Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday Sweats #14

October 11-17, 2015


5.7 miles, 58:15 (10:13m/m)
Ran the Bridge with Teh German and Friends 1 Wife.  I took an O2 Gold when I was getting ready and I can tell a difference with them.  I was hoping I wouldn't, but I can totally tell.  I ran the ENTIRE BRIDGE (and back).  We only stopped to walk after we reached the turn around point and we walked for less than .2 miles.  I really pushed myself at the end because I wanted to successfully run the entire thing, even though my brain was screaming at me to walk, I knew I could do it, so I powered through that last mile and a half and owned that bridge.  It also helped that Teh German had fallen behind me and my motivation was to beat him.

Turns out, Teh German was having belly issues, but I still won.  #hellyeah
That said, the only time I'll ever beat him at anything is if something is wrong with him.  #acceptance


Legit rest day after 14 miles this weekend + 3 days of Crossfit coming up.  I celebrated by hanging out with the Chiro who found some serious knots in my thighs from the squats I had done during week 1 at Crossfit.  He suggested a LOT more stretching and massage/rub downs for me so I didn't get too jacked up.  He also informed me that I was being particularly hard on my pieces with my running/Crossfitting and I was slightly proud of that.


This was my last week of On-Ramp for Crossfit and everyone kept asking me if I was released yet.  That said, I did the full WOD with the class anddddd I was actually the first one to finish.  Granted, I wasn't using any weight on my barbell, but we did change from a training bar to an actual bar (which is pretty heavy for Miss-No-Upper-Body-Strength), but I WON.  Fortunately, it wasn't shoulder intensive, which was good for me.  That said, I owned that 800m run at the end, even on rubber legs from box-steps (my modification because I'm not skilled enough to jump up on the box (which I did for my last 2 reps because I'm a badass (and only wimps don't try))).

Also, having a personal cheerleader when you get things right is extremely motivating.


Last day of on-ramp!  YAY!  I remember wall balls, burpees, push-ups, and dead lifts.  I remember looking at the board and thinking the workout didn't seem that bad.. then I was doing it and felt like maybe my shoulders were on FIRE.  I did my burpees really slow so I wouldn't hurt my shoulder again and it really helped.


Rest day.  My back hurt so bad I made an "emergency" trip to the chiro who told me I needed to take it easy on my body.  That sounds good in theory, but we'll see. 


I considered running, but instead sweated my ass off riding Mike around town.  It was kind of a workout after not being on Mike for any length of time in the past month... and seriously.  It was a little over 80 degrees and I sat in rush hour traffic and I was sweating through my shirt.


The breeze was blowing and it was below 70 degrees.  Only a fool wouldn't take advantage of that after a miserable Charleston summer.  I warmed up with 1 mile with the dogs then set out on my own.

4.24 miles, 40:04 (9:27m/m)
This is what I want to see when I run.  Pace consistently below 10 minutes and feeling really good, I didn't even take any supplements.  My training plan actually said 10 miles, but I wasn't feeling it.  Additionally, I knew on Sunday I'd be walking around the Renn Faire, so I didn't push it.  Sometimes, you just give in to the running wall and aim for 10 miles the following weekend.  I almost went to Crossfit instead of running, but I would have been late so I didn't.. and I needed miles.


10.94 miles
2 days of Crossfit

The running wall is still there and I'm appreciating the rest days, but at the same time, I'm worried that my training is suffering so I'm trying to get in at least 1 run a week.  It will help when the Endurance Club starts up this week.  My goal is to do at least 2 days of regular Crossfit classes + the 1 Endurance Club class + the additional Endurance Club run on my own.  The biggest setback for me is how sore I am after 2 days of Crossfit.  Usually, it's a good sore, unlike last week where it was actual pain in my lower back that was making walking difficult.

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