Friday, July 22, 2016

Five on Friday #85


I've been a reading maniac this week.  That whole "you're 4 books behind" on Goodreads was seriously taunting me.  Well, WHAT GOODREADS?  WHAT?  BRING IT.  You'll get to see all that I've read on book review day next month, but let's just say, I'll be making up for those last few months of nothingness.  You're welcome.

In book news, have you heard of LibriVox?  I hadn't either until this week.  Anyways, they take books that are public domain (older than 100 years) and record them.  This is pretty awesome for me since one of the book challenge subjects is a book older than 100 years.  Soooo essentially, I'm listening to old books for free-izzle.  You know what I love?  Free-izzle.  Super cheap is after free-izzle, but we all know the best things in life are.. Free.

I've been listening to Alice in Wonderland (1 and 2) and each character is given a different voice.  This is different from audiobooks which are narrated by a single person, so it's kinda cool.  I accidentally stumbled on this ingenuity on Spotify.  I had found some Jane Austen books on Spotify a while ago, but I figured I'd look for books from my challenge list since ya know, challenge and finishing and stuff.  I would never expect to find audiobooks or recordings of new books on Spotify, but that's ok with me.  I'll take what I can get.


I'm back on the running train (which means less sleeps) and now I want to do ALL THE RUNS again.  Seriously though.  Why does no one want to do a Ragnar with me?  I want to do a Ragnar so bad.  The crossfit gym we were going to before we moved had posted something about doing the Ragnar trail run in NC and I expressed interested, but after some checking, the thread died and it was never mentioned again.  Since we aren't going there anymore, I was hesitant to revive the thread, so I didn't.  Also, I don't know if I really want to do a trail run.

You see, I'm clumsy.  I barely have the life skills to walk on flat surfaces.  So imagine me trying to run through the woods in the dark.  Yeah, you're welcome for that belly laugh.  All I can think of is twisted ankles and scratches on my legs and wild animals and how I already trip up the stairs.  Is it really a wise idea to do a trail run?  Doubtful.

Ideally, I'd love to do one of the late summer/fall runs in the northeast, NOT on a trail.  Run though the mountains with the leaves changing?  My mountain-leaf-fall-loving heart is figuratively drooling over the idea.  What I just said there was that I'd rather sleep in a van than in a tent.  But then reality: dollas and travel and finding a team and running and strangers.

Teh German has said he will run with me on Saturday morning since it's long run day.  I considered going a new way and getting in a full circle (estimated to be 8-10 miles), but I don't think he would appreciate that very much on his first run.  We'll prob go 5ish miles, which is way less than what I would do on my own, but plans could change depending on the weather and how much Teh German is or isn't suffering.  He is pretty fit in general, so running at my pace may not be over-excruciating for him.

The only suitable time to run during Charleston "hell": When the moon is up.


Random things from this week:

I had some of Teh German's beer that we picked up at Holy City Brewery this weekend.
It wasn't so bad.  I don't like it warm so I chugged the bottom and that was a poor life choice.

Teh German decided to test out the light strips I bought.
We so fannnnccyyy.  Hue lights bring us all the joy.

Merriweather is here!

Flora and Fauna...well, lets just say the dogs weren't pleased about this situation.

Baby Carolina reapers! 
Hopefully, at least a few will grow fruit.

The one on the left we actually paid full price for and it was totally worth it.

Teh German labeling the weed eater gas can... just like Teh Dad told me to tell Teh German to do.
This is just me documenting that I actually listened to one of my parents at least once.

Drawer pulls for our entrance bench.
Teh German: Those aren't the same color.
Me: I know.
I think I heard Teh German's brain wrinkle after that.

Sunrise on the way to work this week.

Teh German and I finally attended one of the Aquarium's After Hours events and it was pretty awesome.  Teh German had a reason to walk around with (overpriced) beer and I got some delicious ice cream.

Finally, something with a longer nose than me!

Teh German: Freedom says he's tired of your shit, America.

My favorite bridge: Ravanel Bridge


God creating animals.

This article from the most privileged group talks about why he is that way and why most of us are too.

I've always been a huge fan of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and this brought me so much joy:


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Interactive 404/error pages.
  2. The Kindle app on my phone syncing with Teh Flamin' Kindle when I'm away (sadly this only works on purchased books, not books that have been sideloaded).
  3. Teh German's flexibility regarding dinner.
  4. Teh German's willingness to go to Willie Jewell's.  Although he did try to say I have an addiction to which I did some research and we hadn't been in almost a month.  
  5. Voting for the 40th annual Bridge Run logo design.
  6. Korn on Spotify's New Music Friday playlist (even if Tuesday was a way better day for new releases)
  7. Running again.
  9. Riding Mike into work today.
  10. Getting to see Zootopia tonight!

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
Linking up with these ladies since it's FFFFRRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!


  1. Look at you getting back on the reading & running train...trains?

    Love the drawer pulls.

  2. For some reason, this post feels so "happy". It's nice to have some happiness to read :)
    Hellz yeah for reading! And free stuff. And getting back your running game. And Timo's comment about the eagle. haha

  3. Hope you had a loverly weekend homie. How was Zootopia??

  4. I read A Farewell to Arms a few months ago...interested to see your thoughts!

    Beautiful sunset...but running in Charleston (or anywhere below the Mason Dixon atm) = BOO

    Love the religion joke :-p


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