Monday, October 31, 2016

Weekend Review {10/31}


I found out on Friday that I will definitely be going to DC!  YYYYYAAAYYY!!!!!

I left work around 2 after completing some final documentation changes.  I had ridden Mike into work and I wanted to get in some riding since the day was gorgeous.  I decided to head to Total Wine to pick up beer for Teh German and some minis to give to adult trick or treaters.  Also, I wanted to try the honey whiskeys/burbons, so I got one of each that I could find.  #notsorry  Total price: $18

As I was on my way home, I remembered that we might have doggy trick or treaters so I decided to stop by the pet store to get some "good" treats for our 4-leggers.  Total price: $26

Total price I paid for candy: $30
If that doesn't tell you my life priorities, nothing else will.

I arrived home a little before 4.  I dried off (because while it's not 90 outside (80something, actually), it's still hot with the sun beating down on me in all my gear) and relaxed some, waiting on Teh German to come home.  He got home a little bit before 5.  Originally, we had planned to see Hocus Pocus with Company, but Roux's Humom suggested we go to Magnolia Plantation for their scare-night and see how it was.

Before Mr. Golfer and Roux's Humom picked us up, I conned Teh German into helping me take measurement for the outside slabs that we want to be laid so I could complete some of the estimates this week. 

We had made dinner reservations at Al Di La (an italian place) at 5:45.  Dinner took longer than expected because our server disappeared towards the end of our meal.  It took forever to get our check and for him to come take our dessert order.  Instead of asking if/how we wanted to split the check (we were obviously 2 couples), he just brought 1 check and for simplicity sake, we just split it in half.

With dinner complete, we headed to Magnolia.  We immediately got in line for the ghost train tram first.  What I didn't know was that the event was catered to children.  There were several small children in line with us, despite signs that said the ride wasn't recommended for children.  Grand.  We were able to split away from the annoying children that had been in front of us, only for them to be replaced by different annoying children that were behind us.

I say annoying because I don't tolerate high pitched screams well at all.  It hurts my ears very much and having been told for most of my life that I have very good hearing, I believe that I'm extra sensitive to sound and you will often find me plugging my ears shut with my fingers if something is too loud for me to handle.  Call me a wimp, call me smart, call me sensitive, don't care.  I can tolerate unruly children, I cannot tolerate the high pitched screams of children that aren't in immediate danger.  That includes the little boy that sat behind us at the Stingrays opening game.

One of the kids that sat near us on the train was absolutely petrified.  He was probably already afraid of the dark and the first time something jumped out at us, he immediately started bawling and hid his face in his dad's side.  The entire ride, his mother was cooing to him how brave he was and how much she loved him.  Seriously?  As a parent, you didn't know your kid was going to react this way?  The siblings were fine, but this poor kid.  I tried not to be annoyed, but I was.  I'll be honest.

After the ride, we walked around the stands.  There were a few food places set up, some games for kids, a "graveyard" with a hearse, a pony ride stand, a hay bale maze (which would have been right up my alley), a large pile of hay in the middle of the area, and a firepit nearby.  There was also a "mad scientist lab" that we went into.  Ironically, the children from in front of us in the ride line were in the lab with us.  Before the guy could even start, the lights in the "lab" freaked out the kids and they were crying and screaming and they had to leave and find another group to come in with us.  Since we were adults, the "scientist" left us in his "lab".  Being the adult I am, I decided to scare the group that was coming inside and hid behind one of the pieces of the scene.  I jumped out and screamed but it was so dark that I'm not sure if I really scared anyone.  The "scientist" just looked annoyed.  He asked for a volunteer for his project but none of the kids were willing, so I just said I would flip his power switches.  Each switch had a little different action, but the goal was to "revive" the dummy on the gurney.  The scariest part of the lab was the loud popping noise of "electricity" which was really more loud than scary.  Additionally, you could hear it from outside the "lab" so ya know.. you knew to expect it.

Kid didn't even pay attention that we were trying to get a photo.
MY FACE though.

Us in the "Lab" with the "body" that the "scientist" was supposed to revive.

oooo scary.

After the lab, we took some photos and then we left, mostly disappointed.  Live and learn.  At least we had gotten to hang out with Roux's Humom and Mr. Golfer and dinner was delicious.  We headed back home and went to bed soon after we got home.

Hearse kisses.
The tag says "Dig Up"


Saturday morning was sleep in morning! WOOT!  I got up and fed the dogs around 0745 and then ended up getting side tracked uploading photos to my computer.  I had planned to go back upstairs and get in bed, but Teh German came downstairs and started his coffee.  I did some photo editing of shots of Phil and Meri from earlier in the week.  We eventually decided on a game plan to go grab breakfast and go to the carpet place to see about getting a runner made for the hallway.

We measured the hallway to see how long of a runner we would need to go from almost door to door.  This is me mitigating Phil's slippery floor problems and while he may not have cost me very much in vet bills the past few years, the fact that I'm about to have a runner made just for him because he's afraid of the floor more than makes up for it.

Since we were going on the bikes, we just had to throw on clothes and brush teeth and get out the door, which didn't take too long.  We were on our way when Mike Wazowski started giving me problems.  He was surging when I was in high RPMs.  I immediately told Teh German and we pulled over and he took Mike on a short ride to see if he could figure out the problem.  We weren't sure the issue, but neither of us felt comfortable with me riding Mike, so we turned around and traded in the bikes for Teh German's car.  Fortunately, we were only 5 minutes from home and I wasn't hurt, but it was still scary.

Mike Wazowski has never passed Teh German's safety standards.  I've always said that Mike is a beater bike.. remember that one time when Franken-Mike was a thing?  Money put into Mike after initial purchase is more than half of what I actually paid for him.  Teh German and I agreed last year that if anything happened with Mike, he was going to be replaced, not fixed.  The time had come.  Instead of going to the carpet place after brunch (at Charleston Cafe), we went to Charleston Powersports and checked out motorcycles.  I explained that I wasn't brand loyal and sat on quite a few bikes in different styles.  I did learn that I'm not much of a naked bike lover.  I need that windscreen.

Just my size!

I ended up liking the Ninja 300 the most of all the bikes I sat on.  I explained to the sales guy that I was worried I was liking the Ninja because it is what I already had and I was biased.  Also, I was a little worried that we had only looked at one place.  Granted, there are only 2 places that sell sports bikes in Charleston and they are affiliated, so shopping at one is the same as shopping at the other.  While they were running the financing info, they sent us home to fetch Mike.  Teh German drove his car just in case [new bike] wasn't coming home with us.  While we were home, I also went on a hunt for the title.  It only took me 15 minutes of searching to find it (while Teh Dad harassed me about my record keeping skillz).  We headed back to Powersports with me on Mike.  There were no issues with him this ride, although I kept the RPMs low because I didn't want to deal with that again.

When I pulled up, the salesman met me outside and another employee went crazy over how awesome Mike was.  Teh German and I just looked at each other like the guy had some sort of contagious crazy.  Apparently the body style was like that from the late 90s but he was still in awe of the bike.  Unfortunately for my sales guy, that meant that I realized that Mike DID have some value, how much was the question.  Of course, my sales guy didn't want to throw out numbers for how much they would give me for Mike.  We all looked up the Kelly Blue Book on Mike and it said that Mike in good condition was worth ~$1450.  Teh German and I were shocked.  But Mike isn't in good condition.  I'd say more like fair to poor.  He's got a broken gauge and fairing and he's pretty dinged up.  When the sales guy went away, Teh German and I agreed that I'd ask for $850 for him, which I felt was high.  They didn't drive Mike, which helped.  When the sales guy came back, I told him $850 and he said that was fine, even though there was damage.  I said that the KBB estimated at almost $1500 for good condition and he himself had said that Mike wasn't in as bad of condition as Teh German and I had made out (at least he wasn't disappointed).

Essentially he was giving me the sales guy hustle.  $850 was probably less than they would have given me with how quickly he had said ok.  At which point I realized I should have asked for $1000.  When Teh German and I had discussed it on the way home to get Mike, we had agreed that even if they offered us nothing but were willing to take care of Mike, it was still worth it so we didn't have to deal with getting rid of the bike.

I had also asked the sales guy about a military discount and he had agreed that they could give me some incentive.  When I inquired about the military discount after he agreed on the trade in price for Mike, he said that he probably wouldn't do a military discount since they were giving me $850 for a trade in...  I was not pleased.

When the financing manager came in to speak with me we agreed on terms and the final piece was that because the bike I was getting was new, it wasn't built yet.  Which meant that the bike wouldn't be ready until Monday.  This was disappointing for me, but while the financing manager was with us, I said I'd take the bike on Monday, IF they honored the $250 military discount.  You see, what had happened wassssss... while the sales guy went to talk about the trade in value, he happened to leave his laptop open on the Kawasaki page.  His mistake.  While I was clicking around looking a models and options, I noticed that there was a link for offers.  At the bottom was the military discount offer.

When I challenge them with this, the sales guy said he wasn't sure if the $500 off promo stacked with military discount.  To bad, so sad, for him, the financing manager was a veteran and was happy to honor the military discount for me.  I could tell he was definitely not pleased at me for this turn of events.  Nonetheless, I got all the discounts I felt I could get, I got way more than what I thought Mike was worth, and we had an agreement.

So, I bought a brand new 2016 Kawasaki Ninja 300.  While they were drafting up the financing paperwork for me to sign, they let me test ride a floor model that had been lowered.  It was a little too low for me, but was still more comfortable than me having to stand on my toes to balance the bike.  IT WAS AMAZING.  I felt silly at how thrilled I was to have such simple things.. like the ability to touch the ground fully, digital gauges, smooth acceleration, not having to let the bike "warm up", being on a bike that had zero flaws.  It was like a constant girl scream of awesome in my head.

The sales guy had told me the loop to take, but yeeeaaaahhh right.  Since the place was right by Shitty House, I drove through that neighbor to get a better feel for the bike.  I was sitting more upright, which means less elbow pain and the clutch/brake are easier for me to reach.  I actually have a headlamp and bright light that people will actually be able to see, rather than Mike's light which I always had on bright because normal was scarily dim.  I did a few fun acceleration bits on 526, then completed the loop he told me to take.  I was smitten.  Teh German had guided me, but I had chosen well.

When I got back, I ordered lowering links, a fender eliminator kit, and frame sliders (for just in case) and signed the papers to officially replace Mike.  All of the parts will be installed by the dealer so I don't have to worry about it.  They closed at 4 and we ended up leaving a little after 4:15.  Mike didn't come home with us, which was bittersweet.

TL;DR: We went shopping for a rug, but instead I bought a new motorcycle.  Oops.  #notsorry

When we got home, I was exhausted.  I was excited, but exhausted.  Teh German and I ate a small dinner, I went upstairs and laid down for a few minutes.  We had Halloween parties to attend.  I got up around 6 and started getting ready.  Teh German didn't hear the shower turn on, so he thought I was still napping until I beat on the shower wall to get his attention.  I keep it classy.  He came up and started getting ready.

We arrived to party #1 and were blown away.  The hosts had went crazy with the Halloween spirit!  Even the light switches had "blood" dripping from them!  It was crazy awesome.  We hung out for a bit and socialized then we departed after telling our hosts goodbye and thanking them for inviting us and headed back home.  A neighbor down the street was having a party and we wanted to go to that.  Additionally, if we got drunk at the neighbor's party, we didn't have to worry about driving home, WIN.

All photos by our Host.

All photos by our Host.
There was even a stormtrooper!

We ended up getting home a little after 0130.  We let the dogs out, I prepped doggy breakfast, and we headed to bed in a drunken giddiness. 


Sunday morning I woke up at 0730 to feed the beasts.  As soon as I stumble-wandered downstairs, I downed an entire cup of water and ate a nut ball.  I wasn't feeling woozy, but I wasn't feeling completely sober either.  Once the dogs had finished their business, I headed back upstairs and fell back into bed.  By 10, I was ready to get up and do things.  I was feeling fine, no hangover, just some serious irritation at Teh German for being as loud as possible when he'd groan because of his hangover.  BTW, I had several shots + jello shots and I had filled my Nalgene with "adult juice" (1/2 of said "juice" was a mix of vodka, rum, and Malibu black).  I figured if anyone was going to be worse for the wear, it would have been me.  Wrong.  Teh German had stuck mostly with beer and had only done 2 shots.  You'd have thought he was dying.

Feeling fine, I had told him to drink water and he had refused.  At which point, I started being a bitch, I won't lie.  I'm not going to feel sorry for you if you refuse to do the things I suggest to make you feel better.  He did get up at one point to go to the bathroom and went downstairs to get food.  He came back with nut balls and pretzel bites.... to eat... in our bed.  I almost lost it.  Instead, I made a very determined effort to keep my sassy mouth shut, as long as he didn't get pretzel crumbs all in the bed.  Not that I don't need to change the sheets, but principle.  He still was refusing to drink water.  /roll eyes.

We had been invited by our across the street neighbors to brunch.  They had wanted to have us over, but also they had friends coming in and their parents were with them and the parents only spoke German.  How fortunate to have a German right across the street!  Brunch was supposed to start at 1.  At noon, I finally got out of the bed and started getting ready.  Actually, I started doing chores. Laundry needed to be done and then I got ready.  I had to harass Teh German to get out of bed.  Finally he did.  Of course, when I wasn't ready at 1255, it was his turn to harass me.  We arrived at the neighbor's house at 1:05 because "our directions were confusing."  Looolz.  Their other guests hadn't arrived yet, so we chatted while we waited on them.  Once they arrived, we sat down and ate (praise Allah).  The food was delicious and perfect for whatever lingering alcohol was still in our systems.

We got a tour of their house and then Teh German offered to give their friends a tour of our house.  I think this was to keep the German parents entertained mostly, but also because homes in Germany are very different than homes in America.  They are constructed differently so they cost much more.  Around 4, Teh German informed me that he was supposed to skype with his mom, so we left.  While Teh German chatted with his mom, I bought my plane ticket for DC.

After his Skype date, we sat and watched HIMYM for the rest of the evening.  I generated some draft blogs for my MWF schedule and some extra prompts in between.  I considered writing for the not-challenge challenge, but I was too distracted by HIMYM to focus.

Teh German suggested that we order pizza for dinner and I acquiesced because that meant I didn't have to think about dinner even though it might not have been the cheapest or healthiest choice.  I concocted a pizza (mushrooms, spinach, bacon, pepperoni, extra cheese) that we hadn't had before and even put it on thin crust, since that's Teh German's preference.  We were pleased at my life choice and delivery was totally the way to go.

Around 9, we finished an episode and we did bedtime prep and headed to bed.

This weekend was full of unexpected awesomeness.  Mike got evicted and replaced!  I have a name in mind for [new bike], but I'm waiting to see if it feels right once I get it.  Spoiler alert: We did NOT order a new rug for the hallway.

Today is actually Halloween, so this evening will be spent handing out candy to children/teenagers, airplane bottles of liquor to adults, and treats for dogs!  Phil and Meri will be baby gated inside the house, but they will not be participating.

[New bike] pick up is up in the air right now.  It will either be this afternoon or Weds.  Since I leave for DC on Thursday, I'm not-secretly hoping that I can pick it up very soon so I can at least get some time on the bike before I need to go home and start handing out candy.

Tuesday we are headed to the fair with Roux's Humom and Mr. Golfer.
Wednesday, I should probably pack for DC.

While I'm in DC, I'll be spending the weekend with Teh MD-AR and we're running the Across the Bridge 10k in Annapolis!  Suplize runs are always the best.  I'm going to see if I can improve my time on this one.  Training?  Nahhhhh.

I'm hoping that this crazy busy schedule doesn't cause programming interruptions, but you never know.

Happy Halloween, Gentle Readers!

PS.  There aren't photos with actual [New Bike] yet, but here are some teasers in the meantime.

Matte black, win.

Same color, but not mine since this one didn't have ABS brakes.
We made do for photos.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Five on Friday #91


The possibility of my going to DC for work in the next few weeks is VERY high and I'm trying NOT to get my hopes up about it, but OMG I'M SO EXCITED!  I'm hoping that I can go next week, which would mean flying up towards the end of the week for a meeting, then spending the weekend with Teh MD-AR, then going back to DC for a meeting on Monday, then flying home so I can be home on the 8th to vote.  SC doesn't do early voting, because #stupidbullshittary and the process to absentee vote is complicate and requires the USPS and #aintnobodygottimefordat.

I'll just cast my vote in person on the 8th, which will also mean I'm home for the 10th.  I'm not sure what is happening on the 10th, but Teh German added an event to the calendar that says "Surprise" and won't tell me anything about it.  I won't lie, I did google events in Charleston on the 10th and after some analysis, no solid assessments could be made.  Additionally, I don't really want to ruin the surprise. 

It's very rare that anyone surprises me, so I'm pumped about this.. even though I know I have a surprise coming.  #itshardtobeme


I shaved Meri myself (with some assistance of Teh MD-AR holding Meri) to save some dollas.  I felt like every time I've had her groomed, with the exception of her first session which was done by a someone I personally knew who is awesome, I've had complaints and I was tired of paying money for something I wasn't happy with.  So, I did it myself and holy balls it was difficult.  It took us around an hour and a half to shave her happy ass.  That did include a few breaks for her to fetch her mousie and the other dogs were out at first and were very distracting.  Nonetheless, I'd call it a success and I'd probably do it again since I saved myself $60+ dollars.  I only paid $55 for the clippers, so I did at least break even doing it once myself. 

In the top right photo you can see that she changes color when her fur is long (whiteish) vs when it's short (brown).
In the photo, her back in brown and her sides are white.  It's crazy weird.

Olive and Phil supervised from the backdoor.
That's Phil's special glare for me when he doesn't get something he wants.
Cute, right?

Olive was ready to shake for treats.

My fuzzy girl!
I just love her shaved.  Her ears look magnormous and she looks so dainty.
Kinda like a gazelle.


From the phone:

I found Phil in the guest room the other day after looking for him downstairs, in our room, on the couches upstairs, and on the guest bed.  I couldn't figure out why he'd choose to lay on the dog bed, but then I remembered that Teh MD-AR had put blankets on the bed for Olive to sleep on.  My Phil boy must be missin' his other Momma and the girls.

New ID photo.  I'm going to have to come up with a new face for the next one.  Also, I should have crossed an eye.

I've been lazy about dinners this past month and after a week of soup and a weekend of eating out, all I wanted was salads.  This was from last night.  Huevos rancheros themed salad (I didn't follow the recipe exactly) with Kathy's chicken and avocado salad with a side of baked corn tortillas (I make my own so we don't have bags of tortilla chips sitting around since Teh German tends to make those disappear very quickly).

So much protein!


From the internet:

~Funny photos.

~I don't watch SNL, but I did actually look up their skits on the debates because I knew they'd be gold.  Spoiler alert: I wasn't wrong.

~You know about Clinton's classified email situation.. but do you really?  Did you know that some of the emails contained information that was classified after she sent the email?  Did you know that the classification of information is subjective?  Did you know that information that isn't classified can be aggregated to create classified information?  Did you know that it takes multiple known offenses to get your security clearance downgraded and something significant to get it revoked?  Did you know that some politicians don't even have to have a security clearance to have access to classified data?

I'm not trying to change your mind about who you're voting for, but I am trying to tell you that there is more to every story (and meme and veteran telling you'd they'd be in jail for doing what she did (actually probably not)) than what you're being force fed by the media.

~What it's like to run as a woman...

~THIS THIS THIS, an article from National Geographic about Galgos and Podencos!  I know we have sooo many issues facing us today, but this one is near and dear to my heart: animal rescue.  You may (or may not) know that Meri is a Podenco from Spain.  Often when I tell people that exact statement, I get a lot of, "Padenko? Never heard of it."  That's fair, me either until I became a sighthound person.  I could educate you, but I'll let you read up about the breed on your own if you're interested.

Nonetheless, these dogs are shunned by society and often tortured and killed.  Granted, this has a lot to do with culture, and having lived/visited other countries, there are some countries where dogs are treated as pests rather than pets.  This article conveys everything you need to know about why I adopted a dog from abroad rather than a shelter pet from the US.

PS.  I personally know the lady with the 2 dogs in the photo at the top of the article and she's awesome!


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Sharing secrets with Teh German.
  2. Shaved Meri.
  3. Sunset photo sessions with the dogs, despite the mutant mosquitoes.
  4. Potentially seeing Teh MD-AR much sooner than we had originally anticipated.
  5. Finally setting an official date for Teh WJL's visit.
  6. Halloween Oreos.
  7. Riding Mike into work today.
  8. Messages from my aunt in NY with a photo of the snow on her back porch, already.
  9. Planning Halloween weekend activities that include a neighborhood party and brunch with our neighbors on Sunday since they have friends coming in from Germany.
  10. The feeling of satisfaction from cleaning out my personal inbox (and my work inbox, which is way more manageable)

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Songs that define my life

I had to whittle this list down from 30 songs (I made that playlist just for this) that have at some point affected in my life in whatever way.

I give you the top most formative songs of my life:

I'll Fly Away - Various Artists

I grew up singing this song in the car with Teh Mom and Teh Sister.  Teh Mom taught us the words, then we'd sing it in a round. #humblebrag: The ladies in my family can sing.  PS. It's not the same when I sing it to myself.  I need my backup singers.

Miss Independent - Kelly Clarkson

The theme song of my senior year of high school.  Although this song remains completely applicable to this day.  I always felt that being in a relationship meant giving something of myself up, but that's not necessarily true, it just took me some time to figure it out. 

"When Miss Independence walked away
No time for love that came her way
She looked in the mirror and thought today
What happened to miss no longer afraid?
It took some time for her to see
How beautiful love could truly be
No more talk of why can't that be me
I'm so glad I finally see"

Matchbox 20 - Real World

Oh Middle-School-Megan, you were so cool.  There was a summer I spent with Teh Four-Eyes (our neighbor) and when we weren't at my house, we were at hers.  But her house had cable, so we could go over and watch TRL and if we were there early enough (because we hadn't gone to bed yet), we could get up and watch the sunrise music videos.  Seeing the Real World video always made my day.  I still wish the real world would stop hasslin' me and that I could store rain in little yellow boxes.

"Straight up, what did you hope to learn about here
If I were someone else, would this all fall apart
Strange, where were you, when we started this gig
I wish the real world, would just stop hassling me"

Natasha Beddingfield - Unwritten

If you knew me my freshman/sophomore year of college, you probably heard this song.  This was my ringtone because this song had it all right.  This song reminded me to not be scared of the new and to embrace what was happening.  Most importantly, I could change the way things would be because nothing was written in stone.

"Release your inhibitions
Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten"

Let It Go - Frou Frou

Oh Garden State, you slammed me in my heart pieces with this closing song.  After listening to this song on repeat, I started to get it.  WHAT was I waiting for?  I just needed to let go of all the things holding me back, to not fear the "breakdown" of the way things were (and feeling those pesky feelings), and move forward.

"So, let go, let go
Jump in
Oh well, what you waiting for?
It's all right
'Cause there's beauty in the breakdown"

Trapt - Stand Up

My go-to rage song.  I have 2 levels of anger.  The part where I yell at lot, which is generally when I listen to this song, and the part where I stop yelling and take on a very even, quiet tone, to which there is no music.  Stand Up makes me feel like I'm in control; of my rage, of my reactions, of my situation, so I don't escalate to part 2. 

"Stand up
I have had enough
Walk away before I finish what you started
Face to face I will push you in your place
End this game before I finish what you started
Face to face everything will change"

Ingrid Michaelson - Keep Breathing

There are an uncountable amount of days that this song on repeat was the only thing that kept me going.  The reminder to keep breathing was something critical I would forget and I'd get wrapped up in everything and wind up stressed to my limits and nothing was right and nothing was good enough and that part about "instead I sleep" was an accurate description of my reaction to everything going on.  This song still calms me down to this day, especially on days when I forget that this moment isn't the end all, be all.
"I want to change the world, instead I sleep.
I want to believe in more than you and me.
But all that I know is I'm breathing.
All I can do is keep breathing.
All we can do is keep breathing"

Do you have songs that molded you?  Share them!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Confessions {10/26}

-There are times that I just scroll down my FB feed, get to the parts I've already read, and then 2 minutes later, refresh my feed.  There is nothing new, so I'll select another tab.  Mindlessly, a few minutes later, I'll refresh my FB feed again.  WTF.  This is troublesome to me.  #creatureofhabit

-One of my coworkers has this strange laugh.  It is like the tee-hee-hee sound, but it's like air escaping him making that sound.  I wish I could record it and let you listen.  But that's creepy.  #evenIhavelimits

-I love that the Stingrays have a very devoted fan base, but when I saw this, I could only cringe.


-#runnerproblems: When you have more safety pins than you know what to do with from various races.  You generally get 4 pins at each race.  This doesn't count the ones that I've trashed or given away.  #Iamnotahoarder

-I went on a recipe searching spree yesterday.  So many salads in my future.  After eating out all weekend long (with the exception of frozen pizza), I'm craving vegetables and things that are green.  LOTS OF PLANTS need to be in my belly.  #healthyeating

-Teh German knows that I used to dive and he came home Monday evening and told me about a meme he saw online about how divers roll into the water backwards because otherwise they'd roll into the boat.  I explained that this was correct.  He inquired WHY backwards though, why not just jump off the boat like normal?  Then I had to explain that the tank is heavy so its easier to roll backwards since you will float back to the top with your gear on.  Additionally, making that jump with all that gear and not catching the boat on your way down is difficult.  #Historybehindthememe  #divelife  #imissdiving

-I'm very picky about which source of water I use at work.  There are 2 fridges with water dispensers and both taste like plastic.  We also have a water fountain, which is what I usually use.  When the water fountain wasn't working the other day, I resorted to the fridge water, but I could only tolerate 1 cup of that plastic tasting shit.  I was so thirsty when I left work my throat hurt.  #desperatemeasures #preferences #firstworldproblems

-Our builder gave us a $4000 quote to lay more concrete (driveway and patio extensions).  I almost went into shock when I heard.  I got the numbers of 3 other contractors yesterday to call and get estimates because $4k is a LOT of money to spend on concrete.  #newhousethings #neverendingprojects

-I feel like the last 2 weeks, the universe has just been working against me.  I can't seem to remember anything and despite legit trying, things just aren't working out.  I've gone to get a new ID for work 3 times, but each time something happens, they are closed for lunch, they closed early due to low manning and schedule conflicts.  I'm over it.  #needaresetbutton

Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekend Review {10/24}


After my lunchtime departure from work on Friday, Teh MD-AR and I headed downtown for packet pickup, lunch, and touristing.

First up was lunch since we were starving.  I decided on Prohibition for lunch since I hadn't been there before.  I learned that they are definitely more of a watering hole than eating hole.  The food wasn't bad, but I think my overly-high Charleston snob standards led to my disappointment.  Nonetheless, the drinks were awesome and the food was good (despite limited options).

Chicken sammich, mexican corn, baby crab cakes.

After we were fed, we took advantage of the fabulous weather/day and walked around downtown, marveling at old houses, dodging tree debris from the hurricane (that was in the process of being cleaned up), mouth-breathing because of the stench of horse pee, and trying not to get hit by cars (if you were me standing in the middle of the street trying to take photos).

Teh MD-AR on a cobblestone street

Did you know I have never walked around Charleston and taken photos?  I know, right?  I've lived here since Oct 2014 and haven't made the time to shoot.  #excusesfordays

Truthfully, I could have walked/driven around for hours shooting, but we had a limited amount of time, so I tried to make the best of it.  Teh MD-AR got to pet at least 3 dogs, 2 of which were whippets she may or may not have chased down the street.  Around 3, I realized that we still needed to pick up our bibs for the James Island Connector 10k we were running the next morning.  So we packed up and headed over to the park for pickup.

With bibs in hand, we headed back home to meet Teh German and feed the beasts and head to dinner before the Nash Bash.  We had agreed on Home Team BBQ for dinner since my goal was to get Teh MD-AR to as many delicious food places as possible.  When in Charleston, eating good is a priority.  Not eating well.  Please note, these things are different.

As we were getting out of the car at Home Team, there was a realization that the tickets were still on the counter at home, no one had grabbed them.  We live about 30 minutes from the concert venue, with no traffic and we were 25 minutes away from home at Home Team.  Yeahhhhh, that wasn't enjoyable.  We would have been there shortly after 6pm.  Instead we arrived right around 7:10.  Love & Theft had already taken the stage (which I heard on the radio).  This wasn't a huge deal in the long run, but it was inconvenient and for the 3 type-A personalities in the car, there was an underlying annoyance at having to deal with this forgetfulness.  Nonetheless, we made it.

We saw: Love & Theft, David Nail, and Billy Currington.
Fun fact: I really only cared about seeing David Nail and Love & Theft.  I know very few Billy Currington songs, but I ended up recognizing more than I thought I would.

Teh SC Teacher and Teh SC German met us there and later another coworker of Teh German's and his friend showed up as well.  Poor Teh German barely recognized any songs, but he was a good sport about it.

The biggest lesson I learned about myself and concerts from this experience is that I shouldn't do general admission concerts/seating.. EVER.  I was overstimulated and I was touched by too many strangers and my gimp toes were stepped on more than a handful of times.  I was over it about 1/2 way through the last set.  I was actually counting down the time to when it would end.  Then we finally decided to move back after Teh SC Teacher informed us that there were huge open areas about 20 feet behind us.  This was way better.  Of course, Billy did an encore which was actually pretty good.  He did one of his songs and then Friends in Low Places and Shut Up and Dance.  We left after Shut Up and Dance because we were tired and chilly since it was late and super windy.

Love & Theft

David Nail

Billy Currington

Selfie with a plane landing over head.

After we got home, we released the hounds, prepped doggy breakfast, and then crashed hard since we had to get up relatively early for our 10k.


Teh German insisted on setting a 0645 alarm on Saturday morning.  My goal was to leave by 0730 and I couldn't figure out what he was going to do for 45 minutes.  Turns out, his plan was to shut off the alarm and stay in bed.  He got up at 0715, after I'd sufficiently harassed him.

We ended up leaving the house around 0745, but because it was Saturday morning and barely any traffic (and Teh German was making good use of the fast lane), we made it downtown by 0810.  We had a parking snafu since the roads were blocked and we couldn't get to the parking garage we had a pass for.  Instead, we found parking on the street and prayed to the parking ticket gods that we wouldn't get a ticket since it seemed to be in an area for residents only.  We made our way to the start line with just the right amount of time to spare.  We had time to stretch and there was a delay while they cleared the traffic from the bridges we'd be running.  We still started right around 0830.

BTW, 0830 is the PERFECT time to start any type of run/physical activity when it's chilly/fall/winter outside.  Gives you time to sleep in and still early enough that the sun isn't going to melt your skin off.

I got a super LOL out of my bib number on Saturday morning when I realized I could be a 404 error for Halloween, if we hadn't already planned our costumes.
Someone on FB commented that I could be the Blue Screen of Death, which made me cackle since my blue outfit was completely unintentional (and the skirt is actually purple).

Race selfies with my race groupies.

Views from the run:

I hadn't ever actually appreciated the Charleston skyline coming from James Island and running 6.2 miles gives you plenty of time to appreciate.  In all honesty, this 10k was probably one of my best runs of 2016, for so many reasons.  And you have to exclude Disney runs from my 2016 runs.  They are on a different level than local runs.

You may not remember back in April when I ran the Cooper River Bridge Run, I deemed it my worst race.  Then all summer, every run was miserable because it's the temperature of the sun here, then the gimp toe situation the first weekend in August.  Then I ran a half marathon at Disneyland and that definitely became my worst race ever.  Then during hurricane weekend, I was moving the grill and ripped off the toe nail on my "good" foot.  I didn't run at all after Disneyland until a week before the 10k.  I was giving my toe a rest.  I even went to the podiatrist to get it checked out just in case.

When I ran the week before the race, it felt good.  Everything felt a little rusty, but I was able to complete 2.25 miles with almost no pain in my toes.  We were all trepid about my running a 10k.  And by we all, I mean Teh German, Teh MD-AR, me, Teh WJL, the Chiro, the Podiatrist, and anyone else who knew my toe was jacked up.

When we were about 4.5 miles into the run, we were chugging up a hill, and I wanted to cry.  But this time, tears of joy.  Nothing hurt!  The weather was perfect.  The views were amazing.  My earbuds didn't die like they said they were going to at mile 2.  I did have some guilt about leaving Teh MD-AR behind, but she finished within 10 minutes of us.  It felt good to be doing what I love again.  It was such a radical change from my last race when I had to stop crying to cross the finish line before any cameras caught me.


When Teh German and I crossed the finish line, we got our medals and then I immediately turned around and ran the course backwards to find Teh MD-AR so I could run the end with her.  Thankfully, she wasn't too far behind us.  I ran with her and a lady she'd befriended until the finish chute and let them pass through on their own.

We sat for a few minutes and stretched and had some water.  Then we checked out the tents that were at the finish area.  We took a photobooth photo, tried to find food, Teh German picked up a beer, and then we decided to go get breakfast instead of eating a hot dog, the only food we could find.

I wanted to try a place called Callie's Hot Little Biscuit, so we headed deeper into downtown to find parking and wait in line for noms.  It might not have been one of my better life choices as we were all hangry and the wait was a bit too long for some of us.  Honestly, it wasn't the best thing I've ever eaten, but I stood and waited for our order while Teh German and Teh MD-AR waited outside and I noticed that regulars weren't ordering the specials, but just plain biscuits with toppings.  AND I learned that you can call ahead and pay over the phone so you don't have to wait in the line.  Lessons learned for next time.

I didn't even take photos of the food, despite Teh MD-AR's reminder because I was just too hungry.  I got lucky and found 2 chairs at the minuscule bar area and let Teh German and Teh MD-AR sit while we ate.  After our foods were gone, we stopped by the visitor center for a magnet for Teh MD-AR and some silly photos of us, which I can't show you because I can't find them.  Finally, we headed for home to snuggle with dogs, shower, and nap.

After a 2.5 hour nap, we woke up and got ready to head to dinner at Sesame.  Thankfully, Teh MD-AR reminded me about tickets before we left, otherwise, we'd have been coming back home to get the tickets.. again.  I tried something new at Sesame and wasn't overly impressed, but my belly was full and we got the brownie sundae and it was delicious.

After we paid, we headed to the coliseum for the Stingrays season opener.  Sadly, we lost in overtime, but it was a good game until that point.  I may or may not have used my mustache flask for the first time ever and it was a solid life choice.

After the game, we weren't overly tired since we'd had a nap and Teh MD-AR and I started the puzzle I bought special for her visit, a Thomas Kinkade/Sleeping Beauty mashup.  We said we were just going to do the edge, but ended up doing a bit more.  We finally headed to bed around midnight.


Sunday morning was sleep in morning.  Teh MD-AR had an appointment with Roux's Humom to take photos of Olive and Zoey (her dogs) at 0900.  Phil and Meri insisted on going with us, so I dropped Meri off at Roux's house and then Phil stood around with me until he couldn't take it anymore and I jogged him home (meaning I was jogging and he was walking quickly).  His paws are much better and he's even bandage free now!

After Olive and Zoey were done with their glamour shots, we stopped and picked up Meri, and then we went home for me to shower and then head to brunch at Holy City Brewery.

I ordered the south and west bowl and had to send it back because my poached egg still had runny stuff and I just couldn't.  I wanted to, but I couldn't.  I need Charleston cooks to learn that runny white eggs are NOT cooked eggs.  And if it's clear?  Don't even put that shit in front of me.  Yep, I've seen that too.

Teh MD-AR said that Holy City's chicken and waffles changed her life.  I'm glad I could facilitate that.  After Holy City, we crossed the bridge for some Metto, then headed home because Teh German and I were in the midst of a struggle and he was super bad company and I was done being around him.

When we got home, Teh German set himself up in the loft for a youtube video session that lasted until bedtime.  I ended up crashing for a nap, as did Teh MD-AR.  When we got up, we started doing puzzle again.  I couldn't figure out what to do for dinner, so we ended up being super healthy and eating frozen pizza.

Shortly after 9pm, we finished the puzzle!  For only 750 pieces, that sucker was difficult!

After doggy breakfast was prepared, we headed upstairs for bedtime preparations.  I finally broke down and spoke to Teh German after an all day silent treatment battle we'd waged.  Obviously, we're super good at healthy communication.  It was a good chat and we accomplished not going to sleep angry.

Overall, a fantastic weekend.  Despite some hurdles and communication issues, no one was scathed.  I'm super pumped that my run was so fantastic.  It motivates me to get back to running, which is perfect timing since I stepped on the scale this morning and had to choke back a sob.  All this eating and not working out is catching up to me.  Le sigh.

This week includes getting back on schedule, accomplishing some House tasks that took the backseat last week, and continuing to encourage Teh German to be a little more flexible when life doesn't work out as planned.  I'm not looking forward to saying bye to Teh MD-AR tomorrow, but she'll be back in November for Thanksgiving and the Goo Goo Dolls concert!!!

Happy end of October, Gentle Readers!