Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Confessions {10/19}

-Dear Coworker,
When I walk by your desk, you are always switching the window unless you are actually doing work.  It's fine that you're on FB/whatever you're doing.  Just leave it open.  OWN it.  But stop looking guilty.  Also, how can you not hear my badge clinking against my lanyard as I approach?  You know it's me, you know I don't care.  Just don't bother.  #working

-The women's bathroom at our new office makes me rage.  Between the idiosyncrasies in all 3 stalls, the fact that the touchless paper towel dispenser gives you approximately 1 centimeter of paper towel per wave of your hand, makes my rage palpable.  #youhadonejob #Ijustwanttodrymyhands

-My entire menstruating life, I've been told by various women to keep track of my periods.  I didn't.  Until after my endo surgery.  I set up a googly calendar to track my periods and sexy time.  Now I'm super OCD about tracking both.  I enter my period as "Hooray no babies!" or "I'm a real girl!"  Sex is just "!".  Because bang.  Get it?  #Impunny

-When I share a picture from my phone, the menu that pops up is constantly changing.  The icons are never in the same place.  It makes me #irrationallyangry

-Dear Coworker,
Stop wearing those sandals.  They are clunky and I'm afraid you are going to trip and fall.  Also, they are noisy.  #notagoodlifechoice

-To the very sweet Old Navy employee who told me I probably needed a 6 or 8 in leggings.  You are so sweet!  Thank you for either lying or being very nice.  You didn't look surprised when I said I probably needed a 10, so you were probably lying to be nice.  #lietomeandtellmeImpretty

-I admitted this to Nadine the other day, but I figured it was perfect confessions fodder.  When I was young, at night I would make up scenarios in my head before I'd go to sleep.  Sometimes I'd pretend I was pregnant by stuffing a basketball under my sleep shirt.  This could be why I'm not in a hurry to get knocked up.  #girlsareweird #basketballbaby

-Twitterfeed is shutting down their services.  They emailed everyone TWO WEEKS before the site goes down.  Seriously?  This is annoying to me for several reasons:
1.  This blog feeds to FB and Twitter through Twitterfeed.
2.  (most important) The GEGR (Phil's rescue group) foster blogs feed to FB and Twitter through Twitterfeed.
The problem with finding a replacement is that most of these services cost money, are difficult to figure out, or the free accounts limit the feeds they will push.  Uggggghhhhh.  #allgoodthingscometoanend  #suggestionswelcome

-I bought jeggings from Old Navy last March and I loved them.  Then they got stretched and the black faded (which is why I hate black pants).  I bought 3 new pairs of jeggings when I was at Old Navy for my halloween costume piece, but I haven't decided if I'm going to keep them or not.  I haven't decided if wearing stretchy pants is letting myself go or not.  I guess this isn't really that much different than wearing some of the stuff I wear to work (skirts/dresses w/ stretch/no waist), but it just feels like giving up.  I purposely didn't take the tags off in case I decide to return them.  Truthfully, I don't need more pants.  I bought black, navy blue, and denim.  Do I keep them?  Do I return them?  PS.  I got 55% off of my entire purchase, so super sale.  #indecision #fashionpolice #stretchypants

-Mangos are tropical and fun.. but I don't love mango.  In fact, I greatly dislike it.  I want to like it.  Alas, I do not.  #mangosaregross

-When I was in 2nd grade, we had these learn to type machines, called Type Right, so we could learn to type.  I guess because the entire school shared 1 classroom set of these bad boys, we only got to use these things a few times.  All I remember from this was learning the home row keys.. and all possible words that can be made from the home row.  I repeated these words so often that I still remember those stupid little machines (that made my hands hurt really bad!) every time I type one of those words.  For example: salad, sass, dad, add, all, ask, lad, lass, alas, fad, salads.  #musclememory #learningtotype #backintheday

-I haven't read blogs since last week and I know I'm going to sign into Feedly to a mabillionty unread blogs and #bloggerproblems.  Also, I'd really like to read the linker-uppers from the Show Us Your Books linkup, but haven't done that either.  This weekend isn't looking like I'll be taking the time either.  #yolo  #somuchliving  #notimeforboring

-Because I can't rely on the dishwasher at work being ran, I use the lazy method of washing my mug during the week (since it seems to get ran every other Friday).  I run the Keurig for 12 oz of water in my mug.  Not only does this clear out any coffee juice that took place before me, but it also helps me rinse/sanitize my mug before I use it.  Sometimes, I'm really fancy and get a paper towel and dip it in the scalding water and wipe off the lip/handle.  #sofancy  #energyconservation  #2birds1stone

-Guess who will be here tomorrow?!?!  It's ok, I'll just tell you.  TEH MD-AR WILL BE HERE TOMORROW NIGHTTTT!!!!!!!!!  Although this isn't soon enough.  /squeeeeeeeee  She'll be here until Tuesday, which isn't long enough.  All week I've been looking at this picture because it makes me laugh.  #notsorry #runningbesties


  1. I feel about papayas the way you feel about mangos. Do you use Clue? I liked to track all my stuff in there and it was VERY accurate as far as my fertile days. Obviously.

  2. I always laugh at people at work who quickly switch windows when you walk by. I'm guilty of it too - but yeah, no one cares. I ALSO hate those paper towel dispensers because one tiny ass thin sheet is NOT enough to dry your hands - can you be a little more generous, PLEASE?!

    I had a busy weekend and didn't check Feedly for four whole days - needless to say I was VERY overwhelmed. #SupportingOtherBloggersIsHard

  3. i totally do the window thing, no shame. but people at my work would care haha. i judge people who do it, but i do it too. especialyl because 9 times out of 10 i'm reading/commenting on a blog and i don't want to have to talk about that or explain lol. i'm horrible about tracking my periods. horrible. i just opened the app and it was like 75 days! oops. i do the creating scenarios in my head still. always have. it's like nighttime day dreaming. haha. i had the opposite experience than you at old navy.. except i was in victorias secret. anyway, i went to try on leggings and she was like are you sure you don't need a bigger size? and then when i came out to show my mum, the sales associate was like WOW those are a size whatever?! really? i was like bitch shut your mouth. i got the leggings because they were fabulous, but she pissed me off haha.

  4. Speaking of coworkers, I have one that will turn away work because she's busy arts and crafting shit or working on United Way fundraiser crap. Hmmm what's more important, work or other shit that can get put to the side for later? Drives me fun mental. She's not pulling her weight and I'm getting fed up! Yarrr.

    So I was using Twitterfeed to share tweets from specific people so it could auto tweet for me without doing a thing, and it sounds like you were also using it for FB? (Which I didn't know you could do). Check PATH. It shares blog posts right when I publish for me. It may not be entirely what you're looking for but check it out. And it was free when I signed up last year at least.

    I should track my periods but I don't. I also should get off birth control because I've been on that shit for far too long.

    Happy Wednesday! :)

  5. I used to have a period tracker for no real reason because I'm on the pill. All I have to do is look at the pack. Is it placebo week? Yes? Period. No? No period.
    Also thanks for talking about periods because I almost forgot to grab tampons on my way out the door today...because shark week.

  6. Are used to do the window thing a lot. But mostly that's because I was on Pinterest and because they really thought my job should take out eight hours a day but it really only took about an hour and a half. Some people just don't know how to multitask well and or they cannot properly respond to emails or something. Who knows ridiculous. I am so behind a blog still but I'm working on it so if you get 1 billion comments today just know it's me I'm here I'm trying.


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