle shop, where he was going to meet me so I could drop Mike off for his check-up (he was leaking juices when he got back to SC after Labor Day weekend and he has a wobbly front end which is slightly concerning).  We got back home and were lazy for the evening.  I continued cleaning while Teh German cleaned his bathroom.  It was leftovers for dinner while we chatted about our day and we finished out the evening being lazy on the couch with our electronic devices. 

This is what happened when I took a Magic Eraser to my counter tops.
If you can't see it, there's an OBVIOUS color difference between the "erased" area and the non-"erased" area.

When we went to bed, my crazy brain did that thing it does where it over-analyzes and reads too much into things.  When we had been at Universal, Teh German had had something to Friends 1 about if he decides to stay in the US with his company depending on how the next few months go, blah blah blah.  I kinda pushed it off as him trying not to look over-eager about the work situation he's been dealing with and trying not to "too soon" with me.  Then during our conversation at dinner, it came up again and my brain was NOT being quiet when my head hit the pillow.

Fortunately, Teh German noticed something was wrong and I told him that he'd been saying IF he was staying, which was completely different than what he'd been telling me and well, I kinda needed to know if he was planning on leaving the country in the near future.  I explained that things this good don't happen to me and when they do, the rug is often yanked from under me.  He clarified that he wasn't planning on leaving the country and that I was the biggest reason at this point that he wanted to stay... indefinitely. 

Have I mentioned lately how #girlweek sucks?  I mean, I probably would have been upset about this even if it wasn't that time, but my brain made it a way bigger deal than it needed to be.  Nonetheless, Teh German talked me down and soothed my brain and it was finally sleepy time.


To my snuggling displeasure, Teh German had to work on Saturday.  This was good-ish for me because it meant that I was going to be able to focus on things like going on a run/cleaning the house.  Which I totally did, after a 2 hour nap..  #notsorry  After Teh German left for work, I got up and fed the beasts and took my O2 Gold with a shake and then went and laid back down.  The thing about the O2 Gold is that it helps me breathe better.  When I breathe better, I sleep better.  I did not want to get up after an hour, so I just keep right on sleeping.  It didn't help that my sleeps were being rudely interrupted by Meri who kept resituating on the bed and I got cold and there were noises outside and I was feeling guilty for not running yet.

Finally, I drug my ass out of bed, put the dogs outside (because #goatdogs aren't trusted inside unsupervised for extended periods of time), and hit the pavement.  I got tired of listening to Rob Lowe name drop about celebrities he met at a kid growing up in LA, so I called Teh Dad.  I saw Teh German arrive home as I was starting my last lap around the neighborhood.  It was during that last lap that it also started to heavily drizzle and it was glorious.  The best and worst thing about talking to Teh Dad while I was running was that the RunKeeper app doesn't interrupt phone calls, so I had no idea how far I had gone or what my pace was.  This was good because I wasn't killing myself.  This was bad because I wasn't pushing myself and I was walking a lot so Teh Dad could understand my speaking.  When I got home and discovered 8.9 miles with a 10:53 pace, Teh German was like, wahhhhattttt?  He was concerned because my pace was so slow and I explained to him that I wasn't pushing hard aannndddd I hadn't done a proper run in a significant amount of time.

After I showered, Teh German agreed to do the store run with me.  I don't think he knew what he was getting himself into since the store run included Target and the grocery store.  We decided on Wild Wing Cafe for lunch and we failed to remember that it was football Saturday, which sucked for us.  It was so loud in the restaurant we could barely hear each other.  But the wings were good and I pulled some fries from the basket before Teh German ate them all.  I underestimated his love for fries until recently.

After WWC it was Target time!  I had a list, but I got side tracked at the card section since Teh Sister's bday was Saturday.  Then I got side tracked by an emergency bathroom trip, I really should know better than to eat certain things and then try to do activities afterwards.  Finally, we got down to getting the items on the list and the items I had coupons for.  We made it to check out and I had failed to text the Target code thingy for the $5 gift certificate and you better believe I sprinted all the way back to the area the sign was to text the code then sprinted all the way back to the register before she could even finish scanning my coupons.  This was a fail/win on my part.  A win because I got the code.  A fail because she missed a coupon and had I been standing there, I would have definitely noticed.  I ended up with 2 $5 gift cards and saved the 5% with the red card (debit > credit card, trust me) and then saved almost $8 with the coupons.  Me = Winning.

As a reward for tolerating my Target-ness (and because I had a coupon), we stopped by Starbucks on the way out for beverages.  Starbucks equipped, we headed to the Commissary since I was running low on meat in the freezer.  I also found this gem jug and just couldn't even handle my excitement.

You done been shrunk!
Look at you, a little tiny milk jug, for little tiny people..

After the Commissary, we headed back home and unpacked the groceries proceeded to be lazy on the couch.  We watched Spy since Teh Sister had rented it on Amazon, then Teh German decided to order Papa John's.  As he was checking out, I showed him the specials area since he was about to pay $33 for a large pizza and some garlic knots.  He admired my ability to save dollas at that point.  I saved him $10.  #likeaboss

After the movie was over and the pizza had arrived, I did my first computer tutorial on how to set up the GEGR dog blogs.  I prided myself at my ability to find a program that would record my screen and me talking, my ability to figure out how to set up said program, and then my ability to run the program after only 3 test videos and 2 googly troubleshooting searches.  I was able to get a successful video after only 2 bad starts.  That said, now I want to create "how-to" videos for ALL THE THINGS!!!  Additionally, my Southern accent has seriously faded, YYYYAAAYYY!!!  Don't be fooled, I can still utilize it anytime I want.


Saturday evening we agreed to do a Bridge run with Friends 1 Wife, so we got out of bed early (0815) instead of sleeping in and snuggling and headed to the bridge.  I took my O2 Gold again and it was magicaaalllllll.  I was able to run the ENTIRE bridge.  We only stopped to walk at the turn around point.  Also, for the first time ever, I was out running Teh German and I actually finished ahead of him.  After he caught up, I learned that he was having some belly issues (which I was also informed were NOT funny after I laughed), which means that the only way I'll ever be able to beat him at something is if there is something wrong with him.  He understands that this is a loving competition and that I wasn't happy he was having belly issues, only that I was happy that for once I got to beat him at something physical. 

After our run, we agreed to go home and shower and meet Friends 1 Wife at Sunflower Cafe since it is located halfway between our houses.  Teh German had planned to Skype with his dad at noon, but since his dad was ready early, he Skyped with him before brunch, which was awesome because then we didn't have to rush.  While Teh German was talking to his dad, I had a minor freakout when I discovered that I have a toenail that is coming off so I had to call Teh MD Adult Roomie and freak the fuck out because OMG MY TOENAIL IS COMING OFF AND IT'S SO GROSS AND DOESN'T FEEL GOOD.  OMG OMG OMGGGGGGG.  She totally gets me and said, "Runner problems."  She is the best and she had just finished her Army 10 Miler in DC all by herself (#likeaboss), so she completely understood my #runnerproblem.

Then I discovered that one of my nails was broke and I was crushed.  I had just been bragging about how long they had gotten.  The problem was that since they were so long, they all had to be cut otherwise I was going to look like I had crack nails.  Kthxnope.


There was an issue at first between me and the waitress because when I tried to order the breakfast burger that had been a special a few weeks before the girl was like, we don't have the ingredients for that.  She explained that on Sunday's only the breakfast menu (so no sandwich/burger menu) is available and I explained to her that we'd been there before and I was aware of this.  She went back and asked the cook if they could do it and she said no (the ingredients thing).  Then I asked for a tuna melt and when I asked if I could get fries with that she was like, we don't have those ingredients, the truck doesn't come until Tuesday.  Finally, I was like, I don't understand, it's Saturday, why isn't the entire menu available?  At which point Teh German, Friend 1 Wife, and the waitress just kinda stared at me with their mouths open.

Apparently they had been worried that I was about to start rage screaming at the waitress because I wanted a burger so much.  Nope.  I'm just an idiot.  Then there was laughter after I asked, "Wait!  What is today?"  Turns out, it wasn't Saturday.  Good talk, Megan... way to act a fool.  In my defense, when we pulled into the parking lot, I actually said to Teh German, "I'm so excited that it's Saturday so I can order from the whole menu!"  He hadn't paid me attention until I reminded him that I had said that before we came inside.  Sooooo much lolz.

I ended up ordering a regular breakfast combo, if you're wondering about what I actually ate.  I was super disappointed because I seriously wanted "my" burger and some fries.  This really only fuels the desire to go to Moe's Crosstown Tavern on Tuesday after Crossfit.  I'll go sweaty, I don't even care.   1/2 off delicious burgers = #worthit 
Teh German will not agree to this.

After brunch, we headed back home.  Teh German went to the closet/a friend's to work on Suzi and I took a nap.  When I finally got up, I started cleaning again.  I hadn't vacuumed, which was the biggest part of my to-do list.  It was like a 2nd workout.  I broke a sweat moving rugs and couches and cushions and bookshelves.  Teh German arrived home just as I realized the vacuum wasn't working properly and I was having an almost meltdown.  I cleaned out the spin brush but it still wasn't working until Teh German ensure the hoses were properly attached.  This is why he's the quality control person in our relationship and I'm just here to bang shit around when I'm pissed off.  He left me to my vacuuming dervish.  He tried to talk me into waiting to complete the cleaning later in the week and I explained that the cleaning had been my weekend goal and I was tired of it being over my head and I was going to do it.  

I took a break and went to sit on the bed with him to cool down from my sweaty state and he told me that he would help but I hadn't directed him to do anything.  I explained that if I didn't ask him to do anything, he isn't obligated to do anything and for this type of Crazy-Megan cleaning, it was best that he just stayed out of the way.  I also didn't want to have to re-do something he'd done if it wasn't up to my standards, so I was just going to do it myself.  Next time, maybe.  I also told him that I don't play the "you don't ever help" game because he definitely cleaned the bathroom he uses, does the dishes every single night that I make dinner, and takes out the trash regularly.  #hesakeeper

We did have a silly/awkward moment when I said, "I'm almost ready..." and the response I heard from him was, "momma?"  I stopped vacuuming the bedroom rug and looked at him directly and said, "Did you just call me 'Momma?'"  He said, "That's what I thought you said."  I quickly clarified, "Oh no.  I did not say that.  I said, 'I'm almost ready.'  You will NOT hear me call myself 'Momma' or hear anyone else call me that."  He said, "Yeah I didn't think so, it was weird."  I then kept clarifying, "Yeah no, never call me that.  Ever."  Then there were giggles over my insane reaction... or maybe he was awkwardly laughing at me.. Whatevs.

Finally, I finished with my vacuuming and delegated the bathroom to be cleaned later in the week.  It's the easiest part of the things that were on the list and I see my sink several times a day and think "ugh, I need to clean this so bad," so I know it will get accomplished.

After cleaning, it was leftovers for dinner because #Imalazyass even though I had meals planned out.  I took a risk and had leftover pizza that had been the one thing that Teh German had eaten that I hadn't on Saturday, so I'm assuming that's what messed up his belly.  So far, I'm fine.  After dinner, we finished cleaning up and I showered since I was sweaty and smelly and then we laid in the bed reading (me) and watching motorcycle vloggers (us). 

We also had a discussion about how much bread/gluten we'd been eating and motioned to cut that down significantly since neither of us were faring well from it.  When I got in the bed, my foot had been hurting, but eventually the ache spread to the entire right side of my body and nothing would pop, which is extremely uncomfortable for me.  Yay for someone who is willing to make healthy food choices with me!

Eventually, it was bedtime and the weekend finally came to an end.. Booooooo.

Oh yeah, the 11th was also Phil's 8th birthday!  We celebrated with a slice of bread for breakfast, extra treats throughout the day, a PB kong when he was in his crate, and leftover refried beans with dinner and all the extra lubbins.

Next weekend we'll be headed to the NC Renn Faire and I'm unbearably pumped about it.  Hopefully the weather is delightfully fall and I get to wear a hoodie and eat broccoli cheddar bread bowls and window shop for more glass balls.

Happy Week, Gentle Readers!! :)

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Personally, I respond via email because it's the easiest way for me to communicate with you and because who actually goes back to that post to check and see if someone responded to your comment?  Sometimes I take the time to look for an email address associated with the account, but often I don't have the time, so I just end up feeling a lot of guilt over being unable to respond to my Gentle Reader's comments.  Most of the time when I go searching for an email address, I'm taken to a G+ profile, which would lead me to believe that G+ is the issue.

I did find an awesome tutorial from another blogger if you want to fix the issue.  If you prefer to not make this change, please include an email address with your comments (email(at) so the spammers can't get to you) or a website that includes a contact email address (mine is under the About page so it's not on the main page because that's just wayyy too easy for spammers).  I look forward to chatting with you!

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  1. First- Happy Birthday Phil! Second- I am totally in that head space right now where I am taking everything WAY too personally. Meaning I yelled at my husband when he poked me yesterday and then cried in a dressing room because a sweater didn't fit. #girlweek sucks a giant dick.

  2. that seems like a pretty fabulous weekend and I think you deserve many even fabulouser ones.

  3. Happy Birthday to you special poochie! Sounds like a great weekend! Thanks for linking up today.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. I don't know if you know this, but Blogger these days usually includes a Notify Me button - I always click it, so I always get any replies to my comments on Blogger blogs via my email account. :) I do the same on Wordpress blogs.

    I found you last month via Bloglovin, enjoying your blog so far. :)

  5. Happy Birthday to Phil!!!! Don't you love when our minds wont leave something alone? It is like you know you are being ridiculous but cant help it! Also, cleaning sucks. I did that on Saturday after procrastinating for a few hours. Ugh!

  6. I so need to start running again. I was just telling my friend Em last night that for now at least one day a week I need to wake up early (my alarm now goes off at 6:45-7 whereas this time last year it was 5-5:30) & running...then up it from there. I need sweet places like that bridge though.


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