Wednesday, February 5, 2014

So What Wednesday #4

So What...

...I sit alone at lunch
   ++ it really means that I got to listen to a lady do her interview for her clearance today and I felt bad for the agent on her case.  I think the lady got her therapist and the interview lady confused.  Also, I applaud her for "not being down with that" when a male friend propositioned her to be his "other woman" since he "had been in his marriage a long time, and things like that happen."  Wait.  What?  Moving on.

...that I wasn't super into the birthday celebration spirit this year
   ++ I probably would have if there had been a large gathering of friends planned, but that wasn't the case.  Having dinner with Teh Monopoly and Mr. Kilt on my bday felt more like a bday celebration because it was more than just me and Teh Bear.  Birthdays are for parties!

...that I'm enjoying being in class.
   ++ (ok, I think that's pretty positive on its own)

...that I didn't work out for several days
   ++ since I feel like a fat ass and my pants are fitting tightly (which could also be due to my wearing tights underneath), I've definitely been motivated to workout since Teh Bear left DC.

...Teh Bear going back to SoMD is bittersweet
   ++ yay!  alone time.  boo!  alone time.  Honestly, I was looking forward to some just Megan time.  I'm very rarely, if ever, all alone anymore.  Usually Teh Bear is there or Phil... or there's a list of things I should be doing rather than sitting on my bootay reading and writing blogs.  But in a hotel, I don't have to clean the bathroom or make the bed or do the laundry.  Ok, I will have to do laundry at some point, but housekeeping did do the dishes that were in the sink AND folded my pjs Tuesday morning.  Words can't convey my happiness.  Additionally, Teh Bear's presence usually means going to bed later.  This isn't always his fault, but lets just say its always his fault... cause I said so... and its my birfday week.  :D
  PS.  I'm already looking forward to his return for the weekend.

...I asked Galgos del Sol for pictures of Samwise.
   ++ this doesn't really seem like a bad thing, but I felt guilty because I know that GDS volunteers are crazy busy with their mabillion dogs they currently have.  Additionally, its the end of the hunting season and they have several dogs undergoing veterinary care.  I felt like a burden asking for photos, but when I woke up Sunday morning there was an email back from Tina with a new photo of Sam!

...people have commented that Sam is ugly after seeing the most recent photo
   ++ I don't even care.  I think she's still adorable.  She's chocolate colored (not black, but dark), wire haired, and a little girl for me to love and love and love and love and she'll be here in a MONTH!  Many people think greyhounds are ugly too.  DGAF.

...I want to take advantage of as many of my hotel's free meals as possible while I'm TAD
   ++ Yep, I'm cheap.  Judge me, don't care.  I feel like saving monies by not eating all my per diem away is helping me keep my waistline in check (and it needs some serious checkin') and Sam is coming!  Yay for savin' dollas!

...I'm going to be Afghanistan-ed out very soon
   ++ but I'll be so much more culturally aware.  We are learning Middle Eastern culture in my class and I'm reading And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini.  I didn't want to like the book, idk why, but I do and I don't want to put it down.  I actually brought it with me to dinner Tuesday night.  In class, I don't have a choice about the curriculum, but I'm not minding the subject matter because I'm still so excited to be in the class.  We will be having tests though and other than advancement exams, I haven't taken real educational tests since 2009, so it might be tough.

...I'm the only Navy person in my class
   ++ My class is mostly Marines, which is always an experience.  I have seen at least one person from my time at NMITC and he suggested I take as many NGA courses as I could and get a job at NGA if it was really my dream job (it is, I won't even lie).

...Skyping with Teh Bear was strange
   ++ yet familiar at the same time since he was sitting where I normally sat when we would Skype before he moved to MD.

...I watched my Facebook Lookback video (the link will go to your video) and I was disappointed because my most liked statuses/photos, with the exception of my volunteer award photo, are all because Teh Bear is tagged in them.
   ++ YAY!  Teh Bear gets to be tagged in sooo many photos/status updates because he's in MD!

...I'm going to a canine blood drive without a dog so I can socialize with GEGR/SHUG friends
   ++ I got it approved and I'm going to get my borzoi, greyhound, galgo, lurcher, puppy, fuzzy, and whatever other kinds of dogs there are quota maxed out!   I'm so excited!!

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  1. Who said she was ugly? All the comments I've seen have been that she's so cute.

    Anyway, I'm glad you are enjoying your class and time in DC! When does Drew go back up to see you? I wanna make sure he brings your present with him! Also, when will you be home?


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