Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Weekend Review {7/5}


After a toaster oven disaster that ended with me making cornbread twice on Thursday night, Friday came and it was time for work.  We were having a chili cook-off/potluck at work, and cornbread was my contribution since I don't really do chili and my to do list was approximately a mabillionty yards long, so #notime.  I felt validated regarding my impatience for eating to start when other people started milling about around 11:45/noon asking when we'd start eating.  Turns out, not till almost 1. 

This was problematic for me because I was supposed to be home at 12 to wait on the oven repair person.  I figured it'd be fine though, since I assumed they'd call me 30 minutes prior to their arrival.  I ended up leaving around 1:45.  I headed to pick up the dogs from "doggy day care" (aka Teh SC Greyhound Neighbor's house) and then towards home.  Right as I left work, someone called to clarify the address and said they were there.  I knew I wouldn't get home in time and asked them to wait.  Yeah, no.  What the girl didn't tell me was that the tech had already been there for 10 minutes when they contacted me.  After some heated calls to the company and having to reschedule the appointment since I wasn't home, my oven is still not working properly.  Fanfuckingtastic. 

I made it home and instead of completing tasks on my overwhelming to-do list, I took a nap on the couch.  #notsorry  I woke up a bit later and started tasks like dusting and cleaning the floors.  Teh German came home and I asked him to vacuum while I swiffer mopped the floors downstairs.  When Teh FL Greyhound Neighbors came back (they had arrived on Thursday night), we all headed out to Sushi 101 for dinner then made a stop by Walmart so I could pick up the ladder golf game I had ordered and a few last minute items. 

When we got back, Teh FL-GN-Husband and Teh German hung ceiling fans in first-child-room and the office downstairs.  Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom arrived while we were hanging fans.  Teh Mom was inbound.  I had forgotten about doing some cooking prep work for Teh Mom, so we got started on that.  Teh Stepmom boiled eggs and I peeled them later.  I also made jello shots real quick.  I tasked Teh Dad with hanging the knife magnet that Mrs. Reflective got us for a house warming gift.  Teh FL-GN-Wife/Teh Stepmom did the dishes.  When Teh Mom arrived, we set about working on prepping food for the party.  Everyone but Teh Mom and I went to bed around midnight. 

I've always wanted one of these and I was unbearably excited to get that huge knife block off my counter!

There was some drama about Teh Dad being unable to sleep and us making too much noise in the kitchen.  By some I mean, there was yelling and me almost reminding Teh Dad that he was a MY house.  I was almost certain he was going to get up on Saturday morning and tell me they were going to a hotel and I would have let him because he had pissed me off so bad.  Teh Mom and I finally finished up in the kitchen around 0245.  We made it to bed by 0330. 


I tried to sleep in as long as possible as not to rouse Mr. McBitchy Pants (Dad), but the beasts were pretty demanding by 0830.  I did usher them outside for breakfast so they weren't making a racket.  When I let them back inside, we all went right back upstairs to the bedroom so they weren't running amuck.

I finally decided at 0915 was late enough and headed back downstairs to make a bagel and wait on everyone else to get up.  Quickly, others got up and started eating breakfast.  Teh Dad and Teh German had some yard work to accomplish after a trip to Lowes.  The ladies stayed in the kitchen finishing up food prep.  Teh Mom and I made a trip to Walmart because I'd forgotten to pick up the game the night before and we needed a few more items.. 

People would start arriving at 3 and at 2 I realized that I had STILL forgotten to pick up the stupid game from Walmart.  A third trip to Walmart and I was finally successful at picking up the stupid game (that no one even touched other than me putting it together).  When I got back, the yard work had been accomplished for the most part.  The edger had broken, so it had to be returned to Lowes, but that was a project for a different day.

As expected, at 3 people started arriving.  To be specific, the Germans started arriving.  Most everyone had arrived by 4:30 and the main course arrived around 5 after over 12 hours of smoking.  Mmmmmmmmmm.  The weather was a huge cock block and it rained for most of the time that people were there, but we.. weathered the storm.  Everyone definitely enjoyed the food.  After several hours of hanging out, people started leaving.  By 9, everyone had left.  Teh German and I had anticipated people staying later and some partying going down, but that didn't end up happening and we were ok with it honestly. 

Teh Dad and Teh German had built a fire pit as part of their outside projects.  Teh Dad had started the fire around 4, but then it rained so no one was even going outside.  After all the guests that weren't staying with us left, we headed out to the fire to hang out.  We ended up calling it an early night around 10 and we were in bed by 10:30.  #oldpeople


Everyone had plans on Sunday, which worked out for us.  Teh FL Greyhound Neighbors went to Beaufort.  Teh Dad and Stepmom headed to Folly Beach.  I had to do a home visit for a dog group in the afternoon, but I suggested we take Teh Mom out for brunch and to see Angel Oak tree (as a thank you for all her dedication to our problems over the weekend (party noms and later gardening) and then we'd stop by for my home visit, then we could pick up Metto and maybe head to the aquarium or the bridge-park.  When I realized I'd left my wallet at home (someone had moved it from my normal spot, and as usual when my routine is changed, something got left out), that eliminated the option to go to the aquarium.

We went to Sunrise Bistro near Angel Oak for breakfast, which was a wise life choice.  We then headed to Angel Oak for a quick walk around.  I ended up recognizing a coworker's car in the madness that was parking for the tree and I sent her a text to see if she was actually there.  She was, so we went and hung out for a few minutes while Teh Mom walked around the tree.  After photos were taken, we headed to Mt. Pleasant for my home visit.

Nutella french toast w/ caramel sauce and almond slivers.
I should have stuck with my original order of eggs/bacon/etc

breakfast pizza

Teh Mom, Teh Megan, Teh German
Angel Oak Tree, SC

A home visit is essentially when you adopt (in this case a dog) and someone goes to your house to make sure you're not going to kill whatever you are adopting and that you're not a killer.  Fortunately, the couple I met were awesome and I definitely gave them a positive review.  In addition to them not being serial killers, they are Europeans and the husband is fluent in German.  They offered to walk me to the car where Teh Mom and Teh German were waiting with bottles of water.  I told the husband he should offer Teh German a bottle in German.  I definitely got the giggles watching Teh German figure out that he was being spoken to in German, not English, when he was definitely expecting English.  After some group chat, we headed out to Metto and the bridge.  We walked the pier and took some selfies and did some swinging.  Finally, it was time to head home.


USS YORKTOWN (left), Charleston (right)

When we got home, we pulled out the leftovers for dinner.  Teh FL Greyhound Neighbors returned from Beaufort and Teh Dad and Stepmom returned from the beach.  After dinner, we were all pretty pooped.  I had noticed a pile of bricks sitting on the curb at one of the newly constructed houses across the street and had been brainstorming something to do with them.  I decided we could line the flower beds with them!  With some assistance, we toted bricks across the street to line the flower beds that Teh Mom and I would fill on Monday.  After, everyone escaped the Charleston humidity inside.

Teh Mom and I ended up taking a short walk with the dogs and when we came back Teh German had turned on Minions.  I had seen it already and I was too tired to care, but Teh German was kinda rubbing my back so I continued to lay on the couch beside him.  Teh Mom had already went to bed, but after Teh FL-GNs went upstairs, I followed suit and soon after I heard the movie end and Teh German came upstairs, which made it officially sleepy-time.


I tried to sleep in on Monday, but it just wasn't happening.  By 0930, Teh Mom and I were out the door headed to Lowe's.  We wanted to browse the clearance flowers and we needed to exchange the edger that had broken when Teh Dad had turned it on.  Teh FL Greyhound Neighbors stopped by to say bye while we were there.  Fortunately, this trip to Lowe's didn't require a pallet and no one got ran over.  The world's most disgruntled cashier checked us out without so much as ever cracking her face to do more than mumble a response to our questions, #thanksbro. 

With a full Yurtle, we headed home.  Despite my insistence in May that Teh German didn't need a wheelbarrow, I bought one.  Turns out, I am the one that needed a wheelbarrow.  Also, I didn't actually buy a traditional wheelbarrow.  I bought a wagon that you can dump like dump truck.  It was a little more expensive than a regular wheelbarrow, but was on sale and I felt like it was more versatile and it can carry up to 1,200 pounds, which means that I don't need to buy a wagon for future spawns.  Probably would have come in handy when we were carrying 4 bricks at a time across the street the day before.. but ya know #hindsight.  When Teh Mom and I got home, we unloaded everything and Teh German and Teh Dad started working on the brick edging.  It was Charleston hot, Charleston humid, and Charleston summer outside and no one was pleased about the situation. 

While we were outside doing yard stuffs, Teh Stepmom was inside cooking lunch for everyone.  For the 2nd time that weekend, the stove affected our lives (the first time was while trying to cook green bean casserole) and I had to explain that the temp on the display was incorrect and using the temp on the thermometer inside the oven was the best way for everyone to avoid food poisoning.  We did take a lunch break, but it still took several hours to finish the brick edging, at which point, Teh Mom and I were able to complete our part of removing the extra dirt and planting all the flowers.  We were outside for no less than 6 hours and I have the sunburn to prove it.  #noonetoblamebutmyself  Teh Dad and Stepmom left after Teh Dad had showered.

accurate depiction of how we felt the entire time.

In progress


After Teh German helped me stack the extra bricks in the garage, he was given a pass for the rest of the day to be lazy.  Truthfully, he doesn't handle being hot very well, and he had wanted some down time since we had a long weekend... except that he didn't share the downtime thing with me, so I was being a slave-driver... unintentionally.  It took several hours after Teh German had went inside and Teh Dad had left for Teh Mom and I to finish.  Pretty sure Teh Mom was on the heat injury line, so I dug holes for the flowers, then held the umbrella like a good cabana boy, spraying her off as requested with the water hose. 

It was after 6 when we finally finished and went inside.  We showered and then decided on Ye Ole Fashioned for dinner.  I called in our order and Teh German went and picked it up for us.  We were all pleasantly surprised at how good the food was (or maybe a heinus sunburn and possible heat exhaustion does that to you?).  We finished off our bacon cheeseburgers and fries and homemade ranch (by Teh FL-GH-Wife) with an extremely delightful amaretto cherry ice cream hot fudge cake for dessert.  Even Teh German enjoyed it.  Yes, we had leftovers in the fridge, but we needed a break.

We all agreed that after cleaning up from dinner, it was bedtime. 

Overall, it was excellent weekend.  Our Haus Warming party was a success.  All the food was excellent.  We received so many bottles of gin, we realized we may talk about gin and tonics a little too frequently.  We also received other types of booze (as requested), an awesome return address stamp, Carolina Reaper peppers, a plant that I'd drooled over, and a Kracken rum bottle with lights, a SC cutting board, baking sheets, a knife magnet, and a ton of flowers/plants. 

We are lucky to have such awesome friends and family! 

We are going to take the week to recover and I already promised Teh German that next weekend would be project free.  I would like to get some photos hung upstairs, which isn't overly difficult.  I'd also like to finally tackle vacation photos from Germany.  I am relieved the party is over.  It was our last big event until September, when we go to Disneyland for our Dumbo Dare.  We do have some small weekend things planned through the rest of the year, but nothing I have worry about how clean my floors are.

I made the executive decision that each year we will retake this photo (as long as we live in CHS).


  1. Woo hoo for a successful housewarming party! I would have been so ragey about the oven that I would've taken a nap as well. #NapsMakeEverythingBetter I support your executive decision to retake that picture every year. That'll be super cute.

  2. I am so glad that you had a good housewarming weekend! It looks like it was a lot of fun and your yard looks absolutely amazing! I love the pictures of you while you look so happy and cute. I can never sleep in when I have houseguest either it's just the way it is we always end up up and about by 9 AM.


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