Friday, October 2, 2015

Five on Friday #67


Teh German and I are on our way to Orlando with another couple to hit up Universal in Orlando today.  I'm going to check out Harry Potter world and hopefully we'll get to ride the formerly dueling dragons ride (although I heard years ago it was taken down, we'll see) and maybe the Hulk (is it still the Hulk?  It's been ages since I've been to IoA/US) roller coaster.  We'll be attending the Halloween (read: scary) thing on Saturday PM and I'm already worried I'm going to piss my pants and end up crying and ruining the good time.

I had already purchased our tickets when I reminded Teh German I didn't even watch scary movies and he kinda paused for a moment, looked at me confused, looked away, then looked back at his phone.  This is gonna be a good time.....  I've never been to any scary Halloween event ever, so this will be my first time.  #praythatIdontpeemypants #bringingextraunderwear #justincase


These status updates were in my Timehop earlier this week and I couldn't figure out what I was talking about because it was so vaguebook and out of character.  I'm even a mystery to myself, which could explain why no one else can figure me out.  :)

Then I realized I was referring to "the last weekend in September".  Which means those status updates were my only public reaction to the incident in GTMO.  I didn't put it together until I saw this photo posted a day later (that year), which is from the night the incident occurred.

This was a photo from that night and could very well explain why I greatly dislike energy drinks (we were drinking Mtn Dew Amp w/ citrus vodka).

Happy 6-years-ago-shitty-things-happened-to-you anniversary, Megan?  #somethingsarebetterleftforgotten


I love all this rain!  Seriously.  I do.  I'm probably the only one since Charleston is almost in a state of distress because of all the flooding, but whatevs.  One of the biggest reasons why I feel like Crossfit is going to workout for me?  The first thing I got to do was go on a warm-up run in the rain.  Is there anything better than that?  Probably not.

Know why else I love this rain?  Because I can work from home and not have to deal with fucktards on the road who can't comprehend how to drive when there is precipitation falling from the sky.  This is a 2-fer because I was already home for the AC guy to come visit 2x this week since my AC keeps shitting out, which makes for an extremely unhappy Teh Megan.  Hot and sweaty Megan = Grouchy Megan.

Fortunately, he was able to fix it (again), and hopefully this time it will stay fixed.  He did warn me if it stops working again, someone else will have to come out because he had no idea what is wrong with it.  Maybe there will be a week in the future where I'll work from the office all week?  Ok, that sounds horrible, please no.

Reason I do not love the rain (in Charleston): no one here knows how to drive so when you add precipitation to the mix it's a disaster, the smell (which isn't that wet earthy smell, more like a soggy swamp permanently invading your breathing cavity), and when the sun peeks out and it's still 100% humidity and 85+ degrees miserableness ensues.


I love me some puns.  I can't deny it.  This week has been pretty punny.  Check out these links to get your pun on:

Tumblr puns restore my faith in humanity.
Complete with reaction gifs.

Oh and because the moon eclipse thing happened:

Thanks to Teh Dive Buddy for sending me this gem.
He knows me too well.

Other awesome things on the internet:

Accurate titles for Disney movies.

I hate how much I love this song:


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Adventures with Teh German
  2. Finally giving into the peer pressure starting the Crossfit adventure that I've had as a goal for a while.
  3. #bahlalala
  4. When I was being self-depreciating, Teh Chiro tried to cheer me up.  We always laugh together.
  5. My "rave lights" phone charger.
  6. Meri channeling her inner-cat and the ability to post it all over social media.
  7. Getting to work from home.
  8. Rain.
  9. 99 likes on our FB relationship announcement (we're sooooo close to 100)!
  10. Emails back and forth chatting with other bloggers.  We might be RL strangers, but on here, we're definitely friends.

The cutest thing you'll see all week: Meri in full on cat mode/Meri and Phil sharing the loveseat.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
Linking up with these ladies since it's FFFFRRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!


  1. I am over the's lovely sometimes, but it's officially bumming me out. Although it was surprisingly fun to wear my rain boots to work today.

  2. I am so jealous of your Universal trip!!!!!!!! How fun!!!!!!!!!!! It has been dreary and rainy here every day too. It makes it hard for me to focus at work when it is like this because I want to go home and read a book and watch movies hahaha. I love a good pun! Have a great weekend!

  3. Have fun on your trip girl!! Post pics!

    I can't quite tell but is one of your dogs a greyhound? Either way, they're both adorable as hell. :)


  4. So jealous you're going to HP World!! I love that TSwift song too...

  5. I love rollercoasters! But, as for the Halloween scary stuff, I gotta admit a story from my past. There were 2 haunted houses in Houston side-by-side (not REAL hh, but they kind they stage stuff to scare you). A group of my friends and I went. I actually organized it. Word on the street was one was scarier than the other. So, we went through the lesser scary one first. I was SO shit-scared that I refused to go in the other one! Yep. I organized it, talked others into going, and I chickened out!

    I know you were at "GTMO", but I don't know too much about your personal experience there or the things that are better left forgotten (but it doesn't sound like too great of an incident). All I can say, is some things we live, we learn, we grow, we move on. I hope you've been able to do this.

    Happy weekend friend (because I'm going to go ahead and consider myself in that #10 "friend" zone)! :)

  6. 1. Jealous of your Orlando Trip. 2. The rain is the best EVER. 3. I snorted coffee out of my nose at the puns.


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