Friday, February 28, 2014

Personality Quiz #4

The final quiz result I wanted to share with you made me laugh the most.

Along with the Zimbio quizzes, a few people took the quiz about how many children they should have.  I couldn't resist.  Fortunately for my FB friends, I could never get the results to share to FB, which is ultimately what started this quiz thing to begin with.

I really couldn't argue with this result.  Some of the questions were like, woah, never considered that.

So now I know.. I should stop at one.  Solid advice internet.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A quizzy bloggy thingy

Erin at Two Thirds Hazel posted a quizzy thing today.  I wanted to do it because I wanted a photoshop challenge and because I liked the questions and because I don't wanna study.

You are welcome for all the posts this week.

Personality Quizzes #3

Continuing the personality revelations....

Which Grey's Anatomy character would you be?
I'd so rather be Christina.

 Which How I Met Your Mother character would you be?
Well.. alright then.

Which Harry Potter character would you be? 
Probably accurate in more ways than I want to admit.

Which magical Tolkien character are you?
I love food?  Accurate.  Small?  Accurate.  Fine.

So yeah.  I despite how ridiculous these quizzes were, I still enjoyed doing them.

I do have results from one last quiz left to share with you, but it wasn't a Zimbio quiz...  Stand by, Gentle Readers.. it is coming.

Fashion doesn't agree with me... #46

I think we may have had these before, but still as ridiuclous.

These maybe aren't so bad, but still a bit too big for my midget face.

It's like half frames, but in full.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So What Wednesday #7

So what

...I laughed and smiled on Saturday.
   ++ I felt like I was doing something wrong, but it was such a relief to laugh.  It was a beam of light in the darkness that was the beginning of what I have deemed "breakup weekend."

...that "breakup weekend" is a thing now.
   ++ it was a 3 day weekend where I got to absorb the enormity of ending my relationship of over 3 years.  It's totally a thing.

...I intimidated a corpsman (the medical techs of the navy) who was giving me a TB test during my PHA (physical health assessment, which is the yearly check up the navy requires).
   ++ Then again, he did try to stick me before he had rubbed the alcohol swab over the area he was planning to jab me and he was obviously new.  He also wasn't wearing gloves.  I did try to break the tension with a joke while he was slightly pricking me with the needle then pulling it out.  "Just stick it in me already!"  And not one of the three 18 year old dudes standing there acknowledged it.  Not even a chuckle.  I finally had to just say it, "That's what she said!  Gosh, no one?!?  NO ONE?  Disappointments."  The kid did eventually get the shot in, not really deep enough, but he was new.  I did suggest to him that he shouldn't be intimidated by me, or anyone, next time.

...I've over posted on Pinterest in the past 2 days.
   ++ Don't judge me, it was breakup weekend.

...if I judge a female who uses smokeless tobacco more than a male.
   ++ honestly, I think tobacco products are generally pretty gross with the exception of a hookah every blue moon (and in GTMO the occasional cigarette to get rid of my hiccups, which was extremely effective).  Yet, anytime I hear of a female who dips/etc, I think it's infinitely grosser than a male who does the same thing.  Rather than just the act being disgusting being done by a male, I feel like the female herself is gross, not just the act of using smokeless tobacco.  It's probably just me.  It's gross either way.

...I was in no way productive this weekend.
   ++ I did at least put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher as I dirtied them.  With one person here now, the dishwasher will run so much less.  I did laundry Friday night.  I should have studied EAWS but I really wasn't capable.  Then again, I did clean the bathrooms last weekend, and the floor was vacuumed when I got home on Friday.  So really, there wasn't anything to feel guilty about.

...that the breakup diet might be a close cousin to anorexia.
   ++ All those pounds from my time in DC?  Gone bitches!

...I've been realizing out loud how things will be different now.
   ++ I don't use as much hand soap, so I didn't feel the need to stock up when I went into Bath and Body Works.  There's food in my house I probably won't eat.  I really enjoy how I reorganized my closetS, especially where I sorted my pants into jeans, khakis, grey, and other color stacks.  Other people get a bit freaked out by these announcements.

...that I deal with things by making jokes.
   ++ mostly this relates to how different things are.  Most people don't understand this either.

...that when people hug me it makes me cry.
   ++ It's that look on everyone's faces right before they do it that makes me remember and realize just how sad I am right before they wrap their arms around me that gets me.  My voice chokes up and the tears start welling.  Breakups are hard, Gentle Readers.

...that I'm sad I have to change Phil's schedule to match my new work schedule.
   ++ He does so well on the established schedule, but I don't have a choice.  Looks like breakfast at 0530 and dinner at 3-4:30pm.  He's such an old man.. hehehe.

...that when someone asked me if I was going to join or any of those websites I was like, pffth, hell no because SoMD.
   ++ SoMD is a strange universe that doesn't seem to have the same connections to the real world that other small towns have.  It's creepy and strange and that's just way too much risk.  Also, first I think I should be single for longer than 5 days before I go making those types of decisions.  Also, dating is hard (not that I've done that in a while, but I do know my crazy has only exponentially increased since the last time).

Happy middle of the work week!

Life After I Dew

Personality Quizzes #2

Onto the "real" characters...

Who would be your 90s boyfriend?
Well.. ok then.

Which Avengers character would you be?
Yes, I wear a crazy flying suit!

Which Downton Abbey character would you be?
Great, I'd fare well in prison with occasional visits....

Which Game of Thrones character would you be?
Really?  Of all the characters?  Boo.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Personality Quizzes #1

A few weeks ago, everyone and their brother was sharing their Zimbo quiz results on FB.  I did not succumb to that peer pressure then.  But now, I have a bit of time on my hands, so I was like.. eh why not..

So I did ALL the (interesting) quizzes!

I will share these results with you right here.. because what fun would it be if I didn't share the results?

Which Disney princess are you?

Which Disney side kick would you be?

Which Sesame Street character would you be?

Which Toy Story character would you be?

Yep.  That happened.

These are just the results from the animated/muppet quizzes...  Just wait.. there will be more results soon!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The End

On Saturday, Teh Bear packed all his things and headed back to FL.  So now its me and Phil until Sam arrives.

It was an extremely difficult decision that was all on me.  I should get to purging all the photos of us that are scattered around the house, but I can't yet.

Watching him pull out of his parking spot was one of the toughest things I've endured, I don't think I've ever heard myself wail in such a way.  Watching him turn at the red light almost put me on my knees.

For months and weeks and years I dreamed that all the silver Santa Fe's driving around SoMD were Teh Bear's.  Rarely did I ever actually see him on the road while he was here, but watching him turn on the highway I knew that every silver Santa Fe will haunt me for a while.

Apparently, the universe knew I needed some support though.

Teh Sister reminded me to stock up on Edy's.

Phil moves when I move.  He knows.  It's always creepy how animals know when their people are hurting.  It was obvious how confused Phil was since he wasn't sure who to try and comfort.

A FB friend posted this right around the same time Teh Bear was leaving:

A friend I used to work with had messaged me while we were loading Teh Bear's car and I had missed it.  I checked her message when I was able to see again and apologized for missing her call and explained that I was a shit show at the moment.  She still invited me out to lunch, where I watched her eat something that smelled delicious.

Another friend offered to bring me dinner and I explained that I'm now on the breakup diet, which means that I'd love to eat, but it doesn't stay down.  I did accept the invitation to come socialize with Phil because it seems like my house now echoes.  Things seem to be missing.  Oh and there's a LOT of dust.

Another friend offered to bring lemon Oreos and ensured that I was doing ok.

The universe knows and I hadn't even told anyone... until I did and this overflow of concern came from them.  Also, did I mention I have really great friends?  Truly.

I honestly didn't want to do this post.  I still don't want to hit publish but I will.  I don't want to accept the fact that I ended my relationship with a great person who made me pretty damn happy.

But I did.
And I need to face that.

I'll do that.. just maybe.. another day?

PS.  This isn't a pity post.  It's really more of a marker for myself on Teh Blog and an explanation to Gentle Readers for changes that are imminent.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday #14


Galgos del Sol has posted several photos of Sam this week.  I love it.  That beard!  Those ears!  She's so fluffy!!!!  Also, I'm worried that Samwise isn't going to be a good fit for a name for her.  Currently, she is called Cadbury, but I'm wanting to stick to something Hobbit/LOTR/JRR Tolkien related since we already have Philbo Baggins. 

Currently tied for 2nd place is Pippin and Merry.  I also want the name to be kinda girly... cause she's.. a girl.  We'll see.


The only thing that motivated me to get out of bed this morning was that it is Friday.  Truly.  We've got a new schedule at work where I arrive at work at 0600, but I get to leave after lunch, so I'm defintely not complaining.  It's just a difficult adjustment for someone who usually doesn't go to bed until 9:30 and often doesn't get to sleep until 11pm. 


It might be a 3-day weekend depending on how well VX-1 did on their inspection (that I know absolutely nothing about).  In other VX-1 news, I might be getting trained on another imagery processing program.  It sounds really nerdy, but I'm all like IMAGERRRYYY!?!?!?!  U HAZ?  I WANTS!!!!!!  Oh, real job, how I miss you.  Is it December yet?


I was thinking last night about how I used to write funny posts.  Or at least I was told people thought they were funny.  I should get back to that.  Maybe that means I need more things to rant about?  Like how hard it is to get up at 5am when the bed is just so much more delightful than anything ever. 


Weightloss is hard.  Seriously.  Teh Bear told me that I should stop stepping on the scale.  I told him I didn't have a choice, I HAVE to.  I HAVE to meet the standard or else.  He says to just workout and not worry about it.. yeah, I love my lemon oreos too much.  I wish I could get on a workout plan and stick to it, which is really my problem.  I was doing really good during the summer when I had no excuse to NOT go run, but now its too cold or its raining or I need to bring Phil (who only serves to slow me down and make me look ridiculous).  I have a million and a half excuses and yesterday's was that a nap was just so much better and my entire upper chest hurts (including under my boobs which is the worst).  Today I don't have an excuse.  I WILL go to the gym and hit the elliptical and weight machines and/or go on a run, weather depending.  I can do it.  I just need the motivation, and since the fall, I just don't haz it.

Pinterest motivation:


Linking up with these ladies since it's FRRRIIIIIDAY:

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fashion doesn't agree with me... #45

Pink is really not my color.

I think these glasses are a little big for my personality.

So much ombre.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

So What Wednesday #6

So What

...I'm not really into watching the Olympics.
   ++ Don't get me wrong, it takes so much talent to be those people, but I'm really just not a big fan of watching TV in general.  It's not you, it's me.

...I'm very aware of breath.
   ++ That said, I want you to tell me if my breath stinks.  Seriously, just tell me.  I almost always have gum and I'm always willing to brush for you if I'm at home.

...I want to lose 10 pounds.  I have to lose 5 pounds.
   ++ Having to meet physical standards is really a pain in the ass sometimes.

...My desire to lose weight is coupled with a desire to cook my way through a skinny cook book.
   ++ The problem with this is that I rarely like most of the recipes in a cook book.  One can see the problem with this.

...Running with Phil is less and less fun.
   ++ He slows me down.  We ran almost 4 miles earlier this week and by the halfway point it looked like I was dragging my mini-horse down the street.  I felt kinda guilty when I thought, "Good thing you're a greyhound and not a galgo."

...I'm probably not going to get to study for my rate/advancement exam due to studying for EAWS and boarding.
   ++ But I'll have my EAWS before March 15th!

...I'm not taking Phil to the vet until after Sam arrives.
   ++ I'm hoping it will save me money, but with the vets around here, I'm not even sure that's possible.  Cost of living is sooo ridiculous here.  I almost want to just bring Phil and Sam to NC with me and have their vet stuff done there.. but that not happening till April.

...I'm taking vacation in March and April.
   ++ March is for a visit to FL to use a timeshare thingy that will be expiring soon and April is going NC for Teh BFFs wedding.

...I've been craving some serious alone time.
   ++ Lets just blame being in DC and being on my own program for a few days.

...I miss my walks with Teh Greyhound Neighbor- Wife.
   ++ Hopefully this week we'll get back on schedule.

...I love when other people love Phil.
   ++ Bringing him to praise band practice on Tuesday warmed my heart to see everyone giving him love.

...I like working the early shift so I can get out of work and have my afternoons to accomplish things....
   ++ Which might include naps, but often includes a workout too.

...Oreo lemon cookies are 150 calories for 2 cookies.
   ++ They are the most delicious 150 calories of my entire day.  No contest.

...Getting up at 5am means I'm exhausted by 7pm.
   ++ Awakeness is hard.  Even with a nap.

...I'm not super stoked about the class I signed up for in March.
   ++ I checked the professor/class schedule and was excited to take a particular instructor for a certain class.  When I checked Tuesday, it was no longer the same professor and the replacement had no reviews on  All the other instructors teaching classes I need had pretty bad reviews, so I went with no reviews.  It's going to be an interesting semester with 2 vacations during this class.

...I let Phil "clean the bowl" after we make mashed potatoes.
   ++ He's just so adorable.

Nomnomnom! -Phil

I love making all the things stink like my breath so no one else uses my things. -Phil

Life After I Dew

Monday, February 17, 2014

February mid-month catch up...

I feel like there's so many things to tell you, Gentle Readers!  It's been so long since we had a weekend wrap up!  So lets go back...  It was almost my birthday...

**This is going to be a really long post, so I completely understand if you just look at the photos and move on.  I had a lot of fun during those 2 weeks and wanted to document it for my own sake.  Yay for having Teh Blog!***

Friday, Jan. 31st-
Friday was my last normal work day before going to class.  When I left, I actually said, "Don't call me.  Don't call me maybe, don't call me period."  Within 2 hours, someone called me.  True to my warnings, I didn't answer.  Since I needed to pack for my class, Friday meant doing the laundry.  We spent Friday night being lazy and we (finally) finished watching The Office.  While I understand why they closed the show the way they did, I might have been happy without the final 2 episodes.  Although, I was going to be VERY disappointed if Steve Carell didn't make an appearance in the final episodes.

Saturday, Feb. 1st-
The official start of my birthday weekend!  I finished up the laundry and we spent most of the day hanging out with Teh Humanitarian and Teh Coast Guardian.  We played mexican dominoes (and felt pretty technologically superior using Teh Bear's new tablet as the score keeper (yay having an app for everything!)) and went to the base theater to watch a free preview of Monument Men, which was actually pretty good if you're looking for a feel good movie (which I was after seeing Saving Mr. Banks a few nights before that).  We hit up Red Robin for dinner after the movie (yay for a free birthday burger from the rewards program).  After we made it back home, I started the process of packing, sans my suitcase, since Phil always gets really mopey as soon as he sees me pull out the suitcase.  Although I'm not really sure why since me leaving usually means that he gets to go hang out with his "real" furever family...

Sunday, Feb 2nd-
We headed to church to start the day off.  We came home to find that Phil had eaten a LOT of mini chocolates we hadn't eaten at the movie, which meant that he got a peroxide and milk shot in the yard as soon as we walked in the door.  After he had successfully regurgitated his breakfast and anything he could have eaten since then, including all the chocolate, we went back inside where Teh Bear was cleaning the carpets since they were sticky.  I didn't even feel bad getting out the suitcase after that.  Teh Bear checked the mail before we left and I had a package from Sprink, which was an excellent self-birthday present.  I packed way more stuffs than I really needed for my 2 weeks away and we got everything and everyone loaded into the car.  We dropped Phil off with his "real" forever family where I received a birthday present (shamrock collars for Phil and Sam and earrings and a bracelet for me, thank you!) and headed to DC.  We weren't sure what my class schedule was going to be on Monday, so we wanted to celebrate on Sunday just in case.  After checking into the hotel, Teh Bear and I headed out to my birthday dinner at Bertucci's, an Italian place Teh Bear had found on Urbanspoon that was nearby.  I'm always satisfied with Italian, so he did good.  We made it back from dinner to see the Broncos get slaughtered.  We were so bored we even turned off the game before it ended, the commercials weren't even worth it.  Take that super bowl for stealing my birthday every few years.

While I was gone, Teh Greyhound Neighbor-Wife made sure that I was getting as much Philbo as possible via photos.  They all made me so happy.  If you'll look, you'll see just how happy PHIL is, which is why we call Teh Greyhound Neighbor's his "real" forever family.

Teh Greyhound Neighbor- Wife lubs Phil, and I'm pretty sure the feeling is more than mutual.

Teh Greyhound Neighbor- Husband lets Phil on the no-dog-cough and Phil knows how special he is.

Zoe, Olive, and Phil get treats from tGN-H at the dinner table.  Word on the street was the treats were steak.

Phil and Olive chillin' on the doggy couch.

Zoe and Phil chilling on the doggy couch.

Monday, Feb. 3rd- MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
Monday was my first day of class.  It was pouring rain when I arrived, which wasn't very delightful since it was also right at freezing temps.  The best part was that I got to go into the visitors center to get a parking pass and then return it to my car, then go all the way to class, which I had no idea where it was...  Oh, did I mention it was pouring and I don't own a black umbrella?  Good times.  Once I got inside the building, I had no idea where I was going, and I happened to find a group of lost looking Marines who just happened to be going to the same class as me.  WIN for being lost together.  After finding our classroom together, I discovered I was the only Navy person in the class out of 23 military, the rest were Marines.  We also had 3 civilians, but they only counted kinda since they were the minority.  Fortunately, we were out of class by 3, which was awesome, since Teh Bear was chillin' at the hotel waiting for me to get back.  Since it was my birthday we were going to go out to dinner, but I wasn't sure where.  As we started to debate this issue, Teh Monopoly messaged me and asked if we wanted to meet her and Mr. Kilt for dinner at Rock Bottom.  They said the food was delicious which was all the convincing I needed.  We met at the Bethesda location.

Apparently, SoMD has ruined me for customer service.  The waiter we had at Rock Bottom was amazing!  From Teh Monopoly's dietary restrictions and her talking to a cook to my desire for sweet tea, which the server made happen with unsweet tea (boo!) and simple sugar from the bar and to free beer samples for the boys.. he definitely earned that tip.  Everyone at the table claimed he was "just doing his job" but I think that's where SoMD has ruined me.  I'm not even used to wait staff "just doing their job" so I was super impressed with this guy just doing his job.  Either way he got an excellent tip because he made sweet tea happen for me in a place with not a lot of sweet tea.  After a great dinner, it was time to head back to the hotel and get ready for day 2 of school.  I finished off the evening with a call from Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover and we giggled until I was almost falling asleep.  She wrote me a 2nd birthday poem (the 1st one was created back in the dorm room days) because she's awesome and obviously talented.  I loved it.  I keep going back to read it because it makes me giggle and smile.  She's good at that.

Yay Sprink-ified!

Birthday jewelry!

Tuesday, Feb 4th-
Teh Bear left while I was at class.  It was definitely lonely and quiet in the hotel room without him once I got back after class.  I took the quiet to catch up on blogs and read And the Mountains Echoed.  Teh Bear and I got to be nostalgic and Skype before we went to bed.  He even gave me some face time with Phil, who does not respond in anyway to my voice over the computer.  Jerk dog.

Wednesday, Feb 5th-
Wednesday was pretty much a repeat of Tuesday, except it included watching longer movies during class.

Thursday, Feb 6th-
After "saving money" on Tuesday and Wednesday, I was finally starting to go stir crazy in the hotel.  Mr. Scrooge was in DC for an interview and we decided to meet up.  I had went out for dinner at Houlihan's and felt like it was overpriced for what I got, even with a Yelp deal.  After dinner, I headed out to Penn Social to meet Mr. Scrooge and his friends.  After playing some shuffleboard (which I quickly learned I suck at) and a few games of Jenga, it was suggested we all go to a hookah bar, so we headed there next.  Mr. Scrooge and I were definitely still on the same page after 5 years, which was apparent when we both started elbowing each other at the same time when we saw a woman wearing underwear length "shorts" with a full sequin long shirt at the next table (I can't go so far as to call it a mini dress because I could clearly see the "shorts").  Neither one of us could believe that she wearing such a lack of clothes in public especially since it was so cold out.  After one of Mr. Scrooge's intoxicated friends decided to walk out of the hookah place completely smashed, it was time to call it a night.  After driving everyone back to their hotels, I finally made it back to my hotel around 1, got to talk to Teh Bear for a short bit before finally passing out for what Sleepytime considered a nap.

Friday, Feb 7th-
Teh Bear returned to DC to hang out with me for the weekend.  Teh Bear pulled into the parking garage right as I was parking Yurtle, which was really great timing.  We went inside for a little bit before heading back out to The Crazy Dog Lady's house.  She was putting on a canine blood donation night at her house, which meant that we would get to see LOTS of puppies!  Greyhounds and galgos and borzois and afghans and salukis and puppies, oh my!

Me and Josie (it is suggested that Sam will look a lot like Josie)

Luke is still a puppy, and he's not really THAT big, but this proves that angles can make me look like a midget.

Janeen getting lovins from Teh Bear.

Misha was all about the lovins.

Borreguito and Emma were also a fan of all the pettins.

John and Heidi are snugglers.  /swoon.

All puppies love pizza bones!

Emma smelling Teh Bear's head.

There is never too many doggies.

We left covered in dog hair and it was totally awesome, since I was really starting to miss my Philbo.

Saturday, Feb 8th-
Despite threats of winter weather, Teh Bear and I headed into DC to do some sight seeing.  We planned to check out the National Archives and the Library of Congress, which we were successful at.  We also stopped for lunch at Good Stuff Eatery, which was pretty delicious.  It started snowing while we were eating lunch, but it didn't last for very long.  Once our feet started hurting and we started to venture into the Capitol, but we decided to save something for later and head back to the hotel.  We had dinner that night with doggy friends at Guapos.

We rode the Metro into DC so I didn't have to worry about paying a mabillion dollars to park Yurtle.

We considered ice skating, but decided to save our ankles for walking around buildings that were heated.

No construction!

The couple at the high table were wearing ONESIES.
I can't even make that up.. and I couldn't get a good photo.

Checking in.

At the Library of Congress.

Just amazing.

This is part of a Bob Hope monologue.  Hilarious.. and accurate.

We ventured to the Capitol, but decided after one exhibit to just head back.

Sunday, Feb. 9th-
Sunday we slept in and were lazy.  We met Teh FL Greyhound Wife and Husband for dim sum at Tony Cheng's Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown.  It was my first time ever having dim sum and other than spilling my hot tea all over myself and the table, it was an enjoyable experience.  The best thing was definitely the pineapple buns.  We considered doing some more sight seeing, but I really needed to accomplish a load of laundry so I'd have enough underwear and socks until it was time to go home (see, I didn't over pack on somethings).  We went back to the hotel and I was reminded of dorm living when I moved someone's laundry to the top of the machines since they were occupying a machine that I needed (I didn't even feel bad since the pile was still there when I went back down to move the laundry to the dryer).  After the laundry was finished, I messaged our doggy friends again and asked if they wanted to do dinner again.  They said yes and we agreed to meet at Mike's American Grill.  I tried not to eat too many of the delicious rolls, which we had been warned about.  After dinner, we headed back to the hotel and crashed for the night.


A Rita's in Chinatown!  (sadly, it was closed for the season)

Mike's steak scale.  Please check well done.

Monday, Feb 10th-
Teh Bear headed back to SoMD after I had left for class and as soon as I got back to the hotel boredom set in.  I realized that I had definitely gained some weight, so it was workouts pre and post class.  This was very helpful in making reading progress.  Monday, I went back to The Crazy Dog Lady's house for some socializing, dog lovins, and SHUG dolly stuffing.  After a plethora of dirty comments about stuffing things in the butt (which just happens to be how SHUG dollies are stuffed), I was tired and it was bedtime.

Find your own SHUG dolly here: SHUG FB

Tuesday, Feb 11th-
I was still super excited about getting to watch movies every day, truly.  Going to class didn't even hurt my feelings.  The Marines even let me sit with them at lunch.  Tuesday was my last full day in DC, so I spent the evening working out, eating dinner, and packing.  I was really glad I had Teh Bear take some stuff back with him, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to fit it all in my suitcase.

Wednesday, Feb 12th-
The last day of class included our final written exam and our capstone event.  I loved it.  I miss doing my real Navy job that has nothing to do with security or visit requests.  I was the first person to get my certificate (apparently being the only one does mean something).  I headed back to the hotel to pick up my stuff and head back to SoMD before the snow started and people started getting stupid.

Friday, Feb 14th- Valentines Day
I managed not to give myself food poisoning on the 13th, but that didn't mean Vday was spectacular (I slipped on the ice and cut my hand, work was work, and candy wasn't on sale yet).  Teh Bear and I don't celebrate Vday, other than trying to hit up the store to buy 50% off candy, which we even failed at that this year and paid full price because I had no intention of facing the public 2 days in a row.  I went into work where everyone said, "Oh, I thought you weren't coming back till Tuesday."  Which really only served to make me want to go home even more.  After 3 hours of plowing through emails and fielding questions and catching up on all the things, I took care of my travel claim and spent some time with the ITs proving how stupid I am studying for EAWS.  I finally gave up and went home, at which point Teh Bear and I headed out to find candy.  We came home and Teh Bear walked Phil while I went on a run.  I made chicken piccata for dinner and we finished off the final season of The Big C.

Yurtle sheds..

This hole became MUCH larger after I slipped and fell in it......

Saturday, Feb 15th-
Teh Bear made breakfast before I got out of bed, which was delightful and delicious.  We spent most of the morning internetting and watching Modern Family.  I took a very delightful nap and then headed over to Teh FL Greyhound-ers house to learn some EAWS.  After I finally gave up learning, Teh Bear and I had pizza for dinner while watching Modern Family.

Phil was obviously entertained.

Sunday, Feb 16th-
After church, Teh Bear and I had lunch with Teh Singing Cat Lady and Teh Singing Podcaster at McDonald's.  After lunch, I headed to Teh FL Greyhound-ers house for more EAWS learning.  After studying, I went back home and Teh Bear and I spent the evening watching Modern Family and I even made dinner (bbq porkchops and mashed potatoes)!

Phil's favorite part of us having mashed potatoes for dinner.

Yay for being caught up!

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