Wednesday, February 12, 2014

So What Wednesday #5

So What

...that I got upset when my instructor said, "Tough shit," when I explained that I wasn't really big on switching up work stations with other members of my group for class.
   ++ it's not them, it's me.  1.  I'm OCD.  I have all my windows in their specific places and I like it that way.  I don't like when they aren't in my spots.  I'm less productive when things aren't where I put them.  2.  Germs.  Boys are gross.  3.  Some PMS might have been happening because her response really upset me.  Not like crying upset, but rage.  I was short with my 2 group members and I didn't talk for about 20 minutes because I knew better than to engage.  4.  I don't like NOT getting my way.

...that I'm glad this class is over.
   ++ I've enjoyed this class, I've enjoyed my break from SoMD, I've definitely enjoyed my break from VX-1.  But, I miss Phil and my couch and my closet and my bed and tv and katamari and my kitchen (I haven't even gotten to use the new stove the landlord put in!) and all my food and not having to spend money eating out or suffering through free mass produced food that the hotel offers and my parking spot that I don't have squeeeeeeeeeze into.  Teh Bear didn't make this list, but only because he left me on Monday and we get to Skype in the meantime which is soooo 2012.

...that I'm thinking of pushing back Phil's annual vet appointment until after Sam arrives so I don't have to make 2 trips to the vet.
   ++ savin' dollas, yo.

...that my tax return is pre-spent.
   ++ goodbye credit card balance (and Christmas and poor habits), hello INTL 506 (Analytics II (not that I took Analytics I)) and Samwise Gamgee (yay puppy)!!!!!!!

...that I've told myself I'm going to bed early for a week and haven't succeeded
   ++ I have worked out every day instead (except for when Teh Bear was here).. see more on this below.

...that I really don't want to celebrate Valentine's Day, even though Teh Bear keeps insisting I do.
   ++ He claims that last year we were going to celebrate in someway but I got food poisoning instead.  I do know that the day after we went and got 1/2 off chocolates and I was totally ok with that.  Apparently, I really want to do something though.  I'll have to figure it out, but I'm certain it doesn't involve going out to dinner on a Friday night, that happens to also be Valentine's Day, in Pax River... actually on second thought, that could provide soooooo much entertainment.......

...that I went out last Thursday night and didn't get to bed until after 0130 and feel like I haven't caught up on sleep since.
   ++ It was totally worth it.

...I stepped on the scale in the hotel gym and was super disappointed in myself.  This even happened:
Nothing completes self-loathing like a FB post.
   ++ I realized today that some of that is PMS related.  Most of that is eating out and eating mass produced food since....  the end of January.  Some of that could also be the workout lapses I've been experiencing.  The number I saw was definitely a swift kick in the ass.  I'm proud of myself for working out 2x a day since Monday.  Now lets see if I can keep this up... hahahahahahahahaha.

...that I'm on the fence about this impending snow storm.
   ++ I love me some snow, but it could definitely interfere with travel plans, but it supposed to be several inches, but people don't know how to drive in it...  It's really a problem.

...I finished And the Mountains Echoed and now I'm afraid to start another one of his books because I might get sucked in again.
   ++ It was a really good book.  The ending wasn't what the reader wanted, but it was still satisfying in a realistic way.  Maybe that was just me because "Memory Care Unit" cut a little close to the bone?

...I started Out of Oz and struggled to get into it.
   ++ It has been several years since I read the previous books of the series, so all the characters are disjointed in my head, despite character lines at the beginning of the book.  Slowly it is starting to come together, so we'll see how it all pans out.  It definitely helps makes the 30 minutes on the elliptical pass faster.

...I have a month to get my EAWS pin and I brought all my study stuff with me and it laid on the desk where I put it until I repacked it in my suitcase.  Yes, that means I didn't study at all.  Have I mentioned how much I don't want that pin?
   ++ I really need to buckle down on that and just get it done so its not hanging over me anymore.  It's been 2 years of toting this stupid binder around and I'm just as close now as I was when I started carrying it around.  It's just obnoxious and it's my own fault for not doing it.  Also, it's already on my eval, so it HAS to get done.

...I haven't been sitting alone at lunch this week.
   ++ I guess I'm not so bad for a sailor...

...I've been writing down blog topics but haven't blogged on them yet.
   ++ free time?  What is this you speak of?  Between getting off work/out of class, working out, eating dinner, checking FB, and catching up on blogs, when is there time for writing blogs??  Must get better.

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