Friday, October 7, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

For those who are concerned:

We still haven't evacuated since the hurricane is supposed to be less bad by the time it arrives at Charleston's door. The current plan is to weather the storm. If we chicken out, we will head to Home, Home when that determination is made, but we probably won't chicken out.

Teh German (mostly) and I have helped many of our neighbors board up their windows over the last day and a half.  Teh German is getting roped into one more house this morning and then I'm not allowing him to do any more manual labor other than things I've asked of him (reaching the high stuff) and beer curls for the rest of the day.

From my 1 meteorology class understanding, the rain is supposed to start here around noon. The winds will start to pick up this evening/tonight. Saturday morning/day will be the real test. Things should be relatively calm by late Sunday morning. We might even have work on Monday.

We have a few things going for us. We are 46 feet above sea level and around 20 miles from the shore. So that means those storm surges you're hearing about probably aren't going to reach us. For us, the major concerns are flooding and wind damage. I spoke with our builder on Wednesday and he reminded me that our windows are rated up to 150mph winds without the boards. That said, House is still under warranty, so this is a good test of craftsmanship at Dan Ryan's expense.

We still live in a construction zone and our entire neighborhood is concerned about the in-progress houses with loose wood and other construction debris, which was our primary motivation for boarding up the windows. We are concerned about the power going out, but I've been making food for leftovers, we have plenty of non-perishables, the laundry is done, and we have a grill, so we are not going to starve if the power is out. We might be bored, but we'll be able to eat and have clothes for when we go back to work.

I've charged all our batteries and I know where the first aid kit and batteries and flashlights are. I'm actually kind of looking forward to a weekend where we can't leave. I might accomplish some projects! If not projects, at least naps and reading!

Most important, the boarding-up party helped us meet our neighbors. We have some pretty awesome people living on our street who are willing to help us out, if we were to need it. We've even met a few dogs!

I'm trying not to be dramatic about this. We've prepared as much as we can and we know that there's a house down the street with a generator.  Also, we'll totally have bragging rights for surviving the hurricane after this is all over.  #priorities

PS. I made a B+ in meteorology and I spent 65% of the semester doing sudoku and chatting with my neighbors.

PPS. Cool website where I made my weather assessment from. It's actually super pretty.

PPPS.  Someone at work mentioned decorating the boards.  I was disappointed because I had no materials to decorate with.  WRONG.  $20 in spray paint from fairy costumes is SO gonna come in handy!!!

This is Max.  He helped his mom deliver pizza to the boarding-up party!

Meri was pooped after spending Thursday with Roux.

Phil chillaxed with Roux's Humom

I gave Roux kisses for wearing my puppies out.

Hurricane prep is hard work.  ~Phil

Someone needs a haircut.  Maybe someones.


  1. Was thinking of you today! My aunt lives in Charleston and evacuated but she's downtown and not that close to you, I don't think. Stay safe - sending positive vibes your way!

  2. Hopefully you guys wont sustain any damage and at least know you have wood for your windows and know what to do for future incidents! A good excuse to be neighborly and shit too. Stay safe this weekend!

  3. I hope you guys made it through okay! Sounds like you were well prepared!


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