Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Confessions {10/5}

-I feel ridiculous toting a tube of gel between home and work so I can apply it to my toe 4x a day.  Truth be told, I don't even feel a difference on my toe.  Glad I spent that $48.  That said, it did help my bug bites, so there's that.  Update: I think it kinda helped my toe some.  The ice pack too.  Please just get better, Toe!  #somuchmoney #itlookslikejizz

-Conversation with Brianne last week about my top 6 of 2016 post that I stole from Nadine who stole it from someone else:
Brianne: I think I'm going to steal this.
Me: Dare ya.


#howweroll #bloggingfriends  #thatescalatedquickly

-Yurtle hit another milestone on Saturday.  I made the announcement to Teh German and Teh WJL that they were with us for a special moment and they should feel honored. #mybabyisgrowingup

80000 miles.

-I noticed on our way to Home, Home on Friday evening that Googly Maps now notifies you when you reach another state.  I love stupid technology things.  Now I kinda want to know what the icons are for the rest of the states.  #nerd

-Since Teh Sister is PCSing, she was offloading her stuff onto other people so they wouldn't have to move it.  We acquired their grill.  Because I refused to run around town trying to find the best deal, I bought steaks at Publix (at $15.99 a pound... angus beef, grass fed, blah blah blah) as our first grill test.  I informed Teh German there was no pressure on him not to burn the steaks, but to imagine that he was just grilling $30 and see where that got him.  Also, I insisted he google how to grill steaks before he put the steaks down.  I have ZERO regrets.  They were a little charred, but still really good.  I also marinated them for 2 hours beforehand, which also helped.  #dinnerassistant

-I feel that SC is having a knee-jerk reaction to Hurricane Matthew, as if no hurricane has ever graced the SC coast before.  It's causing a lot of stress in my household since Teh German has never experienced a hurricane before and I really haven't either, other than that 1 time I slept through Hurricane Hugo coming through Home, Home.  Me, the most sensitive sleeper in my entire zipcode, slept through a hurricane.  If you weren't aware, I'm weird. 

That said, we're boarding up the windows tonight (since all coastal houses are required by state law to come with window boards, boards we've been considering using as firewood btw) and we'll be heading back to Home, Home to stay with Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom until the storm is over.  It's most convenient Teh Dad created a temporary enclosed space for the Nephdawgs.  Now Phil and Meri can use it too!  #HurricaneMatthew #evacuation #firsttimeforeverything #Imnotstressed

-While I will be teleworking, it kinda feels like a 4 day weekend.  I wouldn't be the one to look that gift horse in the face.  I will be spending the majority of today prepping things for our departure and checking my computer as necessary.  Laundry to do, batteries to charge, shit to move inside, plus more items that I wrote down while Teh German was telling me things this morning before he left for work.  Hurricane prep is overwhelming.  What happened to just riding out the storm?  This just seems like so much extra work over some wind and rain.  #ImtheIdiotWhoWouldNeedtobeRescued

-This was cause for great celebration and much rejoicing, so I sent this picture to Teh German's aunt:


PS.  It took me 3 times to get that photo uploaded because I kept forgetting to censor out information.  #personalsecurity #IDECLAREPRIVACY

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  1. Hurricanes are tough because they are so unpredictable- people make fun of those who get prepared ahead of time but it's tough to wait until the last minute! Best of luck to us all.

  2. well i used google maps to get to a wedding in indiana on the weekend and it did not tell me when we crossed the bridge. HOW RUDE.
    i have never experienced a hurricane, they sound terrifying. i cry when the tornado alarm goes off. natural things freak me the hell out.

  3. I do love a well placed meme. And that google maps thing is pretty cool! Now it is time to drive to all the states! Hurricanes and tornadoes scare the shit out of me. I basically live in the wrong part of the country but what can you do. Hopefully you guys stay safe and wont incur any damages!

  4. When it comes to hurricanes, I think the ol' saying "better to be safe than sorry" is a good one to stick with. I've been through a handful. The last one I experienced was in Houston in 2008. My mother was without power for over 3 weeks after that one. There was flooding and trees that fell on top of houses and cars all around the area that I live, but my apartment block was relatively unscathed except a wooden fence that blew away. I went to Dallas (inland) to stay with a friend for a few days.

  5. I laughed all over again reading our conversation. A grilled steak sounds perfect right now, yes at 10 am. I haven't had steak in so long...or anything grilled. I hope you stay safe!!


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