Friday, October 23, 2015

Five on Friday #70


Hopefully, this evening, we will be on our way to NC with Mike and Suzi in tow for some riding and leaf viewing.  If not, Teh German and I will be nursing adult beverages somewhere to drink away our pain of plans that didn't workout... and my moderate rage of his inability to say "I've had one day a week off for the last month, sorry I can't make it on Saturday."

I bought cold weather gloves for this.  They need to be tested!

PS.  Things are currently on track to be in NC for the weekend.  As long as nothing last minute comes up, we're golden.


I went by the property management place yesterday.  It didn't go well.  It's not the maintenance people who are giving me grief but the actual property manager and the owner.  I'm assuming they know each other based on her sassy attitude when she was talking to me about my NOT being able to use the empty shed that takes up half my backyard, especially after everything was stolen out of it.  I explained that it didn't make much sense to me why I wouldn't be able to use it now that it was empty.  If someone had been using it, it would have been obvious that the items were stolen.  But, I'm just the tenant.

It was dealing with the actual PM that set me over the edge, the 2 people that work the maintenance requests had done a good job of calming me down.  The PM pissed me off so bad that I ALMOST said, "Just consider this my move out notice."  I knew better, so I took a minute to collect myself and finally left.

The owner isn't approving all the repairs and the company that is contracted to do the estimates/work are behind from all the flooding.  Or at least that's the reasoning I was given.  I'm over this house, I'm over this company (I was kinda over them before I actually had to start dealing with them, after I'd paid them an exuberant amount of money to even live here, on top of the rent and security deposit).  I actually spent several hours on Wednesday looking into mortgage loans and what it would take to buy a house.  My biggest problem is that I don't have a down-payment and won't have one in the near future.  I know that a VA loan is an option for me and there are some other options.

Nonetheless, it's a big decision and part of me is fine with being a renter until I know where I want to live forever (because I enjoy not having to pay for maintenance issues out of pocket).  But right now, a huge part of me is frustrated over the lack of repairs.  I've not dealt with issues like this between property management/owner/tenants until arriving in Charleston and I'm not planning on going anywhere in the near future, so to keep renting means to keep dealing with this headache, and well.. that's not going to work out.

This also means having a serious conversation with Teh German that starts out something like, "Soooo I want to talk to you about this pretty serious thing and it might be a kinda "too soon" but I really would like to talk about it with you, so please don't think I'm trying to rush or push things in a certain direction.. but about the/my/our housing situation..."  Lucky for me, we have a 5 hour drive to NC to fill with all the fun things.. like serious talks about the future.

Twice in one week, #sorrynotsorry


Things that happened to me this week to give you a grasp on just how awesome this week has been:
  • Meri shit on the rug at the backdoor last night.  She probably tried to tell me she needed to go out, but I ignored her because she is ALWAYS wanting to go out to bark at anything that passes by Teh Ville (the new name for Casa de Teh Megan)/hunt things in the yard.  #badmom
  • The 20% chance of rain was trying to give me a headache on Wednesday evening AFTER I discovered I hadn't turned on the crockpot (even though I had plugged it in) and Meri had eaten her collar off.  I just couldn't even and almost cried on the way to Crossfit.  #barometerheadwoes #goatdogs
  • I left my laptop at home this morning and was 3 minutes from work when I realized it was still sitting on the dining room table.
  • I discovered that when a recipe calls for a frozen banana, you are supposed to PEEL it before sticking it in the freezer.  It has also been suggested that slicing them up is a good idea as well.  Guess who didn't get to have a breakfast smoothie for the 5 day in a row?
  • After my running workout on Tuesday, my lower back was pinching so badly that I took a flexeril to get to sleep.  I woke up in the middle of the night and popped so loudly I was afraid I would wake Teh German (not possible, he sleeps like the dead).
  • I am unable to do box jumps at Crossfit and everyone else makes them look stupid easy.  Whatever, I can run 13 miles.
  • Teh German didn't get home until after 1030pm on Thursday night and then he asked me to bring him to his car at work.  This was a big deal because not only was I not wearing pants, I was also braless.  Of course, I brought him to his car without much heavy sighing.  I put on pants, but the bra thing was a hard no.  #bestgirlfriendever  
  • On Thursday night the new dog sitter came to meet Meri and Phil.  5 minutes before she was set to arrive, the plumber calls and asks if he can come look at my leaky sink.  I said yes because I knew I didn't want to have to deal with them coming today.  So while I'm trying to meet a new person to watch my dogs, I'm also dealing with the plumber who informs me that the sink isn't leaking AFTER I'd told him that Teh German had taken it apart and "fixed" it the night before.  #mylifeischaos

I swear it's not been all bad, but it's definitely been a rough week.

I also accomplished all the laundry already since we won't be home this weekend and secured a new dog sitter for Meri and Phil.  Because I ruined dinner, Teh German and I went to a place I hadn't been to for dinner (Swig and Swine).  I also went to Crossfit 3x this week.  Teh German's motorcycle stuff came in, but it didn't end up working out.  Finally, I'm going to the chiropractor today and that always makes my days better.  ANNNNDDD I'm gonna see Teh WJL in a few hours!  I mean, that should make up for all the frustrations.


Things on the internet:

I've not really watched anything Amy Schumer has done but I've heard a lot about how awesome she supposedly is.  I need to research this more, but this article about her HBO stand-up definitely sounded like she'd be someone right up my alley.  PS.  She talks about how women actually enjoy sexy time.  /gasp!  THE HORROR!  /rolleyes

Do you Woot?  Cause if not, you should.  Mostly so that way things have a possiblity of selling out before I purchase them.  To include that Ninja food processor/blender I ordered this morning.  In my defense, ordering this means getting rid of my blender AND the food processor.  So minimizing, HA.  PS. That isn't an affiliate link.   I just really like Woot.  I have soooo many Woot shirts.

I'm totally going to start making shakes for breakfast.  Granted, I totally failed this week, but I also learned a valuable lesson about freezing bananas.  That said, I'm going to make THIS recipe first, but only because the avocado I bought is never going to be ripe enough to use.  #firstworldproblems
This will be my 2nd smoothie.

This will make you giggle:

White kids benefit from DEsegregation?  Imagine that....

If snapchat was a thing in the 90s...
Do you have a sister?  Does she live far away?  Then this article probably describes your relationship with her.  At least it completely applies to Teh Sister and I, although it didn't include all the texts about poop.

How German sounds to non-German speakers (I sent this to Teh German and he said it was totally true, even if a bit exaggerated):


Ten things that made me happy this week:
    1. Easy dinners
    2. Red heels (worn 2 days in a row #notsorry)
    3. Hugs from Teh German when I'm extremely frustrated.
    4. The ability to eat out when I fail at using the Crockpot.
    5. The looks I get (from guys) when I walk into a motorcycle shop in a dress and heels.
    6. Pre-bedtime play sessions with Meri-Meri.
    7. Finding a dog sitter for Meri and Phil who only charges $25 per day.
    8. Some type of delicious fall-themed bread in the kitchen when I arrived at work this morning.
    9. Getting invited to the cookout at my chiropractor's office Thursday evening, even though I hadn't schedule my Friday appointment yet.  Chiro and I really could be BFFs.
    10. Teh German apologizing for being a McGrouchyPants this week, even though he really hasn't been grouchy so much as super stressed out because he was working so hard to ensure that we get to go to NC this weekend.  What this really means is that he's aware that he's not been in the best mood and he cares that it affects me.  #luckiestgirlintheworld

    Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
    Linking up with these ladies since it's FFFFRRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!


    1. I'm sorry you had such a rough week! I hope you have a good drivve and weekend to make up for it!!

    2. Oh man, I used to check Woot every day! I am sure my husband still does haha we have several things from there. Sorry your week hasn't been the best. I have forgotten to turn my crockpot on before. Alllll the rage!!!! The property management company situation sucks!!!! I used to manage apartments a long time ago. It is a rough business. Lots of shitty companies out there. Do you have USDA loans where you live? You dont have to have a down payment if you live a little outside a city with one of those.Hope you have a good weekend!

    3. Lookin' good in your red-heeled photos. Sounds like you could have a much-needed weekend after a week of a lot of little things piling up into a big thing. Hate those kind of weeks. Our previous property manager was a bitch and the homeowner was racist. Yep. He was prejudiced against me after finding out I was American, specifically Texan, and started telling me what a terrible person George W is/was. He's from Iran. So, I feel ya on the woes of a lousy property manager and homeowner.

    4. The shoes are HOT! Sorry to hear you were frustrated and fuming most of the week. But it's the weekend, take a deep breath and let it out and go.
      Do your hounds jump up and poke you in the eye with their long snouts?? :)

    5. Love those shoes! Sorry to hear you've had a tough's frustrating the way property managers and real estates treat tenants. Hope you've been having a lovely weekend to make up for your week.

      1. Thanks! Red is totally my power color.
        Sometimes it's just quite obvious that the tenant isn't the priority in the threesome. :| Siiiigh.

    6. -Hubby & I wouldn't have bought a house for probably another 10 years without a VA loan and no money down #SadButTrue *IF* you go that route, hit me up because there are things I wish someone told me. That being said...buying and selling homes are huge PITAs, so be sure you like the area before you do it (or that you are confident you could rent it out later, which being in a college/military town you probably could). But it's kind of awesome too. Pros & cons to everything.

      -Ugh the crockpot thing is the WORST. Now I plug it in and turn it on before I add anything to the pot, because lesson learned.

      -I also did not know the banana thing...that makes so much more sense. I should really get back on the smoothie train, especially since the Peanut apparently loves fruit. Or maybe my body is just like "Hey now she is forced to listen to me, let's make her eat something that may actually be good for her."

    7. Property management issues suck. I used to work for a property and honestly.......all that shit is shady shit. Hated it. NEVER again.

      The horrible day of the crockpot, dog eating her collar...etc....yeah I would have cried.

      The banana thing! SERIOUSLY why don't they tell you beforehand to peel/chop it???? I learned the hard way as well. Ugh.


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