Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Confessions {10/28}

-Sometimes I'm too lazy to scroll to the top of a page, so I click on the address bar and hit enter so it reloads at the top of the page.  #EnergyConservationMatters

-In an coincidental turn of events, I ruined dinner last Wednesday night by failing to turn on the Crockpot (I know, I already told you about this) and we went out for dinner.  The waitress called me/us/everyone honey, darling, and sweetie.  I laughed, despite how much I wanted to stab her in the eye with my fork.  #Notyoursignificantother

-I read on the internet somewhere that switching the language of your computer will help you learn a new language that much faster, so I changed my personal laptop to German.  Yeah, it's good Teh German was sitting beside me when I realized that my right click menus were in German so he could tell me which one was "Save as."  I figured out which one was unpin tab by trial and error.  DuoLingo says I'm 20% fluent, but real life says probably not.  I really should get Teh German to start speaking simple German sentences to me so I pick it up faster.  #newlanguagewoes #Germanishard

-Me every day when I check my bank account waiting on my rent to be taken out, "Am I poor yet?"  #helpmeImpoor

-I edited a snake tongue for over an hour Monday night to photoshop it into a photo of Teh German by a curvy road side because every time we'd see the sign he'd say, "There's the penis head shaped snake!"  Once I realized it just needed an outline, it took me 5 minutes.  #photoshopisnotmyfriend  #justkidding #Ilovephotoshop

-The cafe at work has fruit for free.  This is cool because that means my bananas will come from the cafe instead of the grocery store.  #someoneneedstoeatthem

-I bought a Ninja blender from Woot and used it this morning to make a smoothie.  MY LIFE HAS BEEN CHANGED... and I'm deaf.  This means that I get to get rid of my food processor and blender now.  It's like minimizing, kindaish.  #goodlifechoice

-Teh German does the dishes (my nails thank him) and when I unpacked the Ninja it all needed to be washed and I think he might have died a little on the inside when I apologized for all the stuff that needed to be washed.  Then he cut himself on one of the blades and I felt super bad.  #Ididwarnhim

-Erin used #goatdogs to describe her dogs in her post today and I may have celebrated with fist pumps.  #noshame #bloggerfriends #awesomehashtagwin

-I really, reallllyyy need to make a doctor appt to get some prescriptions refilled.  It just really sucks because I hate navigating anything related to health care.  The navy definitely spoiled me in this regard.  #looksaroundforadult #ohshitIamtheadult

-There is still polish on my toes from when I got my nails done in Sept (by that horrible bitch (nope, not bitter at all)).  Most of it has chipped off but I'm starting to feel like maybe I should just remove it already.  It's so ghetto looking and sometimes makes me reconsider wearing flippy floppies until I realize... IDGAF.  Or maybe Teh MD-AR and I will get our nails did when she gets here (hint, hint)?  #chippedpolishdontcurr

-I've tried not to even THINK about my toe nails because the toe nail on the toe beside my big toe on my left foot (why do individual fingers have names but not individual toes?) is going to fall off very soon and it just freaks me the fuck out.  I mean gives me the heebie jeebies to even think about.  I tried messing with it and I can't bother because it grosses me out so much.  #Imgoingtobedeformed

-I'd really like Teh German to get back to doing Crossfit so I don't feel like I'm neglecting him if I want to do extra workouts....  #ifIdonthurtafteritwasntaworkout #mychiropractordisagrees #WhohaveIbecome

-Teh German and I went to Moe's Crosstown Tavern last night for 1/2 off burgers and for 2 burgers and 1 beer our tab was $12.  Teh German commented that I may have created a monster.  Yaaaassssss!  I lurve Moe's and I'm totally ok with being a cheap date.  #wemakegoodlifechoices #bestteamever

-My Tasty Tuesday gang kinda stood me up yesterday so I decided to take myself to lunch at Willie Jewell's and then work from home for the afternoon.  I have nothing going on at work right now so really this meant that I got to spend the afternoon commenting on ALL THE THINGS and emailing back and forth with Kimmi.  It was glorious.  #whycantIliveclosertomybloggerfriends

-Can I get a hell yeah for an on point GIF game this morning?  #hellyeah

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  1. Two burgers and a beer for $12?! God that's amazing. I've been craving a burger like nobodies business lately. With bacon and cheese....and now I'm starving and it's only 9 am. Ugh! I also have some lingering toe nail polish that is at a really bad point. I've been saying for weeks I'm going to fix it and still haven't. Now that I'm not wearing sandles I figure why even put in the effort?

  2. Oh my god, my parents have a vitamix and I really want that or the ninja! They are amazing.

  3. The GIF game IS on point, gurrrrl. Haaaa can't believe you changed your computers language to German! Risky move. Not turning on the crockpot sounds like something I'd do, and yeah - I do NOT like strangers using terms of endearment on me. There's a child (literally, he's like 14 yrs old) who works at the pizza place near me that calls me "sweetheart." It's so awkward.

  4. Only a few people can get away with calling me darling or honey. Sometimes I want to snap back but I usually don't.

    LOVE the Hun gif, made my day!

  5. the vitamix changed my life! i was at the store looking for almond flour and it's $15 FOR A BAG that only has 3 cups. FUCK THAT. instead, i went home and made my own and it only took 7 seconds. not kidding about that time either!

  6. I love the Ninja!!! We have had ours for like five year and it still works perfect, so good quality for sure!!! Can we stop talking about burgers now?? I really want one. Really really really.

  7. I just got finished telling Kimmi if I win the lottery I'm bringing all my blogger friends (our own gang of cool kids) to Sydney for a getogether. Now, all I need to do is win the lottery.


    I love being a cheap date if food is involved. Seriously, you could rent a movie, pop some popcorn, and buy me starburst and I'd be happy with that date.

  8. Help me I'm poor is basically my life motto. I haven't changed my toe polish since September either. #NoFucksGiven


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