Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Confessions {10/12}

-I want to say I saw red, but in fact, I saw no colors I was so angry last week when Teh Dad said to me, "I told Teh German this was when boys were separated from men and he's a man's man."  We were discussing Teh German's worry about the impending hurricane.  It really blinded me when he added, "You just wouldn't understand.  It's a MAN's duty.  You will never understand."  There was an absolute silence after that because I was 1- overwhelmed by the catastrophic avalanche of things tumbling around my brain, 2- I was certain that if Teh Dad's didn't already have diminished hearing, he would be left with NO hearing when I was done with him, 3- I had more important things to do (prepare for a freakin' hurricane) than argue with my parent over gender roles and relationships.

-I was pleasantly surprised at how helpful and friendly people were at Walmart, pre-hurricane.  No one was rude or bitchy to each other until I got to the check out.  Then some lady was berating some dude for leaving a cart in between registers that wasn't even his.  Get a clue people.  #somepeopleskids

-I'm not usually overly impressed by toilet paper, but whatever we are using right now is SUPER soft and I just want to rub my face all over the roll.  I think it's Charmin, but I can't remember.  I think we were using Cottonelle before.  It's so soft that I'm considering returning the vitamin E and aloe Cottonelle I got during my hurricane prep and picking up more Charmin on principle.  #supersoft #toiletpapermatters

-I've been looking for an excuse to use that gif again since the first time.  I still have no idea what is going on there.  Not sorry.  #teletubbies

-OMG!  That leads to another confession!  When we were doing our post-hurricane walk with Phil and Meri I noticed a VERY large green blob in the open lot next to the construction.  No one else noticed until I pointed it out and that I knew what it was.  Soooo.. I had this HUGE stuffed Dipsy.  It was in one of the boxes of stuff that Teh Dad sent to CHS with me in August.  I no longer have a need for over-sized Dipsy and he'd been in a box that had rodent visitors, so I there was no saving him.  I tossed him in the dumpster along with several other boxes of trash a few weeks before the hurricane.  Apparently, the dumpster hasn't been emptied in weeks because Dipsy blew out and was terrorizing roaming the neighborhood.  I got ALL the LOLS.  #thisishownightmaresaremade

-I have no will power.  Audible announced a 2 for 1 sale on certain series today.  Outlander was one of the series.  Of course I used my 1 credit for books 3 and 4.  That's 88 hours worth of audiobook for 1 credit.  That's also 88 hours of my life that I'll spend listening to audiobooks.  Soooo many hours.  But that was totally worth 1 credit.  Especially knowing that I will eventually want to read those books.  #somanybooks #solittletime

-I'm pretty sure my newly banged up toe is going to be toe-nail-less soon.  First, I need the swelling to go down to see if I can lift it from the bed.  Second, I need to self-medicate.  Third, I need someone willing to pull it off.  #bodiesaregross

-Gimp Toe 2 gives me a reason to wear awesome bandaids.  #notsorry  #monstersinc  #yesIhavekidsbandaids

-I didn't get Phil a new toy for his birthday, but he got LOTS of treats.  Roux's Humom did give Phil a new toy and he played with it for almost 5 minutes.  He'd stop and then go back and play some more!  It was like he wasn't really Phil.  The older he gets, the more surprises he has for me.  I guess we can consider a visit from his 2nd mommy, Teh MD-AR, a late birthday present?  Phil will be 10 next year and I told him last night I'm not ready for double digits.  #myoldman #philalicious

-I have a Shit Teh German Said post drafted, but I haven't published it yet.  #lazy

-I want to link up for Alyssa's blog not-challenge, except the prompts require thought and thinking is hard.  #blogging

-There are fewer things that make me more excited than cancelled meetings.

-I really dislike when technology doesn't work because it's not developed properly.  For instance.... I have a Macbook Pro for work.  Yet, Microsoft products are the go-to.  This includes the 365 suite, which includes Skype for Business and Skype, which our office uses to communicate.  Except that Skype for Business doesn't love Apple, so it has limited functionality and to schedule an online meeting I have to open the pre-Skype for Business Mac app: Lync.  It took me an hour to figure that out.  #IT2 #techsupport

-I finished our hurricane puzzle on Monday afternoon.  I'm not sure if we'll have time, but I have a puzzle available for Teh MD-AR and I to do while she's here, if we do...  #wefittogetherlikepuzzlepieces


  1. Alyssa's prompts do require thinking! I finally finished up my first one this morning. I cant wait for Shit Teh German Said!!! And I hate when parents or anyone tries to meddle in whatever relationship boundaries you have laid down with your SO. It is your business and your business only to do what works for you. You dont need commentary on it! Now I am off to audible because I HAVE A CREDIT!

  2. Reading the entire toe thing made me cringe because #bodiesaregross #feetaretheworst

    Also, WTF


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