Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Confessions {10/21}

-There are certain names I really dislike being called.  Being from the South means dealing with this irritation on the regular.  Let's just say if you don't know me, please don't call me anything you might call your significant other, child, or food.  #Iamnotyourhoney

-When bloggers don't link their books in the Show Us Your Books linkup to Goodreads, I have all the sads.  I'm too lazy to open a new tab, go to Goodreads, and possibly click the button to add the book.  It's even worse when sometimes they underline/bold the book titles and it tricks me into thinking that it's linked!  Just make it easy for me, pleassseeeeeee.  If you already link your books, I lub you long time.  #Icallitenergyconservation

-Hi, my name is Megan and I absolutely LOATHE books that are from a series.  It's completely irrational, but I feel like a story should be all in one book.  Maybe it's because A Song of Ice and Fire series (aka Game of Thrones) ruined it for me.  I mean if you can't tell your story in 1000-1500 pages, I've already lost interest and maybe a few less characters, plskthx?  If it's a "spin-off" of the first book, it's not really a series, so don't number your books.  I don't want to feel obligated to read all the others.  It's a thing.  #booksnob

-My Friday post was #69 and every time I looked at it, I giggled.  #adulting #dirtymind

-If you ever decide to live in Charleston and rent, if you find a property managed by Charleston Property Management, RUN, not walk, RUN LIKE YOU ARE ON FIRE in the opposite direction.  It could possibly be the owner in this situation, but I wouldn't even risk it.  I love my quirky little, shitty house, but I'm OVER trying to get shit fixed.  I choose to be a renter so I don't have to deal with these issues with my dollars and this is the first time I've ever dealt with an owner who doesn't want shit fixed in their house.. and if I was a home owner, I wouldn't have to deal with these issues because I wouldn't live in a house this shitty.  Where water comes in the back door because it's "sealed" with spray foam insulation or the front dead bolt not engaging because the house is too "swollen" for the last 3.5 months or has double sets of windows or has scorch marks on the wall behind the mold ice bin refrigerator.  This is me saying I would have never bought this house and questioning why I agreed to rent it (actually I know exactly why, the price was right)  #RUNlikeyouareonFIRE #nojk

-The more German I learn, the worse my English gets.  #keepingthingsinproportion
Example: when I originally typed this it said, "the worst my English gets."  I wish I was kidding.  Last night when I was doing my German lessons this happened: I do not speak Englisch, but Deutch.  Teh German got all the lolz from that one and we've decided that #Germanglish is real.

-During the Ded Bob Show on Sunday, Ded Bob asked if anyone had come with the perfect woman and Teh German raised his hand.  It might have made me blush a little lot.  #hesakeeper

-We have already reserved a trailer for this weekend to make a trip to the mountains with Mike and Suzi.  Can we get some prayers/hopes/good karma/whatever positive thing you believe in that Teh German doesn't have to work so 1) we can go ride and 2) we don't have to cancel our plans to ride which will disappoint both Teh German and myself.  #Idontdealwellwithdisappointment #TehWJLissopumped

-I realized that I probably don't need to train very seriously for the Disney run since I know that I can run 13.1 miles and we're going to be stopping for character photos and giving zero fucks about time.  #thisisgoingtobitemeintheass

-runDisney updated their cover photo to a GSC training photo (since the training plan starts today) that included THE LITTLE MERMAID.  YOU BETTER BELIEVE I'M UNBEARABLY EXCITED!!!  So much so that I called Teh MD-AR AT WORK to tell her the good news.  That said, I've already purchased my skirts.  I'm doing a Megara outfit and a Stitch outfit for the 10k and Half and I'm thinking Eva for the 5k since it's just all white and I can get a little sticker with a plant.  #GONNABEAPRINCESS

-I really want to write a post that isn't in my normal schedule (weekend review, confessions, 5 on Friday, sweaty Sunday), but finding the words to speak to my desired subject is difficult and confusing and moderately painful.  #yesallwomen

-Big Brother DoD is asking for more information on Teh German.  I reported the relationship mid-August, so it took 2 months for the DoD to get interested.  Thanks OPM hackers for delaying what is already a horrible situation.  #clearancewoes

-Every night I go to bed with an overwhelming feeling of how lucky I am and it almost makes it difficult to fall asleep because I just want to keep telling Teh German over and over.  #pillowtalk

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  1. You're doing the Princess? I'm so jealous - you have no idea!!!

    I would LOVE if people linked up to Goodreads on book reviews!

  2. All the cuteness with Teh German and his perfect woman talk and happy thoughts at bedtime. I love it! Also I'm with you on the Goodreads links! I don't have time to go look this book up, link it ladies! I probably shouldn't complain on that factor though because I never actually read the books, I just add them to my lengthening "want to read" list and they get forgotten. Oops!

  3. Yuck, clearance woes. Being in DC I hear about that happening a lot. Pain in the butt!

  4. I rented a place like that, It drove me insane. Then I bought my house and all in all making repairs hasn't been too awful....knock on wood. I got my oil changed yesterday and the guy kept calling me honey, sweetie, baby....ummmm no.

  5. I am so with you on the names in the south. People who live here know that honey is SUPER offensive unless it is to your significant other or child. Lol it's all about tone. Also that Disney princess meme is life.

  6. One of my biggest pet peeves with online dating is when guys start calling me baby, sweetie, honey, blah blah blah before we've even met! #NoThanks #Next

  7. Oooohhhh the names. Here, in Australia, some people like to use "doll" and "love", and it makes my skin crawl. I include links to goodreads and that means you "lub" me and that makes me happy. You and Teh German are fast becoming my favorite couple eva!

  8. 1. I am SO HAPPY you and Teh German are happy and in mushy land.
    2. Loving that your English is falling apart as you learn German. I speak a mishmash of languages on a pretty normal basis because I'm a weirdo who can't decide how to speak.
    3. I am guilty of not linking my books. I will change that next month for you!
    4. No one is allowed to call me Hun, Honey, etc. Not even my husband.

  9. Your posts are the best. I hope your pissies turn into happies and all that shit. xo Amanda!

  10. -The first day we were back in NC, I went to Bojangles and the cashier called me baby. LOVED IT. I'm a fan. But apparently my "honey" habit makes people want to beat me with a bat. #OhWell

    -Also, I love book series! I also prefer TV shows over movies. Apparently this is the "disagree with Megan day" :-p Sorry!

    -Boo bad rental companies/owners :( We had that in Colorado- the rental agency called my husband CUSSING HIM OUT a year after we moved fussing about the house...only for my husband to remind her that he was not the current tenant #WTF

  11. Umm I totally link my book titles to goodreads thank you very much! 69 will always be funny. Always. And ummm yay the german :)


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