Friday, July 29, 2016

Five on Friday #86


Things that have happened this week:

What you don't see on the left (well, you can see a leg) is that I bought an outside dog bed that they REFUSE to use.


Icing my knees at work on Thursday morning, post run.

"Where are you sleeping, Mom and Dad?  I found my spot." Love, Meri

And for the final social media post of this photo:
The cutest coworkers I've ever had.


After reading this article by Lara, my only reaction is:  Stay bossy, bitches.

Girls are told to be nice and sit down and look pretty and dammit, I've never been good at any of those things.  I've been told I'm bossy and bitchy and ya know what?  I'm PERFECTLY OK with those traits.  I will not apologize for who I am.  Take it or leave it, but get the hell out of my way.

This feeds directly into a situation I found myself in on Thursday morning:

I cut off the comments and likes on purpose, but I will tell you there were 5 likes.  They were all women.  I'm not calling out my male friends, but maybe I am a little bit.  2016 seems to be the year of discomfort.  Race, politics, international issues (refugees), we're feeling everything this year.  I don't like dealing with things that uncomfortable to me, but it has to happen for growth to occur. 


Teh German and I discussed our return to crossfit.  It's been decided that after checking out the crossfit gym closest to our house to see if they have showers, we may start going there.  Really, it's only about 5-10 minutes from the house, but we'd go to the AM class to get it out of the way first thing.

I had seen a photo of a friend on FB who has started crossfit and she often posts about her crossfit sessions which kinda peer pressures me.  Also, Twin Dad likes to tell me about his workouts and mostly, I don't miss it.. but I also realize that the pain I experienced is because I was doing it to myself.  I don't need to impress anyone.  I can lift lower weights and be satisfied and not hurt myself and not feel like I've been hit by a Mac truck.  I explained this to Teh German and he agreed.

When Teh German said he was super fit when he was doing crossfit, I agreed and said I was totally ok with that.  He said, but I'm not super fit anymore and you still love me.  I confirmed this as well.  I know that he enjoys working out and he hasn't really been doing that since he was injured and stressed and lazy.

Teh German did admit that our runs this week in the AM weren't nearly as bad as he had expected them to be and he wasn't as tired as he thought he would be.  He also liked that the workout was out of the way and he had his afternoons to not feel guilty about sitting on his ass.  It's like he's agreeing with all the things I've been saying for months, so you can imagine the satisfaction I'm getting from this.

Mostly, I'm excited about this because my spare tire hasn't been very sparing lately.  In fact, it likes to make itself present in photos and in the morning when I'm picking out my clothes.  Food choices aren't helping, but it's currently fat week and I have no regrets about the peanut butter frozen hot chocolate I had for breakfast this morning.


I'm still amazed at the way people act in real life.

(Really, it's been a busy week and there was not much time for the internet.  Whatevs.)


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Teh German.  It's been a very sappy/cutesty week for us and I know that every week won't be like this (despite how much I'd love that), so I've been very appreciative of the extra love this week.  
  2. Easy dinners.
  3. Meri and Phil coming to work with me today.
  4. Plans to go to NC and getting to see Teh WJL.
  5. Teh German's motorcycle clutch breaking in the garage instead of when he was out.
  6. The 3 hummingbirds that frequent our feeder.
  7. Company.  We're having some contract drama, but they are ensuring that we get paid rather than having to lay us off until the drama is corrected.
  8. Autopayment options for bills. 
  9. Planning our 1 year anniversary celebration.
  10. Liane Moriarty's new book on audiobook for commute entertainment.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Confessions {7/27}

-No confessions last week.  I forgot and didn't even have a draft post.  After sharing my crazy, my goal was a quiet week.  #DidAnyoneEvenMissMe

-Riding Mike makes me feel like a badass.  A very sweaty badass.  Why does it have to be so hottttt outside?  #summersucks

-I KEPT A SECRET FROM TEH MD-AR!!!  It was about going to visit her in Raleigh.  It was totally worth keeping the secret.  #masterplanner

-I wasn't willing to let Teh German drive on the way back to CHS because I was behind an SUV that may have resembled a police SUV and people were getting out of their way AND they were going fast so we were making some awesome progress (Hello 25 over the speed limit).  If the SUV would have gotten off the interstate, I would have let Teh German drive.  #muchfastmustgo

-I was pretty harsh with Teh German on Sunday morning because he had a bad attitude mostly from not sleeping well.  Yeah well, I didn't sleep well either and Meri didn't just wake YOU up with her barking and you're not the only one who is hot and tired, so suck it up and "stop taking out your frustrations on me because I didn't do anything to you."  He later apologized while we were driving back home.  Personally, it was already a bit late for that, since his bad attitude and my stress about Phil forced me to rush through campus, but I let it go.  #Imnottheproblem

-I really wanted a new NC State sweatshirt because several reasons.  1.  The one I have is from 2004.  It's not as cozy as it used to be and it's super stained because it is white.  2.  I have a grey one, but it's not my favorite.  I told Teh German I was willing to trade in both NC State hoodies I have for a new one.  Not that he overly care about my clothing situation since closet space is not an issue, but I like to justify myself, just in case. #NCSU #GoPack

-I was very annoyed on Friday when I watched our data climb from 70-75% (in the morning) used to 90% (at bedtime) used.  Teh German had apparently forgotten that we were going out of town over the weekend and we'd need data for GPS and it wouldn't reset until the morning of the 24th.  He might have spent the ENTIRE DAY on Instagram and Facebook on Friday.  I still can't understand how he can blow through data like that.. or how he finds endless shit to look at.  I did also drop the "you're not the only one on this plan" line because I was so annoyed that I'd have to skimp on data use because he has to check his instagram feed no less than 15 times a day and watch every single motorcycle video that he possibly can.  #somuchrage #firstworldproblems #datawoes #sharingiscaring

-The above problem is why I didn't bother to upgrade our data plan when Verizon rolled out new plans.  It doesn't matter how much data we have, Teh German would use it.  Rollover data would just be a challenge for him.  Explaining to him that we don't have to use it?  Fruitless.  #ImissUnlimitedData

-I took a nap in my car before work yesterday morning.  I wish I could figure out why I am so exhausted.  I didn't really sleep, but I was lucid dreaming, which is always creepy/cool.  #sotired

-I had a serious case of the Mondays and then this happened:

If that is too difficult (small) to decipher, I posted: "There are not enough cute dog pics to get through this day. I'm not 100% on that, but it's quite possible."  Then, my awesomest FB friends took it as a challenge and smattered my post with dog pictures.  It was amazing and it definitely helped me tolerate fucktardary at work.

-Running with Teh German is generally more enjoyable than running on my own.  Also, it helps that he makes me feel guilty for laying in bed since accountability is a thing.  #accountabilitypartner

-Despite having this all drafted, I almost forgot to post it because I keep thinking it is Tuesday.  Thank Allah it is not.  I'm ready for this shit week to be over. #whyisntitFriday

-Our office is going out for lunch today.  It's not somewhere I suggested, but it will do.. especially if Company pays.  I was pleased to see that they scheduled it for 1130 instead of 12... or even 1230.  I just can't even with that late lunchtime shit.  #shameless

-Baby Reapy(s) update!  They are going to need to be repotted soon!

-So this happened:

That was originally the lid to my wok.  I think the heat from the crockpot and the coolness of the counter when it slipped from it's perch were too much for it.  It's probably also why I had zero shame tempting Teh German into going to Sesame for dinner last night.  #shattered <
-Our fridge does this annoying thing where if you don't push the handle when you close it, it may not close all the way depending on which door you opened.  This is relevant because yesterday I didn't push the handle after putting away the sandwich stuffs and when I got home, everything in the fridge was dripping or had puddles of water around it.  It is supposed to have an alarm.  It sure as fuck was NOT going off when I got home.  It's a Whirlpool appliance.  Just like the oven that Whirlpool is refusing to exchange.  #fuckWhirlpool

Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekend Review {7/25}

First off, let me start by admitting that keeping a secret is SOOOOOOOOO hard.  Last Wednesday was Teh MD-AR's birthday and after getting approval from Teh German, I set about the task of coordinating a trip to Raleigh with Teh MD-AR's sister to surprise Teh MD-AR, since that's where she would be.  I couldn't even post about it on Teh Blog because Teh MD-AR reads the blog.  Also, I'm the worst at keeping secrets.  I get so excited and I almost told her so many times, "I'm going to see you soon!!!"  It was rough, but totally worth it.  Also, yay for bossy sisters to help me make surprises happen!


I skipped my run on Friday morning and snuggled with Meri instead.  I got up headed off to work.  By 1:30, I was outie.  I dropped off the drawer pulls to Coworker and socialized for a bit, actively avoiding the heat.  Eventually, I headed out towards Moncks Corner on Mike to get the house tax stuff straightened out.  If you don't file a form, SC will charge you the 6% tax rate as if the house is a secondary residence instead of the 4% tax for a primary residence.  It was as simple as filling out the form and having the correct forms of ID, so not a big deal.  The real problem is that the tax office is 20 minutes from House.. and 45 minutes from work, so definitely NOT convenient.

I got to see our bench in progress since I dropped off the pulls.

After that, I headed home to wait on Teh German to come home.  I laid down and took a nap because I have been unreasonably exhausted lately.  After Teh German suggested it may be because it is the end of the month (so almost girl time), I check the calendar and confirmed that he may be correct.  Have I mentioned he's the best boyfriend ever?  He keeps up with that shiznit.

After getting the dogs fed and messing around on the internet, we headed to Willie Jewell's for dinner and then to the park for Zootopia.  While we waited on the movie to start, we watched kids pop bubbles that some kids beside us were blowing.  It was pretty adorable.

The movie was very cute, buttttttttttt I'd like to rewatch it and actually get to hear the entire movie.  The last 30-45 minutes of the movie, the sound kept going out.  I was so frustrated that I asked to leave, but Teh German wanted to finish the movie.  I realized that I didn't want to be the person packing up my stuff while others were still watching the movie, so I suffered through it.  Although finally about 10 minutes from the end, Teh German was also willing to leave because the sound was cutting out during the critical parts.  When we left, I checked the FB event page and they had already apologized for the sound issues, saying there was a short in the cable.  The other issue was the lady who came in right at movie time and sat too close to me.  She was actually closer to me than Teh German was.  #nomegusta #getoutofmybubble

After the movie, we headed home, released the hounds, and headed to bed shortly after since we had an early morning planned.


Teh German had committed to running with me on Saturday morning earlier in the week and despite my sleeping in and our lack of motivation, we got up and powered out 6 miles!

photographic evidence he ran with me!

^^no fucks to give about modesty.

We got started a little later than I wanted to, which was my own fault for not getting my ass in gear when the alarm went off.  It ended up being ok, but jebus it was humid.  The heat wasn't so bad, but the humidity had me dripping most unsexily.  I almost considered taking my shirt off, but didn't want to have to carry it.  But seriously, I can tell the day is coming.. soon, very soon.  Unless this "summer" shit stops, which isn't likely since this is Charleston.

I think Teh German was a little surprised by my lack of concern, and I explained that it's too fucking hot to care about what people think about my jiggly bits.  It would be different if I was sitting on the couch, bitching that it was hot and exposing all my goods.  But I'm outside working on my jiggly bits and I shouldn't feel bad about that nor should I give myself a heat injury because I'm worried about showing passers-by my bra.  AAAANNNNDDD, we passed another lady running in her skimpy shorts and sports bra (with mostly no boobs), so I had zero remorse.  He said something about me showing off my boobs (jokingly) and I reminded him that it was no different than normal and he agreed.

After we got home and showered, we packed a bag and I packed the dog's stuffs and we loaded up the car and headed towards "the dog park", aka Raleigh, where Teh MD-AR was staying with her sister.  We were about halfway there when Teh MD-AR called me to ask my opinion on a dog situation and my brain was going crazy and I was afraid she was going to ruin her own surprise if she said that she was leaving Raleigh early to go take care of the situation at home.  I was mentally screaming at myself, "DO NOT SAY, 'SEE YOU IN A BIT,' when you end this call.  DO NOT DO IT, MEGAN."  I safely got off the phone without Teh MD-AR even asking me if I was driving.  WHEW.

Teh German asked me after the fact what I would have said if she asked what I was doing and I had 3 answers, "Going to the store for ____," "the dog park," or ignore the question and change the subject.  The dog park was an accurate answer, because we had planned to be at the dog park when Teh MD-AR and Sister came outside to let Josie dog outside.

Teh German and I switched drivers so I could drive through Raleigh since I was more familiar with the roads.  We made it around 2 and the plan was to spend the rest of the day hanging out.  Teh MD-AR couldn't figure out why we were in the parking lot with the dogs when they came outside.  She thought we were just passing through Raleigh for a little bit.  Nope, I was happy to correct her.  We were there for the rest of the day and we had an Airbnb to stay at for the night and we'd leave on Sunday morning.  It was awesome to be able to do that.

After an hour or so of socializing, we contained the dogs and headed to a bowling alley at North Hills.  There was a wait, so we took our pager across the street to World of Beer to pass the time.  After a few drinks, we were paged and we headed back to the alley to get our bowling on.

There was a bar (and grill, less important) at the bowling alley, so we all ordered drinks.  Yeah, I got a little tipsy at 4 in the afternoon.  #notsorry  Also, please don't be impressed by my score.  I was the only one that used bumpers because I have zero life bowling skills.  Also, my fingernails are quite long right now and that makes bowling fairly hazardous.  Add to this hazard that balls that weigh less than 8 pounds usually have small to xsmall holes.. yeah.  I'm lucky I didn't rip any fingernails off.

After bowling, we headed back to the apartment to feed the dogs dinner.  Then we headed back out to drop off our stuff at the Airbnb place and grab dinner.  There were some minor difficulties getting in because I can't read, but eventually we got in and dropped off our stuff.  Despite my Yelp research during the week, I hadn't been able to find anything with super great reviews that was alluring.  Actually being downtown and pulling up the Yelp app yielded far better results.  I suggested a "German" place call J Betskis and everyone said that would be fine.  I directed us there and we were extremely happy with my dinner suggestion.

I don't remember what everything was, but the top left was housemade kielbsa, which we are HUGE fans of and it was totally worth it.  The bottom left is the pork shoulder that Teh German and I shared, and the bottom right is the lemony crepe dessert Teh MD-AR and I shared.  It was pretty good, but I should have went with the chocolate hazelnut tort like the waiter suggested.

After dinner, we headed back to the apartment to pick up the pups.  With sad goodbyes, we headed out and towards the Airbnb place we were staying.  The room was perfectly acceptable.  The house was older, but we had a room big enough for us and the dogs without tripping over each other and our bathroom was attached to our room, which meant we didn't have to leave our space.  There was also a small fenced in area behind the house where I closed the gates (no latches) and stood guard at the one that wouldn't close all the way and let the dogs roam around.  The only issue we had was that Meri kept alerting us to Stranger Danger when she woke up and started barking because she detected intruders (the residents of the house).  This happened 2 different times and Teh German was quite irritated with her.  I tried to calm her down, but she wasn't really having it. 


Eventually, Meri settled and we woke up around 730.  We decided just to go ahead and get up and go tour NC State campus.  Saturday evening, I had made plans with Teh Advising Sister to for brunch at 10.  I fed the dogs and took them out for business while Teh German showered, then I got ready and we headed out.  We didn't even see the house residents, which was ok.

We toured Centennial campus first, a place where I rarely ever went since I had no classes there.  There is a new library there and it is an architectural wonder.  So pretty.  Over and over I kept repeating, I'm so glad my tuition dollars went to such pretty buildings.  Also, the new library isn't brick, which makes it a unicorn on NC State's campus.  After we walked around, both dogs left plenty of pee-mail, I drove Teh German by the Veterinary part of campus to look at the cows (which weren't out, but he did find the barns) and by the Hurricane's arena, then we headed to Tupleo Honey Cafe for brunch.

We had to sit outside because the dogs, but after their stressful night and the brisk walk around Centennial, they settled pretty easily.  We had brought a blanket from the car for Meri and Phil to lay on and we had their water bowl that we kept full for them.  Teh Advising Sister arrived and we ordered noms.  While we were waiting on our food, some children (and their dad) came to our table and asked to pet the dogs.  Meri and Phil were both pretty hot and a little bit stressed out, but they did fine with the kids.  Phil didn't even bother to move.  After the dad apologized for interrupting our breakfast, they went back inside to their table.  Our food arrived and we were all silent as we scarfed down our breakfasts.

Teh Advising Sister agreed to go tour central campus with us after we ate, so after we paid, we headed back to NC State.  We went inside the new student center, so fancy, much good air condition!  We showed Teh German the Free Expression Tunnel (where graffiti is allowed), I saw the rubble that was Harrelson Hall (a round, non-brick building that was in the center of campus) since it was recently torn down, I showed Teh German the echo seats, then we walked back to the car to drive to the Bell Tower so we didn't have to walk there and all the way back.  It was getting pretty hot and everyone was starting to get miserable except for me who was living it up in a super sweaty nostalgic way.  We drove to the parking area by the Bell Tower because I wanted to get some photos of Teh Ville in front of the tower.  This was mostly unsuccessful because the dogs refused to cooperate and Teh German was miserable and it just wasn't working out.  Teh Advising Sister got a few shots and then she went on her way.  I drove down to the Court of Carolina because we were right there.  I explained to Teh German that there were more than a few times that I'd skip class on a nice day to sit out on the Court of Carolina just to enjoy the sunshine.

I had Teh German sit in the square looking thing, and I sat in the one across from him,
and I told him I loved him.  It was cute and shit.

The only thing that was under construction while we were at NCSU.
Now it might be the only thing NOT under construction.

The heart of the brickyard, and maybe even of campus, is gone.
It's just weird to me.

NCSU Bell Tower

College Teh Megan was super cool skipping class.

Photos taken, we headed back towards Charleston.  I ended up driving the entire way because after we got into SC, I found someone else who wanted to go fast and we made shit happen.  I sadly had to part from them when we got onto 26, but I was kept awake by the idiot drivers headed to Charleston and the rain.

Into our development.

In that bottom photo, what you can't see is the 3 men wading through thigh deep water.  They were removing the sand bag barriers to the drains so the street would stop flooding.  Within 15 minutes of being home, the entire street was drained properly and there was no more standing water that I could see from our front porch.

After getting the car unloaded and the laundry started, Teh German and I decided to watch a movie.  We ended up deciding on The Butler since I hadn't seen it and it had been on my to-watch list for a while.  Despite being "based on a true" story, some research indicated "loosely-based" is more accurate.  Nonetheless, the movie was very good.  The actors who played the presidents had some of the best characterizations I had ever seen any of them do.  I even cried a bit because humans are so cruel.

I did have Teh German pause the movie a little past halfway through so I could feed the beasts and warm up some leftovers for us for dinner.  We had our first dinner on the couch watching the movie.  After the movie ended, we did our chores and headed to bed early, like the old people we've embraced ourselves to be.

What were Phil and Meri doing the entire evening?  Re-charching.  Movement was an unnecessary energy expenditure.  

Overall, another amazing weekend.  It was awesome to be able to surprise Teh MD-AR just because.  It was also awesome getting to see Teh Advising Sister and getting to show Teh German NC State.  Even the rain when we came home was appreciated since it meant I didn't have to water the flowers.

Phil and Meri were so exhausted they barely moved once we started the journey back to Charleston and they were even slow going this morning (as was I).  I was a little worried that I may have over-did it with Phil and he was so still this morning I checked him for life.  I've done this under normal circumstances, but he was pretty disgruntled with me yesterday, so I felt better feeling his chest rise and fall.

This week and weekend hold very little planned activities.  I'm planning on taking this weekend to rest up for our trip to NC the first weekend of August.  Teh German will be doing some riding (without me being his throttle) and I'll be shooting a wedding with Teh WJL.

Oh yeah, and an updated photo on Baby Reapy(s):

So many bebbies!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Five on Friday #85


I've been a reading maniac this week.  That whole "you're 4 books behind" on Goodreads was seriously taunting me.  Well, WHAT GOODREADS?  WHAT?  BRING IT.  You'll get to see all that I've read on book review day next month, but let's just say, I'll be making up for those last few months of nothingness.  You're welcome.

In book news, have you heard of LibriVox?  I hadn't either until this week.  Anyways, they take books that are public domain (older than 100 years) and record them.  This is pretty awesome for me since one of the book challenge subjects is a book older than 100 years.  Soooo essentially, I'm listening to old books for free-izzle.  You know what I love?  Free-izzle.  Super cheap is after free-izzle, but we all know the best things in life are.. Free.

I've been listening to Alice in Wonderland (1 and 2) and each character is given a different voice.  This is different from audiobooks which are narrated by a single person, so it's kinda cool.  I accidentally stumbled on this ingenuity on Spotify.  I had found some Jane Austen books on Spotify a while ago, but I figured I'd look for books from my challenge list since ya know, challenge and finishing and stuff.  I would never expect to find audiobooks or recordings of new books on Spotify, but that's ok with me.  I'll take what I can get.


I'm back on the running train (which means less sleeps) and now I want to do ALL THE RUNS again.  Seriously though.  Why does no one want to do a Ragnar with me?  I want to do a Ragnar so bad.  The crossfit gym we were going to before we moved had posted something about doing the Ragnar trail run in NC and I expressed interested, but after some checking, the thread died and it was never mentioned again.  Since we aren't going there anymore, I was hesitant to revive the thread, so I didn't.  Also, I don't know if I really want to do a trail run.

You see, I'm clumsy.  I barely have the life skills to walk on flat surfaces.  So imagine me trying to run through the woods in the dark.  Yeah, you're welcome for that belly laugh.  All I can think of is twisted ankles and scratches on my legs and wild animals and how I already trip up the stairs.  Is it really a wise idea to do a trail run?  Doubtful.

Ideally, I'd love to do one of the late summer/fall runs in the northeast, NOT on a trail.  Run though the mountains with the leaves changing?  My mountain-leaf-fall-loving heart is figuratively drooling over the idea.  What I just said there was that I'd rather sleep in a van than in a tent.  But then reality: dollas and travel and finding a team and running and strangers.

Teh German has said he will run with me on Saturday morning since it's long run day.  I considered going a new way and getting in a full circle (estimated to be 8-10 miles), but I don't think he would appreciate that very much on his first run.  We'll prob go 5ish miles, which is way less than what I would do on my own, but plans could change depending on the weather and how much Teh German is or isn't suffering.  He is pretty fit in general, so running at my pace may not be over-excruciating for him.

The only suitable time to run during Charleston "hell": When the moon is up.


Random things from this week:

I had some of Teh German's beer that we picked up at Holy City Brewery this weekend.
It wasn't so bad.  I don't like it warm so I chugged the bottom and that was a poor life choice.

Teh German decided to test out the light strips I bought.
We so fannnnccyyy.  Hue lights bring us all the joy.

Merriweather is here!

Flora and Fauna...well, lets just say the dogs weren't pleased about this situation.

Baby Carolina reapers! 
Hopefully, at least a few will grow fruit.

The one on the left we actually paid full price for and it was totally worth it.

Teh German labeling the weed eater gas can... just like Teh Dad told me to tell Teh German to do.
This is just me documenting that I actually listened to one of my parents at least once.

Drawer pulls for our entrance bench.
Teh German: Those aren't the same color.
Me: I know.
I think I heard Teh German's brain wrinkle after that.

Sunrise on the way to work this week.

Teh German and I finally attended one of the Aquarium's After Hours events and it was pretty awesome.  Teh German had a reason to walk around with (overpriced) beer and I got some delicious ice cream.

Finally, something with a longer nose than me!

Teh German: Freedom says he's tired of your shit, America.

My favorite bridge: Ravanel Bridge


God creating animals.

This article from the most privileged group talks about why he is that way and why most of us are too.

I've always been a huge fan of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and this brought me so much joy:


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Interactive 404/error pages.
  2. The Kindle app on my phone syncing with Teh Flamin' Kindle when I'm away (sadly this only works on purchased books, not books that have been sideloaded).
  3. Teh German's flexibility regarding dinner.
  4. Teh German's willingness to go to Willie Jewell's.  Although he did try to say I have an addiction to which I did some research and we hadn't been in almost a month.  
  5. Voting for the 40th annual Bridge Run logo design.
  6. Korn on Spotify's New Music Friday playlist (even if Tuesday was a way better day for new releases)
  7. Running again.
  9. Riding Mike into work today.
  10. Getting to see Zootopia tonight!

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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