Friday, July 1, 2016

Pinterest SUCCESS!

Really this was more like a Pinterest inspiration than a Pinterest project, buttttt, I did it myself dammit, so I'm sharing it with you because my life is careening out of control right now and it's not looking like I'm going to get it together until at least after this long weekend.  

This is currently what my Pinterest looks like currently because I've been pinning so much house shit:

We're going to discuss that orange circled object.  PS.  Don't judge my circle skillz.  PPS.  Please notice that Lightroom AND Photoshop are open (on the right).  SEE, photo editing of Germany photos IS happening, although slowly.

So yeah, we have several guests staying with us for the House warming party on Saturday and I wanted to kinda fancy up the guest rooms.  Really, the one thing I feel guilty for when I go to someone's house is asking for their wifi password.  I don't wanna be leechin' on their internets, but we have a limited amount of data and well, going over isn't an option and not posting selfies is also not an option... so #canIhavethepassword #plskthx

I decided I was going to make cute little guest room signs after not being able to find any on Etsy I was willing to spend money on within 15 seconds of searching.  Also, I knew that I had the necessary skillz to do this project, so it was a good opportunity for me to exercise my Photoshop muscles.

But, first things first, I went on and downloaded approximately amabillionty fonts because it's been years since I mass-downloaded fonts.  I had a few that I had randomly downloaded, but I went all in this time.  I downloaded every font I could have possibly liked for anything ever.  Scripts, calligraphy, and handwriting primarily.  After installing amabillionty 154 fonts, I opened photoshop and set up my canvas size for 4x6 since that was the size of the frame I planned on using.  This ended up being incorrect because the pixel resolution wasn't big enough to print without distortion.  Fortunately, it was an easy problem to fix after everything was done.

I had an idea of what I wanted it to say:
Welcome to Teh R--L--- Haus
Extra blankets/sheet are located here
Extra towels/tp are located here
Wifi is this.
Make yourself at home.
Ask if you need anything.

After figuring out which fonts I wanted for each line and sizes and lots of reconsiderations and resziings, I took my draft to Teh German to look over.  He liked it and we decided on a name change from R--L--- Haus.  After the fonts were fixed, I wanted to have something as a background, so I downloaded approximately 15 brushes packages.  Getting them installed was the most difficult part because I rarely use brushes and I couldn't figure out how to make them display.  #photoshopproblems

I accidentally figured it out, then set about playing with different swirls and trees and patterns as backgrounds.  When I'd find one that Teh German approved on, I'd create a new layer and hide the pattern he had approved, so then we could decide between our options after we'd gotten through all the brushes I liked.  The winner was so obvious I didn't even have to go back through the 5 hidden layers.  I really appreciate that Teh German knows me so well and approved of this background.

I had some photos that I needed printed to fill some empty frames before Saturday, so I just had this sign printed as well instead of putting it on plain paper.  Due to some snafus with the text around the edges being cut off due to my frames (that's what I get for putting the text right on the edge, lesson learned), I had to put them in 5x7 frames.  Le siiigh.  Fortunately, I had a few 5x7 frames on hand, so it worked out, but it was almost a crisis.

YAY for a Pinterest success!  Also yay for having photos printed out.  I know I'll be having more photos printed out in the near future of our Germany trip and of the house building (which we wanted to have done before the house warming party, buttttt #lifeoutofcontrol meant that didn't happen).  I will also do something less ghetto than uploading them to a pharmacy website to have them printed.  Although, pharmacy printing seems to be better than Walmart printing.  #lessonlearned  I also want at least one panorama printed out, so I have to find a company to do that as well.

PSA for those who love photo filters:
This is what it looks like when you print out photos with those awesome filters.  Oompa Loopmas.  Shitty printers probably don't help, but yeah.. #themoreyouknow

PS.  If you're interested in getting a copy of the print, let me know.  I am happy to work with you.


  1. I love the little note for houseguests! That is super handy! Actually have that pinned but I've never had to use it because we don't really have a lot of houseguests here. That is good to know about printing things with filters but I rarely use the filter and less it's a goof around picture anyhow. I never see much of a difference when I use them.

  2. That turned out awesome! I have or had that pinned on one of my boards at one point to. Great job!


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