Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekend Review {10/26}

Teh German was pointing out this weekend that it's pretty much the end of October and I did a little happy dance.  We're almost out of Charleston summer!  He was in awe that the year has passed so fast and I told him for me only the last 3 months have passed quickly.  That said, I'm really glad my 2015 turned around in the best possible way.  Also, HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!!!!  WOOOTTTT!


Thank you to all the Gentle Readers who left me comments on Friday's post about what a shitty week it had been and for sharing your property management/rental woes with me.  Misery loves company, lol.

Friday was a short work day, yay.  Additionally, it was chiro day AND Chiro did a cookout on Friday that I was invited to (all the patients were invited actually).  He did burger sliders with caramlized onions on Hawaiian rolls with cheese and OMG delicious.  Also, since my appt was at 1145 and the food wasn't ready, I got an extra long session and got to lay on this table that has some roller thingy in it that massaged my back.  It was good.

After lunch/socializing, I started the epic adventure that was trying to pick up the uhaul trailer.  When I left the chiro office, I called the Uhaul closest to my house and asked if they had the trailer we needed.  After she took ALL my information unnecessarily to tell me that they did NOT have the trailer I was looking for, I turned around to head back to where Teh German had reserved the trailer, or so I thought.  I called the location to ask if I could pick it up early and the guy said that our reservation wasn't through his store but through a different uhaul location on the same street.  Great.  So he gives me directions there and I some how find this ghetto store where the trailer that we need is no where to be seen.  Excellent.

I go inside to talk to someone and a lady tells me the trailer isn't at the store yet because she hasn't picked it up and she asks if I can come back later.  No.  I'm here now, let's do this.  She then comes up with the idea that I will follow her to the off-site location and we can pick up the trailer from there.  Okie dokie.  We essentially pull up to someone's single-wide trailer that has uhaul equipment parked in the yard.  This was in North Charleston, so I wasn't overly surprised, but whatever.  I assume the guy that lives in the trailer came out to make sure that we weren't stealing the trailer and he ended up helping up almost put the trailer on Yurtle until I realized that this trailer was SUPER heavy compared to the one we rented for Labor Day weekend.. and then I realized that the trailer was the wrong size.  We needed the 5x9, this was a 6x12 and Yurtle isn't rated strong enough to pull something that heavy.  She's a compact SUV, not a Ford F-350. 

When I told the lady that trailer wasn't going to work she actually said to me, "Well, can't you just borrow a truck from a friend?"  What?  No!  "I don't have friends/I don't have friends with trucks" is what I almost said.  I left it at no.  She then told me, "I didn't know this wasn't a 5x9, I didn't know there were different sizes."  You can imagine the look I gave her.  Then the 3 of us proceeded to call random Uhaul places in the area asking if anywhere had a 5x9 trailer with a ramp.  The lady managed to find one and switched our reservation to that location.  She told me it was the 2nd location I had called (where they had given me directions).  Ok, I know where that is, NBD. 

Since I had been driving around town, I figured it was a good idea to top Yurtle off with gas, so I stopped for gas and pulled up to a pump that refused to authorize my card.  By this point, I'm frustrated.  I continuously hold down the help button and nothing.  2 cars were able to stop and fill up as I'm impatiently waiting on this pump to authorize.  Nothing.  I get pissed off and drive around to a different pump and try my card again.  This time, it was authorized.  I put the nozzle in Yurtle and start to pump and it clicks off like it's full.  Repeat x10.  I was actually holding the nozzle to try different speeds of pumping the gas and still it kept clicking off.  At this point, I can feel the tears.  I know I'm going to cry.. in public.  I manage to hold back the tears and then resume pumping and it magically works.  I assume there were bubbles or something in the tank kicking off the full sensor.  I don't know, I don't care.  I was seriously about to have a breakdown.  After I got my $6 in gas, I headed to the Uhaul place.

I arrived and I think the lady recognized me from the last time we rented the trailer.  I told her the name for the reservation and she explained that they didn't have my reservation at their location.  I didn't even have a reaction to that.  The guy that I had gotten direction from was also standing there and realized who I was.  They looked up my reservation and told me where it was.  I ensured that it was the correct trailer because I'd been told that there weren't any 5x9 trailers with a ramp available in the area at one point and if I had to drive through Friday early rush hour traffic to the other location to not the correct trailer, my reaction wasn't predicable. 

I dealt with the traffic and finally made it to the final Uhaul place, which also happened to be a Meineke.  Since my tire light had come on Monday morning when it was "cold" (aka below 55 degrees), I figured I'd get my tires pumped up to reset the light so Teh German wouldn't be concerned over it while he was driving.  Once that problem was solved, I backed up to the trailer I knew was going to be ours for the weekend.  I went inside and filled out the paperwork and the guy came out and helped me attach the trailer to Yurtle, which is good because I still haven't had to do that yet.

After getting everything attached, I was on my way to deal with rush hour traffic with a trailer behind me.  Rah.  I made it home without incident and then got to spend 5 minutes trying to back the stupid trailer into the driveway.  Teh German is unbearably good at backing the trailer into places.  I mean, gets it in the spot the first try every.single.time.  Yeah, not me.  I was just glad that I didn't hit Mike or the carport poles.  I'm sure if my neighbors were watching they were highly amused.

All by myself.  TYVM

Throughout the whole headache of dealing with the trailer I had wanted to whine to Teh German, but opted not to so I didn't stress him out anymore than he already was with trying to get out of work "early" at 4.  Once I got inside, I hung out with the dogs and packed the suitcase with my crap.  I brought out our helmets and jackets to Yurtle and tried to get everything I could prepped for leaving other than Teh German's stuff.

When Teh German got home, I had finally laid down trying to just ignore the week and the remote possibility that we still might not get to go to the mountains.  Between Meri and texts, I wasn't able to nap, but did get to rest a few minutes.  When Teh German got home, I asked for 5 minutes of snuggles before we started the process of loading up the bikes and finishing packing.  He really wanted to get everything done, but I started to tell him about the trailer situation and he realized I needed some extra love.  He's the best.

Before I fell asleep, I said we should get going and we did just that.  We were on the road a little after 6, which is what I had estimated.  WE WERE MOUNTAIN BOUND!!  We stopped outside of Columbia for dinner at a place called Rush.  I had almost messaged Teh German before he got off work and asked him to bring me a milkshake from Cookout because the day/week was winning, but I didn't because I wanted him to get home sooner so we could leave.  Rush had milkshakes and they were able to combine the chocolate and the cherry for me so it was almost like an adult shake from Sesame except without the liquor.  It was perfect.  Yes I am dog, yes, I treat myself with food.  #notsorry

After we were fed, I figured was the best time for that potentially too soon conversation about the housing situation.  I almost chickened out, but stuttered my way through the sooo's and I'm not trying to too soon you's and I've been thinking's and asked Teh German about what he thought about buying a house.  He was behind the idea.  We discussed issues like no down payment and loan options and his lack of US credit (I think it's stupid that your credit rating isn't international, FYI).  We also talked about minimum requirements and location preferences.  It was a good conversation and it also included a reassurance that when we think of the future we include each other in those plans and it wasn't a too soon since we've already planned through next June, so we're pretty serious.  I also reiterated that I didn't want him to feel pressured into a commitment with me because I was talking about the commitment of buying a house (PTSD from past relationships much, Megan?). 

We arrived at Teh WJL's house around midnight.  We pretty much said hello then sweet dreams.  We were exhausted from the day.


Teh German set an alarm for 0730 because he's el diablo.  We got up slowly and prepped for a day of riding.  We unloaded Mike and Suzi and set out for Tennessee in a super dense fog, which was super scary.  We stopped at the grocery store for breakfast options, which were minimal.  Teh German didn't want fast food so he went with granola bars and I picked out an individual oatmeal and a large water.  I needed a spoon so we stopped and ate in the McDonald's parking lot.  By ate I mean I endured uncooked watery oatmeal for as long as possible.  We stopped to get gas at a station with super old pumps and I had show Teh German how to use a gas pump that didn't have a card reader.  He didn't didn't realize how simple it was and I didn't realize how much I take my knowledge of antiquated technology for granted.

When we go back on the bikes after eating, the fog had lifted enough to be safe to drive in.  I actually didn't go far enough to get to the really curvy road I had planned on taking us through.  It worked out though because the road we were on was taking us to the same destination annnnd we'd gotten a late start due to fog and food so it was for the best we didn't take the curvy way.  The entire drive we just kept telling each other how gorgeous the hills were and why couldn't we live in the mountains?  We'd have leaves in the fall and cooler temps and snow in the winter for Teh German's snowboarding/my crazy love and MOUNTAINS!!!   

Teh German is always such a good sport for my selfies.  He's the best.

After we drove into TN for a few minutes, we turned around after we found the road that I meant to take.  We had a hair appt at 1:30, which was good because we needed hair cuts, bad because that was something in the middle of the day that cut into our riding time.  We headed down the mountain the fast way and ended up stopping around noon for lunch at Banner Elk Cafe.  It took longer than I had wanted to be stopped for and traffic was heinus going down the mountain ANDDDD the fog hadn't lifted in Boone so it was tedious getting down the mountain.  We were 30 minutes late for our appt and had to wait another 30 minutes for the girl that was being worked on to be finished.  I think we were tired enough that it didn't really matter to much that weren't riding.  I asked Teh German if he wanted to go ride more or just wait and he said wait. 

After hair cuts, we headed to Teh Dad's to see his new truck/socialize.  We weren't there for very long because we needed to get back to Teh WJL's house before dark since I have no gauge lights and there are no street lights in the sticks and Teh German's headlights were wonky.  We had decided on Friday night that we wanted to drive 181 up the mountain while we were there, so we went the curviest way to 181 from Teh Dad's house and then Teh German took off on 181 while I was all pokey-ass up the mountain.  Which was totally fine with me.  I stopped at a view point and took some photos and the continued up the mountain.  Teh German had looped back to find me and when I passed him he turned around and caught back up with me. 

Once we got back to Teh WJL's house, we showered and headed out to dinner with Teh WJL and her husband for sushi.  I caused a scene when WJL's Husband wouldn't show the server his ID for his beer.  He had said it was in the truck and I suggested he go get it.  He told the server to go ask the cook if he was of age and I repeated that he should go get his ID.  She took his beer order and Teh German's (who showed his ID with zero issues).  Teh WJL asked the server what happened if she served someone that was underage and she explained that she'd have her bartender's license revoked for 6 months (or a year, I can't remember) in addition to a $2000 fine.  I told WJL's Husband that I sure as shit wouldn't serve him anything but soda if he didn't show me his ID with those consequences, I didn't care if he looked 80 years old.  Right before the server left the table he finally pulled out his wallet and show her his ID.  I almost lost my mind.  I said, "You were just too lazy to pull your wallet out?  What the fuck is wrong with you?  It wasn't even that difficult and she's just doing her job." I felt bad later because Teh German had never seen that side of me and Teh WJL probably had to deal with whatever fallout I caused from challenging him for being a completely douchemagoo.

We got our sushi and it was delicious.  After dinner, we headed back to the house and hung out and chatted for a while before I finally called bedtime because we were exhausted.


Sunday morning, Teh WJL cooked breakfast for us.  I woke up early and told Teh German to sleep in because I was going to go hang out with Teh WJL, he didn't argue.  Teh WJL and I chatted for almost an hour then we woke up the boys for breakfast.  We all had delicious breakfast and then Teh German and I got ready to go on a short ride while Teh WJL got ready for church.  I had opted to head to the Mast General Store in Valley Crucis.  Teh WJL had suggested a curvy road for us instead of going back through Boone to get to Valley Crucis, which was perfect despite the gravel.  Again, Teh German and I just kept repeating to each other how gorgeous the leaves were and he mentioned that we should have gotten a GoPro to attach to a helmet so we could show off how gorgeous it was to our friends/the internet. 

The photos don't do the scene justice.  All the reds and yellows and oranges.  I hadn't been home for fall/leave changing season since well before I left for the Navy so I was just awestruck at how pretty it was.  There's a reason people from FL come up to NC to ride through the Parkway and cause traffic problems (which we got to experience). 

We made it to Mast General Store around 1115 and we picked up some candy and a Cheerwine in a bottle to share.  I learned that Teh German likes black licorice.  He's a weirdo, but I'll love him anyways.  We went by the annex and the original store.  I preferred the original store because the old post office and because there were less people and they actually carried "general store" items like they would have carried in the 1800s.  After we finished at Mast General Store, we headed back to Teh WJL's house to load the bikes and shower and hit the road.  Teh WJL delivered lasagna to us for lunch/dinner because she's the best, then we hit the road.

He was super pumped about the licorice.  Bleh.

I found children's hats and we had to take photos. 
I couldn't figure out why he was making that face then he said, because TEETH! 

The closest to being a 'Bunny' as I'll ever be...

I had never been the way my GPS took us, so I was a bit excited about a new direction.  We stopped right as we entered into SC for gas and took the time to eat the lasagna and go into the grocery store for the bathroom and to grab starbucks since there was one.  That said, try the toasted graham latte or whatever it's called.  The girl working the register said it was less sweet than their normal drinks and she was right.  It wasn't overly sweet, which was perfect.  Since we were going south then east, we got to avoid Charlotte and Columbia for the most part.  As is our road trip tradition, we missed an exit for the interstate we needed and had to turn around, which was NBD.  We did more a few more questions on the way back, but I couldn't really find any that we hadn't already answered.  #firstworldproblems

PS.  I took these photos while Teh German was driving.

We finally made it home at almost 8pm.  I felt a little bad because the dogs had been in their crates for a VERY long time, but they were fine with zero accidents.  I dealt with the dogs while Teh German backed the trailer in so we could unload the bikes (the first time, of course) and he brought in all the stuff from the back.  We got the bikes unloaded and put away and then headed out to return the trailer to Uhaul and stop by Publix so we could pick up items for lunch/dinner for the week.

When we made it home, we put away the groceries and unpacked the suitcase and collapsed onto Teh Cloud. 


It was an amazing weekend to make up for such a hellish week.  Seriously.  All the leaves and curvy roads and mountains and hanging out with Teh WJL and getting our hairs did.  Every time we ride, Teh German and I discuss listening to music and we even downloaded/edited some Spotify playlists to listen to music and we always end up chatting the entire time instead.  I'm not complaining at all.  It's the best type of chatter and/or silence.

This week is back to the grind to finish out October.  Halloween is Saturday and Daylight Savings is on Sunday, which is PERFECT since we've planned to possibly get into some drunken shenanigans.  That hour extra in bed will be heavenly, not ironic at all because Sunday?  Sunday = church day = heavenly?  That one was stretching it, sorry.

Annnnnnddddd we're at the 2 week mark until Teh MD-AR arrives in SC!!  Which means I should REALLY get in a long run next weekend (prob Sat morning so I don't have to contend with a hangover?)...... half marathons don't train for themselves.

Happy Last Week of October, Gentle Readers!

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  1. Give me all the leaves!!! Such pretty views you guys had! The whole uhaul thing sounds like a fiasco, gross! And when you said misery loves company you reminded me of the Soul Asylum song "Misery." I love that song!

  2. Sounds like the house chat went really, really well. :) And, I'm sooooo glad the weekend ended up being fun & scenic & a lovefest & relaxing & kids' hats all rolled into one!!

  3. Trailer woes sound terrible. But I love that you get choco+cherry. That is my FAV. It bugs me because they took it off the menu at Dairy Queen, but some people will still make it since they have all the ingredients...but some won't and they make me sad.

    Yay good house conversation.

    The ID bit is totally justified. Your pride or whatever else is NOT worth someone else's job. I really wish the law would just be "ID EVERY SINGLE TIME or nothing." That's ridiculous.

    Yay, happy mountain weekend! We hadn't been to the Appalachians in probably 8 years, since our honeymoon. We went about two weeks ago and it was gorgeous, even with all the rain and fog.

  4. The hats are all adorable and I think you need them all.

    The ID thing just sent me into a rage spiral. ARE YOU KIDDING??? You just didn't want to pull out your wallet??? I would have lost my shit. Also I wouldn't have served him anything but water just out of spite. Ugh.

    All your mountain pictures are so pretty! Wish we had some near here!

  5. I am not happy it's almost November because October is my favorite. I am happy it's almost November because I can finally go back to MN & have a decent break from work.


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