Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Confessions {10/26}

-There are times that I just scroll down my FB feed, get to the parts I've already read, and then 2 minutes later, refresh my feed.  There is nothing new, so I'll select another tab.  Mindlessly, a few minutes later, I'll refresh my FB feed again.  WTF.  This is troublesome to me.  #creatureofhabit

-One of my coworkers has this strange laugh.  It is like the tee-hee-hee sound, but it's like air escaping him making that sound.  I wish I could record it and let you listen.  But that's creepy.  #evenIhavelimits

-I love that the Stingrays have a very devoted fan base, but when I saw this, I could only cringe.


-#runnerproblems: When you have more safety pins than you know what to do with from various races.  You generally get 4 pins at each race.  This doesn't count the ones that I've trashed or given away.  #Iamnotahoarder

-I went on a recipe searching spree yesterday.  So many salads in my future.  After eating out all weekend long (with the exception of frozen pizza), I'm craving vegetables and things that are green.  LOTS OF PLANTS need to be in my belly.  #healthyeating

-Teh German knows that I used to dive and he came home Monday evening and told me about a meme he saw online about how divers roll into the water backwards because otherwise they'd roll into the boat.  I explained that this was correct.  He inquired WHY backwards though, why not just jump off the boat like normal?  Then I had to explain that the tank is heavy so its easier to roll backwards since you will float back to the top with your gear on.  Additionally, making that jump with all that gear and not catching the boat on your way down is difficult.  #Historybehindthememe  #divelife  #imissdiving

-I'm very picky about which source of water I use at work.  There are 2 fridges with water dispensers and both taste like plastic.  We also have a water fountain, which is what I usually use.  When the water fountain wasn't working the other day, I resorted to the fridge water, but I could only tolerate 1 cup of that plastic tasting shit.  I was so thirsty when I left work my throat hurt.  #desperatemeasures #preferences #firstworldproblems

-Our builder gave us a $4000 quote to lay more concrete (driveway and patio extensions).  I almost went into shock when I heard.  I got the numbers of 3 other contractors yesterday to call and get estimates because $4k is a LOT of money to spend on concrete.  #newhousethings #neverendingprojects

-I feel like the last 2 weeks, the universe has just been working against me.  I can't seem to remember anything and despite legit trying, things just aren't working out.  I've gone to get a new ID for work 3 times, but each time something happens, they are closed for lunch, they closed early due to low manning and schedule conflicts.  I'm over it.  #needaresetbutton


  1. I had a coworker at my old job that sounded like the Count from Sesame Street. You know...1 ah ah ah 2 ah ah ah. Just take out the numbers. I used to say the numbers under my breath when we could hear him from his office and my other coworkers would lose their shit every. single. time. He had no clue we made fun of him.

    I get my water at work from the fountain as well. Its colder and tastes cleaner. And $4k sounds like a ton of money for concrete!

  2. I had to read that Stingrays item a couple of times before I even understood what it was trying to say.
    Adulting expenditures suck. Like 4K for concrete.

  3. I didn't know that about scuba diving. Learned something new!

  4. I so wish your limit was somewhere beyond recording someone's laughter because now I want to hear it even more. I need to eat healthy again soon but I've had a shitty couple of days so instead I bought frozen pizza, chips, mac & cheese, garlic bread, & stuff to make jalapeno ranch dip at the store yesterday... I also now have 2 bottles of wine in my house in addition to the case of beer & small bottle of liquor. #ShitCouldGoDownhillRealFast


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