Friday, October 21, 2016

Five on Friday #90


Teh MD-AR IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!  She arrived last night.  Let me tell you about all the fun things we have planned.  You're not even ready for this.  I know it.

Friday: Megan gets off work at her Friday time, go home, head out for packet pick up, do things.  Teh German comes home, we all go out to dinner out at a delicious place (Willie Jewels?  Sesame?  Home Team BBQ?  Mex 1?  so many options, so little stomach space).  NashBash at 6pm to see Billy Currington, David Nail, and Love & Theft.

Saturday: We have the James Island Connector 10k Saturday morning.  Saturday evening we will be attending the Stingrays season opener.

Sunday through the dreaded day (when she leaves): Laziness and whatever we wawnt.


Women's reproductive rights.  Let's talk about it for a moment.  Ok more than a moment, because I have a lot to say about it.

Let's start with some history, shall we?
I was raised Catholic.  My grandparents did the rosary together every night before bed, and I absolutely adored this.  I only missed church for sickness or possible death.  Then I graduated high school and left for college.  While I was at NCSU, I went to church services a few times, but truthfully, it was weird because church was in a theater and where were all the adults?  Getting to a church off campus was a lot of effort since my car was parked a 30 minute walk/bus ride away. 

But the real truth is that even when I still lived with my parents, I was having some doubts about my faith.  It all seemed weird and like everyone believed in magic, but 1- my parents required that I be at church, so I was there.  2- everyone else was doing it, so it was fine.  I could do this too.  These feelings got stronger as I got older.

All of that was to tell you that I've actually participated in a pro-life march in DC (through the church).  Someone explained the concept of pro-life to me, but I was 11 or 12 and had no real concept of what any of it meant.  I thought we were there to save live babies from being killed or something.  It didn't make sense.  We rode in a charter bus from NC to DC and then we slept in a gym with men separate from women and used a community bathroom for all our hygienic needs (which mine were pretty slim during that trip).  We gathered at what I came to learn (within the last 5-8 years) was the National Mall and then we walked down the street to the building where some hearing was taking place.  We didn't stay for long once we got there.  I can't remember if we went back to the Mall or if our bus was there waiting for us.  Either way, we ended up back in the bus and headed back to NC.

The grim reaper costumes and Halloween-esque babies and signs are still perfectly clear in my memory.  Nonetheless, today I am pro-choice.  In fact, I was probably pro-choice at that gathering, I just didn't know what pro-choice was. 

I believe that the choices I make with MY body are MY choices.  You can have your opinions about my choices, but your opinions should not affect my RIGHTS to make choices about my body

I don't want to swing this into politics, but we all know that's the real reason this conversation is so relevant right now.  A presidential candidate is talking about reversing the rights I was given to choose what I want to do with my body.  That concept is horrific to me.  The idea of losing my rights is astounding.  It is reversing progress.  It is, for lack of better words, and to steal from said presidential candidate, "Wrong."

PS.  The only analogy I can make for the male perspective is having to sign up for the draft.  That said, I support women having to also sign up for the draft. 

PPS.  This article and this article about late-term abortions explain why women should have the right to choose.  It's not about killing babies, it's about saving the life (physical and mental) of a mother.


I signed Phil and Meri up for a Pupbox or something.  It was only $10 and I'll cancel the subscription after the box ships so it doesn't automatically renew.  After getting some crazy-dog-lazy shade about feeding my dogs milkbones, I figured I'd look into an alternative source for treats. 

In more complete honesty (when don't you get that with me?  I mean, really?), Phil and Meri rarely get treats.  The get their meals 2x a day with a gob of peanut butter so they will take their meds and they get a frozen peanut butter kong (lined with PB around the edges only, not completely filled) each day when we both leave for work.  If we leave in the evening for any reason, they are only given PB kongs if they didn't get one earlier in the day.  If they got a pb kong earlier, they will get 2 milkbones each or a teeth cleaning treat.  Rarely, they will get scraps of human food, but that is only delivered via their bowls so they don't beg while we are eating.

I bought this huge box of milkbones because it was a lot of treats and they don't get them that often.  I opened this box when we moved in May and it's probably still 1/2 full. 

I'm really a super strict dog mom.  Feel sorry for my future spawns.


From the phone:
Meri supervising while I change Phil's bandages

We attended a Stingrays meet and greet this week.  Teh German got his jersey signed by all the players.  Damn, Megan, good job on that anniversary present!

sneaky selfies with the new head coach.

Morale boosting toys from Roux's Humom

We're officially bandage free, but that right paw is still pretty swollen.
From my manipulations, I'm thinking he might have strained some toes.
He's mostly back to being himself though, so YAY!

After some FB friend assistance, I learned that I'd been watering a weed.
I pulled that sucker out last night and it was WELL-TENDED.  Super thick roots and stem.
I had to do some manhandling to get it out of the ground!
Also, it was stinky.  No bueno.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Picking up my medal shadowbox.
  2. Phil getting back to his normal self.
  3. Shaving my legs.
  4. Live tweeting my debate reactions.  Since Teh German insisted on watching, despite my protests.
  5. Extra dogs in the house
  6. Being the only person dressed up for a Friday meeting with clients while everyone one was wearing jeans.  #fancy
  7. Almost being done with The Last Anniversary on audiobook because ugh.
  8. Figuring out the weed vs flower debacle.
  9. Meetings that end early.
  10. Teh MD-AR arriving!!!

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
Linking up with these ladies since it's FFFFRRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!


  1. yes - yes to your whole blurb on women's reproductive rights. i don't understand why there's so much confusion about what pro-choice means. IT'S LITERALLY IN THE NAME. you support a woman's RIGHT to CHOOSE and make DECISIONS about her OWN BODY. if one more person writes that dems are baby killers or support baby killing i might actually jump off the roof of my apartment building.

  2. Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned! I had to laugh that you were watering a weed. Have fun this weekend!

  3. Yeah, that watering the weeds thing. That would be me. Any other plant I probably couldn't keep alive. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Hope you have an awesome weekend!

  4. Meetings that end early are always a good thing!

  5. I hope you're having a wicked weekend girl! :)


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