Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Sweats #13

October 4-10, 2015


After walking over 11 miles (per someone else's steps counter) on Saturday at Universal/Island of Adventure, I thought maybe I could take a pass.  Anddd we spent most of the day in the car headed back to Charleston from Orlando.  Can I get an, "Ouch, my poor hips*?" plskthx.


Chiro day!  I think something was off when I left, so I struggled for the rest of the week and strongly considered going back in to get readjusted, but I couldn't tell if I was off or if I was just stiff from my hip issues on Saturday.

*the Chiro guessed/assumed that I'd pinched a ligament on Saturday night at Universal, which was why I hurt so bad. 


Did my first assisted WOD at Crossfit.  I will be doing 4 on-ramp classes and this was the first.  I got extremely frustrated at myself because I couldn't get the movements down.  The coach, Andrea, told me that I was attempting pretty advanced moves and that I wasn't going to get it right at first.  Teh German said the same thing on the way home.  That didn't stop me from almost crying while I was trying to do the events/activities.  I womaned up and powered on and realized that PMS is the worst.

The only downside of doing crossfit is that there isn't really a way to track the workout.  le siiigh.  We all know workouts don't count unless they are tracked!  (I guess I could get a heart monitor... bahhah)

I didn't really feel exhausted after my workout, so I went home and decided to go on a run.  Then I decided that I should take the dogs.  Around .5 miles into my run, I tripped on the street because I have no life skills and can't pick up my feet properly and I fell and busted up my hand and knee and even bumped my head...  There was ugly crying in public, which you're already aware of if you were here on Wednesday for confessions.  Then I went home because it was safer there, kinda.

.82 miles, 8:50 (10:49m/m)
(shameful, but it's the best I could do)


Second, of 4, on-ramp class.  I was super sore from Tuesday's WOD in my hips and quads (prob all those squats) and my shoulders hurt from the bar being laid across my chest.  I warmed up with the main class, then a coach and I went off to the side.  The WOD was 50 wall squats, 50 burpees, and 50 kettle bell swings, see how many sets you could do in 18 minutes.  For me, we cut everything in half.  9 minutes, 25 of each.  With all my sore pieces from the day before, this went swimmingly...  Not.

I completed 1 set in about 5-6 minutes.  I was halfway through my 2nd set of burpees when my shoulder was like NOPE FUCK THIS SHIT.  It had been hurting, but I was trying to push through it, but it refused to be ignored by about 16 and I couldn't push myself off the floor with my arm.  I had felt the right one getting weaker and weaker, but didn't stop.  #cantstopwontstop  Good jorb, Megan.  The coach showed me some stretches for my shoulder, which helped loosen it up some.  Stretches will continue until morale improves.  Fortunately, my shoulder gets a rest since my next class isn't until next Tuesday.


Due to unbearable soreness, it was rest day in Teh Ville (the new name for Casa de Teh Megan) and Teh German and I celebrated date night with a shared milkshake.  1950s style.  #notsorry


Another day of rest to let the soreness finish working itself out to prep for a long run this weekend.  #itsforthebest
Also, who needs to workout when you can break a sweat giving the house a serious cleaning?


8.9 miles, 1:36:47 (10:53m/m)
Guess what sucks?  Not running.  Not running = when I do run, I want to die.  What doesn't suck is me taking it easy on myself for once.  I could have pushed myself and walked less, but no.  I walked when I was tired and it was glorious and I don't hurt nearly as bad as I normally do.  Part of the reasoning behind that is to give myself a break, but also because this is my first long run since my 1/2 and I knew that I wanted to do more than 8 miles so I needed to take it easy.

Then about halfway through, I got bored with listening to Rob Lowe and decided to check a text message that had come in and call Teh Dad for our chat since I didn't get to chat with him last weekend.  This added some extra walk breaks for me so I could slow down and actually speak non-runner-ese to him a few times.  #notsorry

I did realize about 1 mile in that I didn't have any gels, which I usually have for my long runs.  I had taken the O2 Gold supplement around 0830, but then took a nap (#notsorry) for 2 hours, which is kinda past the "goes into effect" time, but I could tell a difference.  Between the walking and the O2, the run was slow


9.72 miles
2 days of CrossFit

The start of CrossFit means I get to cross one of my goals off my Training for Tuesday post!!

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  1. Awesome post! You're way tougher than me. I quit like 5 minutes into crossfit.
    Morgan |


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