Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Confessions {7/13}

-Every week when I create this draft, I have to make the choice to do math or just look at the calendar for the date in the subject.  4/5 times, I will just schedule the post so I can check the date.  Very rarely do I math.  But when I do, it's only when I can easily add 7 to get the next Wednesday's date.  #mathishard

-I still do confessions every week, even though the linkup is only monthly now.  Except for last week, when the linkup actually was.  #lifehappens

-Having to wait another week for a potentially fixed oven is moderately infuriating.  At least this guy ordered parts to repair the oven.  #SlowProgressIsStillProgress

-Last week, the thought of running didn't even cross my mind because my skin hurt too bad from the sunburn.  Putting on a shirt made my stomach queasy because it was so painful rubbing against my skin.  It's too bad that going topless wasn't an option.  #OfficeDistraction #trainingplansareforignoring

-I've realized that crossfit-ters talk about crossfit all the time because they are bragging about their workouts.  I get it, I've done it.. I'm not even judging.  But guess what I don't miss?  Crossfit.  I don't miss the pain or frustration of not being able to do something or almost peeing on myself doing double-unders.  #crossfit #yougogirl #ouch

-Erin's Book Challenge has started and I'm late to start.  This is because I'm in the middle of 2 books and I'm actually interested in Outlander and I seriously wish that the app had a speed boost for the reader.  I am still enjoying the narrator's voices and accents.  #allthebooks #readingproblems

-It makes me irrationally angry when I try to put a video in a blog post and search it by the title that YouTube displays, except that it is no where to be found in the list of videos from Blogger.  WTF Google?  #getyourshittogether

-I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Articles that make me click through 10 pages to see 50 photos piss me off.  #firstworldproblems

-I realized after the fact that I barely took any photos over the long July 4th weekend.  Truthfully, I was caught up in life and nothing about me is sorry.  Being behind the lens is further removed that most people understand.  Additionally, when I would get my camera out to take photos, people wanted to instantly see the photos, which takes too long when you just want to snap a photo and check it later.  #itstillhappenedwithoutphotos

-We didn't even plan to watch fireworks this year.  This was partially because we had people that suggested coming over to our house for a late 4th of July gathering, but that didn't happen.  It was nice just to sit at home after such a long weekend and day.  Next year, we'll go since Teh German hasn't seen 4th of July fireworks in America.  #principle #4thofJuly #fireworks

-I love everything about House and we make purposeful decisions about what we've decorated with and the colors we use, etc.  One of my favorite purchases is the welcome mat at the front door that says "welcome" in different languages.  It goes very well with our international community that we have on our end of the street.  Our neighbors are from Canada and Haiti and we've heard there are more international folks down the street.  #canweallsharefoods

-Teh German is very pleased with our "smart house" setup.  Except for when he's sitting downstairs and I think it's bedtime so I turn off the lights on him.  #claponclapoff #HueLights

-After spending over 20 minutes washing ALL the dishes in the sink at work and the poorly washed spoons from the 4th of July chili cook off thing, I have ZERO fucks to give about leaving my silverware in the sink.  It's not like I'm not going to be the wash it anyways.  #cleanupafteryourselveslikeadults

-My life:
(Christopher Bireley)

-I found ZERO things on prime day I wanted to spend my money on.  Instead, I bought some other shit we needed from Amazon that was the same price it always is when I buy it.  Coworkers and I discussed how Amazon now creates their own holidays to generate revenue.  It's not a sale if you raise the price to lower the price.  #primedaysucks #blackfridaysucks #cybermondaysucks

-I did find this gem of entertainment while scoping out the prime day situation.  Seriously, go check out the comments.  I was sitting at my desk crying because I was giggling so hard.  My coworker and I both observed at the same time that they were the "(old pair)" and the discount could have definitely been more than 33%.


-Disney still hasn't released the medals for our Dumbo Dare Challenge and I'm super disappointed by this.  Word on the street was they would release them in May after Tinkerbell.  Well, it ain't May no more and we still haven't see no medals.  If I'm going to be giving myself heat stroke training through Charleston summer, I at least need to see what I'm working towards.  #kthxbye #SHOWMETHEMEDALS

-I didn't run this morning.  I had my clothes set out and I even set my alarm.  I'll go to the gym this afternoon instead.. blegh.  #goodintentions


  1. I feel pretty bad for all the non-Pokémon people. Or at least I feel bad for the ones that aren't slamming everybody there just kind of like OK whatever.

    I have actually been out walking not running and have actually been really enjoying it. Robert has been watching Kyra in the evening so that I can just go and wander around and have some time for myself and I've never been more grateful! But CrossFit? yeah nope never.

  2. Hahahaha I love that you turn the lights out on him. Smart house options are just so cool though!!! I wouldn't miss Crossfit either. No thanks!!! I confess that I didn't even bother looking at Amazon on Prime Day. Clearly I wasn't missing anything.

  3. Isn't it amazing how much a sunburn can ruin something? The worst combination of all time is a sunburned back/shoulders & then wearing a BRA. UGHHHHHHHHHHH. A sports bra? Hell no. Not happening.

    I checked out Prime Day. I was prepared to make purchases. I made zero. #HaveBetterOptions

  4. I didn't even look at Amazon on Prime Day. Thought about it but said "bitch you are aren't going to change that"

    I love that you still confess weekly because I love reading them. I also however love that it's now monthly because sitting on my parents' couch for most of the summer doesn't really give me much to confess weekly. In all honesty, coming up with what I deemed a good number of confessions was hard enough for last week.

    I HATE, H-A-T-E, the articles that make you click through a 100 flippin slides.


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